End Notes

This page is like the back of a book, where all the endnotes can be found. In various articles I refer to this page. It contains some more background information, often more personal thoughts on certain matters. It’s also a place that I use as a notebook.

(71, June 2022) Triggered by David Rousseau’s book which mentions the Lakota-Indians, I decided to buy a book by Nancy Red Star: Star Ancestors: extraterrestrial contact in the Native American Tradition, but so far I am slightly disappointed: I was hoping for specifics on various alien groups, but I haven’t come across much yet, but perhaps more will show up while reading through this book.

White Buffalo Calf (site from which this image was taken has been removed)

The impetus to buy this book was given by Rousseau in this passage (Stellar Contacts: Beyond our World) “Before descending into much denser worlds, we have to lower our vibration. Starting from the Great Central Sun, I moved towards the Pleiades for a smooth transition. I therefore incarnated with a less luminous body to prepare for my coming to Earth. My Pleiadian family was already waiting for me –they had accepted my arrival among them with great love– and the woman who was to carry the embryo that would become my avatar was Pte San Wi, White Buffalo Woman.

She already knew the little blue planet well, as she had come down there several times to meet the North American Native Americans, and in particular the Lakotas, as they descend from the Pleiadians. She had offered them the Cannunpa Wakana, or Sacred Pipe, as well as spiritual advice.” (p.220)

From which Pleiadean planet would these Lakotas descended from? And what is meant with ‘The Great Central Sun’ (Is doesn’t seem to refer to Alcyone, in this case)

(70, June 2022) A Mintaki-probe of Niddle’s ‘Your Galactic Neighbors’. As I have already said in end note 58, I don’t think that Sheldon Niddle is really relevant these days, but I was curious anyway, and when a reader of this website said he had the book, I asked him to scan the chapter on the Mintaki (pp122-126). The main reason was that one of the species that live on a planet orbiting Mintaki are the Grail, who are part of the Nebu. Would the Grail be mentioned, or perhaps the Tisar-3? (see A Gift from the Stars, pp.232-235)

I noticed a few ‘annoying’ differences in Niddle’s chapter. First he said that the ‘League of Orion’ was an ally of the Draconian Empire, whereas Danaan describes the Orion League as a league that was created to fight the Orion Empire (Rigel and Draco). This Orion League is affiliated to the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

After some kind of treaty (the treaty of Anschara) the Orion League would have been disbanded, and the ‘Mintakians’ decided to join the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’. As was already said in endnote 58, this organization is not to be confused with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. According to Niddle’s chapter the beings of Mintaka would have suddenly become peaceful after this treaty. One of the species that are described are some frog-like creature that are bipeds. They also mention dinosaurian hybrids. Elena also talks about amphibians and dinoids. (p.232).

According to Niddle ‘the Mintakians’ would be noted for their expertise in psychology and mind manipulation, and they would have amassed an immense body of scientific knowledge and they would retain vast libraries of inner knowledge that would date back more than 15 million years’ (Galactic Neighbor, p.125). This all seems to be in stark contrast with the description of the Grail: “…but the reason they haven’t taken over the galaxy is their inaptitude to organize themselves for they are driven by a compulsive aggressivity.” (Gift from the Stars, p.234), but hey, they might be talking about some other race living on a planet orbiting Mintaki.

Niddle talks about 6 planets, whereas Danaan spreaks about 7 planets.

Well, to sum it up: according to the owner of the book there are almost no drawings in the book and this Mintaki-comparison was a confirmation of the sceptic position towards Niddle which I had expressed in end note 58. Some 20-25 years ago I used to read his updates which structurally appeared about three times a week, but the much forecast first contact still hasn’t come about. Enough is enough.

(69, June 2022) In a telegrampost from June 20, 2022 Elena quoted Enki with words that reminded of the work by Pjotr Garjajev (see endnote 48): “DNA receives information carried by words and images that are created by thoughts, and it embeds it into all cells and molecules of the body, which will be morphing into the new pattern. The right frequencies can reprogram DNA in living organisms, especially concerning the regeneration of altered tissues. ” Enki

(68, June 2022) I woke up, on the first day of a new summer, and checked if there were any interesting updates from Elena Danaan and I saw that she had changed her telegram-profile picture into Chrisjen Avasarala from the sci-fi series ‘The Expanse‘. I have only seen four episodes of these series so far but I recognized her. In this role, played by the Iranian born Shoreh Aghdashloo, Avasarala is the Secretary General of the United Nations; she acts as the head of state of Earth and the Moon (source).

My first response was slightly negative: isn’t she developing megalomanic tendencies? Using the picture of leader of the Earth? After bringing my daughter to school and while walking the dog I chewed on this issue a bit more. I began to understand that she has become the most trustworthy source of unimaginable information, and I have invested quite some time in organizing her ‘disclosure intel’. What if she decided to put the picture of a clown as her profile photo? Or the picture of an ugly Eban, or worse even, the picture of one of the ascended masters, like Sananda, or perhaps Lord/Quan Danaan!?

Well, for now I will just take it as a kind of practical joke. In a way she is indeed a spokesperson for the Galactic Federation of Worlds, thereby representing our planet. I guess this is better than a very official image of herself with a crown on her head. This might just remind us of not taking it all too seriously. There’s fun in it all as well 🙂

(67, June 2022) I still get into contact with DVD’s on a regular basis. This week I got my hands on a 2019-movie called ‘The First Cow’. I didn’t watch it myself, but I wanted to share my association with you…it reminded me of the first woman who was abused by the Nebu as a factory cow, to produce their hybrid offspring. Read more about this at ‘A Different Shade of Hybrid Cow‘.

(66, June 2022) The M.R. disinformation is still continuing. Here are some corrections about Val Nek (again!!) and Akvaruu by Elena:

Akvaaru, one of my contacts, is NOT a Commander, he is not even military personnel of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, he is a rogue mercenary soldier, former Taal-Shiar. Please find his real story in my book “We Will Never Let you down.” Because he is not military personnel of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, he cannot train soldiers. There is also no Commander Akvaaru in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Also, my old friend Val Nek doesn’t work anymore for the Galactic Federation of Worlds, he has been reassigned in November 2021 in another star system and he has no contact with no one on Earth anymore, not even me. Val Nek has no children or wife either here. I really hope I cleared all confusion. For more detailed information, I invite you to check these links:



I also did 2 Q&A’s with Akvaaru:



Disinformation can come in many ways. Read more at Channeling and Discernment, Evading mind psy-ops with Elegance and On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate departure of M.R. from the Crew.

(65, June 2022) The Raelians – And on to the next group. In a facebookpost Elena said on June 19, 2022: “Just warning about this group, which I just left slamming the door. Not only they constantly post misleading CGI photos, but today they went the step further by promoting the p3d0ph1l3 cult leader Rael (via this bait article they shared). My three comments were declined. Shame on them.

