The Moon: Artificial and Natural at the Same Time?

Yesterday I went to see the movie ‘Moon Fall‘ (1) and I enjoyed it, mostly because of the links with certain contents of this website and the disclosure movement. I don’t want to present any spoilers, but one of the main characters questions whether the moon is artificial or not. He mentions the hollow sound that would have ‘rang like a bell’ for quite some time during the Apollo 12 mission in 1969 after a spent lunar module was dropped on the moon’s surface (2).

When I searched through the videos of Elena Danaan on this question I came across an interesting passage relating to this exact question, which I would like to share with you. Here it goes from a video from July 2021:

Moon from Bangkok (6)

“Q: Is the moon artificial?

Yes and no. It’s a planetoid, that was on orbit somewhere else and that’s been brought here by the Andromedans (3) so long ago. It was a physical thing but it has been put there. So it’s natural rock. Planetoid.

But then it’s artificial in a way that it wasn’t formed with the earth. And it is so dug and carved and hollowed, that’s like so many people living under the surface of the moon that it became like an artificial thing at the end. It’s artificial and natural at the same time. It has been hollowed out.” (4)

In that particular video it is said that it seems that the main reason why we always see the same side of the moon was done to hide the many alien facilities on the other side. Ingo Schwann describes one of these alien facilities during a remote viewing session (5)

He then goes on to explain how these men actually noticed Schwann ‘remote viewing’ them. About everyone in the Secret Space Programs has said that there are all kinds of bases on the Moon.

To find more about the liberation of the moon I would advise (7). To read about an Ark that would have been activated on the Moon head for Exopolitics (8).

Lunar Artefact from the Andromedan star system (Zenae)

On June 10, 2022 Elena Danaan posted a video which deals with a few artefacts that were found below the surface of the Moon. This turned out to be a Zenae or an Andromedan artefact (9), which looked a bit like a chrysalis, both organic and mechanical in some way. Watch the video for more on this! You can also read about it in The Seeders (10).

(1) Trailer Moon Fall (2022)
(2) Does the Moon Sound Like a Bell?
(3) If you want to find out more about the Andromedans, Alex Collier is the man who has been in contact with them for decades. Of course they are also mentioned in Elena Danaan’s book ‘The Gift of the Stars’ from 2020.
(4) Q & A Special, July 13, 2021
(5)  Schwann, I. (1998) Penetration: The question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy. USA: Ingo Swann Books (In 2018 this book was reprinted, download pdf )
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(10) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders. pp 208-210.

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