End Notes

This page is like the back of a book, where all the endnotes can be found. In various articles I refer to this page. It contains some more background information, often more personal thoughts on certain matters. It’s also a place that I use as a notebook. Use CTRL+F to find the endnote you are looking for.

Tyler, Aaron and Robert (from video)

(213, may 2023) After the Journey of Truth Conference (may 2023) Robert Earl White speaks his mind in a long video (almost 2,5 hours) on the way he was canceled by the Elena Danaan team. Very strong words against many of them, even Dr. Salla and Alex Collier are on the receiving end. A lot can be said about this since it ties in with much of the criticism that we have expressed in this study group, regarding the cancel culture, the cult like characteristics etc.

I have always made a distinction between the information aspect and the human personality/group dynamics aspect. Robert Earl White Jr. seems to throw everything away. I don’t think that is a useful approach. The danger however with this kind of rude Love Crew behavior is exactly that… That people might attack the Intel too because they can’t make that distinction, which is understandable. I just hope that videos like this will serve as a wake up call for Elena Danaan. She should end all the secrecy, disband the love crew cult and return to her primary work… Spread information without all that money, conference, webinar cancel BS

I have done an extended analysis on this video in the Elena Danaan Study Group (https://t.me/galactic_elena_danaan_reaearch/2777)

(212, may 2023) Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the disclosure community would consist of nothing but enlightened people, working together in unity to delve into all the available information on our connections with extraterrestrial civilizations, and consequently spread the information to everyone who wants to hear about it? Unfortunately this is not the case. I’m not enlightened, and many other people aren’t either. We are currently faced with a situation in which a limited number of people claim to have (had) contact with all kinds of ET-civilizations and many of us are completely dependent on their information. This activates all kinds of unhealthy group-dynamics, in which certain contactees are treated as a kind of saints, whose information may not be questioned in any way.

One of the latest developments is that members of the Elena Danaan Study Group run the risk of beings branded as ‘enemies’ of the disclosure movement run by Elena Danaan, just because they think and ask logical questions. People get banned from all kinds of telegram groups because of that, and always without any explanation whatsoever. This month the ED- ‘Love Crew’ has gone as far as to block certain people from even seeing the telegramposts of Elena Danaan. This means that although this channel is a public channel with some 17800 subscribers, certain people are not allowed to see it!

But Elena’s posts were forwarded into all kinds of groups, which made it possible for the ‘banned (or canceled) ones’ to still see the posts anyway. But the Love Crew dealt with this problem as well, by prohibiting anyone from sharing the posts! So now, no one can forward her posts anymore, strongly limiting the amount of people reading her posts. Of course this doesn’t stop the banned one from seeing her posts by using some tricks. We post her posts in a separate topic in the Elena Danaan Study Group

The reason for writing all this down at this moment is that I just saw that a number of people click on links on this website that guide them to exactly that telegram channel of Elena Danaan. How sweet the irony: whereas Elena Danaan and her Love Crew block people associated with me from seeing her telegram channel, I send new people to her channel who get introduced to her work through this website.

Well, I don’t blame Elena. Everyone is going through their own processes, and Elena is no exception. The intel is what is most important and not all these silly group dynamics. I prefer to focus on the intel, but it is unavoidable to pay some attention to all these funny dynamics too, since it affects the spreading of the disclosure information (also see See the Webinars for all the details)

(211, may 2023) While working on a feline page, i couldn’t ignore Elena’s page on the Laan people and guess what I found?

“Laani discovered Terra about a million (T) years ago and settled a colony there, starting genetic experiments on the indigenous hominids.” Then there is some talk about the Terran wars with the Ciakahrr.

So, here we have an example of hominids that were apparently already present on Earth. Were they the ‘black heads’ as described by Enki? And the Laan did genetic experiments with them, which must have led to some new hybrid species, and all this happened long before the arrival of the Anunnaki. This element is not mentioned at all in Enki’s account of our history. In fact, the Laan are not even mentioned as one of the galactic races that contributed to our present genomes. What is this all about?

See for the list of our seeder races: https://galacticanthropology.org/2022/09/28/our-intergalactic-and-galactic-genomes/ See for the Laan (and Paschats): https://galacticanthropology.org/2022/05/12/two-or-three-lion-like-species-from-the-stars-the-laan-the-paschats-and-yet-another/ The last article uses a book that was written by Lauri Fransen who is also a member of this study group.

(210, may 2023) In Elena Danaan’s 24th contact video (video, article) from May 1, 2023 she describes a meeting that took place within the moon Ariel that orbits planet Uranus. We can read the following surrounding that location and that meeting:

“The creature measured about 20 Ft high and we could hear others coming behind it, barely guessing their shapes in the Negumak environmental mist. The frightening metallic sound of their sharp claw-ended feet hitting the mineral ground was echoing dramatically in the cave. They looked like giant spiders, with long tentacles coming from their back and browsing the space around them. They had a massive head with an exoskeleton shell covering their skin, and a dragon-like crest waving in their neck. I understood in that moment why the Ciakahrr themselves were terrified by them! Any life form in this universe should be! These guys were perfect, invincible creatures! I understood the bi-location precaution measures. I heard Thor Han’s voice again:

-They wanted us physically present, they don’t do holographic meetings.

-Where are we?

-Inside of a moon of the seventh planet, An, that Terrans name Uranus.

-What moon?

-Terrans name it Ariel. Chosen for its carbon dioxide atmosphere.

The reason for making an endnote out of this, is that I saw a recent scientific article (from May 8, 2023) that mentioned this particular moon of Uranus as being a moon that would have oceans inside of it (see image above). This would make it more likely that there indeed also might be underground worlds that are inhabitable.

An interesting other element that Elena mentioned was that the T-Ashkeru (originally from Sirius B) have a colony on that moon. To learn more about the T-Ashkeru planet Nyan see the bottom half of this article: A Food Replicator with Species Scan Functionality

(209, april 2023) Visitors to this website come from various sources: many are subscribed to updates through wordpress, others enter through the telegram channel or from facebook. Quite a number of visitors arrive here due to search engines with duckduckgo and google being the most popular. Some come from other websites (like Bibliotecaleyades) It hardly happens that people are directed to this website through twitter though.

On March 16, 2023 I noticed one from Magicman17, connected to the Q-movement (see On Q, the Anunnaki and Disclosure) who made a link to the article on the Earth Alliance. If disclosure articles would go trending on Twitter, that would sure be a good thing 🙂

This tweet was far from trending though 🙂

(208, april 2023) Current state of affairs: I want to reflect a bit about the current situation in regard to the disclosure intel from Elena Danaan. Before the webinars were introduced a new youtube video would be presented a couple of times a week. I would watch those videos and base new articles on them, assisting in spreading the disclosure information. This worked quite well until a pay-wall was erected for new intel. Some intel managed to still get into some free youtube videos, but an unknown amount of information was only available for those willing to pay for it.

This led to the remarkable situation in which I was confronted with the fact that I was no longer able to remain up to date, let alone share the most recent updates with the general public. Even if I would have had the ability to watch the webinars it would be considered ‘disclosure-theft’ if I would have shared the information with the bigger public, in the way that I have worked for quite a while now, with the inclusion of certain short video fragments.

I think this is a sad situation, since my opinion is that this information needs to shared with as many people as possible. Many people within the disclosure community even support this new hidden paywall approach and use arguments that Elena Danaan needs to make a living, or that she can now talk freely in the crowdcast-webinar format, without the youtube censorship, thereby supporting the exclusion of all those people who for whatever reason don’t want to pay for the intel.

I think that Elena Danaan is now making far more money than is necessary to do her job as an emissary for everybody. She is turning more and more into an emissary for those who can understand spoken English and who are willing to pay for the intel.

My biggest argument, namely the deal that Elena Danaan made with High Commander Ardaana about the free flow of information is comfortably ignored, or brushed aside by the argument that Elena does share all the intel in free youtube videos, which obviously is not the case. She did make a ‘webinar 2’- summary update video, but no such video was made for webinar 3 or 4.

This new mode of excluding everyone who doesn’t pay, makes my work harder, since I can no longer distribute the information to all those interested in it. One of my key objectives was to attract new people to this wonderful information through search engines and by translating the information in other languages, and by linking extensively the new info with older posts.

The webinar gate prevents people who are not able to understand spoken English to get access to the information, for there no longer is a written text available, which can be automatically translated. The non-English speaking people from Brazil, for instance, are now often left in the cold when it comes to new intel.

I think we have entered a rather sad phase, in which the information, and the new Q&A’s are now mostly hidden for the general public, with the support of many within the disclosure community. I think this creates a cult-like environment excluding a large number of (potentially) interested people. I will try to present ‘new’ information that is still stored in older videos, to keep some flow going for the general public, for there is a lot that isn’t covered on this website, hoping that this situation will soon change for the better again, with a focus on reaching out to as many people as possible instead of this current approach that creates a division within the community between the ones who know it all, and those who no longer know what the others know.

While watching an older video of Elena, before the advent of Dani and the lovecrew cult, Elena showed a drawing of two Akhori from a planet orbiting Altair. They are part of the so-called Corporate of Altair and they use a particular symbol. Below is a snapshot from that video (QA Live – Nov 17 2020- Nordic aliens: who are they?)

Someone in the chat (michelle, 41′) noticed a similarity between this logo of the (malevolent) Corporate of Altair and the symbol Steven Greer is wearing. This propably is just a coincidence, wouldn’t it?

(206, April 2023) Dani Henderson made a video in which she summed up all the enemies of the GSI’s (DANGERS OF GOSSIP, LIARS, DISINFO AGENTS, AI ASSETS, MENTALLY ILL, PEREZ, ROSE, SASSO, SWEARGENANGEL). Towards the end she also said that everyone who claims to be in contact with Arcturians are in fact in contact with Grays. Quite an interesting statement. Perhaps it’s true, perhaps not. I would like to see some arguments for such a strong statement though. How can she be so sure? I prefer to trust my own discernment, and aren’t the Grays supposed to be gone from our solar system? I don’t feel like canceling Viviane Chauvet because Dani says so. Related articles: The Music in an Arcturian Ship and Releasing the Fear to Engage with the ‘wrong’ ET’s or Contactees

In the 21th contact video Elena beautifully describes how she paid a visit to planet Nyan that orbits Sirius B, to visit Myrah and her family. Due to a question posed in the Elena Study Center I got to the page on Sirius C in her groundbreaking book, A Gift from the Stars. That star that carries the name ‘Emerya’ (just as Lauri Fransen discovered, this star has the same name as the Altean homeworld. What would be the connection between them?) and the Nommo live in an aquatic planet called Xylanthia that orbits that star (p.110). When I read the desciption on them I discovered that the Nommo used to be indiginous to Nyan, before they were chased out by the Orion Alliance. Xylanthia “is an amazing and surprising world, intensely showered by the light of three stars and mainly covered by ocean. It is a rich aquatic world.” (p.110)

The Nommos have appeared in another articles before: Let’s Talk about Hermaphrodite Species from Outer Space

(204, March 2023) Here’s a relevant post I wrote on my facebook page relating to the way Elena Danaan has started to sit on her intel, more and more:

” Thanks S., I have just decided to just move on. If Elena Danaan decides to break her ‘free intel for everyone’- contract with the GFW and sit on her intel, her Q&A’s and sell it to the ones who are willing to pay for it, then so be it. I think it will have consequences for her, but I have done my job in warning her for it, and for the dangers of her over-protective and over-adoring ‘Galactic love-crew police force Chicks’.

I prefer to tune into other people who have a better vibe at the moment, and have valuable information to share as well. I just hope Elena will get back to her senses soon, before it all falls apart. When you have a vibration as high as she has, any distortion could have strong effects, I’m afraid. And I think her new facebook-profile picture, which is the same as her fourth webinar picture, looks rather scary and freaky, but that’s just my humble opinion.

I love her intel, but I don’t like the way things are developing right now. I don’t like her false accusations directed at my diligent and respectful work for her impressive information for the last 18 months. Work that I have done with the best of intentions.

I don’t deserve to be treated like this just because I remind her of her ‘free-for-everybody’-contract with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. The way the ‘love crew’ just followed her orders and actively demonized me in every possible way, is just very distasteful and not worthy of people who claim to be open to dialogue and work for the advancement of a new peaceful world. I will continue my work in spreading disclosure in a respectful way with information that people want the world to know.

With love, Joost”

(203, March 2023) Denethor and the Pentagon – I was browsing a live by Demis Viana from March 14, 2023, when I noticed something that I hadn’t thought about at all, namely the striking similarity between that famous picture of ‘Thor Han’ (which is not Thor Han), and the excellent drawing of Denethor. This picture was made during a briefing in 1958 near the Pentagon.

The chances that this man below in the red circle is indeed Denethor gets a lot more likely when you read the following part from ‘We Will Never Let You Down’ from Elena Danaan:

“Elena: Did you work with the Pentagon, I asked, in the ninteen fifties?
Denethor: ….Yes, indeed young lady, I spent some time there to set up the projects commander Val had initated on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. I had a team with me, we stayed in the Pentagon during a few years that followers Eisenhower’s presidency. We remained in a deeply compartmentalized secrecy but we were effective in the work we came to accomplish, in covert cooperation with the military.” (p.200)

(202, March 2023) In the early days of internet there were a few popular ‘spiritual’ websites, like spiritweb. I guess most of them have not stood the test of time, but one that has, is the website called ‘Bibliothecapleyades.net‘. I’m always to see when certain Galactic Anthropology articles are also published on this iconic website.

(201, March 2023) Here’s Elena’s response after my article in which I raised some questions about the free flow of information and how that matches the concept of webinars with a paywall. She obviously didn’t like that and she more or less threw me under the bus because I was unwilling to remove that opinion article.

I have rephrased that article to state things a bit more mild, but I think her reaction is slightly over the top. I might get back to certain other elements at some time in the future, but then again, I might not.

Truth be told, after she asked (or ordered?) me to remove that article I sent her a long email in which I also mentioned topics like I describe in endnote 200, having to do with censorship, moderators and the way that questions are often seen as attacks, whereas I believe that her paradigm must be strong enough to answer any question anyone with a positive mindset might ask. I would call that a scientific approach.

Well, anyway, I intend to continue with my work, for I think the information (and the analysis and the interlinking with related topics) is important in the disclosure movement. I don’t think we can reach many other people if we forbid them to ask any serious questions. Instead we should ask these questions in the early stages in order to be able to stand our ground, when the millions are triggered 🙂

And just to let you know: I still love Elena. She probably has a lot on her mind, battling with all those attackers. Would her zodiac sign be…lion? 🙂

(200, February 2023), After Elena’s first webinar at the end of January I was removed from two groups that are moderated by a woman who is called Disco Tina (interview with Disco Tina), without any reason or explanation. I consider that a rather unrespectful, unpolite and rude way to deal with people. Our personal chat was also instantly removed. This is not the loving and kind mode I would have expected from people in a group so close to Elena Danaan. I think it casts a dark shadow on her. I’m sure Elena Danaan is not responsible for this unfriendly ‘policy’.

I can understand that due to negative attacks on Elena one might be inclined to remove people, but we must be careful not to create an atmosphere of compliance, obedience, censorship and fear of being expelled out of groups because you want to raise a question. That would make us just like those government agencies and those facebook fact checkers.

Only a few days before this expulsion occurred I had written a piece that might just shed some light on the dynamics at hand in those telegram groups. See Psychological Factors Surrounding the Study of Elena Danaan’s Work, Perhaps also read To Rise above the Chatter and the Drama. During the webinar I made two point which I also mention in the first footnote and in the first paragraph of And the Light Went Out for the Nebu It leaves a bad taste is my mouth.

…A few days later I woke up with the feeling of sympathy for the moderators. I guess these people are so overprotective out of their love for Elena and her work, making them blind for their own rudeness. If they felt safe they could open dialogue with people with people or at the very least ‘warn’ the people involved, or tell them that it is unacceptable to express anything that might question anything that Elena says. I’m sure that everything that Elena Danaan writes and talks about has such a high level of truth that there is no reason for such a fear-based moderation policy.