I went over to that article in the facebookpost and noticed some funny things. These aliens have introduced themselves back in 1973 to RAEL, and Leon Mellul is the spokesperson for the Raelian movement. These beings presented themselves as the elohim that created humanity. They say they want to return to Earth, but they want to be invited (“where have we heard that before?”, see endnote 39) and they expect to meet with Earth leaders in a newly built – especially for them – embassy near Jerusalem.

In his second meeting Rael went to the homeworld of the Elohim. What would be the name of their star system? What is the name of their planet? (see On Channeling and Discernment). I saw in a video that it was from a star system in our galaxy, but Leon Mellul doesn’t know which star. I noticed a lot of google advertisement on their site ‘Aliens revealed’. I am not going to spend any more time on them.

Proof of strange implant in her brain (source)

(64, June 2022) In her books Elena describes how she was abducted by a bunch of cruel Greys and how it seems that is common practice for them to install an implant in their victims. Probably in order to be able to track them easily. In Elena’s case this implant was adapted in such a way that it no longer was tuned to the frequency of their abductors, but to that of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, to Thor Han.

Alien foetus (source)

An Italian woman, Giovanna, not only made a picture of her attacker (see note 62), but in her case there is also evidence of an implant which was detected during a MRI-scan. On top of that she had her ‘hybrid baby’ aborted with a rather horrible foetus as a result. Take a look at the video

(63, June 2022) A video from June 17, 2022 also portrayed an image of a ultrasound echo of a foetus that appears to be a hybrid.

I don’t know if it this image is a fake or not, but if it is true that huge amounts of women would have been treated as ‘factory cows’ by the Nebu than this would have happened a lot of time: women impregnated with ‘Nebu-DNA’ to create hybrids.

Photograph made by Giovanna in 2010 (source, see last video 4’40”)

(62, June 2022) In a video from June 17, 2022, Elena talked about the millions of women who would have been abducted, and many of them would have first been impregnated, only to have their baby foetus removed after three months.

I just made a Nebu-page as a preparation to deal with this topic more elaborately. An Italian woman named Giovanna talked about her abduction and she managed to take a picture of one of her assaillants, and this alien guy sure looks a lot like an Eban.

(61, June 2022) In Elena Danaan’s June 17, 2022 video she referred to the Queen of the Nebu-hivemind located in the Orion Nebula. It is this Nebula that was referred to by the Emerther in messages from 2015 and 2016. There were also binary messages hidden in certain crop circles. For more on that see Crop Circles and Binary Messages.

(60, June 2022) The Alcyone Spiral. While working on the article on the Myths of Alcyone I was reminded of the work by Barbara Hand Clow. In her Pleiadean Agenda Alcyone plays an important role. I used to like her book a lot, but now I am starting to have some doubts.

Could she have had contact with the Taal-Shiar or not? In the book she provides a link with the photon band and Alcyone. You can find that illustration on p.33 of the Pleiadean Agenda, but I was able to find an image which presents the same idea. It seems to imply that not only our sun, but other stars from the Pleiades ‘bathe’ in the light of Alcyone. Well, make up your own mind.

Here’s a telling line from the book: “Your Sun is linked to the Pleiades by means of a spiral of stellar light radiating out from Alcyone” (p.32)

(59, June 2022) Memory Crystals. I just started watching the CREATING A POSITIVE TIMELINE IN THE PLANETARY MATRIX USING A CRYSTAL by Dan Willis & Elena Danaan-video and instead of making notes in my own personal notebook I decided to add an endnote here publicly. Perhaps I can use these notes for future articles.

In the beginning of this video you see this image of a person holding a crystal against his forehead. This reminded me of the concept of memory crystals that I first encountered in a video in which Mirkak featured. Mirkak is the partner of Val Nek (the former contact of Megan Rose) and in that video that deals with the Selosians and Atlantis he also talks about holding a memory crystal against his forehead, and this would allow him to actually experience that what was stored in that particular crystal, like a USB-stick with your forehead as the connection point. Here him talk about it at 8’40 in that video called ‘Mirkak from Telos

Besides this use as memory crystals, crystals seem to be a crucial element in smart spacesuits and frequency belts.

(58, June 2022) I was contacted by someone who suggested that I might take a look at the work of Sheldon Niddle of the Planetary Activation Group. I remember him for I read his updates which go back more than 20 years and I remember that he kept on saying that ‘first contact was imminent’, but this is what was said for many years so I lost interest.

That contact said that there was a list of alien species somewhere to be found on their site, and that would be interesting to compare with the work of Elena., but I could not retrieve it. Perhaps it can only be found in his book ‘Galactic Neighbors’ I watched parts of a video and when Sheldon Niddle (I guess that he’s the one talking in the videos) starts talking about ‘The Galactic Federation of Light’, it was enough reason for me to quit searching any further on this website. Elena Danaan said the following on her telegram-account: (May 21, 2022) “Galactic Federation of Light”/ “Ashtar whatever” and whoever put the title “lord” in front of their name, sending “codes” = disguised Orion Grays (Nebu) hacking minds to the Orion Hive. UNPLUG”

This is not to say that every advice by Elena Danaan is obediently and mindlessly followed by me, but to me it confirms my idea not to spend too much time on them, even though I like things Sirian. If someone has a pdf of his book I would like to see it though. I don’t want to pay 20 euros/dollars for it now. It is not that I am in a dire lack of information, which makes it easier to dismiss certain information that seems a bit off now.

Dr. Michael Salla has used the symbol of the Planetary Activation Organization in some of his videos to represent the Ashtar Galactic Command, if I remember correctly. I guess it would be better to use the symbol for the Ashtar Galactic Command as it was given to us through Elena Danaan.

(57, June 2022) On June 6, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla appeared in a youtube video called ‘Alien Chronicles‘. In episode 6 you can see him when he was some 20 years younger than today. I got to know Dr. Michael Salla only a few years ago and it was good to see how he looked then. It’s funny to think that in most worlds aging doesn’t really occur, because they have the techniques to make their DNA tune into the ‘holographic’ characteristics that the ‘bearer’ of the body wants, which often is somewhere between 20 and 30 years old. The series stems from 2020 and can be streamed from Amazon

Illustration of the Ormong by Elena Danaan (from Contact 09 video)


(56, June 2022) Elena Danaan posted a video on a recent discovery of Andromedan chrysalis looking artefacts which were taken from beneath the Moon’s surface. Take a look at the Chrysalis either in her video or on the page which deals with this idea that the Moon was taken here by the Andromedans ages ago (The Moon: Natural and Artificial at the Same time?). She also got to know a new race, called the Ormong. They were part of the Intergalactic Confederation, meaning they were from another galaxy. Here’s a drawing from the video.

