This page contains some topics that I would like to cover some time in the near future. If you’ve got any other suggestions, please let me know.

  • Atlea in The Only Planet of Choice by Phyllis Schlemmer
  • Communication by copying fragments of spoken language from various people – Iarga Communication and the episode of Star Trek Voyager in which the same system operates by a particular species (around 5′ in first video of the interview mentioned on the Iarga page).
  • We are the disclosure part on humans building technology for the aliens
  • Replicator use on Ceres (Rodrigues, p.237)
  • Altruan on Ceres (226-227)
  • Where are Enki and Enlil hiding out these days?
  • The use of Gold – if not for their planet, then for lifespan-extension?
  • The Enki and Enli bloodlines
  • Quantum Transportation
  • The Grail of Enki