A few days into February I discovered that my thoughts not were no longer welcome at Dr. Salla’s Exopolitics Today telegram group either. I guess Disco Tina’s moderator’s anger towards me led her to ban be there as well. I still don’t know why. I’m sure Dr. Salla wouldn’t mind if someone dares to ask constructive questions: that is the scientific way.

(199, January 2023) Elena Danaan on Telegram, january 19, 2023 : “When for my birthday last year Thor Han took me “to the moons” of this star system, we passed by Titan. On its dark side, I saw technosignatures of dense urbanised zones glittering in the night. Now, James Webb Space Telescope acquired this view of Saturn’s largest moon Titan and the atmospheric haze around it. Enjoy.”

(198, january 2023) I have been busy with the rapid development of the Brazilian website which now features almost half of al lthe articles that can be found on this English website. The Brazilian site has even ‘beaten’ the English site on two days as far as the number of visitors is concerned. I regularly add posts to the other language sites and we get a few French and a few Spanish speaking people now. On January 14 I launched two new sites in Turkish and Indonesian.

Elena Danaan has launched an offensive in Japan, with her second book being translated. You can watch a trailer on the book HERE. She even did a long (more than 2 hours) interview with a Japanese woman which you can see HERE

Perhaps this new Japanese impulse will also result in more people visiting either the English or the Japanese Galactic Anthropology site. Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to spread these words of disclosure all around the world?

If you want to contribute in assisting in any of the 14 languages, please contact me,

Illustration of Thao (source)

(197, december 2022) I am really enjoying the book Thiaoouba by Michel Desmarquet. Here’s a funny description of the sense of joy that the people on that planet enjoyed. It reminded me of what Alex Collier had said about the Andromedans and it matches what Elena Danaan has told us about many of the species that she has met during her space adventures:

Their faces wore expressions of sincere joy and goodness and I was deeply
touched by the warmth of their reception. It was as if they considered me one of
them. Thao explained that their principal question was: why is he so sad – is he ill?
‘I am not sad!’ I protested.

‘I know, but they are not accustomed to the facial expressions of the people of
Earth. Faces here, as you can see, reflect a perpetual happiness.’

It was true. They looked as though every second, they received excellent news.”

(196, december 2022) A fragment from the book ‘Thiaoouba’from Michel Desmarquet (also see On the other side of the Bermuda Triangle):

‘These people are, in a way, the descendants of certain ancestors of people existing still on your planet. In fact, a group of their ancestors peopled a continent on the planet Earth about 250 000 of your Earth years ago. Here, they possessed a civilisation which was very advanced but, having raised enormous political barriers between themselves, they finally destroyed themselves, 150 years ago, with the atom.’
‘Do you mean – a total nuclear war?’
‘Yes, brought about by chain reaction. We come, from time to time, to take samples in order to study the degree of radiation still existing in various regions. Sometimes too, just as a few moments ago, we help them.’

“…These humans looked like me – or rather, like Polynesians – and here were dogs and pigs. It was all more and more surprising…” (p.27)

I took a look at the chronology of Enki’s account of our history and found something that happened 250,830 BC. Would this have anything to do with these people that were living on a planet that is called Arémo X3?

Here’s an expert from the Seeders: “250,830 BC – Territorial wars rage on Terra for the ownership of the planet. Eridu falls. The Anunnaki colony loses the global custody of Terra and their kinship moves to Bad-Tibiru, where new kind EN-Men-La-Ana rules the colony there for 43,200 years.” (The Seeders, p.497)

(195, December 2022) To celebrate the release of the Japanese translation of Elena Danaan’s ‘We will Never Let you Down‘ I started a Japanese version of Galactic Anthropology. You can find it 銀河人類学. For other languages take a look at Other Languages. If you would like to assist in anyway please let me know. Let’s spread the word 🙂

(194, december 2022) I was preparing an article on the Altea and was looking for the information from Steward Swerdlow, who you might remember from his interview with Dr. Salla in april 2022 (see related links at Examples of Technology Transfer Deceit by Certain Alien Groups). This brought me to a few chapters of his book ‘Blue Blood, True Blood’ from 2002 which I found at both the Bibliotecaspleyades and at a site of InscribedOnTheBeleivingMind. I was then distracted by the transcription of a very long interview with Al Bielek, and in part 10 of the interview Al Bielek mentioned Dr. Merkl, an Hungarian-born nuclear phycisist and molecular biologist who had information on colonies on Mars.

From that page I found a link to more information on this remarkable man, Dr. George Merkl. On a page by the Life Enthusiast I encountered information on his discovery of what he called ‘SUMERIAN WATER ELIXER’. Imgine that! This is reminiscent of the ‘Tree that gives Life’ in the underground world below Florida (see  Sleeping Giants, Return of Enki & Saturn Moon Crash: Roundtable Discussion)

Sumerian Connection

The Sumerians were scientists and laymen. They had discovered the underlying physics of our universe 7000 years ago and beyond. Many Sumerian seals, pictograms, and artifacts discovered were given on loan to Dr. Merkl by museums, once the museums realized what he had discovered. He managed to decipher the language of these Sumerian artifacts for many private collectors. He mentioned often that the injectable Sumerian Water Elixir expanded his own consciousness into light and allowed him to decipher these ancient artifacts that were being sent to him for decipher.

The technology of the Sumerian race was recorded in such a way that anyone with a certain level of understanding could comprehend it. It took someone with insight and a knowledge of alternative processes and lab methods to solve this dilemma an open up a timeless portal maintained by our progenitors the Anunnaki.

Through his Sumerian research, Dr. Merkl discovered the Orgone Life Wave function. He learned the process and how to generate it. He knew how to re-insert the life energy wave into organic matter. But he didn’t stop there. He went on to discover, beyond the Sumerian Seals, that life and energy are not so separate entities as one may think.
(taken from: Dr. George Merkl – Life Crystals)

(193, december 2022) I noticed a visitor coming to my website from youtube and I was able to find the youtube channel which was responsible for this.

It seems that a Brazilian man called Demis Viana is actively working with the Elena Danaan material, which is of course a good sign, and it seems he is working constructively with it. His channel is called @demis52 and his channel has got 107 thousand subscribers, almost as much as Elena’s channel. He has got a telegram channel with nearly 9,500 thousand subscribers. You can go to this channel via this invite link:

(192, december 2022) I have started to more actively work on the various websites in different languages. Thanks to L., a Brazilian woman, I was motivated to start a website for the Brazilian (and Portugese) people. You can find this site at Brasileiros Galáctico. On my Telegramchannel I have started to post the new articles in both English and Portugese and I’m glad to see that the posts on Telegram are actively shared, even above the 1700 impressions!

Perhaps it is a bit megalomaniacal, but I have added automatically translated pages to the Russian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arab, Hindi and Hungerian sites. And there is someone in Japan who translates certain pages into Japanese (sinntyounobiruyo). Unfortunately all the non-English sites are free sites, which means that they contain ads. To be sure, I’m not earning anything from these ads. If you do want to show you appreciation for this project, you can donate at the donation page.

On 20 december I invited people who can speak one of the languages in this project to assist me in correcting the biggest errors in translation. See the screenshot. If you can assist, please contact me.

(191, December 2022) On December 14, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla responded to a deposition by Corey Goode on Telegram. What follows are his words. I entered this arena with the arrival of Elena Danaan and I never paid much attention to Corey Goode. I did mention him a couple of times though. He worked under the name of Sphere Being Alliance. He claimed that Elena, Michael and Alex asked him to join them in providing a more positive narrative, which he would have declined (see No Council of Nine).

He talked about the Micca at the page on the Ramay and I mentioned his name on the page that dealt with the Possible Shooting Down of Star Link Satellites. For me personally, the craziest thing was when someone who impersonated Dr. Michael Salla fooled me for a while through whatsapp and at a certain stage he suggested some financial transaction and then there was this ‘Sphere Being Alliance’ again (my comments in green)

Here are Dr. Michael Salla’s thoughts on the matter: “I watched Corey Goode’s deposition in his ongoing lawsuit which is now available on a number of online locations.

He is now claiming that many terms he introduced in his SSP testimony since late 2014, “Dark Fleet”, “Anshar”, “20 and back”, “Lunar Operations Command”, “Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate”, etc., were his own inspired creations, hence his intellectual property, rather than based on actual physical events and institutions he experienced.

He may feel compelled by legal reasons to backtrack from his earlier testimony, but all who interviewed CG know that he always claimed the majority of these were real physical events rather than astral journiess, inspired creations, channeling, etc., as he claimed in his testimony. He never once said to me since we began collaborating in April 2015 that the majority of these claims were anything other than real physical events that could be objectively confirmed by investigation.

In fact, he encouraged me to do so. Regardless of where one stands on the controversy generated by CG’s latest position on his testimony and intellectual property claims, it is important to point out that many of CG’s SSP claims were preceded by Randy Cramer (early 2014) and Michael Relfe (2000) who earlier discussed “20 and back” programs, “Lunar Operations Command”, corporate operations on Mars, supersoldiers, etc. https://www.bitchute.com/video/xuos5W208xy5/

(190, December 2022) After stepping over the 100,000 page views threshold I started a Brazilian variant, since I notice that there are quite a few visitors from Brazil. If you like you can go to Brasileiros Galacticos

An almost angelic image (from The Collapse of the Dominion)

(189, December 2022) Sometimes I am a bit afraid that Elena Danaan is not able to withstand the challenges that are part of her job as a kind of emissary between the Galactic Federation of Worlds/Intergalactic Council/Ea and our planet. I’m not so much afraid of her ability to deal with the negative attacks on her, but sometimes I wonder if she is able to remain humble and not let her ego get the better of her.

I have had this doubt before when she changed her telegram picture into the Earth emissary from the SF-series The Expanse (see endnote 68). This time it was triggered by a number of things, first it was the video in which she talked about the defeat of the Grays and the malevolent Ashthar Collective (see The Ashtar Galactic Command and the Ashtar Collective and The Collapse of the Dominion).

On her telegramaccount she posted a number of images that made me scratch my head a little, like the ones below:

Some Telegram images posted by Elena Danaan

I guess some are inclined to interpret images like this as being from someone who is developing a big ego, but I was immediately reassured when I saw her again in another video in which she again is the woman whom I have grown to respect a lot: strong, friendly, humble, optimistic, attractive and intelligent with fascinating experiences.

Screenshot from an Elena I like best 🙂 (Messages from Niburu, Dec 4, 2022 )

Talking about ‘Ego’…It was good to see that this website has somehow managed to enter the well-known Bibliothecapleyades.net on the same page as an article from Dr. Michael Salla on Super Soldiers 🙂

(188, December 2022) On december 4, 2022 Elena published an interesting video (Messages from Nibiru). I used two excerpts from this video on two separate pages: I added one on the page on Enki’s Template Genetic Grail (added the karmic element) and one about technology and neuralinks on Some New Human Abilities to look forward to.

(187, December 2022) I liked a comment that I encountered in a telegramgroup in which the work of Ashayana Deane was attacked. Here’s someone defending her and I would like to support her:

“I followed Ashayana Deane for a while and read a few books (most are online PDFs) written by her, and I resonate with most of what she said. She and Sir Alex Collier are the Star seeds who woke me up first from this coma plant. Many of her teachings are very profound so not many people able to understand her teachings, like myself. The Universes are way beyond Earth human’s comprehension.

She spent almost all her life learning the universes and Earth’s knowledges (after when she was a child and kidnapped by the greys, then rescued by the benevolent ETs). So you may say that her teaching is abit out of this world per se. Also I need to remind you that her material is 30 years old so some timelines have been changed. I am sure that Sir Alex Collier would understand this. She has many incredible comprehensive knowledge of history on Earth and also the universes videos on YouTube channel Voyagers, and some on Project Camelot website too.

Many things she said have scientific and mathematical resonance to back her up as well. Also some people criticised her for changing her name. Well this happens when you prefer to use other name such as your previous life that reasons with you more, or to change to a name you prefer at later life etc, instead of continuing in using the name originally picked by your parents (this kind of name change happens often in the Far East); or you prefer to use different names such as pseudonym names for religious beliefs, or to reside in a foreign country for locality purpose, or when writing a book etc.; or if you are a female, you change your surname to your husband’s after marriage etc. Some of these name changes are also my personal experience as well, and this was indeed what happened to her too.

She got divorced from her first husband and was attacked by many people then, also people who helped run her company also betrayed her etc. She then married a British ‘reverend’ Michael Deane which was why she changed to her 2nd husband’s surname etc. She had gone through a lot, just like most truth Speakers in the old days or even now. Remember how David Icke or Sir Alex were suppressed, attacked back then. Or how was Jesus attacked and crucified? Well, Human thinking and behaviour have not changed much since then.

Some people criticise her for this kind of little nonsenses do not help themselves. (And please do not compare her with that little DS rat Ismael-u-know-who). People who criticise for this little things are missing the whole forest for a few little trees. As Alex said many times, no one knows or can predict anything or everything (as timelines are changing according to the collective human consciousness that is changing all the time). We are just trying to put the puzzles together. I am not defending Deane. I just think that people need to read or study more in-depth information before have their criticism on others on social media. Thank you for listening. Peace.”

While searching for an image of Ashayana I noticed a new youtubechannel called ‘The Emerald Covenant‘ that only started in december 2022.

(186, December 2022). I mentioned Ileana the Star Traveler in endnote 180. I don’t really like her message, nor do I like her voice. But I am intrigued by the material by Ashayana Deane, although there is a lot in it that I either find too complicated or that I don’t resonate with. Ileana is very sceptical about Dr. Michael Salla, Elena Danaan and Alex Collier, who she calls the ‘Three Amigos’. Normally I would simply ignore her, but because of a certain ‘analysis’ of a certain passage in Voyagers II, I’m inclined to analyze her analysis. But this is not an easy job, and I tend to postpone it. The video I am talking about can be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCwpfFlazig. I hope to get into that some day.

(185, November 2022) I couldn’t resist the temptation to add this picture here from the Russian skies on November 28, 2022:

(184, November 2022) After the video interview between Elena Danaan, Dani Henderson and Chris O’Connor on November 25, 2022 I added an fragment in which Elena Danaan expands on the Saturn Transmission Moon that relayed their dark link to the Moon to finally create a mind-numbing web around Planet. Luckily this creepy technology was destroyed about a year ago. This fragment can be viewed at the relevant page, namely The Movie-projector is turned off – Are we going to Continue to Play the same Movie or not?

(183, November 2022) Occasionaly I receive emails from people who think I’m someone else. I have had people who thought that I’m Chris O’Connor or Jean-Chales Moyen. The most popular mistake however is that people think I’m Ismael Perez. I always return these mails with a reference to his wild claim that Elena Danaan was murdered and turned into some kind of AI-droid. Apparently my site pops up rather high when you search for his name. Here’s a part of one of those emails that was sent after I had sent my initial ‘standard’ response:

“All I can tell you is that something on the Web in your name led to this email for him.  I Respect your position or feelings … those have become QUITE visible online … not a good sign for any of you!”

See more at: Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Ismael Perez

(182, Novermber 2022) A visitor of the website contacted me and provided a debriefing video that shows how the astronauts that returned from their mission to Serpo were debriefed. See the bottom of the article on Genetic Experiments and Cloning on Planet Serpo by the Peaceful Eben. I also added a short video from the interview with Rebecca Rose on the page Is this Real or Not? in which she open-heartedly says that is normal to think that all this talk about clones, SSP and cyborgs is insane.

Most popular countries visiting Galactic Anthropology in november 2022

(181, November 2022) With joy I noticed that for a few weeks now a lot of people from Brazil are paying a visit to this website. They have become the country that is on the second place, after, of course, the United States. obrigado meus amigos!

But perhaps this is the reason for the sudden increase of visitors from Brazil:

(from Telegramgroup) — “Over the last two weeks, repeatedly, Brazilianmedia and localnetizens reported that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were sighted by civilian pilots & local civilians over the skies of the southern states of the country of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, leading to intercept attempts by Brazilian Air Force combat aircraft.

According to local newspapers, when civilian pilots spotted the luminous objects and reported this to the Control Towers at local airports, flight controllers reported that nothing appeared or showed up on radar, with pilots reporting that the lights did not appear also in the cameras of their cellphones on board of the planes nor on the transponder of the planes

Such incidents, which were initially reported by local pages, eventually became a topic of discussion on Brazilian social medias, amid the country’s radicalized and tense political climate, with many netizens joking about a “possible alien intervention” to “prevent a Civil War” in the largest country in South America.”

