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This page was created to provide a place where I could add comments to certain videos/interviews that were posted by the Team (1), without the need to make new articles on every item. It is intended to provide clarification on certain issues. Often Elena Danaan doesn’t have the time to go into all the details in every interview, which might lead to some confusion. I also provide links to all kinds of articles on this website for those who are interested to get to know more about all this fascinating area of Disclosure. Sometimes there is some some additional information on certain themes.

It can also be useful if you don’t have time to watch a certain video completely. The comments are not as detailed as in normal articles. It also functions as a kind of notebook.

Typical Skeptic Podcast by Robert Kalil – Interview with Elena Danaan – February 21, 2023 – New Intel, Bluebeam, UFO “Shootdowns”, White Hats, GF Disclosure – Elena Danaan & TSP (2)

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A. The Different (genetic) Kinds of Anunnaki
The Anunnaki really are a complicated bunch. Not only are there disputes amongst themselves, with the most relevant for us being that between the Enlil and the Enki branch, but obviously there also are all kinds of Anunnaki as far as their genetics go. Elena Danaan is quite clear on this in this video. Also read (5). Here’s a piece where she elaborates on this. One might wonder which kind of Anunnaki held (or holds) which part of our Milky Way? When was their rule? How did they interact with beings from other worlds, like the Zenae (8) of the Ohorai (9)?

Elena Danaan talks about the different kinds of Anunnaki (2)

B. Chris O’Connor Representing the United Nations
In the video Elena also talks about the United Nations, but in a way that could use some clarification. When you watch the final part of this excerpt below she says: “his [Chris O’Connor’s] job is diplomat is enrolled/recruited in the space program of the United Nations so working for Earth is a United Nation diplomat, so he is involved into representing the United Nations in front of extraterrestrials. That’s his task so and he was part and of the mimas agreements.” 

This issue was one of the reasons why I doubted Chris O’Connor’s testimony at first, because there is no mention anywhere about any secret space program run by the United Nations. In his latest interview with Elena Danaan (6) this was cleared luckily. There is NO connection whatsoever with the United Nations organization based in New York on our planet. The use of the term ‘United Nations’ is ambiguous. (7)

Elena Danaan talks about Chris O’Connor and his role in representing the ‘United Nations’ (2)

In the interview with Robert Elena explains that what we called ‘sleeping’ giants are not really sleeping giants in the sense that they are sleeping like we are during the night. It’s not a kind of hibernation either. It’s more like a ‘suit’ or an ‘avatar’ that is being kept safely somewhere, and sometimes for tens of thousands of years, in order for it to be used by the soul that left it behind. These giants would ‘awake’ in this sense when the soul returns to its avatar. You could compare it with the way Chris O’Connor would have an avatar body on Mimas (one of Saturn’s moons) that he only uses when there is something useful to be done, like participating in the Meeting related to the Mimas Agreements (6). Also see (10).

Some people seem to still be experiencing abductions by Grays, even though they were expelled from this solar system and even the Hive Queen is nearly dead (11). Elena offers and interesting perspective, namely that since these Grays are masters in time manipulation, they could as easily have abducted people when they were in the 1940s by time jumping into the 2020s. Listen her explain this below:

Elena Danaan talks about possible abductions from the past in the present (2)

Here was something else that was new for me. Elena said that the Deep State would no longer be able to withhold all those patents of advanced technology that will benefit humanity. You can hear her say it below:

On Patents that will be released (2)

(1) The Team, at this moment, consists of Elena Danaan, Alex Collier, Dr. Michael Salla, Jean-Charles Moyen, Tony Rodrigues, Rebecca Rose, Chris O’Connor, Mark Domizio, David Rousseau and Mélanie Charest.
(2) New Intel, Bluebeam, UFO “Shootdowns”, White Hats, GF Disclosure – Elena Danaan & TSP
(3) More Corroboration on the Meeting between Thor Han and the Earth Alliance on January 7, 2023 (Robert Kalil talks about his interview with Mary Joyce in the above video)
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