Carians, or the Blue Avians. Illustration by Elena Danaan from her book ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (p.229)

(55, June 2022) I continued reading David Rousseau’s ‘Beyond Our World’ he describes his first meeting with a ‘Blue Avian’ during his first day in an underground facility on Earth as an 8-year old at the start of his 20-year and back-program. Here is what happened:

A blue sphere appeared out of nowhere. Strangely, the Reptilian had started to back off. He seemed as surprised as we were. The sphere came and stood between him and us. I could catch sight of someone inside. He seemed to be blue as well. There was a great light emanating from this being, a great loving force. He was so radiant; it was unbelievable. It was a being from the spheres; a Blue Avian This is what I would learn a little later. The exchanges with these beings, as with many others by the way, are just incredible.” (p.199)

(54, June 2022) Here’s some more on the 2002 Crabwood Crop Circle (see Crop Circles and Binary Messages)


(53, June 2022) Nibiru before a catastrophe when their star in the Sirius constellation went nova some 4,3 billion years ago. What to think of that? First it is another story than the Immaru story that we are given in ‘A Gift from the Stars’. Second: which Sirius star would have ‘gone nova’ some 4,3 billion years ago? Is there a link between the age of our planet and this event? Well, I’m just collecting possible pieces of the big puzzle here. Which group ‘panspermed’ the Anunnaki? We could use some Ark-information about our and their history, to verify all this information 🙂

The limited intelligence we have on their history does, however, provide us with a glimpse of how they managed to not kill each other to a level of extinction. They have also had more than their fair share of
catastrophic events. About 4.3 billion years ago, by Earth timekeeping, their planet is said to have been in orbit around one of the Sirius stars that, ultimately, went nova. Much like Earth, they, too, enjoyed a relatively long period of integral stability of orbit mechanics and mild, pleasant planetary conditions. It is further reported that, during this pre-catastrophic period, they managed to develop veritable Golden Age, with the aid of the “parent” group which had panspermed them.

Not much is known from them about this period, nor about the “stem-biology” or biologic life form responsible for their initial appearance and evolution. We know they were “helped;” what we don’t know is why, by whom, how much, and for how long. It is said they have been helped twice – once, at the start of their life form formation and the initial civilization they enjoyed before the event that ended their Golden Age, and again, after their planet barely survived the dislocation from their stellar mooring and their bootstrapping back into a Type 1 civilization, as they are now.” (Bordon p.57)

Marduk (image from Brittanica)

(52, June 2022) Anunnaki-family Dramas – When reading through the work of Zecharia Sitchen this feeling of extreme ‘divine’ drama was predominant. A lot of family affairs, jealousy, hatred, power against others who were more of the peaceful kind. What a mess… Could we somehow corroborate anything about Marduk’s (Enki’s firstborn) moves as they are described below?

To wit, when Marduk was exiled to the home planet some time following his reign as the second Egyptian divine pharaoh due to clashes with one or more members of the Ram faction, upon his return to Earth Ankur’s first born found his younger brother as the divine pharaoh of the Second Divine Dynasty. Through internal familial politicking, it is known now that Marduk managed to get Ningishzidda ousted and exiled to the New World first (in particular the American Southwest, Mexico and the highlands of Peru and Bolivia), and then to the Far East (where he met and collaborated with Utu in Japan, coastal China, the Korean peninsula, and the Asian highlands of Nepal and Tibet on tasks and projects with natives not disclosed to us). (The Link, p.57)

(51, June 2022) Destruction of Spaceport on the Sinai Peninsula – Not only are genes apparently very important in our history, but the hunt for stargates appears to be recurrent theme as well. Here we can read about a ‘spaceport’ that would have been destroyed somewhere about 2,000 years B.C. How does this match the information from the CDT-Plates? Here’s a part in which the old king somewhere during our middle ages was pondering on matters on his own planet.

Is there any relationship between this Ankur/Enki and the Enki that Elena Danaan has recently had an interaction with? (See MAGIC SPELLS & EXTRATERRESTRIAL MAGIC ~ Lady Oona’s message explained). How does all the drama in Enki’s life within these Sumerian stories match with the current-day Enki? What about his relationship with his son Marduk?

The Nile and the Sinai Peninsula (image from a blog that has passed away)

“Both Nammur [Enlil] and Ankur [Enki] were so appointed to serve at the king’s pleasure in the start of what would, under the next king, become a de facto “kitchen cabinet” composed of familial and trusted Ša.A.Mi.s. There were matters on the royal mind, which required settlement and correction. One was the destruction of the spaceport on the Tilmun (the Sinai peninsula) in the latter part of the second millennium B.C.” (The Link, p.55)

(50, June 2022) Bordon and the Sa.A.Me – Sacsahuaman (see more in Endnote 49). I have continued reading his book and he spends quite a few pages on all the impending catastrophes that would befall our planet due to the arrival of Nibiru. He extensively quotes James McCanney. This book was written in 2007 and apparently none of all these disasters manifested. I’m not sure if this planet really orbits our sun either. But despite all that, there are some interesting elements in his story.

He calls the Sa-a-mi who inhabit the planet Uš.é.an.èš.da. (see p.51). They would have attended a number of conferences on Earth and they would have shared all kinds of things about their way of government on their world. They also talk about the Peruvian place called Sacsahuaman:

Sacsahuaman – Image from Bordon (2007) The Link (p.54)

” At a time corresponding to the middle to later part of the second century of the Common Era, it is reported that Nannar received instructions from his father (and through his father, from the King himself) to return to Earth, to the Altiplano of southeastern Peru, to assist Nannar’s son Utu in the closing down of the smelter as Sacsahuaman and the dismantling of runway operations in the Nazca area of southern Peru.

Though the smelter continued to process gold, tin and silver from distant and nearby sources with assistance from relocated Kassites (from southern and central Turkey), the operation would not last the first millennium of the Common Era. By the sixth century, Sacsahuaman became history and the so-called pre-Incan civilizations from northern Peru through the region north of the Atacama desert in northern Chile were all left to fend for themselves.” (p.54)

Cover of The Keys of Enoch by Hurtak (from 1973)

(49, June 2022) Bordon speaks about the Anunnaki in his book, the Link. He doesn’t talk about Nibiru but about Ša.A.Me. Here’s a part of his book. I add this because I want to explore these Anunnaki and their different branches. Aldebaran, Nibiru, Sirian-Anunnaki, Anunnaki-resistance, Enki, Enlil, Yahweh, and now the name Sa.a.mi (which sounds an awful lot like Sume(rian):

“To us, this planet is known as Ša.A.Me. (to cut or break /creation/red ocher + watery father office/ideal norm, in the Ša.A.Me language – Anemegir – having nearly identical meanings in Sumerian as well). But when referring to a native of the planet, the sequence changes to Ša.A.Mi (creation + offspring + divine decree/office/function). The / š / phoneme is pronounced / sh /, as in she. Ša.A.Mi.s too have been undergoing the changeover from disconnected bodyminds to a common, or a biomind of the whole biokind. It is reported by members who have attended the conferences that they are near the completion of their cycle to oneness, wherein all knowledge and mind resources are used in service to the common.” (The Link, p.43)

(48, June 2022) Pjotr Garjajev, Elena Danaan & A.R. Bordon God, I love synchronicities! 🙂 On May 31, 2022, Elena Danaan posted a link to an article on her telegramchannel which was about how DNA could be influenced by waves instead of by cutting and pasting in the physical way. That article ‘Scientists Finally Admit There Is a Second, Secret DNA Code Which Controls Genes‘ talks about an experiment that was done by a Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev.

