Epsilon Eridani and Val Nek

(Val Nek, screenshot (1))

This site’s aim is to inform you about intelligent life outside of our little green and blue planet. Megan Rose is one of the contactees that provide valuable information on what is going on ‘outside’. Elena Danaan has given us with a description of about 110 out-of-earth races in her book ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (2020).

In Megan Rose’s recent book ‘ Welcome to the Future‘ (2021) we can read about Val Nek Artovaya who guided her and provided information on what is happening around our planet. Val Nek is from the star system called ‘Epsilon Eridani’. In the skymap below you can see where you can find the star, that is also part of the Eridanus constellation

Epsilon Eridani or ‘Ran’ (2). Image taken from (3).

Isn’t it a wonderful idea to look up at the night’s sky and jump from Orion’s Rigel to the right to recognize a star around which a planet orbits that harbors the people called Kahel? In Danaan’s book that I mentioned above you can read a description of this race on page 168. They are said to be a peaceful civilization who play an active part in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. The planet they live on is called ‘Ammakha’ (the boggy place).

Our terran scientists have discovered a planet around Epsilon Eridani as well, back in 2000. They called this planet Epsilon Eridani B, or Aegir (4). Perhaps it is Ammakha, perhaps not. I haven’t got a clue 🙂

Update February 2022: Unfortunately the connection between Val Nek and Megan Rose was severed in November 2021. To prevent any complications from occurring Val Nek was relieved from duty in this ‘project’ in our Solar System. Read more about all the reasons behind this disconnection at (5,6)

Update April 2022 : Seeing through the fog, avoiding traps (7)

The developments surrounding Val Nek’s relocation because of the events with Megan Rose are also described in The Seeders (8), as is a short summary of what transpired on Ammakh, Val Nek’s homeworld in 2017.

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