Ileana (image from her website)

(180, November 2022) Dr. Michael Salla and Ileana the Star Traveller – Below is a copy of a Telegrampost by Dr. Michael Salla on November 13, 2022. On Jenny Lee’s website I see a number of interviews that the participated in. I noticed our Ismael Perez in a video from July 25. See for more on him and his attack on Elena Danaan at Some Thoughts on the the Philosophy of Ismael Perez.

Here’s Dr. Michael alla’s post: “In her most recent video, Illeana the Star Traveller challenged me for proof regarding JP’s material about giants being found in different locations such as Florida. I posted a response and she has hidden it from her YouTube channel, which is very unethical and deceptive. Here’s my response so you can see how uninformed she is about military procedures and remote viewing:

Jenny Lee (from her website)

“First, if you are going to demand military documents then first thing you need to understand is that a DD214 is given after a separation from military service. JP is active military so your request makes no sense. I will not release any documents he has given me, e.g., ID, military certificates, photos and videos of him in uniform, etc., as that would identify him. He has shown some of these docs to Alex Collier, Elena Danaan and others to prove he is active military.

Second, you may be trained in remote viewing by Farsight and therefore understand the need for a blind protocol for remote viewing targets where the observer is only given alphanumeric characters and nothing else. What you and Jenny Lee do is called front loading as you know the targets you are remote viewing. You are being deceptive when claiming to have been trained in Farsight remote viewing but fail to mention that you don’t use their blind protocol in your remote viewing.

Finally, JP has been on military missions where he has physically seen giants in stasis chambers including one in Florida. If you and Jenny Lee have not been able to remote view any giants in Florida there that does not prove they are not there.” https://youtu.be/YgqNCzlUi1A

Follow up: on the evening of November 13, 2022, Ileana posted a video in which she reads out the above mail/comment and adds her thoughts to it (I Hide Nothing). I noticed an interview from July 2021 between Elena Danaan and Ileana

(179, November 2022) CHAOTIC TELEGRAMGROUPS – The explorations in this field of galactic anthropology are very intriguing in my opinion. The topics discussed are often far from the current paradigm in our society. It can therefore be quite a ‘lonely’ job since there are few people around you that you can share your enthusiasm with. Most people think it is just a bit too crazy. Luckily there is the internet which provides all kinds of ways to interact with people who are also traveling on the same path.

One of the ways is to join telegram groups. Although it is good to be part of a few groups, I also notice the enormous amounts of posts that deal with all kinds of topics by all kinds of people. Often these posts are dropped and liked by some, and that’s it. Somehow it seems that a coherent discussion or exchange of ideas is complicated in a group that houses a lot of people.

If I were to keep up with all these seemingly random posts that would take quite a lot of time, and on top of that it can have a fragmenting effect on my mind. That’s the main reason why I chose for a telegram channel that has no chat option. In order to combat the ‘chaos’ in these telgram groups I would recommend people to comment on articles on this site and stick to the topic of that article. This creates more structure. In my articles on this website I also try to embed new information with a lot of the older information. I think that is a good way to combat the chaos as well. Exchanging emails with people can also be constructive in fighting the telegram overdose, since it allows for a more personal and natural interaction.

But, the positive thing about telegram groups of course is that you can decide for yourself when you want to pay attention to them, and it can be a good way to meet likeminded people and to share ideas.

(178, November 2022) On the Fourth of November I noticed a sudden steep rise in the number of visitors to this website. It took me a while to realise that it was due to a link to the page on Tesla and the link with Neptune and Venus by Elena Danaan on her telegram-account. It’s always good to receive a sign of appreciation 🙂

(177, November 2022) ANUNNAKI WORSHIPPING Before I started to watch the 16th Contact-video by Elena Danaan I decided to see what Radu Cinamar had written on the Anunnaki. I have expressed my surprise at his extremely positive approach to them before. See the last paragraphs of A Third Account on the Destruction of Atlantis – The Radu Cinamar / Aleppos Variant and especially the quote in the in the middle of this article: The Anunnaki and the Sirius Connection – Danaan & Cinamar with wording like:

…The Anunnaki are considered to be true spiritual masters in the galaxy, and that is why, if they support us, this is implicitly a kind of ‘recommendation’ to other advanced extraterrestrial civilizations who will understand that this is important.” (Cinamar, R. Forgotten Genesis, p.267)

Enlil (source)

When I read “Due to the agreement given by the Anunnaki and the alliances formed by them, humanity has become a kind of ‘attraction point’ at this moment in the galaxy.” I wonder what kind of alliances they actually formed. Not with the Galactic Federation of Worlds and as far as I know not with the Andromedan Council either. The only alliance I can think of now is the one that the Enlil-faction would have formed with the Grays (see The Enlil Faction of the Anunnaki and the Saturn Agreement with the Orion Grays (Nebu))

And to round off the words op worship for the Anunnaki Cinamar writes at the end of a chapter on the Anunnaki: “The presence of spirituality and an implicit sense of a high morality are strongly felt, and that is why they are still known by many civilizations in the galaxy as ‘those who came from the Spirit’. Wherever they go, they emanate purity, the force of righteous action, and high knowledge in different forms. Metaphorically speaking, we can think of some highly evolved monks who are spiritually worthy, but at the same time, humble and wise. They do not attack, but if attacked, they defend with great efficiency and always defeat their adversary” (Forgotten Genesis, p. 267)

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the Enlil-lineage for example with their supposed collobaration with the Ciakahrr and of course their heinous practice of downgrading our genetics to the bare minimum I have some trouble accepting that ‘wherever they go, they emanate purity‘. This surely doesn’t hold for all the Anunnaki.

(176, October 2022) I was reading Paul Hellyer’s autobiography ‘Hope Restored’ (2018) and I finally reached the part in which he talks about the alien connection. I had presumed that he would have had some inside-information from the times when he was a minister of Defense in Canada, but that was not really the case. He did use this former function to get into contact with certain people from the government/military that confirmed the existence of all kinds of alien races.

One of the species he specifically mentions in his book are the Eben (not to be confused with the Gray Eban, see Nebu and endote 62). He was impressed by the book The Secret History of Extraterrestrials by Len Kasten (2010). In 2013 he wrote another book called ‘The Secret Journey to planet Serpo‘ . You can listen to this book at this youtube-playlist. This latest book deals with a group of humans who would have lived on planet Serpo in Zeta Reticuli for 13 years. Once I have listened to that book I will get back to this topic, I suppose.

The Eben are also listed in Elena Danaan’s A Gift from the Stars (2020). They are described as benevolent beings living on a planet called Selpo (Selpo/Serpo, what’s in a letter). Although they look like Greys, they would not actually belong to the Gray species. They don’t have any reptilians DNA, as most Gray races do (see p.265). They are 1,30m at the most.

Lisa Renee

(175, October 2022) After publishing the article on Enki’s account of the Fall of Atlantis, Lisa commented and suggested to read work by Lisa Renee, for she would work with the Guardian Alliance, just like Ashayana Deane used to. I checked her website but it doesn’t ‘resonate’ at this moment. Her concepts are too far away from the Elena Danaan/Alex Collier paradigm.

After this I decided to continue a bit with the webinars from Alex Collier and because I was unable to find the full fourth webinar, I watched a few questions from this 4th webinar and guess what….the second video I watched was about the Guardian Alliance! (Webinar 4, question 3). The question was whether he had ever heard of the Guardian Alliance and he said that he had never heard of such a group. Of course that doesn’t mean that such a group doesn’t exist, but for me that was enough of a ‘synchronicity’ hint, together with my impression of Lisa Renee’s website to leave it at that for now.

(174, October 2022) I’m reading a few pages in Brad Olson’s great book ‘Beyond Esoteric‘ (2021). On page 30 he talks about the number of races that would have hybridized with us. Please read along: “Indeed, we will quickly learn we live in a multiverse, and we as the human race ourselves, are a hybridized species. We will learn there are at least 40 different humanoid extraterrestrial groups that have tinkered around with our DNA – and for many thousands of years”.

Elena has distinguised 22 species that would have ‘tinkered’ with our DNA. See Our Galactic and Intergalactic Genomes. If you would really want you could expand those 22 to more, since Elena used categories of species, because they were alike, like the Ummit and the Meton (both the 20th species to interbreed with us, and the various groups of Grays (Eban, Xrog, Do-Hu, Solipsi Ray, Kiily Tokurt, see The Nebu)

(173, October 2022) Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection took place in Florida from October 21-23 with about 900 (!) attendees. Here’s a picture of the three main sources for this website.

(172, October 2022) Sometimes I get visitors to my site from unexpected corners of the world. During the upcoming ‘election’ of a new prime minister for the UK one of the candidates is Rishi Sunak. At talk.zerohedge.com there was someone who was so creative to see an anagram between his name and Sirius Ankh.

Although it sure is creative I was surprised to see that somehow Juche Tony read this page on The Ankh as a Powerful High Frequency Tool and concluded that the Ankh and Sirius were a bad thing. Alright, it was apparently misused by some in the past, but to me the Ankh is a wonderful symbol and there is nothing wrong with (at least certain parts of) Sirius. I still think of the Sirian (High) Council as a wise body.

(171, October 2022) On October 18, 2022 I reached a telegram-milestone: 100 people are following this website through my telegram channel. Hooray! Hooray!

(170, October 2022) During a meeting organized by Dani Henderson on October 3, 2022, Alex Collier got to ask a Saturn-related question to Chris O’Connor. I already had my suspicions about Chris’ testimony, but his answer added more to this doubt. Watch the video in the paragraph at the bottom of the article on the Saturn post: The Interstellar Post on Saturn, and make up your own mind. Why didn’t anyone ever say anything on an alleged UN-Secret Space Program on Saturn?

(169, October 2022) Practicing with the new Enki and the Seeders Paradigm. In a recent video-interview (October 8, 2022) Dr. Michael Salla asked Alex Collier a question on the Anunnaki and the Genomes and I think his answer needs some clarification. I referred to this end note from the article Genetic Engineering and Genetic Mixing through Sexual Intercourse

Dr. Michael Salla’s asked whether the Anunnaki were at the end of the modificiations of the human genome. As we can read in ‘The Seeders’ the Anunnaki were 14th in line (See Our Intergalactic and Galactic Genomes) followed by a number of humanoids who mixed their genes to our genepool.

Alex answers that the Anunnaki added their genome to humanity ‘in order to keep us from rebelling for we we very much like them‘. He describes how our third DNA-strand was turned off. If we look at this from the Seeders-perspective it needs to be clear that there were TWO modifications by the Anunnaki: first the one by Enki who somehow managed to activate much of the 10 off-galactic DNA, creating a kind of ‘super human being’, thereby adding his own genetic piece of the puzzle (see Trying to Understand Enki’s Genetic Template Grail). And the second modification is the one by Enlil and this is the modification that Alex seems to talking about.

After all this there were the other off-world people who added their genomes to our people. Alex might be right in the sense that if you make a distinction between ‘genetic engineering’ and ‘genetic mixing’, the Anunnaki might have been the last ones to actually engineer our race (although the grays are also part of the 22, and they probably engineered quite a lot as well).

(168, October 2022) It’s interesting to note that Alex Collier already mentioned the Katayy from Sirius A back in 1997. Of course Elena included them in her ‘A Gift from the Stars‘:

Val: What about the beings on Sirius A? Alex: There is a race of beings on Sirius A, the humans there, are called the Katayy. They are considered benevolent. There is also animal, mammal and aquatic life on the planet. Many of the human races there are red-skinned. Their ancestry is some of the first Lyraens that escaped with the women and children during the war. In their oceans they have whales, octopus and sharks. They are a race that is artistic. They have music and are connected to nature. They are builders and not very political. Their governments are based on “spiritual technology”, which uses sound and color. (Defending Sacred Ground, p. 129)

(167, October 2022) On the Grays, from Defending Sacred Ground: “Not only that, but with the new frequency coming in and third density beginning to implode on itself, the Greys are trying to save their race. According to Morenae, there are only 2000 real Greys left — all the rest are clones – organic robots. They do not carry a spiritual essence. Folks, we are talking about a technology thousands of years ahead of where we are now.” (p.8)

(166, October 2022) (A) Atlantis – “Land continents first supporting white race colonies were Mu and Poseidia. Atlantis sank 23,712 years ago. E.T.’s came fro mineral and natural resources, especially gold and borax.

21,000 years ago?


“(B) Lyrans grew into Sirian, Arcturian, Antarian, Pleaidian, Andromedan, Cignus Alphan, Alpha Centauri, Sagittarius A & B, Cassiopia, all human evolution. Based upon genetically human forms in higher realms and very highly evolved Universes, it was decided that many forms of life would be created here in Lyra because it appeared to be ideal as far as the age of the Suns and Planets and the length of probable stability.” (source)

(C) “Each planet is explored and based upon its unique nature, the is developed and colonies are then sent down to settle. It is in this way that the Pleaidians are so interested in our world and our races here. They have been visiting Earth for at least 79,743 years, with many large settlements. They’ve just come and gone throughout our planets history. We are very similar in many ways to them, however, they are emotionally and spiritually more evolved than we at this time.” (source: idem)

(D) The Pleaides is an open star cluster consisting of 254 stars and many times that planetary bodies. Many of the stars are very young. This is located in the constellation of Taurus. The Pleaidians and the alphabets of Earth are both very similar. This was noted as of about 11,157 years ago that the script form was developed here on Earth and carried back to the seven sisters. This script form is the parent of most of our present day alphabets.

(165, October 2022) One of the most interesting elements in Elena’s book ‘The Seeders’ is the actual naming of the various species from other Galaxies who contributed their genomes to the human stockpile (see Our Galactic and Intergalactic Genomes). It gets even more interesting when you across a list in Alex Collier’s older work. Just like in Elena’s list he also describes the influence of all kinds of categories of species: “In the beginning, Earth was colonized by 22 E.T. races – 17 human, the rest insectual, botanical and reptilian.” (source) Elena also mentions an insectoid and reptilian species. The Egoni are described as ‘vegenal’, which probably is what Collier call ‘botanical’. If you look at a female Egoni, however, I can’t help but think that that is a smashingly beautiful botincal vegenal 🙂 (See The Seeders, pages 100, 101)

(164, October 2022) Zenae and people from Cassiopeia 2.5 million years ago –

“Alex: That’s correct, and I do not know how many there were. They were basically living on craft and having to move around all the time, looking for a place that was safe. Well, there were beings from the Casseopian system that helped them, and apparently at that point in time the Zenetaens were under a kind of imposed dictatorship, because they were in survival mode and one person took control of their civilization. I can remember Morenae saying that it was imperative that they receive help, because they may not have evolved out of that , had it gone on any longer.

What happened was that they were taken to two solar systems in the Andromedan constellation. We know them as “star 42” and “star 44”. Star 42 is Zenetae, which is now their star system. Star 44 is Tishtae. Star 42 has 27 planets around the binary stars. Star 44 has nine planets, but all of the planets are equal to or greater than the size of Jupiter. They at this point were all terraformed.

Val: These beings from the Casseopian system interacted with them approximately how long ago in our terms?

Alex: About 2.5 million years ago, but perhaps a little longer.” (source)

(163, October 2022) I have set out to compare the historical account presented by Elena Danaan with that given by Alex Collier. This resulted – so far – in a striking difference surrounding a nuclear event 439 thousand years ago (Nuclear war and Green Skinned Humans)

While studying one of the accounts at Galactic History I come across other interesting information, like this part on the ‘creation’ of the Grays:

Catherine ZETA Jones 🙂

AC: The best example I could give you concerns the Greys. Apparently, the Greys were much more human-looking at one time. What happened was that they, as a race, were captured 891,000 years ago while leaving Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 to go off and do their own thing. This is very common, and it is how Earth became colonized. What happened is that they got captured by a group in Orion that was already genetically altered and under control of the Alpha Draconians.