A picture from Pjotr Garjajev with some hungarian subtitles 🙂

Triggered by Dr. Michael Salla’s interview with Fred Burks in which they elaborately paid attention to the Wingmakers, I decided to continue reading the work of A.R. Bordon, who is a good candidate for being the Fifteen from the Labyrinth group who studied the Wingmakers material, but who were also communicating with a group called the Corteum (see Endnotes 41 and 45). And guess to whom Bordon was referring in this book from 2007? Pjotr Garjajev!

These kind of coincidence deserve some attention and even though they are merely a number amongst many endnotes, they are here, and I’m going to add a quote from the Link:

According to their findings, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code – especially in the apparent “useless” 90%” — follows the same rules as those of our human languages. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. Therefore, human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored behavior of DNA under exposure to frequencies of light and sound. They concluded that “living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation.” This means that they managed, for example, to modulate certain frequency patterns (sound) onto a laser-like ray which influenced DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself.

Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and human languages are similar, if not identical, DNA decoding is automatized. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language. This, too, was examined experimentally to levels of confidence well beyond the .01 level. Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to languagemodulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies (sound) are being used.

This lends weight to the explanation for why affirmations, hypnosis and other psychomotive methods can have such strong effects on the human mind and body. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. While western researchers cut single genes from DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically created devices that influence cellular metabolism through modulated radio and light frequencies, thus repairing genetic defects.

They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. So they successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! In this manner, the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA.” (The Link, p.37 (38 in the pdf))

(also see endnote 69 for some thoughts on this by Enki)

(47, June 2022) In part 5 of the Interview with Al Bielek (who was once Edward Cameron before he was age-regressed in Montauk from a 37-year old man to a nine-month old baby. I mentioned this part in the post of Age Regression. Here’s a quote from the interview:

Edward Cameron is age-regressed from 37 years old to nine months old

And here we were, in the middle of Montauk underground in New York State actually on the very eastern tip of Long Island, and John tells me, he said, “I don’t like what they’re going to do to you.” He said, “I have no control over this anymore.” He said, “I’m now only a consultant on the base.” [UI] this was some time in 1983, and I don’t know exactly when. He says, “What they’re going to do is strip you completely of your memories with the special equipment we have here.” He made some passing comment that it was something they captured after the war from the Germans. “So, they’re going to age-regress you down to a young kid, and they’re going to put you in another family in the past and hope you never remember anything.” I says, “They’re going to do what?” And he says, “This is what they’re going to do.” (taken from Inscribedonthebelievingmind)

Donn Thor – The Venusian brother of Val Thor?

(46, June 2022) I am reading through the transcripts of a long interview with Al Bielek which was done by Diana Barahona at her site: Inscribed on the believing mind. In part 4 of this interview Al Bielek describes a kind of briefing on August 9, 1942, three days before the fatal Philadelphia Experiment. What I found interesting was the alleged presence of Donn Thor, who is said to be a brother of Val Thor.

Al Bielek says: “And next to him, slightly over towards the middle, is a man that looks like he has green hair. And of course, it’s a black-and-white [photo]—it’s not grey [hair]. It’s a very strange individual by the name of Donn Thor. He was holding a sheaf of papers in his hand, as you may note. He was a civilian, and we do not know all of his history, except it is alleged that he, as his brother, Val, were from Venus. And why he had an interest in this experiment, we do not know to this day—nor why he was there. We do not know to this day.” (from part 4 of the Al Bielek-transcripts).

Of course we know Val Thor as the main character in Elena Danaan’s We Will Never let you Down. In that book she describes how she actually visited Val Thor a couple of times in his abode in the wonderful subterranean (subvenusian) world. I couldn’t find anything on his brother Donn in the book.

(45, June 2022) Wingmakers, Corteum, Kerry Cassidy and Ashayana Deane – On June 4, 2022, Dr. Michael Salla presented a video interview with Fred Burks in which the Wingmakers (and the two website) were the main topic. This prompted me to look a bit deeper into the perspective of Ashayana Deane. In her 2003 book Voyagers 2, she devotes a few pages to the Wingmakers and the Corteum. I already added a quote from this book on the possible deceit by the Corteum group (see end note 41).

There has also been a series of interviews in 2010 that was done by Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) with Ashayana Deane, and in those interviews Deane also expressed her concerns about the intentions of the Corteum. This was followed by ‘judicial threats’ by the wingmakers.com-group (see ‘Ashayana Deane – Ascension Mechanics -REPOST).

To stress that Ashayana is on the side of the Burks and the first wingmakers.us-site here’s another quote from her second book:

“The “Wingmakers Ancient Arrow” archeological site does not belong to the Labyrinth Group, or to the Corteum. It belongs to a group of Emerald Covenant Angelic Human Races from the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds in the 6520 AD time period and to the Elohei-Elohim Founders, who long ago buried “time capsule treasures” in this region specifically for discovery in this time.10 The Elohei-Elohim have approached the Labyrinth Group with invitation to the Emerald Covenant, but the Labyrinth Group refused when the Elohei-Elohim explained the non-violent solution to the pending UIR invasion.” (p.554)

(44, June 2022) On the Moon landing, from Rousseau’s book, Beyond our World:

We’ve been cloaking our ship since we left the Earth’s environment. In just a few moments, we will be flying over the side of the Moon that is hidden from view on your planet. “I have a question”. “Let’s hear it”. “Did Neil Armstrong really set foot here?” “Actually, yes and no,” Xaman’Ek answered. “What do you mean, yes and no?” “They -the Apollo 11 crew- did come here, but they did not have time to land”. “How so? I don’t understand. What happened to them?” “Well, they got a little too close to what you’re about to find out in a few moments. They had no choice but to turn back. Here we are” (p.160)

(43, June 2022) In David Rousseau’s book ‘Beyond our World, Book 1: Stellar Soul’ you can read about a visit to Mars. He describes the space suit he got to wear: “We had all put on a kind of one-piece suit that fit each of our body shapes. What was incredible was the fact that it was so light and yet so hardy, as strong as a dragon’s shell. You could almost say that it was a second skin, as you forgot that you were wearing it so quickly and as it felt so comfortable. It automatically regulated the temperature to keep my body warm.” (p.155). See more on suits at the page on Smart Space Suits and Frequency Belts

(42, June 2022) In the Voyagers-material the concept of the high potential of our genes is mentioned as well. Here’s an excerpt:

The 12-strand package is one of the highest genetic
imprints within HU-1 and HU-2 for it allows full transmutation out of matter
and can embody the consciousness of a 12-dimensional oversoul when the 12
strands are fully activated. Very few biological forms possess this potential.
” (Voyagers II, p.84)

(41, May 2022) The page dealing with the Wingmakers talks about the Corteum and the Labyrinth Group. It also talks about two different versions of an interview with Dr. Anderson (whom we know from Peter Moon). One of the versions is relatively positive on the Corteum and the other is more skeptical. The skeptical perspective, which corrresponds with the original interview is shared by Ashayana Deane in her second Voyager book (from 2003). Here’s an excerpt from this book:

A collective of renegade Necromiton-Andromie/Jehovian Anunnaki hybrid Nephilim races, now members of the UIR, have been initiating progressive covert contact with a group of Humans known as the Labyrinth Group”. The Labyrinth Group is a covert collective of humans directly involved with the 1972-1973 archaeological discoveries known as the “Ancient Arrow Wingmakers Site” in New Mexico.

