On this page I collect questions that I have come up with during my research into mainly the material provided by Elena Danaan, Dr. Salla and the other contactees from the Secret Space Program. Since I was banned by Disco Tina I cannot ask these questions in any Elena Danaan/Dr. Salla-telegram group that she moderates. Perhaps someone else can ask these questions during a webinar? You can always join my facebookgroup to reflect upon these questions (or ask any other question for that matter). I believe that the material by the Team is robust enough to withstand any critical questions.

  1. When the Seeders arrived on our planet (437.000 BC) after having been away for millions of years, did they arrive on our planet with thriving human populations on certain parts of the planet, or were there only the ape-like beings that had evolved out of their experiment? If there were already other human civilizations thriving at that time the concept of the Seeders being responsible for all human life on Earth would be incorrect.
  2. What explains the differences between races within Enki’s account of our history?
  3. In The Seeders (p.517) Elena Danaan wrote: “My conclusion on that, is the suggestion that Mary, carrier of the royal Enki bloodline, was abducted in the aim of reinforcing the off-world genetic lineage via artificial fertilization“. I wonder who was responsible for this artificial fertilization. It couldn’t have been Enki because he had left some 9,600 years earlier. (for more background see Two Extraterrestrial Perspective on Jesus Christ)
  4. Is there any relationship between the United Nations as they are mentioned within the framework of Chris O’Connor and his work as an ambassador for Earth and the United Nations as we know them with its headquarters in New York? Is there any secret space program associated with the United Nations? How do these United Nations match with the 8th density meetings on Mimas? Do these off-world United Nations perhaps refer to a higher density organisation altogether?
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  5. Are the Council of Alnilam and the Council of Five synonymous? (see video on Council of Five page)