According to Morenae, the first thing this Draconian- altered Orion group did was slaughter almost all of the females of the captured race in order to control the birth process. They then genetically altered the remaining females, so that all the children born after that were genetically altered. The males were enslaved, made to work in mines and slaughtered by the Draconian-controlled Orion group, who had absolutely no regard for life. What we know now as the Greys became a natural resource.

(162, October 2022) Copyright – In the morning of October 5, 2022 Elena Danaan posted the following image on her telegram channel. It prompted me to again reflect on my use of her material on this website.

Most of the time I try to use information from her videos, but I also quote from her books, even from her new book. Take for example the part of the event 439 thousand years ago (Nuclear war and Green Skinned Humans) and the 65 million years ago quote.

Is this copyright infringement? I quote only small parts which are relevant to the topic of the article. I reference the original works and add links to Elena’s website every time I use a quote.

This website was triggered by the fabulous information by Elena Danaan and the intention was (and still is) to assist in the disclosure movement by spreading information in a coherent way since you can’t expect everybody to work their way through weeks and weeks of videos (or read all of her books). I also see this website as a means to study the material and compare it with other data that I think is trustworthy. It’s not easy to study anything if you cannot quote small relevant excerpts from the source material. I think there must be room to discuss the topics presented in a book: the moratorium is over, let’s study the presented work positively and with the possibility to ask new questions, like how does the history line presented in the book match with the info from Alex Collier’s Andromedans?

(snapshot from Telegram account Elena Danaan, October 5 , 2022)

It is my hope that through this website more and more people will get to know the work of people like Elena Danaan, Alex Collier, Dr. Michael Salla and other contactees and whisteblowers. I try to respect copyright of her material for it is indeed a great accomplishment to produce a wonderful and inspiring book like ‘The Seeders‘.

(161, October 2022) In his book ‘Astral Dynamics‘, Robert Bruce describes his experiences in the astral world and the results of his scientific scrutiny of the astral planes. In her book ‘We will Never let you Down‘ she explains various modes of getting aboard a spaceship or some other location. One of these methods is called Light Transfer Resonance (see Aging and Disease as Galactic Anomalies). It is interesting to note the similarity between Elena’s description of her astral body (before it becomes temporary ‘solidified’) and what Bruce has noticed:

Elena Danaan: “Also, I always seem to materialize in an age around my thirties, which at first surprised me, but Thor Han explained to me that the aging and decay of the flesh avatar doesn’t impact the appearance of the being that inhabits it. ” (We Will Never Let you Down, p.26)

Robert Bruce: “They will always look slimmer and younger, fitter and better looking than in actuality. All projected doubles are shaped by body awareness, and will always look younger and fitter than their actual physical body. With older projectors, the age of their projectable double’s appearance is usually about thirty-five.” (Astral Dynamics, p.38)

(160, September 2022) I already mentioned Craig Campobasso‘s work ‘The Extraterrestrial species Almanac‘ before. See Endnote 8 &144. My critical approach to his work was once again confirmed when I bumped into his description of the Essassani, who he calls the ‘Sassani Beings'(pp 201-204). Not only does he make the connection with Bashar but he also promotes that story that they would come from 300 years in the future and that they would be a dying race and that they are here to guide us into the fourth and fifth dimension. Read Bashar, The Far Sight Institute and the Essassani or read the chapter ‘Menace of the Gray Hybrids’ in Elena Danaan’s The Seeders (pp. 240-243)

(159, September 2022) Elena Danaan has published her book ‘The Seeders: return of the Gods’. You can buy the book via amazon; there is a google play-version, a kindle version and paperbacks are available. On the day of the release of her book (September 21, 2022) the book was introduced in an 1,5 hour-interview between Dr. Michael Salla and Elena Danaan (watch: Return of the Seeders & Anunnaki: History and Current Events)

The book is a huge work consisting of 558 pages covering many exciting topics, many of whom are already partially dealt with in her videos and on this website. But of course a lot of new information that will undoubtfully lead to many new videos by Elena Danaan and new posts on this website. I prefer to to read the book first before I start writing new posts. Reading her book is like a journey through this website, since I started working on this Galactic Anthropology Project shortly after the release of Elena’s ‘We Will Never Let You Down’.

I added some new, often very short, information to and added references to pages in the book for the following posts after reading ‘The Seeders‘:

The interstellar Post on Saturn, The Anunnaki and the Sirius Connection – Danaan & Cinamar, The Negamuk, The Intergalactic Confederation, Crop Circles and Binary Messages, The Temporary Moratorium on Intel by Elena Danaan because of Disinformers (with video-excerpt from sept 21, 2022), The Kiily Tokurt, Where did the Blue Gods of India come from?Epsilon Eridani and Val NekIt is time to Soar as Humanity and Add the last Stone to the Monument – It is up to Us NowTwo or three Lion-like Species from the Stars: The Laan, The Paschats and yet Another?Terra has entered a Probation period to join Membership with the Galactic Federation of WorldsMeeting Nice ET’s on Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s Moon – A Whistleblower speaksThe Giansar: the Hooded ReptiliansA New Colony from Alpha Centauri to Settle on MarsAries Prime and MarsquakesThe Moon: Artificial and Natural at the Same Time?A Parallel Neptune and the KoldasiiA New Amendment to the Prime DirectiveThe Orion WarsBashar, The Far Sight Institute and the EssassaniThe Star Seed Envoy ProgramThe Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru

(158, September 2022) Old thought forms or belief systems to get rid of – Near the end of the third webinar Alex mentions a few ideas that are blocking our development, like this (‘scientific’) concept that we would be nothing more than a pool of chemicals that was created by accident, or the belief that we are all born sinful; if we make a spiritual mistake we are all damned to go to hell. That we are not worthy of joy and happiness; that we are meant to be financial slaves

(157, September 2022) Anunnaki and Genetics – Claims and Holy Grail – In webinar 3 there was a question on an Anunnaki-claim that they would have dropped at the Andromedan Council. Because there would be so much Anunnaki-genetics in our genomes they would have the right to our planet and the humans on it. This claim was rejected mainly because they were one of the last to add their genetics to our DNA. Much of the former ‘creators” genes would be fully intact in our DNA and it would slowly be activated.

This does bring me to this concept which is going to be presented in Elena Danaan’s new book on the role of Enki and the ‘Holy Grail‘ of humanity. He would have stored the genetics of humanity before they, the Anunnaki, started messing with our genes. Somehow this information would be passed on to those from the Earth Alliance and those who are working with the Med-Beds to somehow return humanity to its former splendor. But, I wonder, how would this unfold?

Does this imply that all of our Anunnaki-genes would be phased out, somehow? I am going to wait on speculating about all this, until I have read ‘The Seeders’. Elena did allude to this holy grail twice, once in that interview with Dani Henderson (I met Enki – Elena Danaan, Earth Emissary – The Galactic Federation of Worlds shares her experience) and recently in the September 19, 2022 – video on the October 2022 event in Orlando, Florida (see Top Secret Disclosure Speakers….)

(156, September 2022) Our Sun’s source would not be from this third density, but from a fifth-density source. See Webinar 3, 1h03′ – On Vladimir Putin and the New World Order. This question was asked in connection with the war in Syria. At 1h15′ he answers that he doesn’t think that Putin is on the side of the New World Order. We have paid attention to Putin before on this website. We have Thor Han saying that the Arks are safe in Russia’s hands (see Russia, the Ukrainian Ark and the Deep State), which fits nicely with the idea that Putin might just be on the side of the Earth Alliance. This was however contested by the Far Sight Institute (President Putin and the Far Sight Institure), but for me this institute has lost much of its credibility due to this and of course their love for the Essassani (see Bashar, the Far Sight Institute and the Essassani).

(155, September 2022) Talk on Planet-X – While watching the third webinar by Alex Collier from October 2015, Alex gets a question on the visibility of ‘Planet-X’. At about 47′ in that webinar. He answers that the planet would still be behind the sun and that it might show itself in december 2015.

Like I said in Studying the Material from Alex Collier and the Andromedans there is a chance that certain things that Alex Collier has said might turn out to be incorrect and perhaps even conflicting with the information from Elena Danaan. That was the danger of really seriously studying his work. Of course there is the possibility that certain predictions are off; this might be blamed on the problems the Andromedans have in tuning into our timeline, as was said in Endnote 118.

But as far as I know we are now almost 7 years later and there has been no sign of planet X at all; if planet X is Nibiru, we get into the ‘complexity’ surrounding the Anunnaki’s planet Nibiru which turned out not to be a planet at all, but a spaceship (see The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru). The idea of a moving planet that would somehow orbit our sun in 3600 years is said to be nothing but a myth. The home planet of the Anunnaki, Ashtari, however in constellation Immaru, would take some 4000 years to travel around its sun in this constellation which would be in a different dimensional altogether, accessible by the grand M42-vortex in the Orion system. This M42-vortex would have played a key role in the Orion Wars.

Perhaps doesn’t mean Nibiru at all when he talks about Planet-X. Let’s see if this elusive planet X pops up again in his webinars.

(154, September 2022) In the Peeping Tom-article (Meeting a Peeping Tom from the Past in a Vortex at your Bedside) Elena Danaan talks about a visitor from the past who tried to get information about her third book ‘The Seeders’. This reminded me of another book that was part of a time jump, this time by DARPA (=Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Alfred Lambremont Webre says that his 2005 book ‘Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe‘ was taken back to 1971 where DARPA/CIA read it and were able to determine the next presidents of the U.S.A., for example. He describes giving a lecture on ecology in 1971 with a rather strange well-dressed predominantly male public, a few of them smirking; not the kind of public he would have expected. He thinks that through Project Pegagus they knew that he was going to write a book on Exopolitics that apparently had so much relevance that it was worth a time travel, with them even physically returning the book.

Would there be someone from the past who has already read Elena’s book, before she even wrote it?

(153, September 2022) On September 18, 2022, Elena Danaan reposted a video of a sighting of what she said was an Earth Alliance ship above Santa Monica Beach. You can watch the video on Erasmus TV Channel

(152, September 2022) In his third webinar, Alex Collier talks about the Gale Crater on Mars. He says that when humans got to this crater they had already found the ruins of a city left behind by people that would have lived there tens of thousands of years ago. Many life support systems were already there; thinks like plumbing systems were present. They were able to get water from the wells in this aquifer (=underground layer of earth or rock that holds water) to provide the whole city with water. There would have been a form of electricity and generation power that would have still been operational. All they had to do was to remove the debris and it was almost ready-made habitable. After some updates it developed into one of the largest and most comfortable colonies on Mars.

Perhaps this is the famous Martian city of Aries Prime? See Aries Prime and Marsquakes for more recent developments on Mars.

Image from NASA

(151, September 2022) While preparing an article on the reasons behind the hesitancy of certain Pleiadeans groups to again get involved with humanity on Earth, I had to think of something Ashayana Deane said about the Anunnaki. It was about some deal that they would have made and part of the deal would have been that they were allowed contact with humanity in a friendly way, before they would let us know what they had really done in our past, because they ‘would hate our guts’. See that fragment here:

(this fragment was taken from a workshop by Deane in 2002. You can watch the complete video here

Marc Brinkerhoff – Not my cup of tea

(150, September 2022) INTERVIEW WITH MARC BRINKERHOFF – I watched a bit of the interview Dr. Michael Salla had with Marc Brinkerhoff, but after a few minutes I had heard enough. This guy alks about contacts with Ashtar Sheeran, Sananda and about etherical spaceships who will not pick up people who are addicted to pornography, child abuse, spousal abuse, drug greed, lust etc, unless they truly repent. No one will be left behind, but they will be taken by other spaceships (who probably are specialized in dealing with people who are addicted to all kinds of things).

On her debunk-page Elena Danaan writes: “ASHTAR SHEERAN: is a fictional character. It is a re-use by the counter-intelligence of an event that occurred in 1977 when a British TV broadcast was interrupted by a message from the Ashtar Vrillon, an officer emitting from the Shari facility in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. Ashtar is a title equal to “Commander in chief”, not a personal name. 

This all has quite a Christian ring to it, and I distrust these ‘Ascended Masters’ like Sananda and his crew with people like Lord Maitreya, Quan Yin, St. Germaine, Djwhal Kuhl etc.

They have prepared you since the last four years, this Nebu and all these attached friends,
they have been preparing you to be in a profound desire to channel, to contact ETs, to know about
how to contact your star family. They’ve been grooming you throughout internet, Ashtar, Saint
Germain, Sananda and all the clique, everything. They’ve been grooming you that everyone is going
to want to channel and download.

I decided to write an article on this topic. See Sananda, Ashtar, St. Germain and the Rest of the Clique

(149, September 2022) Donald Rumsfeld and Project Pegasus. In Alfred Lembremont Webre’s 2021-book ‘Chronogarchy’ we can read about the ‘spiritual and benevolent’ reasons for the US to pursue time travel:

Mr. Rumsfeld approached his Project Pegasus responsibilities with the intent to weaponise Teleportation and Time Travel to the U.S. govenrnment’s advanatge. He has een quoted as stating in Project Pegasus meetings at the time that the chief mission of Teleportation was to deliver troops to the appropriate place in the battlefield” (Webre, Chronogarchy, p.21)

(148, September 2022) Crystalline beings – Chris O’Connor describes wonderful beings who looked like light beings but they had these diamond like qualities, like facets. He was amazed by their splendor and their depth of love and acceptance that they spread (interview , 39′).

I added a short video from the interview at the page on Cloning. This part deals with the concept of ‘Backup Clones‘ watch it at On Human Cloning in the Secret Space Program

I added the following comment below the youtube-video (and on his telegramchannel). If you have any thoughts on the questions I pose, please let me know (contact)


I really enjoyed this interview. Chris his story is very consistent with what he told Elena back in March. It’s not easy to get a grip on the 20-year-and-back though. The stories I have heard so far imply that there is ONE consciousness active in a certain timeline. When a 20-years-program is finished the consciousness is put back in the body in the timeline that it was taken from; ONE concsiousness is not split into two, as seems to be the case in Chris’ story: one consciousness is here and now and the other is still in the 20-year-and-back-program.

Dr. Michael Salla also tried to make sense of it by proposing that he only got memories from those two earlier 20-year-and-backs from 1970-1990 and from 1990-2010 and not from the third one, but Chris didn’t really respond to that; perhaps he didn’t get the question, or perhaps it is not clear. How can his consciousness be active in two bodies in two different timelines at the same time? And where is the consciousness of the third 20-year-and-back going to return to in 2030? Will it merge with his current body, or is there another Chris in another timeline?!?! Which brings me to another question…what is the use in fixing all kinds of things diplomatically in a timeline that is not ours? For, I just understood there is only one timeline now…

At The Interstellar Post on Saturn I notice that it is a bit weird that Elena Danaan has not mentioned any ‘UN Space Force’, nor has she mentioned anything positive coming from Saturn. When I look at the website of the Deem’s device (which was developed by Chris O’Connor), I can’t help but wonder if the deem’s device really is a gift for humanity, why does it have to be so expensive? He sure is making a lot of money with these devices.

(147, September 2022) On September 9, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla had an interview with Chris O’Connor, a SSP-contactee who says that he has served three (!) twenty-year-and-back programs. For more on those programs see Age Regression by Twenty Years. In March 2022, Elena Danaan has had a very interesting interview with Chris as well. This led to three articles: Age Accelaration Technique in Secret Space Program , On Human Cloning in the Secret Space Program and The Pineal Gland and the Seat of Consciousness. I added a video-excerpt of the interview on the page of Age Accelaration (or Age Progression).

In that interview Chris says that after being age-progressed from a 2-year-old to a 25-year-old man, his memories of his previous lives were instantly turned on. This reminded me of the Andromedan way of babies that would be born with intact memories of their former lives (see Remembering your Past Lives at Birth and the Law of Consistency

Snapshot from Video Interview

Chris O’Connor talks about being a kind of ambassador for the UN. Apparently there was a UN-space-mission as well, even though Chris seems to suggest that they didn’t have a lot of spaceships (if any), but they used the ones from the US.

Dr. Michael Salla talks about the emergence of a UN Space Command after the end of the Cold war. Chris also speaks about his time in a post in Saturn (See The Interstellar Post on Saturn).