(taken from Wingmakers.us)

Using their usual talents of truth-twisting, dispensation of partial knowledge and embellished disinformation, this Nephilim group, which is code named the “Corteum”, have deceived the Labyrinth Group into assisting them to create a crystalline-scalar-mechanics based weapons technology. In order for the UIR to take advantage of this final 2011 invasion opportunity, they must re-activate the Seven Jehovian Seal sites on Earth in order to use the “Seven Trumpets” technologies of D-7 Phantom Arcturus to upcap the Falcon-Phoenix Wormholes. The Seven Jehovian Seal sites will have been re-calibrated to a Level 9 12- Code Pulse7 by 2011.

The technology the Corteum has inspired the Labyrinth Group to create is intended to assist the UIR in re-activating the seven Jehovian Seals on a Phantom Matrix electromagnetic pulse, to allow for fulfillment of the UIR’s OWO final victory. The Corteum technology utilizes inter-time manipulations intended to create “minute time rips” into the Phantom Matrix in regions connecting to the Seven Jehovian Seal sites. Through these “minute time rips.” which represent a type of wormhole bridge, the UIR intends to build up sufficient sub-space photo-sonic “charge” within the Axiatonal Line system of Parallel Earth.

The photo-sonic charge is intended to be progressively stored and amplified in the Parallel Earth Planetary Shields until 2008, at which time the charge is intended to be split into two “Phantom Electrostatic ionic pulses.” One pulse is to be sent back in time to the original 10,500 BC creation of the
Falcon-Phoenix Wormholes, the other into “future time” in the Phantom Earth time cycle. The “past” pulse will connect the 10,500 BC Atlantian period of Phantom Earth, in which the Luciferian Rebellion takeover attempt succeeded, to our present time continuum line.

The “future” pulse will connect the “future” of Phantom Earth, which evolved from the successful Phantom Earth Luciferian Conquest “past”, to our present time continuum. Through the mechanics of the Labyrinth Group’s Corteum technology, which the group has code-named the “Blank Slate Technology” or “BST” (Founders think of it as “the BeaST”), the UIR intends to accumulate photo-sonic charge in the Phantom Earth future location and the 10,500 BC Luciferian Conquest period of Phantom Earth Atlantis. When the 2011 “window of opportunity” opens, the UIR intends to use the contemporary “BeaST” to direct the amplified photo-sonic charge simultaneously into the Seven Jehovian Seal sites of Earth’s Planetary Shields, in the contemporary time, past Atlantian and future Phantom Earth periods. ” (Deane, Voyagers 2, p.553)

(40, May 2022) While studying the very elaborate Voyagers material on the history of mankind going back many millions of years, I came across a part in which the makers of the Sphinx were described. They would have been the Anunnaki who were then part of the Sirian Council and who abided by the Law of One (as opposed to the Anunnaki Resistance). On pages 60-61 you can read:

Voyager 2 – The Secrets of Amenti

“The first monument to be created was the original Sphinx. This building covered the portal to the Inner Earth and linked directly into the portal passage that led to the Arc of the Covenant. The Sphinx was designed following Anunnaki heritage, having the head of an Anunnaki warrior placed upon the body of a lion-like sculpture. The lion’s body of the Sphinx was a symbolic tribute to a race of beings from HU-2 known as the Leonines, who were instrumental in laying the early foundations of Anunnaki culture. The Leonine beings of HU-2, who were large, upright, fur-covered felines of advanced intelligence, were revered as Godlike by the early Anunnaki civilizations, and the Anunnaki of the Sirian Council paid tribute to this heritage.

The Anunnaki of the Sirian Council drew strength and comfort from their affiliation with the Leonine people, and, by constructing this monument, intended to show the power of the Anunnaki united and built upon their Leonine ancestral allies. The symbolic design of the Sphinx was intended to show the
Anunnaki Resistance that they were alone in their conquest and that the true Anunnaki heritage stood behind the Anunnaki of the Sirian Council. In practical terms, the Sphinx was constructed to serve as a fortification for the Inner Earth portal and also as a safe house and library for the storage of sacred
records and texts. It also served the purpose of housing the great energytransmitting machines that were charged with UHF fifth-dimensional energy from the Arc of the Covenant, and the smaller Ankhs which were infused with energy in a similar fashion.” (Ashayana Deane, Voyagers II, pp 60-61)

It’s interesting to note that these Leonines are not part of the Reptilian group that was seeded many billion years ago, but that apparently did not stop them in assisting the Reptilian Anunnaki culture. Also see (Once Upon a Time, some 950 billion years ago) and the article on the question who the feline beings under the Sphinx were (Two or Three lion-like species from the Stars: the Laan, the Pascahts and Yet Another?

Please, let me in so we can eventually take over humanity. Screenshot from a video

(39, May 2022) After the hybrid-psy-op of the Essassani by Bashar and the Far Sight Interview (see end note 37 and Bashar, the Far Sight Institute and the Essassani Resistance Movement Psy-Op Elena Danaan warned for another bunch of Grey-human hybrids that would try to squeeze their way into our world, namely the P’nti. I couldn’t find anything of them until I read someone’s newsletter in which they were presented. Here’s a nice ad from a youtube-video. Unfortunately for them, the Prime Directive was amended in such a way that no alien group can force their way into our society by fooling people to let them in. This abuse of the free will of people from a stage 1 or 2 society for a dark agenda is no longer allowed. So, they can wait to be stopped by the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

(38, May 2022) Like I said earlier on (see note 36), I started reading Stellar Soul (the first of the Beyond our World series) from David Rousseau. I came across an interesting part in which he describes a scene at his high school in which many kids were watching some strange being in a silver like spacesuit hovering in the sky. Everybody seemed to be in a shock, but the funny thing was that the day after a teacher told him to not speak about the incident any longer. He was instructed by the Head teacher to act as if it didn’t happen. A few hours later you could smell some gas going through the rooms in the school. After that David noticed that everyone he asked about the incident the day before, couldn’t remember a single thing. Their memories seemed to have been wiped with that gas! (see chapter Black out, p.63-64). For more on memory wipes: read Booby Traps and Curses to Secure Mind Wipes

(37, May 2022) After the article on Bashar and the Far Sight Institute I questioned the love of the Far Sight Institute for the Esssassani (Resistance Movement). Here’s a screenshot. The comment was placed below their article on President Putin

(36, May 2022) Today I bought the book ‘Beyond Our World, part I‘ by Daniel Rousseau. Although I had promised myself to only buy it when a paperback version was available, I didn’t want to wait any longer. I have just finished the first chapter and I look forward to the rest.