Chris says that in his diplomatic role he spent a lot of time repairing the damage that was done by other factions of the Secret Space Program. He says that for example when such a group discovered there were crystals somewhere on a planet, they wanted it and often just took it, whether it was allowed by the locals or not. Then the diplomacy had to say that these groups were not representitave of Earth in general.

He said that there would be about 120 planets with (Earth) human activity on them (at 34′) and many of them would have people that were told that the Earth was destroyed in order to control and contain them on that planet. Dr. Michael Salla refers to what Alex Collier has seen back in the ninetees about people living on planets beyond our solar system (also see endnote 148).

(146, September 2022) On Jesus and Yahweh – In an interview on September 6, 2022, Elena Danaan talked to Corina Pataki. An earlier interview with her resulted in the page on the Portals and Wormholes (see Portals, Stargates and Wormholes). In the current interview Corina and Elena talk about Elena’s new book that will be released this year. As was discussed earlier, there was a kind of morotarium on the contents (see A Temporary Moratorium on Intel by Elena Danaan because of Disinformers), so she was not allowed to share too much.

On Jesus and Yahweh – a fragment at around 48′

Thanks to a reader’s recent Donation I upgraded my website plan. One of the new features is the ability to upload videos without any link to other video-streaming sites. This will allow me to present some excerpts from certain videos on this website.

Below is an excerpt from the video ‘A Dive Into the History of Humanity: A Discussion With Elena on Her Upcoming Book, The Seeders‘ in which miss Pataki talks about Yahweh and Jesus. You might remember my article on the Yahweh-‘vibe’ (‘Some Doubts about the Enlil Yahweh-vibe‘). Her words couldn’t resonate more with that concept.

(145, September 2022) On Underwater Domes – Dr. Michael Salla had an interview with JP, his military whistleblower contact, on September 1, 2022 (see Secret Diplomatic Mission to Underwater Cities in Atlantic Ocean). He said that he visited an underwater Dome in the area of the Bermuda triangle off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic. From his position in one of those cities that would exist under these domes, he could see two other domes, each holding a city. It seems that the energy for the domes was generated by some piezo-electric movement of the borders of the dome with the movement of the ocean’s water.

One of the goals of this website is to open people up to the possibility that we are not alone in this universe and that there have been a lot of contact with all kinds of people from ‘globroad’ (from outside our globe). I wondered for a moment if this story of domes in the ocean wasn’t going to be too odd for people to consider. They might just leave this field behind because of these kinds of topics. But then I thought of the amazing story by Elena Danaan in which she talks about those other Underwater Domes, not on our planet, but on Neptune (albeit in a parallel variant of it, and in a higher density, see A Parallel Neptune and the Koldassi).

I think we just have to wait patiently for more corroboration to show up, somehow, sometime in the future.

Etspecies.com (June 2022)

(144, September 2022) Flirting with Fiction – This week I bought the book ‘Off-world Influencers‘ by HTB (http://www.etspecies.com). In his author’s note at page 7 he writes: “Special thanks to Elena Danaan for the inspiriation I got from the book: Alien Races: a Gift from the Stars. I love you all. I am forced to say: FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY”.

So what is this all about? For entertainment purposes only? The contents of the book weigh heavily (but not solely) on Elena Danaan’s material, which is not a work of fiction, but I guess for a majority of the people on our planet this is regarded as fictional or perhaps even delusional. On the other hand, to present information as fiction can also be helpful: it might attract certain readers who would not be willing to open up to this information otherwise.

The same seems to go for Craig Campobasso’s book ‘The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac‘ where you have this rather funny description on the cover: “…This is a must have for all those interested in UFO’s, aliens and ET’s and fans of the Marvel Universe, Star Wars and Star Trek”

(For more on ET-species see endnote 137; for more on Campobasso see endnote 8)

Debbie Solaris

(143, September 2022) Debbie Solaris. While writing the piece on the Andromedans I bumped into a few beautiful drawings of Andromedans at a website that is run by a woman called Debbie Solaris. In a video she describes her contactee experience on an Arcturian vessel back in 2012. On her website she talks about Galactic History, which looks interesting. I haven’t really looked into it yet, but it seems worthwhile to compare her perspective to the information on this website.

She says she uses the Akashic Records to get her information on our past.

(142, September 2022) Someone asked me if she could somehow make a donation, for she wanted to support me in my work, and thank me for doing it. Well, I never started this project for the money and you will find no adds on this website, but if you want to donate anything, you are of course free to do so. You can go to the menu-item ‘Donations‘ in Various.

(141, September 2022) Like I said in Studying the Material from Alex Collier and the Andromedans I want to start working my way through the older webinars (from 2015 onwards) that have fairly recently been put on youtube for free. On his website I came across a text (Alex Collier Contact with Andromeda) from 1995 which details his first encounters with the Zenae, or the Andromedans. While reading through this 20-page long account, I noticed a thing that was also described by Elena Danaan and Elizabeth Klarer in their (separate) meetings with the Meton, namely the apparent complete absence of doors and windows, who can suddenly appear out of nowhere. I talked about this on the page On Meton Walls, Windows and Doors.

Doors vanishing in the wall (source: goodtorial)

In the 1995-text we can read about this phenomenon: “When I got up, he [Moraney] said we’re going to go this way. Suddenly a door out of nowhere appeared. Now if I had been in this room alone, there’s no way I would have found the door. Because it all looked like wall. Didn’t look like there was any seams, or cracks, or anything. And he just pushed this button, and it opened. I got up off the table, and we started to walk.

And I turned around, and the table that I had been lying on, sitting on, disappeared, with another push of the button. I asked him how they did this. He told me that all of it was holographs. Holographs, holograms. And that they were manipulating third density. You have any questions on this, I’ll try to explain it at the end, ok. But they were manipulating third density.(Alex Collier Contact with Andromeda (p. 3/20)

(140, September 2022) How to set up a WordPress account which will allow you to comment on articles on this website? (You can also log in with twitter or facebook by the way)

The first step is to go to wordpress.com – There you push the button on the upper right corner called ‘Get Started

After that you get the following page: you enter your email address and create a username and you choose a password.

After you pushed ‘Create your Account’ button you get the following screen:

Since you don’t want to make a website yourself, you stop the registration process here and you push the BACK button on the upper left corner: now you have created a wordpress account!
In the upper right corner you see a face-button (in between write and the bell). If you push that button you get to your profile page.
Fill in a name you want to use; only the Public Display Name will be seen. Then you need to push the verify email-address button and confirm your registration in your email. Now you can comment on all articles on this website (and many other websites that use wordpress accounts)

(139, August 2022) A Shield around our Solar System

On August 29, 2022, Elena Danaan added from May 18, 2021. This transcript was written down by Sam Mast. You can find the video at Q&A- TAAL – May 18/2021- 11pm GMT. Here, Thor Han speaks about a kind of protective wall around our solar system. It also mentions the closure of a portal to Aldebaran, you know the star system that was recently removed from the Galactic Federation of Worlds (The Story of the Aldebaran Anunnaki and Outpost 361). This idea of a plasma-barrier is not new; even NASA talked about it (see Massive Wall of Fire).

Our solar system in a ‘bubble’ (screenshot)

“This star system, we have protected it by a shield of plasma and high frequency. It may seem invisible to your eyes because this is at the limits of your star system, but when you approach, it will seem to you like a fire wall of plasma. This plasma is constructed with high holographic frequencies. This wall stops any vessel calibrated on lower frequencies. It is a very high protection shield that those of our enemies trapped in this star system and hiding in here cannot go and help or ask from outside enforcement. This is the trap that we set for them. Not for you of course, you can leave your star system whenever you want, but we need to talk about this also. Nobody can come in without the authorization of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

but the problem is that many ships of the enemy are coming in and out constantly by portals. We have been working a very long time and hard on discovering the frequencies of these portals. We have set the frequency of the portals leading to a star system named Jada (Aldebaran). We have found this frequency, and we have decalibrated it to close the portals to Jada.”

A day after this end note Elena Danaan launched a beautiful video which also dealt with this topic. See A Protective Plasma Shield around Our Solar System

(138, August 2022) The Role of the Pleiadeans in the Fall of Atlantis – During my ‘Tour of Alex Collier Webinars’ I came across something that triggered my attention. In Webinar #2 he talks about the time of Atlantis and that it was a coming and going of all kinds of civilizations during that era (see Webinar #2). There would have been a lot of sharing of technology and knowledge, until…‘someone picked a war with the Pleiadeans’:

Image taken from Mythos Decoded

No the earth was never designed to be a prison planet, okay, in fact during Atlantis it was basically a galactic uh open port there were many different races here they were coming and going there was an enormous amount of sharing of knowledge of technology that was going on here there.

It was a thriving advanced civilization on the planet at the time and until someone picked a war with the Pleiadians – or whatever they’re calling themselves this month – that’s when everything changed and if it weren’t for the war, if it weren’t for the meteors and the comets of the asteroids that were thrown at planet Earth, which caused it to tilt on its axis, a lot of things would have been different it would have been a very different outcome and scenario but that’s in the past there’s nothing we can do about that now all we can do is deal with what we have going forward from this point

Jaypee asks Alex to expand a bit on this: “throwing rocks, it’s a very ancient, uh, warlike technique can we can you just right….” but Alex prefers to not go any further into this topic; all he says is that the Pleiadians themselves have admitted to doing this (54′)

As you may know I have written a trilogy on various accounts on the Fall of Atlantis (see 1, 2, 3). This is a completely new variant. A war that was fought from the skies with some Pleiadean group playing a vital role. The main reason for writing the trilogy was to be able to compare it with a possible perspective in Elena Danaan’s new book ‘The Seeders’. We can this Pleiadean variant to it; the skepticism of Collier around the Pleiadeans expressed by saying ‘or whatever they are calling themselves this month’ is also noteworthy. Well, let’s see how this fits in; there must have been a good reason not to go into the exopolitics near the end of the age of Atlantis.

Telegrampost August 29, 2022

(137, August 2022) Elena Danaan posted a link to a brand new site that seems to wonderfully portray many of the ET-species that are described in Elena’s book ‘A Gift from the Stars’, but if I’m not mistaken, there are other species added as well. Elena complimented the artist (who prefers to stay anonymous, like me) on his work. You should really take a look; there are also lots of texts and at first glance not solely quotes from Elena’s books. The site is ET-SPECIES.COM

Artist’s impression of the Laan (ET-species.com)

Above is a screenshot from the Laan. I talked about them briefly in the article on the three kinds of lion beings: Two or Three lion-like speices from the Stars: The Laan, the Paschats and yet another?

Since I am about to start studying the material by Alex Collier, I noticed one inaccuracy on the etspecies-site. The author mixed up the Andromeda Constellation with the Andromeda Galaxy. The Zenae from Alex Collier are from the Constellation, not from the Andromedan Galaxy.

(136, August 2022) GANYMEDE CONTACT – Through an email-contact I came into contact with a Brazil-based group called the Orion Gate Group. This is a group of scientists who study UFO-phenomena. I began reading a scientific paper of this group that they published in 2016, called ‘Extraterrestrials Contact Human Beings: An Original Approach To Set The Authenticity of Alleged Close Encounters of The Fifth Kind‘. In this article a few examples are given of contacts with alien groups.

Sixto Paz Wells (from Sinestesia Radio)

One of the examples is the case of Sixto Paz Wells, a Peruvian born in Lima in 1955, and he describes how he met people from Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter. His contact was called Oxalc and a spaceship almost landed in Peru, if it weren’t for the panic of certain human witnesses that was sensed by them. Sixto would have personally met Oxalc. You can read more about it at pages 38 and 39 in the article above.

The people who are familiar with the Danaan/Salla material know Ganymede as the moon where important meetings were held with the Intergalactic Confederation. Ganymede is also the place where an outpost of the Galactic Federation can be found that is run by the Ginvo (see The Ginvo from Procyon, Canis Minor). JP – a military whistle blower who is in contact with Dr. Michael Salla – described his visit to Ganymede (see Meeting nice ET’s on Ganymede).

Not only did he meet people from Ganymede, he also met people from Alpha Centauri who he describes as humanoids with Nordic features some 8 feet tall (see Selosians), people from Venus with feline-like eyes (5 feet 6) and very long ear lobes with abundant hair on the head (that doesn’t like a Koldassi or a Taal-descendent, like Val Thor) and he mentions people from Xilox in Andromeda (I’m not sure if that is the constellation or the Galaxy). These people would be Humanoid 6’2″ (six feet two inches to 3 inches) in height, hairless, small eyes, reddish skin tone. Except from the reddish skin tone they look a bit like the Andromedans that Alex Collier talks with (see Conscious Spaceships)

(the info about the other species Sixto met is from Exopaedia). From that page there is a link to an old article by Dr. Michael Salla on this case from 2005 (Galactic Diplomacy)

(135, August 2022) In the last part of the Atlantis-destruction trilogy I question the rather positive approach to the Anunnaki in the sixth book by Radu Cinamar (Forgotten Genesis) (see A Third account on the destruction of Atlantis – The Radu Cinamar/ Aleppos Variant), which for me casts a shadow on the Cinamar-material (at least his sixth book with information on the Anunnaki, which he obtained from Aleppos-people).

Today I received an email with an interesting quote from the work of Barbaria Marciniak. In her book (from 1992), Bringers of the Dawn, she talks about these Anunnaki, although she doesn’t name them as such. Here’s a part from that email:

“The book talks about how creator gods (not the well-meaning kind) “raided” the Earth about 300k years ago. it talks about how the “new owners” of earth had a different appetite and different preferences than the former owners. they took advantage of how our consciousness communicates continuously and they could get our consciousness to vibrate at certain electromagnetic frequencies that created a source of food with the lower frequencies such as chaos and fear. 

But the interesting part is, “These new owners of this planet that came here 300,000 years ago are the magnificent beings spoken of in your Bible, in the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets, and in texts all over the world. They came to Earth and rearranged the human DNA in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band whose frequency could feed them and keep them in power.” 

the Sumerian tablets!”

(Here is a bigger excerpt from the book ‘Bringers of the Dawn’. This is corroboration of the material by Elena Danaan, Alex Collier and Dr. Michael Salla.)

(scene from the movie Lucy)

(134, August 2022) On Black Goo – In webinar #2 from September 2015 Alex talks about black goo. Elena Danaan (and Megan Rose) has talked about black or dark goo as well (see The Movie Projector is turned off). In this video (at 37′) he says that black goo is liquid software that has articifical intelligence. It appeared in certain underground facilities and the Black Knight satellites would have it. These black knight satellites would exist throughout the galaxy.

He doesn’t know the chemical make-up of it. He says that this concept of ‘liquid software’ is not that rare. In fact many craft would have it embedded in its metal, in its organic structure and this is how it heals itself. The intelligence of the liquid software knows how to patch holes and repair itself.

Apparently not all ‘goo’ is ‘bad’ in the sense that is opposed to organic life. It almost looks like intelligent blood that flows though these ships that are described as having organic features by Danaan, Moyen and Collier (see Conscious Spaceships and Genetic or Soul Keys).

(133, August 2022) 14 out of 21 star systems would have been freed from the Regressives. In Alex Collier’s second webinar you can hear him say that these star systems would have experienced something akin to what we are going through. They would have been freed from what Alex then called the ‘Orion Consortium’. That was a hopeful message. We would have been freed from them as well, that would make it 15 out of 21 🙂 Now it is up to us to get rid of their human minions, the Cabal.

(132, August 2022) Studying the first webinars from Alex Collier – On december 2021 Alex Collier started releasing the old webinars from 2015 onwards. I have decided to work my way through these webinars (as long as they are interesting alright, and I can find the time) and see how they relate to current information and if they provide us with new information – at least for those who haven’t paid for the those webinars in the past.

I think it is perfectly fine that you have to pay for the recent webinars for it is the income of Alex, but for studying purposes it is not that useful. I think that people need to be able to check certain quotes or information by going to the source, without paying for it. That’s why I can start working on Alex’ older material now. Since these webinars were recorded about 7 years ago, some things may not be actual anymore, or perhaps some predictions came out differently (see endnote 118).