(35, May 2022) Sometime I suffer from a kind of ‘Cabal-fatigue’, meaning that I don’t want to spend one more second on that load of crap that is poured over us by the main stream media as the loyal lackeys of their grand Cabal lords from the WEF and the powers behind them. Stop this bullshit on Ukraine, genders, food-shortages, climate crisis, coronavirus etc. We should all laugh at them right in their faces when they try to fool us with their crazy globalist crap.

(34, May 2022) It’s interesting to note that occasionally there is a greater number of pageviews for the three articles on this website that are related to Megan Rose. These surges are probably a result of a new video by her. I prefer to remain consistent and I haven’t watched any of her videos after it was made abundantly clear that she was telling a story that was not in line with what I prefer to see as the greater picture. Elena Danaan’s sources are far more reliable in my opinion.

(33, May 2022) Triggered by the presence of a non-Laan feline being under the Sphinx (see Sphinx, Eggs etc.) I am reading the book ‘The Lion People’ by Murry Hope from 1988. I am going to write interesting things about them in future articles. But I came across a reference towards Capella, and of course I know Capella as the starsystem from which the Naacal or the Ramay originate. In the ‘Lion People’ I read the following, obviously not referring to them, since they are no lizard beings: “We [Pachats/Lion People] do not have close communications with all of these intelligences, but we do know the Dolphin people and the Lizard beings from the Capella/Auriga region, among others” (p.18) Elena Danaan doesn’t mention any other beings from Capella besides the Ramay.

(32, May 2022) I’m reading through Stewart Swerdlow’s book ‘Montauk: the alien connection’ from 1998. As a child he had a meeting with a number of species that he would have a role to play in his life. One of the species was what you might call ‘the Original Butterfly’. This butterfly was the inspiration for the cover of his book. The butterfly communicates with the young Swerdlow:

At the beginning of Earth’s history, this butterfly’s species donated DNA for Project Earth to create the creatures on Earth known as butterflies. Continuing, it said that the butterflies on Earth monitor magnetism and know how to adjust it so that it has a beneficial effect on the environment. Moths were created as a negative aspect of this by the dark side. For every good thing that was created on Earth, the dark side made an opposite to counter it….

...Their planet is located in a distant sector of this galaxy, but their species had been taken to populate other worlds in other universes that were more suited to their needs. No matter where in the universe they exist, they communicate within their species at will.” (Montauk: the alien Connection, p.34)

Read more about the possible connection between animals and their otherworldy origins at From Which Planets do Our Animals Originate

(artist’s impression of a Ciakahrr, source)

(31, May 2022) Here’s something interesting about four Ciakahrr: “They [Ciakahrr] feed upon emotions and energies of fear. They love fear. It is addictive, something that they love. They nourish themselves from the fear and the pain which are delightful energies for them. Some of them have unexpectedly encountered compassion. They have tasted love. I know you are going to say this is not me speaking, Thor Han, but this is. This is me. I’ve seen this happening. Some high ranks of Ciakahrrs not a lot, unfortunately. Only four of them. They have changed their mind and deserted their empire. Now these are under our protection. They seek refuge in the underground realms of the Agarthans. There is a place called Telos and the Telosians are helping them. Now we are going, not my fleet but the two other ones. They are going to rescue them and bring them simply back to where they wish to go. They cannot go back to their home, in their empire. They will be killed. So they are seeking asylum to the Federation, and we accept. This is the news I wanted to tell you.” (from Interstellar Contacts, May 7, 2020)

(30, May 2022) These interstellar transcripts really are interesting. What do you say about how you notice the transition from 3D to 5D. Here’s what Thor Han said:”You are in transition and when you are totally completely in 5D you do not feel any more the bad emotions, you are not affected anymore by pain, suffering. These are emotions linked with the third density, you can be sad but not the same sad, it is not a sadness that affects you. You as well have access to a higher knowledge, you see things, you understand
them, and you know I will have difficulty expressing this difference, it is a feeling. You feel you are above the matrix, you feel it.
” (from Interstellar Contacts, May 7, 2020)

(taken from the Fifth Dimension)

(29, May 2022) While studying the older material, I read a mention of someone sending out a lot of satellites…Read along: “Recently we had problems with some of your, how would I say, commercial leaders, who are putting up a lot of harmful satellites, and we do not tolerate this. This is becoming too much. There is an amount of junk around your planet. It is absolutely horrible. So at the moment we are trying to do some clean up. Today I was doing some clean up. Q: How do you clean up, do you destroy the debris? Thor Han: We cannot destroy the satellites. We just deactivate them. We cannot deactivate all of them. So it is by turn. We have to stay discrete. It needs to look like a malfunction.” (from Interstellar Contacts, May 7, 2020). I would say he is referring to the satellites by starlink, but I might be wrong. This was before the signing of the Jupiter Agreement. Perhaps the nature of these satellites has been updated to use this ‘quantum technology’ as is being suggested by that Selosian lady that Elena had a cup of tea with in Ireland.

(28, May 2022) Kryon of magnetic service. While reading through one of the older transcripts that Elena Danaan has recently posted on her website, I came across a short interaction about Kryon. I was surprised to read Thor Han’s reaction. Here’s a part of that transcript: ” Q: You talked about the Etheric Grid and someone here who channels a Kryon which is the Keeper of the Magnetic Grid, it’s a Collective?
Thor Han: I have heard of this entity which is a High Guardian which is assigned to Terra. We
happen to work with him sometimes, but this is not the work we do with this entity. This is an
entity of a very high density, but we do not work all the time with this entity. He is doing a
different job.
” (from Interstellar Contacts, May 7, 2020)

(27, May 2022) I was reading the Transylvanian Moonrise today in some indoor playground and somehow my heart opened up. Quite strange, indeed. Perhaps, some day I will discover why. At p. 52 I read: “It is a great art to see these synchronicities and then understand their hidden meaning. At the same time, if you can do that, it is a clear sign that you have evolved.“. I don’t want to boast with my great understanding of synchronicities, but the person who said this in the book is called ‘Elinor’ and guess who was above me today in the ranking list of my duolingo Hungarian course? Isn’t that funny?