Another element that comes up is that somehow I’m afraid that all kinds of stuff will be brought to the surface that contradicts the current working hypothesis. For now I have the idea that the intel from Elena Danaan is completely in line with Alex Collier’s information from the Andromedans. That would seem logical since they both have their sources in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. But, this comfortable position could be at stake when I start to pay attention to all the details in his recently released older webinars?

This might be an argument to disregard his older webinars altogether, just like his book from 1996. I’m too much of a researcher, however, to ignore all that: I want to see how consistent Alex was in his information and if there are certain elements that might need to be adjusted to new insights. This is an evolving field and everyone is allowed to make a few mistakes of course.

(131, August 2022) I’m reading Margaret Storm’s book on Tesla and I’m not really impressed so far. Perhaps I have trouble with the frequent use of St. Germain, Sanat Kumara and the like. Although she uses the term ‘churchianity’ to mock the churches, Christian terminology is often mentioned. This reminds me of what Valiant Thor said about this guy (Frank Stranges) who visited a spaceship with him and eventually described Val Thor in abundant christian terms, which Val Thor didn’t like at all (see Stranger at the Pentagon).

In the chapter on Arthur Matthew, an engineer friend of Nikola Tesla, he describes the spaceship that landed on his territory in Canada:

“Then suddenly we were standing on historic ground… the great, sloping meadow that sweeps down from a forested mountain, aflame with autumn colors. “Here,” said Mr. Matthews, “is where the ships land. This meadow, protected by the mountains at the back and the rise of ground at the front, forms a comfortable hollow in which the spaceships can nestle like birds.”
He went on to explain that the first ship which came winging its way through the dark, Moonless night, safe from prying eyes of the merely curious or the hostile, was a mother ship. “It was seven hundred feet in diameter.” said Mr. Matthews, “three hundred feet high, with a center tube fifty feet in diameter. It held twenty-four small ships, each one from seventy-five to one hundred feet in diameter. None of the ships had windows as we know them, but the crew could obtain a full view on all sides by a device which somewhat resembles television. The ship was of Venusian origin.” (The Return of the Dove, p. 200)

Here’s another part on the group opposed to Tesla’s ideas:

Well, no one will find out more about this wonderful man if the Silence Group has its way. Since the day that Tesla was brought to the Earth from Venus he has been plagued by the Silence Group. This is a carefully organized super-secret group within the forces of darkness. It has functioned on this Earth down through millions of years, directed by black magicians who were bent upon destroying humanity rather than permit the race to become merged with the forces of Light.” (return of the dove, p. 216)

(130, August 2022) Timestamp 52:40 today: NASA exobiologist announces CO2 recorded on exoplanet Trappist 1 (where they already measured water). When asked about aliens, she responds: “It’s only a matter of time, they’re there.” https://youtu.be/3QLFxWwddPw?t=3145

In the video Dr. Alex Lockwood enthusiastically says that it was the first time ever that C02 was detected on an exoplanet.

Tengri-Tengri (source)

Elena posted this on her telegram channel. She has referred to the Trappist 1, where the Tengri-tengri live as one of the first exoplanets to be discovered as harbouring intelligent life (see Who are the Tengri?). The Tengri look a lot like the Koldassi with their tentacles coming from their head. You can read about the Koldassi from Neptune and Venus on A Parallel Neptune and the Koldassi and Tesla and the Link with Neptune and Venus.

On Vice.com an article was written about a discovery of CO2 on a planet called WASP 39-b that orbits a star 700 light years away from us. It is a gas-planet the size of Saturn. Trappist 1 is only 41 light years away from us. I don’t think we are talking about the same planet here. I listened to the video again and I guess that the mix-up originated by the question the reporter asked Dr. Alex Lockwood. He said: “We have found water on an exoplanet, and now we have found carbon dioxide”. It would make sense to think this was found on the same planet, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not yet.

(129, August 2022) More Perez-news again….This time he admitted that he misspoke (see not 105): Elena is not dead after all, and she apparently no longer is a clone either, but she is taken over by Enki, the evil A.I….. (Catherine Edwards interview with Perez, August 3, 2022). Remember he is all on Enlil’s side: “Well, Enlil was Zeus and Enlil was Krishna. His genetics would go all the way back to Lyra. He (in the role of Zeus) was king of Lyra, King of Sirius and also the king of Alcyone and through that the king of the Pleiades. He would stem from Archangel Michael, and all the White Hats are descendants of the Enlil Faction. The operatives of Q are all genetically related to Enlil and they are all fighting to end the rule of Enki and his evil Cabal with their dark hats.” (from my article on Perez). But perhaps he misspoke… 🙂

(128, August 2022) Religions, Gods and the People from the Stars – Dr. Michael Salla is playing with this topic in his most recent webinar. Today I wrote a piece on the link between the ‘blue gods’ (Shiva/Krishna) in the Vedic tradition and the people from Adara, the first planet orbiting Vega (see Where did the Blue Gods of India come From?). In an earlier article we talked about the God in the Judo/Christian/Islam-tradition (see Some Doubts about the Enlil-Yahweh vibe and Is it Blasphemous to say God is an Alien? In yet another article we touched upon the Ramay and their link to the Mayan Civilization.

Space Pop Cocktail (source)

(127, August 2022) Drinks on Starships – While reading Margaret Storm’s 1959 book ‘Return of the Dove‘ I came across an interesting excerpt that reminded me of the drinks that Elena Danaan and Jean-Charles Moyen described when they were aboard the Excelsior (see To have a Drink at a bar or Cafetaria in a Spaceship):

A better understanding of this action can be arrived at by reading the accounts of experiences which various Earth men have had while visiting on board space craft. All of these contacts agree on one point. When they board the craft they are handed a beautiful crystal goblet containing a liquid of such delightful flavor and fragrance that it is said to be utterly indescribable. It is non-alcoholic but when it is consumed it provides the body with a buoyant, refreshing type of energy which clears the brain and gives the individual a subtle sense of serene awareness, freeing him from any feeling of fear or hostility.” (Return of the Dove, p. 137)

(126, August 2022) Manifesting from the Etheric – Nikola Tesla
“He was an amateur machinist but a meticulous worker, and gradually a large collection of miscellaneous parts of a two-phase alternating-current motor took shape in the machine shop. Tesla not only made each part exact to a thousandth of an inch but he carefully polished it to make it more exact. He had no working drawings or blueprints. He formed each part from metal to exactly match the etheric part which he saw before him.

He did not have to test the parts because he knew they would fit. When he had finished the entire collection he quickly assembled the machine and started up his power generator. The cosmic moment had struck. He closed the switch. The armature of his motor turned, built up speed. He closed the reversing switch. The armature stood still, then instantly started turning in the opposite direction.

Alternating current had been transferred from the invisible to the visible, from the fourth ether to the dense physical plane, from a substance lighter than gas to metal.
(Return of the Dove, p.112)

(125, August 2022) Nikola Tesla Dreaded Shaking Hands because of Etheric Pollution (from Margaret Storm’s Return of the Dove) –

Kirlian Photography (source)

“As he grew to maturity he displayed certain characteristics which might have revealed his Venusian origin had they been understood. His hands were unusually long, particularly his thumbs, and were extremely sensitive, carrying strong clean etheric currents. Inasmuch as he was clairvoyant he could easily see the murky gray astral matter which exudes from the hands of the ordinary person, an effluvia of filth so sticky that it will adhere to the etheric structure of another person… even an individual occupying a body of high vibrations.

For this reason Tesla always dreaded shaking hands. He tried to avoid such contacts even at the cost of being thought inconsiderate or impolite. On occasion, when it was absolutely necessary for him to shake hands with certain visitors in his New York office, he escaped at the earliest possible moment to his private washroom where he thoroughly washed his hands, drying them on a clean towel which was handed to him by his secretary and used only once.” (Return of the Dove, p.84)

Armani, a Venusian daughter from Val Thor and Jylian; drawing by Elena Danaan from We Will Never Let You Down, p.106

(124, August 2022) In Margaret Storm’s ‘Return of the Dove’ a chapter is dedicated to Nikola Tesla. In that particular chapter we can read about Tesla’s character but there are also some references to other wordly customs. I noticed an awkward one, stating that our planet would be the only planet where babies would be born the way they are born. Just the example of Armani, the daughter of Val Thor and Jylian is one example of a (Venusian) child, and the children who play on the Excelsior and the children from various alien groups who come to study on the Solaris. But perhaps Margaret is only talking about the act of labor? Who knows.

When the space people say that Nikola was born on board one of their ships, they do not mean that it was a physical birth. Physical conception and the birthing processes known on this planet are not used elsewhere. A sex system was introduced here after the laggards came, in order to keep the race in manifestation, and to provide for re-embodiment in groups bound by karma.

This allowed karmic debts to be paid off in kind under the old law of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” On other planets positive and negative light rays are used to produce a physical form which can be occupied by an evolving lifestream. The form is of full stature. It is only on this planet that tiny, baby forms are utilized.” (Return of the Dove, p.80)

OTC Enterprises with Margaret Storm and Otis Carr (source)

(123, August 2022) This is another Nikola Tesla End note based on the work of Margaret Storm (see note 122 for more). On page 75 we can read this excerpt which seems to allude to the concept of starseeds all the way back in 1959. There is also mention of Otis T. Carr. It turned out that this mr. Carr was a fraud, as you can read as a comment on the Return of the Dove-chapter. Margaret Storm was sorry that she included a chapter on him in her book (see The Otis Carr Story).

“There seem to be no records of Tesla revealing his identity as a Venusian during his Earth life. But when the announcement of this fact was made to Mr. Matthews by the space people it did not come as a surprise in most quarters, because by then it was generally known that at least ten million people from other planets had been infiltrated into the Earth’s population. It had long been known that most of the Masters of Wisdom, down through the centuries, were volunteers from other worlds. But it seemed doubtful, for a time, that Tesla himself, had been personally aware of his origin during his physical plane life on Earth.

However, it now appears that he did understand his mission which was actually to prepare the planet Earth for the space age. The fact that he told Otis T. Carr so much about other planets indicates that he was quite familiar with the subject. He frankly told Carr that he, Carr, was destined to explore Space. Tesla also gave Mr. Matthews the design for the interplanetary communications set in 1938, another clear indication that Tesla knew that other planets were inhabited and he obviously knew they possessed spaceships. He told Mr. Matthews that the set should be built in a few years.” (Return of the Dove, p.75)

(122, August 2022) After the article on the link between Nikola Tesla, Venus and Neptune I started reading ‘Return of the Dove’ by Margaret Storm, a book written in 1959 in which she writes about Tesla; she claims that he was brought to Earth in 1856 by a spaceship from Venus. While reading I intend to quote some interesting lines in this endnote. Perhaps it will lead to a new article on the main page.