(26, May 2022) While writing the article on the Hall of Records beneath Mt. Kalash I added an excerpt of the book by Radu Cinamar called the Transsylvanian Moonrise. This reminded me of an interesting excerpt that Elena Danaan shared on her facebook account on April 24, 2022. She posted a picture of a page of another book by Cinamar in this series, called the Forgotten Genesis. This was about the Flat Earthers. The excerpt came from Peter Moon who co-authors the books. I wanted to share that with you galactic guys 🙂 as well:

Photograph of page from Forgotten Genesis.

(25, May 2022) In these times of psy-ops flying past you from the left and the right, from below and above, it can be tough to stay on the right track. For me it feels right to stay on the Elena Danaan-track and I’m glad that this information is supported by other SSP (Secret Space Program) -experiencers. It feels important for me to be clear about who I trust and who I distrust. I noticed the importance of that during the time that Megan Rose turned out to be heading in another direction. If I had decided to follow both her story and that of Elena Danaan I would have ended up confused and distorted. After having cut off the link with Megan my deep breath returned soon, and I was able to confidentally continue with the explorations and the archiving of the relevant material on this website.

The same goes for Corey Goode as far as I’m concerned. I have come to distrust the Far Sight Institute because I agree with Diana (see comment on https://galacticanthropology.org/2022/04/28/president-putin-and-the-far-sight-institute/) that if you are biased to begin with, you end up getting biased results. Dr. Alfred Webre talks to people who tell tales that can be quite poisonous to me, if you ask me. It really is important to hold on to a ‘clean’ website that doesn’t carry to much dissonance. You could argue that it is not scientific or perhaps even ‘the easy way’, but I think it really is vital to pick out that information that resonates the most, and so far, Elena Danaan has done a great job in providing ground-breaking and inspiring, new information.

(24, April 2022) I came across an interesting term in ‘Transylvanian Sunrise’ from Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon. I wrote a few articles based of this book (after having been introduced to it by Dr. Michael Salla), namely From which Planets do our Animals Originate? and 50,000 year old Holographic Bodyscan Device found in Romanian Bucegi Mountains. The term he used was ‘Astropaleontology‘ referring to the study of ancient artefacts (and arks, hall of records) that have an extraterrestrial origin.

(23, April 2022) Before writing the piece of Dolores Cannon, the late and famous past-life regression therapist, I tend to check if Dr. Michael Salla has written anything on a particular subject. I only found one link, and that was a link with the contactee Jean-Charles Moyen. His wife, Melanie, was the one who assisted him in retrieving his memories from his 20-years-and-back program. She apparently was trained in the Dolores Cannon method. Here’s an excerpt from 20 Years & back with the French Secret Space Program: “I decided to find out more and without telling David I did a regression hypnosis, my wife is specialized in Hypnosis Dolores Cannon method. For more than 2 hours I described everything I just told you in detail, my training on board the SOLARIS, Maria the blonde woman with blue eyes, the class, the alien children, the Mars mission that went wrong. And at the end of my service, I said to David in the hallway of the ship we will meet again my brother, I know it, and we cried together. Maria was next to me, and she said: we’ll see you soon!  My wife Melanie and I wrote the details of my hypnosis.

(22, April 2022) While reading the Convoluted Universe (part four) by Dolores Cannon I came across a section in which a woman was talking to Mrs. Cannon and they were having a past-life or a ‘life-between-lives’ therapy session (chapter 5). The client told her about a few lives she had lived and that she was given the choice what other kind of life she would like to live: a life in the military, as an academic or with hard labor. She made it sound as if she eventually would need to live these lives, but that she had the choice to pick the order of lives. This triggered some questions. Who decides which lives are ‘necessary’ to live? I also couldn’t help but think about that ‘Earth Cage’ that was in operation. This ‘cage’ would make it virtually impossible for human souls to really leave Terra: they just had to be reincarnated on our planet, even though there are numerous other planets where a lot of different experiences can be had. Fortunately this ‘soul cage‘ around our planet would have been destroyed as it may just have been doctored by some malevolent alien groups who didn’t want souls to flee from ‘their’ world. Take a look at Dismantlement of Nebu’s Forced Reincarnation ‘Machine’ on the Moon

(21, April 2022) Today I launched a Telegram-channel which you can find at t.me/galacticanthropology. In Elena Danaan’s Telegram channel she referred to an article that was published by Alfred Lambremont Webre which deals with the group called the Taygeteans (see that article) which are said to be nothing but a fraud. At his site at New Inside Out I noticed that he had just released a new book called ‘Chirogarchy’, a book that would contain more than 1100 pages! I immediately decided to order it.

(20, April 2022) After the fall of Duck duck go I launched a site in Hindi, which you can find HERE. Let’s see if Duckduckgo can cancel all of the translated sites in Chinese, Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish and now also in Hindi. I intend to spread the word, and not be stopped by some ducking duck and a resistant Google 🙂

(19, April 2022) Gliese 832 and the Elmanuk. In the struggle with the search engines this site has been mostly neglected by the Google-giant. After Duckduckgo apparently put galacticanthropology in the trash-can, I noticed that unexpectedly Google.com returned a site, whereas DDG did not. If you enter the search terms ‘Gliese 832 Elmanuk’ you get a link to the Electrogravity article. Duckduckgo seems to shapeshift from a friend to an enemy…

(18, April 2022) Something happened in the second week of April in regard to Duckduckgo. I used to be very positive about this search engine (see notes 6 & 13), but somehow it has downrated this website that you can hardly find it any more, whereas it was often easily found when using terms like ‘Selosians’ or ‘Ciakahrr’. Now even typing in the complete titles doesn’t get you to this site. So, it appears that the most common search engines are making it hard for anyone to get to this information. The only exception I have come across now is the Russian Yandex search engine (yandex.com). So, from now on, I recommend Yandex as the search engine to use.

Another search engine that hasn’t blocked this website is Startpage.com. It has been quite a ride, but I have found a few other search engines that apparently don’t censor the results. The winners in the second round are: Entire Web and Gibiru.

(17, April 2022) Elena has started to upload transcripts of her communications with members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. In one of the early transmissions Thor Han mentioned the Reptilians that were living in the Pleiades. I have wondered: what are the Grays: a kind of repilians, or are they a separate kind of species, opposed to the humanoids, the insectoids? In March 26, 2020 he sheds some light on this issue: “We have our own Reptilians there, and a reptiloid race that looks like Grays. Gray races are mostly of reptilian nature, cold blood.

(16, March 2022) While working on the page of the Wingmakers I came across a crystal that was found in one the chambers in New Mexico. This crystal reminded me of the crystal Elena Danaan and Dan Willis showed during their interview. Here is a snapshot from the interview and the artefact. They sure look similar, don’t you think?