“Nikola Telsa was not an Earth man. The space people have stated that a male child was born on board a space ship which was on a flight from Venus to the Earth in July, 1856. The little boy was called Nikola. The ship landed at midnight, between July 9 and 10, in a remote mountain province in what is now Yugoslavia. There, according to arrangements, the child was placed in the care of a good man and his wife, the Rev. Milutin and Djouka Tesla.
~~~~~~~The space people released this information in 1947 to Arthur H. Matthews of Quebec, Canada, an electrical engineer who from boyhood was closely associated with Tesla.
” (Return of the Dove, p.71)

Return of the Dove by Margaret Storm (Image from a Vietnamese site)

It is said that Amaryllis,the Goddess of Spring, so loved the Earth that she spent nine hundred years supervising its decoration, preparing it for the first guests. Over the entire globe the climate was always pleasant, neither too warm nor too cold, a land of eternal spring. There were no storms, floods, hurricanes, blizzards or natural catastrophes because there was no discord among the people. Human beings definitely make their own weather conditions.” (Return of the Dove, p. 7)

The people had chosen to come into physical embodiment in order to use their thoughts, feelings, spoken words and actions in the material atmosphere of these lower realms, and thereby gain self-mastery within a certain environment. Embodiment was in the nature of a scientific experiment, an opportunity to use the sacred Flame on matter of a low vibration and yet secure a harmonious result. These people knew that matter was spirit slowed down, and that spirit was matter speeded up.” (idem, pp. 7-8)

At the close of this type of initiation into self-mastery, each individual then accomplished the Ascension: that is, he had attained complete command over matter so that he was able to raise the vibration of the physical atoms which composed his body and ascend to his home star to await his next evolutionary
” (idem, p. 8)

–> This paradise-like world reminds me of the higher-density world of Tara as explained by Ashayana Deane in het Voyagers-books, before the fall into a lower density, which would become our world.

The clue to the Ascension, in olden times as well as now, is the use of Love. If there is any discord shown toward matter, toward a physical atom, it is impossible to raise the vibration in a natural way…” (Return of the Dove, p.9)

After this, the story begins of the third root race welcoming the ‘laggards’ from other worlds in the hope to assist them in regaining their contact with Source. This didn’t work too well, however. The Laggards ‘contaminated’ Earth millions of years ago and finally a guy called ‘Sanat Kumara’ the overseer of Venus intervened and then follows all kinds of stories on Lemuria (birthing the negro-race) and Atlantis birthing the Japanese and Chinese races. This is all a bit awkward and in conflict with the ideas gathered on this website.

No matter what may be the circumstances surrounding the death of an individual, he is permitted only three months of rest after shedding his physical body. Then he must be up and doing, working on a new assignment. If he is hopelessly enmeshed in karma, he may be removed from the Earth entirely and permitted to take rebirth on another hospital planet, with specially prepared vibrations suitable to his condition.” (idem, p. 15)

“If they have not figured that out in nineteen million years, it is hardly likely that they will learn to lovingly entertain the idea during the next nineteen years… or by 1975, the past dark history of this Earth will be scarcely remembered.“(idem, p. 18)
–> Well, we are now in 2022, way past 1975, and things worked out differently obviously. But predictions and time are complicated matters (also see endnote 118)

(121, August 2022) Dani Henderson has proven herself to be a good interviewer. She asked the right questions when it came to Elena Danaan’s visit to Enki (I Met Enki) and she did a good job when talking about Neptune (Journey to Neptune). I have written two pages on Neptune based on two contact-videos by Elena for those interested in the dynamics surrounding Neptune (A Parallel Neptune and the Koldassi and (Life on and near Neptune).

On her telegramaccount she forwarded a message by Aeon Maximus, and he linked to the interview on Neptune.

At (1347s) you can hear Dani ask Elena if she saw anything from her trip from Earth to Neptune. Elena answered that the scout ship in which she traveled was parked near the moon. She passed by the Excelsior and she saw a few space ships from other star nations that she couldn’t identify and she mentioned seeing Saturn along the way. In the image above Saturn is on the right of the trajectory, she also passed Jupiter but she didn’t mention this planet. She must have looked the other way, and the trip only lasted a few minutes 🙂

Screenshot from Jeff Mara Interview with Elena Danaan (see link below)

(120, August 2022) Sometimes there are video which last long and don’t really give a lot of new information. When you have watched quite a few videos by Dr. Michael Salla and Elena Danaan you are bound to be confronted with a lot of iterations when they are interviewed by people who hardly know them, or their audience is not familiar with them. This is inevitable and it is of course a good thing that more people get to know them this way. I’d like to see myself as a kind of researcher that studies their material and then it really is a waste of time to watch a video of over an hour with hardly any new information.

Right after having written the above paragraph I watched a video on the JeffMara Podcast channel and this really was interesting and it did contain new information. The irony 🙂

She talks about red mercury and how it creates anti-gravity within two thoroid spheres (one within, one without). She says that her grand mother has had contact with Annax as well. She describes the void as a place ‘behind the curtains’, where new ideas are created and sent into universes. She says that Oona actually touched her pineal gland with her index finger to open a bridge to the Nine plasmic beings in the void. And we would all have a pineal gland that is able to create such a vortex.

She mentions the system of star gates that are used to travel great distances.

(119, August 2022) I want to go back to the video with Dan Willis and Jen Han. Here’s the part in which they talk about the nature of thought and how it can be amplified by crystals.

“Jen Han said that Everything in the created universe is constructed on a geometrical holographic structure the energies of the mind i like that it is worded as such because there is a difference between this and the electrical brain waves the energies of the mind are fractals of consciousness solidified in a way or shall i say that have taken form as a geometrical manifestation a thought creates an electrical projection an energy thought reshapes the holographic geometrical formula of reality it rearranges the micro connections linking the fractals elements thought can reshape the holographic grid of reality because thoughts are complex geometrical patterns the crystal will bridge the new pattern to the existing ones and if the impulse is strong enough the new pattern will force themselves onto the old and the old will morph into the new.” (video, 45′)

Then Dan Willis goes on to quote Dr. Marcel Vogel and his perspective on thoughts, reality and the crystal: “Dr marcel vogel said the mind of man expresses his thought and geometric patterns. These geometric patterns are identical to what we see in the crystallographic world the geometry of mind and the geometry of the crystallographic world are identical. We have found also that when a thought form is released into space two things happen: thought is contained in the geometric pattern that forms in space causing that space to oscillate that oscillation in turn acts on matter that is in space.

The primary thought form is held in the etheric body of an individual it fits into a geometric form much the same way as the energy of our mind fits into the geometric form and pattern of a crystal. It is my belief from our studies that there is a great similarity in the structure and symmetry between the energy body that surrounds an individual when we think we generate a pattern and this pattern locks into space it then oscillates and radiates a field that acts on matter this is the energy that follows thought the crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance when it is cut to the proper form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power of the user’s mind like a laser it radiates energy in a coherent highly concentrated form and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will.”

Time (Source)

(118, August 2022) On Aliens and their sense of Time. In a video Dani Henderson talks to both Elena Danaan, Alex Collier and Dr. Michael Salla (Galactic Spiritual Informers, Update). In that video – which goes at (very) great length about the upcoming conference in Orlando – Alex Collier said that his book ‘Defending Sacred Ground’ from 1996 is now free for download at his site.

In the video he says something interesting about aliens and time: “You know the one thing about extraterrestrials is they don’t know how to tell time not in our linear time they just they, they don’t get it and that’s because they live outside of time as we would know it. So a lot of things that the A’s [=Andromedans] talked about that were supposed to happen in the 2000s are actually occurring now, so there’s there’s relevant information then to what is occurring now.” (excerpt from video).

(117, August 2022) A new development in the Ismael Perez-saga. The video in which he made his claim that Elena Danaan was replaced by a clone after having been murdered was removed from youtube by the users Melissa Rotondaro and Mary Cowley (see endnote 105). At their youtube-channel ‘Glimpse Beyond’ you can watch a video by Mary Cowley who says that Melissa Rotondaro (her partner on ‘Glimpse Beyond’) pulled the video without Mary’s consent and that Perez’ video with this bullshit on Elena Danaan on his instagram page. At his instagram page I managed to only find a short piece of the interview without any mentioning of Elena. His instagram page caused a head ache, so I don’t intend to go there anymore in the future 🙂 –> the story continues at endnote 129…

The Tunguska Event from 1908

(116, August 2022) In the article on the Dorsay from the constellation of Cassiopea the cause of the Tunguska event was explained, at least according to the information that Elena Danaan received from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. In a book by Patricia Cori, called ‘Atlantis Rising’ another theory is given. I used this book for the second account of the Destruction of Atlantis.

After the destruction of Atlantis by the abuse of the powers by Akkaneset (see second account), the one responsible for all this would have reincarnated to make up for this act. He would have been born as Nikola Tesla and he would have tried his best to introduce free energy, but he would have gotten caught by the Secret Government of that time and eventually he would have succumbed to their proposals and the ability to experiment greatly with these new techniques.

Tesla activated his ‘Death Ray’ apparatus at the turn of the century. It resulted in an explosion in the remote lands of Siberia that was so vast and destructive that not even an atomic blast could have exceeded its impact. This historic event has been explained away as the crash of a meteor or a comet impacting Earth, but the devastation that remained in the fields of Tunguska was actually the manifestation of the alchemist’s mad invention.” (Cori, P. (2001) Atlantis Rising, pp.144-145)

(115, August 2022) In an August 2, 2022- video Elena Danaan recommends looking up, and not for about 5 minutes, but try at least half an hour. In december 2021 it was decided by the Intergalactic Federation, the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation to increase the number of starships in the sky, or at least the number of starships that can be seen by people on the planet. Elena advises to first go within and find a sense of peace, and then open yourself to actually seeing these ships. If you are open to them, they would notice it, and even show up to answer your openness. Image that 🙂

(114, August 2022) Dan Willis lists a number of events that Elena mentioned that were later corroborated. You can find Dan’s complete post at Facebook

Dan Willis (snapshot from Youtube video, Creating a Positive Timeline)

“The pattern of information that Elena releases followed by corroboration of her information represents a long list that I’ve taken note of, so I will abbreviate here as there is way too much information to detail out and list.

1 ) Thor Han reveals the full text of Prime directive

Dr Michael Salla discovers a Star Trek book unbeknown to Elena titled “The Federation” where the text given to Gene Roddenberry matches almost exactly, as the Galactic Federation of Worlds was providing the information for the Star Trek series.

2 ) Thor Han reveals that there is a large Ark in the Atlantic Ocean

Dr Salla’s witness JP later reports his mission to go down and into the Atlantic Ark

3 ) Thor Han reveals the meetings on Ganymede

Dr Salla’s witness JP later reports his mission to go to Ganymede as support personnel

4 ) Jupiter Accords signed on Jupiter

Gen James Dickenson agreements confirmed a 100 government and military entities and the Artemis Accords to hand over solar system control to US Space Command

5 ) Thor Han says to watch for activity on Neptune to be revealed

One week later many science publications show a large red abnormality on Neptune

6 ) In Elena’s 2020 book “A gift from the Stars” where she detailed 110 different extraterrestrial races and the planets they inhabit, she showed in an illustration that the Proxima Centauri system has 3 big inhabited planets (plus a few planetoids).

In Feb 2022 NASA discovered just as Elena described a third planet in the Proxima Centauri system.

7 ) Dark Fleet Evacuation from Antarctica

Frank, a former employee at McMurdo Base in Antarctica who confirmed Elena’s information about the Dark Fleet evacuating Antarctica and handing over their bases to the Chinese. Frank saw many Germans leaving in the middle of the 2021 Antarctic Winter, and many Chinese arriving at the same time.

8 ) Jean Charles has meeting with Elena on the mothership Excelsior and describes the exact experience onboard

9 ) Jean Charles and Elena go with Thor Han and experience the Antarctica Ark near Lake Vostok

10 ) Galactic Confederation in our solar system

ISS camera feed shows dozens of space craft passing by its camera view

11 ) A huge fleet of the Galactic Confederation ships are parked behind Jupiter

On July 12, NASA held an international live stream releasing the first official images from the James Webb Space Telescope showing a noticeable dark field just above the gas giant’s atmosphere. Was it a shadow, as NASA appeared to claim, or something entirely different – part of a newly arrived extraterrestrial space fleet secretly parked around Jupiter?

On July 27, 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope released an image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot using one of its infrared cameras. The image contains a cylindrical-shaped object floating high above Jupiter’s atmosphere that appears to be more than a thousand miles long. The image corroborates claims of giant spacecraft recently arriving in our solar system and parking in the vicinity of Jupiter.

12 ) Crystal technology information shared by Jenhan who is Thor Han’s brother

In a question/answer exchange that I have done through Elena relaying the information from Jenhan, I have found that all of the information he has shared in regards to the interface of consciousness with quartz crystals to corroborate perfectly with what IBM’s head scientist Dr Marcel Vogel was able to quantify and measure in his laboratory.

This is just a few events I have taken note of that have been revealed by Elena. The full details of each of these corroborated events I will be glad to send the information links to anyone who wishes to validate and do further due diligence.” (August 2, 2022)

(113, August 2022) A Hungarian lady, using the name Anekron, shared something interesting about the possible ancient roots of the Hungarian language. In a mail she told me about a woman who started to speak in a strange language which resembled an old variant of Hungarian. She had no idea what she was saying. You can watch the video at bitchute (somehow the video doesn’t start on my PC). Somehow she talks about Inanna in this ancient Hungarian tongue.

She tells this in ( think in siriusian language).

A szija ti tán tiránija kila kellafet
et tij ase mijakad.
Innan es is jó tán eki azse I.
A határtalan áriat et látni azért tia tia atakiján.
Un aszan út irana le kia te kei in sa ifit ti atad
ta akad nesze ez titad a szeked at ad inan tirad
A szó ta sihurani tikan te esz aki lenehe fia van. Ittan tekriat ese be ketege te se inen asur tirania lesz. Szia te ne fél.

Image of Inanna (Totem of my Soul)

My translation in Magyar:
Azt hiszitek ti tán kikap kegyelmet Ezt mi sem, ti sem akar. Iinen az is jó tán aki az se így. A határtalan áriát és látnit azté ti fiatok  ata kiján És aztán/ úgy aztán  it a irania la ki a tieteké in as a ifit ti atad te akart nesze ez. It a széked It az innen tied. Innana azt mondta az én szívemben ez így rendben  van. A szó innen a szíriuszi fő úré ( nagy kán)  de nehéz akine fia van. Itten te kreálsz. És ne kereseregjél te se. Innen síriuszi uralom lesz. Szia te. Ne fél.

Translation in English:
Do you think you will get mercy? Nor we or you wanted this. From here( from our view) that is maybe okay bnut not like this. The boundless suffering we can see and that your son kill the father. Then Iran is yours also. And the Young you give. ou wanted it, Here is it. Here is your throne from now on it is yours. Inanna said this is in my heart okay. Then the word is the Siriusian high lord ( great khan) It is so hard for whom who has a son. Here you create. Don’t be sad, from now on there Will be Sirian rule. Hey you. Don’t be afraid.

(112, August 2022) The Anunnaki and their origin – Parallel Dimension and/or Higher Dimension? After having written the part on the parallel dimension of our planet Neptune, which would be one of the homes of the Kordasii, I started to wonder about other mentionings of parallel dimensions and then I remembered our ‘old friends’ the Anunnaki who would have a homeworld in a parallel dimension, called Ashtari (and not Nibiru, see The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru). They would enter our dimension, or our plane of existence through a portal in the Orion zone.

In her ‘I met Enki’-interview Dani Henderson asked Elena about the origin of the Anunnaki and she replied that they were from a higher density. So how to understand this? Just like Neptune has a parallel dimension with a higher density, so would Ashtari have a higher density as well? This combination of a parallel dimension and a higher density seems to be confirmed in Elena Danaan’s book ‘A Gift from the Stars’. On the page of the Anunnaki (p.230), she writes: “The sixth planet Nibiru [=Ashtari], has two satellites and resembles Terra, in a higher density

(111, August 2022) – In her piece on the Tengri Elena Danaan writes about a link with the recent amendment of the prime directive. She writes: “Interestingly, in my May 17 2022 contact experience, when I was taken onboard a ship to be informed about an amendment to the Prime Directive, I could witness that a Tengri representative is the actual herald for the GFW’s High Council. Has this fact influenced the Earth Alliance and our off-world allied organizations to chose the Tengri civilization as first evidence of extraterrestrial life?

To learn more about this amendment of the Prime Directive watch Contact 8 or read A New Amendment to the Prime Directive

(110, July 2022) Things can be rather funny sometimes. As you may know I wrote a rather critical article on Ismael Perez (see Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Ismael Perez) and somehow someone who visited my website thought that I was Ismael Perez….he must have read that page very superficiously I guess. This is not the first time that I was contacted by someone who was very positive about this guy who had the nerve to claim that Elena Danaan was murdered and replaced by some droid/clone, without any real emotions…. (see endnotes 105 and 108)

(109, July 2022) Elena has written a piece on the Tengri-Tengri from Trappist-1. There’s no need for me to write a piece on them now. The information including both the March 11-video in which she talked about them and the March 6-article on First contact. It’s all there! Let’s hope this will bring the disclosure through James Webb a step closer. The last one was on Jupiter.

(108, July 2022) Dr. Michael Salla has also entered the scene in regard to Ismael Perez and his claim that Elena Danaan was murdered and replaced by a droid/clone. Thanks to Eliza Ayres who has written an interesting article about all this stuff on the Perez-guy, the Mystical Warrior (see Disclosure vs Disinformation). In that article she links to my earlier analysis of him as well.

(107, July 2022) Elena Danaan has returned to twitter with a fresh account. And her first tweet was: “Thanks Elon for making Twitter more fun, so I decided to be back. Let’s rock this birdy.”. You can find her at @Danaan_Elena

(106, July 2022) Crystals allow people to be present in more densities at the same time. Somehow I have not yet been able to finish the wonderful video on Crystals that was made with the coproduction of Elena with Dan Willes and Jen Han, Thor Han’s younger brother (pp.183-187 in ‘We Will Never Let You Down‘). In that video at about 39’ she talks about her visit to a Intergalactic Federation Vessel which had walls covered with crystals which were sometimes grouped and sometimes not. As she said the presence of these crystals allowed these beings from various densities to be present in our third density, as wel as in others at the same time. Imagine that 🙂

(105, July 2022) Ismael Perez is at it again. After his frontal attack on Enki (Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Ismael Perez) he decided to take a hit at Elena Danaan during a July 18, 2022 video on a youtube channel called Glimpsing Beyond, Opening Up with Ismael Perez Interview #2. It truly was incredible what he said to Melissa Rotondaro and Mary Cowley (see from 22′ onwards):

Our Mystic Warrior Ismael Perez