(15, March 2022) Through Elena’s Telegram channel I got to an interview Nicholas Veniamin with David Mahoney on March 21 (link). In this interview David Mahoney talks about a visit he made to Elena Danaan and he mentioned the idea that two races would introduce themselves. At about 13’50” he talked about those races being the Arcturians and the Pleiadeans. Well, I think he mixed up some names there. The races that would first introduce themselves would be those that look a lot like us, like those from Erra (planet orbiting Taygeta/Ashaara) and from Alpha Centauri B: the Centaurians. He mixed up the Arcturians with the Centaurians, which is understandable. The Arcturians don’t really look a lot like us, if only for their skin color!

(14, march 2022) I was taking my dog out for a walk in the morning and the sun was shining comfortably and szép. This reminded me of Tony Rodrigues’ book ‘The Ceres Colony Cavalier’ in which he describes (near the end) that in one of the caves they (mostly the Germans) were making a ceiling in the blue color of a sky with even an artificial sun that would move from one side of the cave to another. How lucky we are that we have a real sun and a real blue sky. He said that many people were yearning for the sun on that small planet.

(13, february 2022) I’m still surprised that nearly all of the search-engine traffic comes from Duckduckgo. I checked to see the difference between duckduckgo, bing, yahoo and google for the search item ‘Thor Han’. In Duckduckgo this site appeared as the second result. The same goes for Bing and Yahoo, but Google doesn’t show anything of this site and I stopped after the first 60 results. Funny, right?

(12, february 2022) I was trying to find some more information on the Vril/Phryll and I thought the april 2021-video by Elena would be a good source of information. The video has a length of more than 2 hours, and only after one hour she actually started to talk about the Vril…I like her and she answered interesting questions in the first hour, but if you want to study things effectively it can sometimes be quite a challenge before you actually find the information I’m looking for in all these videos!

(11, february 2022) While doing my Hungarian study I came across the word ‘kiknek’ which reminded me of Val Nek, the former contact within the Galactic Federation of Worlds from Megan Rose, before she was compromised. How rich has my world of galactic associations become 🙂

(10, february 2022) Science has discovered a third planet that orbits Proxima Centauri. On a Dutch site this development was discussed and I decided to add a comment below that article referring it to one of the articles on the Meton, coming from planets around Proxima Centauri.

(9, february 2022) For the first time an article from this website was put on a foreign website. A Finnish site decided to translate the article ‘Is this Real or Not’ on their exopolitical website. Since they included everything, including the links at the bottom of the article, some Finnish audience came to this theater here.

An ummite according to Craig Campobasso (p.140)

(8, february 2022) An Australian woman introduced me to Craig Campobasso. Just like Elena Danaan he had made an Extraterrestrial Species Almanac. I was curious about this book from 2021 so I ordered it, mainly because I wanted to compare them. I have a lot of trust in the work of Danaan, but perhaps Campobasso had some interesting perspectives as well, I thought. Well….what shall I say?

The first species that I compared are the Ummit (see Meet the Ummit). Elena described them as ones have high foreheads and relatively little hair. And guess how Campobasso imagined the Ummites? See the picture her on the left 🙂 This is completely different than Elena’s Ummit (and fortunately there was more collaboration on the high-forehead look of the Ummites).

(7, january 2022) While reading Beyond the Light Barrier from Elizabeth Klarer I was reminded of the interview with Lucerta the 28-year old Reptilian woman whose race would have naturally evolved on our planet. In that interview she gets very technical about plasma and matters. I simply had to admit that I didn’t understand it at all. This feeling recurred when Akon started to explain how his spaceship works somewhere at page 33 of the book. There is a lot we need to learn I guess.

(6, january 2022) Search engines are of course an obvious way to get people to visit a website. I did notice something weird as far as the search engines are involved that lead traffic to my website. Take a look at the figures from the first two weeks of 2022. Isn’t it funny that the world’s most popular search engine, Google, hardly directs any traffic to this website, whereas duckduckgo is the main provider. Today I was visiting a site called ‘Exopaedia‘ and he had discovered something alike, with the difference that he knew how it was before. He concluded that you should not use google to search for exopolitical or ufological information. His guess is that the whole topic was branded ‘conspiracy’ and ‘pseudo science’).

(5, january 2022) On January 7, 2022 Elena posted a video by Thor Han on the arks that were activated. I felt the inclination to immediately write a story on it on this site, but I decided against it, since Dr. Michael Salla would probably write some backgrounds on this video with some other details. In no way would I want to compete with him in being the first to write anything on this new information. I prefer to wait and refer back to Michael’s articles and videos. There are many other things to write about since the amount of information presented really is astounding.

(4, january 2022) In the article on the Meton and their 2000 year life span I encountered something that I would rather have ignored, but that would clash with my critical mind. Although I would like to accept the validity of everything that is written in the books, I cannot ignore some minor things. While reading about Proxima Centauri I read on p.124 of ‘A Gift from the Stars’ that this star would be of about the same size as our Sun. When I looked at the wikipedia page however I read that Proxima’s diameter is about 14% of the Sun’s diameter, which is significantly smaller. The possibility remains that we – Terrans – have not measured it correctly, but that doesn’t seem likely I would say. Perhaps it was a mix-up with the other stars in the system which appear to have about the same size as our lovely sun. On p. 118 the correct information on the size of Proxima Centauri is given (1/7th of the size of our sun). So it must be some typo on p.124.
(Update January 18, 2022: While reading the book ‘Beyond the Light Barrier’ I read the same information that Thor Han gave. On page 42 it reads: “Our home planet is well within this stupendous radiating ecosphere, which is further augmented by a third star similar to the Sun.“. I’m not absolutely sure this refers to Proxima Centauri however).

(3, january 2022) Search item: intergalaxical fedration 1 1 2022 – The person who was looking for this can be redirected to the page I wrote on the first of january: The Intergalactic Confederation. I tried a translate-widget besides the articles, but I didn’t really like it. The articles turned too small. So, I guess anyone who wants to read the English articles on this site need to copy and paste them in google translate.

“Positive aliens NEVER present themselves as “masters”. On the contrary, they want us to stop kneeling, and to consider ourselves as equals with them. This “Ashtar Sheeran” does not exist, it is a manipulation. Wake up, damnit!”

(2, december 2021) Ashtar 2021 – This search item was entered by a reader. It reminded me of a comment by Elena on her facebook page on Ashtar Sheeran. She was pretty clear: there is no such person as Ashtar Sheeran. Here’s a translation of her post from december 30, 2021:

(1) There is a lot of information in the videos of the contactees Elena Danaan and Megan Rose. As is the case with videos they can often be quite long and since there is no ‘search-button’ available it can prove to be quite a task to retrieve certain ideas, statements, thoughts etc. Although I would like to be extremely precise and refer to the exact location where I found certain ideas (video 7, 1h5m10s), I cannot always do that, simply because it takes too much time to search through all these videos. So, sometimes you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t know exactly where I got a certain idea from. This raises the possibility that I could falsely represent certain ideas, because I work from memory in those cases. I can only tell you that I try to work as honestly and pure as I can, but you have to forgive me if certain details are different. Please let me know if you come across any of these issues, so I can correct them.