He thought it was appropriate to say that Elena Danaan had been murdered and was replaced by some droid. She would be siding with Enki to create some A.I.-timeline. Enki would have been to the outskirts of our galaxy where creepy ‘nanites’ would have made him into a Cyborg. He would no longer be organic. The nanites would also be known as ‘mind-eaters’ that ‘literally take over your nervous system and then they make you their host.’

Elena Danaan has been compromised, oops sorry, murdered…and if you guys don’t believe me watch her latest videos, or ALL HER VIDEOS (!!), it’s hard for her to express feelings. She looks very synthetic

These comments are just too ludicrous to be taken seriously. But he did trigger a number of people who suddenly believed that Elena Danaan would have passed away!! – Elena dedicated a video to all this crap, and politely as she is, she doesn’t mention his name in the video. Watch it at ‘I am well Alive

Update On August 5, 2022 I noticed that this video was removed by the uploader (see note 117 and 129)

(104, July 2022) It seems that the traffic from search engines to this site is steadily increasing. Here’s a list of search engines and the percentage of traffic that they produced (in 2022 up until July 18, 2022):
1. Duckduckgo – 73%
2. Bing – 14%
3. Google – 7%
4. Yahoo – 5%
5. Others – 1%

(103, July 2022) Kerry Cassidy reflects on something interesting in her book ‘Rebel Gene’. She starts the chapter on the significance of form as follows: “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the aliens we see talked about in various texts and all over the internet take their forms from the insects and animals here on Earth. What it appears to reveal is that the architects of the flora and fauna of Earth chose to put their own forms into the insects and animals inhabiting the Earth (albeit it mostly in miniature relatively nonthreatening versions). Therefore, what we see as humans all around us are reminders that our home is inhabited by creatures reflecting the makers of that home and their images.” (p.115)

Pink Fairy Armadillo (source)

This quote triggered three thoughts: first, the magical discovery in the Bucegi Mountains in which there would be a technology that allows one to see where certain animals come from (From which planets do our Animals originate?).

Second there is this idea that our planet would be like a living library with DNA from all corners of the galaxy gathered here as a living archive (see endnote 76), and finally it reminds me of an idea from the Spiritual School of Ascension (which no longer exists for more than a decade, see On Channeling and Discernment), which said that every animal on the world somehow represents a trait by humans that has not been resolved or healed. She gave the mosquito as an example: as long as people use other people as prey, mosquitoes would remind us of that behavior. I’m not sure how this goes for animals like bears, giraffes and frogs, though.

(102, July 2022) After a video on the topic ‘Activation, Lightcodes and Downloads’ Elena added this text to her debunk-page:

ACTIVATION, LIGHT-CODES & DOWNLOADS: You do not need anyone or any “event” to “activate” you, as it is not how things work. In order to complete the great awakening to who you truly are, you need to undergo the journey by yourself, do the work yourself. Relying on someone else to do it for you is BS. It is the PROCESS that is important. If you don’t undergo the process of your dark night of the soul, grow by healing your wounds, perform the alchemical transmutation, you will not reach out to a higher level of consciousness.

(here is an example of one of many sites that offers light code DNA activation – Make up your own mind)

People who offer to do it for you, in exchange for money or/and popularity, to feed their purse or their ego, are bullshitters. Do NOT let ANYONE manipulate your energy field, chakras etc… They ask for your consent and whatever the level of love & light narrative, do not be fooled. YOU NEED TO DO THE WORK BY YOURSELF ONLY! It is not because it is labelled “Light” that it is wonderful. These are just labels. You can sell poison labelling it “medicine”.

A more concerning aspect is that some of these bullshitters want to access your DNA frequency… and are often either Gray Hybrids or either MK Ultra programmings. They want your soul, honey, do not sign your consent! The only way up is within. Light-Codes are either a New Age fantasy or either programs downloaded for you to install in yourself… just wow, wow nope!

All these non-sense are elaborated to stop you to find your own power, to hijack your Awakening and take your sovereignty away. So take it back now! Go within by meditation, introspection, and meet the beautiful being who inhabits this body. By attuning to its frequency, you attune to the whole universe. They just don’t want you to find this out.”

A few days later she elaborated on this video in another one: Activation Keys – the True Healers

(101, July 2022) On a Dutch popular science site (Scientias) I had posted a comment with my disqus-account. After a few minutes the comment was allowed on the site and I noticed that some 10 people arrived here on Galactic Anthropology. What is typical of the current scientific climate happened about an hour later: my comment was removed after all. Apparently the idea of spaceships orbiting Jupiter is too far a stretch for our scientific friends. I guess we need a few more pictures to allow for this concept of intelligent life to sink in. Let’s wait and see it James Webb is able to show technosignatures on exoplanets.

(100, July 2022) After the fascinating developments surrounding the James Webb Telescope pictures of Jupiter (see Did the James Webb Telescope Image of Jupiter show Galactic Vessels?) I talked to someone about it. He is a guy who really is open to the foul play of the Deep State, he trusts his immunesystem above some genetic experimental stuff, but when I talked about James Webb he said that he didn’t believe that they really could measure the distances between our planet and stars. When i told him that when we look at the sun, we see the sun as it was 8 minutes ago, he refused to believe that! No matter what I told him about the speed of light, he simply refused to accept it: it was all nonsense by fake science. So you have the Flat Earth believers, but you also have the light-speed-deniers apparently.

Taken from Wikipedia

(99, July 2022) NIBIRU: PLANET AND/OR SPACESHIP: ASHAYANA’s TAKE – Somehow I can’t help but think that the info from the CDT-plates analyzed by Ashayana Deane form a piece of the puzzle as well. Her story on the fall of Atlantis is quite interesting, and I would like to compare it to the stories brought forth by Radu Cinamar (Aleppos holographics) and by Elena Danaan in her new book. Patricia Cori has written an impressive book on that called Atlantis Rising. If you are interested in Ashayana’s material I would advise you to watch Connecting the Dots: Origin – Based on Freedom Teachings 

Kerry Cassidy has done long interviews with Ashayana and she refers to the Voyagers work a couple of times in her book (Rebel Gene). So, I would like to know what did she say about the recently introduced Nibiru-is-a-starship concept (see The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru). For a quick reminder: Elena had said nothing about Nibiru being a star ship in her books, nor did Cori. The planet formerly known as Nibiru in the Immaru constellation still is the home planet of the Anunnaki according to her. Cinamar (through the Apellos holograms) mentioned the idea that Nibiru was a starship which would have had a crucial role in the creation of the so-called E-N-L and E-N-K branches, but I have begun to notice a slight and odd Enlil-vibe in the Cinamar/Apellos-tale (see The Anunnaki and the Sirius Connection).

Aquascalientes, Mexico (according to CDT-Plates Star Gate 4 would be in these surroundings)

So, what can we learn from Ashayana’s material? Is there any mention of Nibiru being a star ship? Is it only mentioned as a planet? Well, the answer is: both! Let’s take a look at a few examples:

This war became known as the Thousand Years’ War as it lasted approximately 1,200 years (850,000 – 848,800 years ago). Most of the Earth races sought exile in other planetary systems, some retreated to the Inner Earth and most of the Nephilim were relocated to Sirius A and later to the planet Nibiru.” (Voyagers II, p.48)

The Nibiruian Anunnaki had seized control of Solar Star-Gate-4 from Emerald Covenant Guardian race protection during the Lucifer Rebellion of 25,500 BC, at which time they used Battle Star Nibiru to force Earth’s Templar into an artificial alignment with the planet Nibiru.” (p.245)

Well, this ‘battlestar Nibiru’ is often named in the book. I have to say that the updated version of the book provides information which I find hard to believe. For now I think the power of the books lies in the ancient history up until the Sumerians. Perhaps things really went differently from 1970-2020 than expected, as if the original plans were thwarted. There is talk about the Solar Activation Cycle in 2000-2017 which would have all kinds of effects. Well, all this didn’t happen, fortunately, so my hypothesis is that everything in the last few thousand years is not to be taken as seriously as the older material.

(98, July 2022) Andromedan contact – “Prior to creating Project Camelot I had an ET encounter that strange it was so “normal. I was visited by a little old man with a bald head who sat net to my bed and talked to me all night long. Just as I was waking into this reality, I said to him. “Wait, where are you from?”, and he said “Andromeda”, and I woke up.

Later I found out that I had been talking with the Alex Collier contactee from Andromeda…the description he gave of the man was strikingly similar to the little old man I had talked with! I found this out while working for JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab) and reading sacred ground by Alex Collier. After that I knew Collier’s info was correct.” (Rebel Gene, p.89)

(97, July 2022) Beings from the sunken continent of Mu – in Cassidy’s Rebel Gene she talks about a whistleblower who talks about amphibious beings in the Pacific. It reminded me of those Killimat-Arr who are said to have their residence these days near the Bermuda triangle, which obviously is not in the Pacific. Here’s a part from her book: “This was again a backchannel contact. Someone who never went on camera. Someone who spotted something on the wharf in San Francisco and contacted me. Because they had a military background, they knew what they were seeing. What they saw was a group in uniform, who they thought were Chinese and eventually realized, based on their uniforms, were Korean navy guys on a night out on Fisherman’s Wharf. They caught his eye. He then did a bit of reconnaissance and found there was a Korean navy boak docked in the harbor.

Japanese elders (source)

These guys were off their normal path…And then info came in about a battle beings fought off the coast of California with a group of underwater creatures that appeared to be a form of amphibians/Reptilians. Eventually, word came out that they were from the sunken continent of Mu. That they were a large group of ET’s that were descendants from Mu (likely mermaid-type beings) and related to the Japanese people. They occupy, from what I’ve been told, a number of undersea bases in the Pacific. And this was not the first skirmish that we were involved in.

The information had to do with our Navy working with the Korean navy to battle with these ET’s. There was reason to believe that the targeted hit that caused Fukushima had really pissed them off because it was destroying their waters and this is ongoing.” (Cassidy, Rebel Gene, 2020, pp. 86-87)

(96, July 2022) On Technosignatures – Elena on Telegram: “NASA is taking people by the hand through a theatrical progressive disclosure, with awe and inspiration. They showed that they could find traces of atmospheric water on a distant planet, which means that they are able to detect way much more, and they even said it. As they mentioned, it is just the beginning, as they take humanity on a soft journey, mindful not to shock anyone. The road will be paved with one step at a time towards the techno-signatures, bringing the truth safely.”

(95, July 2022) On Contactees – Elena on Telegram: “In a near future, we will all be Contactees. I have had the honor to be of the few who paved the way for the many, and when I look ahead, my heart is settled in peace and in joy. For what I see, is a wonderful future. A future of Fraternity between all humans of Terra, shared with the Star People. I wish I could make you see what I see, share the feelings in my chest, and Hope… bridge between Dusk and Dawn.” (July 11, 2022)

Source: Cogniarcae

(94, July 2022) “For Example, a Sirian soul incarnates into a male E-N-L being and a Pleiadean soul incarnates into an E-N-L female being, both within the Hyperborean civilization. Their child was also an E-N-L being, but she had within her DNA esstial information from both the original DNA of the Syrian being and that of the Pleiadean being” (Forgotten Genesis, p.184)

(93, July 2022) “The insistence upon these struggles and wars and the quantity of them destabilizated the natural existence of the bridges between the physical and the etheric. The frequencies corresponding to the etheric zones began to separate more and more from the physical plane, and this gave rise to great dissatisfaction and misunderstanding because many possibilities were lost which were previously valid due to the coexistence with the etheric plane. These included higher knowledge, much easier access when moving from one area to another, contacting higher beings, higher states of existence and many others.” (Forgotten Genesis, p.177)

(92, July 2022) In the July 8, 2022 Q&A Elena Danaan was asked if she could name the sources that she trusts, and she named – of course – Alex Collier, but also the work of Radu Cinamar. That is very convenient since I now have his complete series (7 books) here at home, and I intend to work through all of these books and use the information to build new articles from. It’s also good to notice that people duck-duck-go their way to this site when searching for terms like ‘Transylvanian’, ‘Cinamar’ & Elena Danaan. In Forgotten Genesis from Radu Cinamar I found the following part interesting: “As I said, the E-N-L-beings were tall, very balanced and harmonious in body; their hair was long, silky, often silvery white, and their eyes were large and almond-shaped. In several tens of thousands of years, their bodies became very good receptacles for the evolved and even highly evolved extraterrestrial beings who wanted to incarnate during that period on Earth to help the process of creating the new race of human beings.” (p.157)

(91, July 2022) Universal Translator – In a very long Q&A on July 8, 2022 all kinds of topics were discussed. At about 49′ there was a question on accents. Elena answered that when the universal translator is on, all the different languages that are spoken by the various species (on Excelsior for example) are translated and spoken in a synthetic language, which makes it all sound rather bland. Elena goes on to say that she prefers talking to people without using the universal translator; she slightly imitates the voice of Annax, her Egaroth-friend. When it comes to talking English, people like Val Thor, Thor Han and Myrah all seem to use this ‘upper class’ British English dialect. They would actually ‘download’ this language into their system.

(90, July 2022) Since many of the webinars of Alex Collier are behind pay-walls, which I am not inclined to use, it has proven more difficult to study his work. There are some videos however in which he appears and I came across an interesting one that he has had in march 2022 with Elena Danaan and Dani Henderson (Alex Collier on Andromeda Technology and Asteroids, Elena Danaan on PLeiadean Technology + Dani). I had to laugh when Alex told Dani and Elena about a funny event that took place while he was wearing a Frequency Belt. This belt creates a field around your body which allows you to survive in different off-world circumstances. He jokingly desrcibes how he farted and how that fart ended up ‘bouncing around’ within that field. Some of the off-world people would look at him probably thinking things like: “Oh, these Earth-people…”

Alex says that he thinks the uniforms that are worn by many people from outside of the Earth are “self-cleaning, self-healing, self-repairing, and one uniform can last for years and years….typically they swap when they grow up and they need a bigger size.” He also says that women wear different suits and sometimes they wear these amazing gowns, which have a kind of light on them, as if these gowns are somehow alive, and these gowns can change color as well.

In this video he also talks about his 91-day stay at an Andromedan vessel. A 34-minute video worth watching!

(89, July 2022) Today someone from North-Macedonia who plays with names like Cleopatra and Isis commented on the Some Myths about Alcyone in the Pleiades and she described Elena Danaan in very unfriendly terms. I decided to ignore her. The list of disinformers grows bigger and bigger. There’s this dilemma, however: shall I add her to the list of disinformers or not? Shall I link to her site, or not? If anyone is interested in her comment, please contact me and I can show you what was written. Yesterday Elena Danaan has launched a debunk-page by the way.

(88, July 2022) Today Kerry Cassidy’s Rebel Gene fell on my doormat and I hope it will provide much new valuable information , based on over 1000 interviews. The author’s note on the title is promising: “Regarding the title: ‘Rebel Gene’ refers to a set of genes said to have been fenced off from part of the population by Enlil but enabled by Enki. The ‘Rebel Gene’ is necessary to rebel from those in authority positions and question everything. It can be reactivated…”

(87, July 2022) “I also saw that, at one point, one of these primates broke off on a branch of their own, their members living in the waters of the ocean, becoming amphibious beings over time and evolving in that environment. They were later guided by certain extraterrestrial civilizations that adapted to the waters of our oceans because that was also their natural environment. I noticed that the amphibian beings erived from the E-N primates were guided in particular by one of the Pleiadean civilizations who lived underwater. This is a little known aspect in the contemporary world.” (Forgotten Genesis, p.153).

-> I couldn’t find a reference to amphibious civilizations in the work by Elena Danaan.

(86, July 2022) More than 20 types of extraterrestrial DNA – “From what I’ve seen, I estimate that there have been more than twenty types of extraterrestrial DNA that have been involved in genetic engineering operations….Thus, the DNA of the new human being had a common basis in the DNA of primates on Earth, a significant part of the Sirian DNA, as well as other ‘fragments’ of extraterrestrial DNA from other civilizations…..Those hybridizations of new DNA that were created, however, were very refined and gave birth to bodies in which the evolved souls could and wished to incarnate.” (Forgotten Genesis, p.148)

(85, July 2022) While reading my way through Forgotten Genesis by Radu Cinamar I came across an interesting part that describes the creation of the original Adam. In her ‘I met Enki’-video Elena talked about Adamu. Here’s an excerpt from Cinamar’s book which is – for all clarity – unrelated to Elena’s experiences and info:

I was shown and understood clearly that the soul who incarnated into the body of Adam was a perfectly spiritual Sirian. On the physical level, however, Adam’s DNA contained a certain percentage of primate DNA on Earth as the embryo came from a woman in the upper ENL-branch. Adam’s level of consciousness was so evolved that, when he first opened his eyes, I was able to see that he was alreay in a deep trance state in which he remained for a long time.” (Forgotten Genesis, p.140)

…His existence represented an almost continuous meditation and introspection as well as the attenion to preserve that extraordinary purity of the body and soul necessary for the efficient transmission of DNA for the genetic changes that they wanted.” (idem, p.140)

“…That is why Adam’s ‘birth’ is very important as it is the first natural incarnation of an evolved soul into a body of clay, that is, the ‘biological raw material’ of the planet. By this, it is understood that his DNA also contained the basic structure of the DNA from the primates on Earth, and it is this from which the ‘modeling’ of his body began.” (idem, p.141)

“...The beings born through this procedure could be perfected into bodies which were able to incorporate alien souls from different civilizations that supported the development of the new species on Earth. In other words, starting from the DNA of that very pure human being, which was actually androgenous, various possibiliteis of embryonic development were then explored through genetic engineering.” (idem, p.141)

Damaged Georgia Guide Stones after Explosion

(84, July 2022) On July 6, 2022 an explosion occurred that damaged the Georgia Guide Stones. Elena mentioned this on her telegramaccount and linked to a video.

I added another video and posted the combined video at my youtubechannel, see Georgia Guidestones Explosion July 6 2022. She also links to a message by Thor Han which was read by Dr. Michael Salla in a video from January 8, 2022 (see about 7 minutes) “What they believed was carved in stone will flow like water”. I sure do hope this line not only pertains to this explosion, but to nearly everything the Cabal think is carved in stone.

The Georgia Guide Stones contain masonic messages like that there should be no more than 500 million people on the world. Below is a screenshot from a Georgian website (which I could only enter after using a VPN). A few hours later it was decided to pull the complete monument 🙂


(83, July 2022) On July 5, 2022 Elena said that she won’t bring any new info until her book is finished. It seems that every piece of information that she brings forth is used by all kinds of people in order to create confusion. See more at Moratorium. On her facebookaccount she also shared her message on the temporary moratorium, when someone responded:

Mich M Henley What’s the point in writing a book if your going to tell everybody what’s in it etc. Nobody does that. They might give teasers but if they want info they need to buy a book. Same as other writers. You give plenty away free. 😉😊

Elena has talked about this aspect in one of her articles. In Do you work for Free? she explained her position: “The only condition I am chosen to give intel, it is because I must not put a money gate for the public to access the information, that is why I double everything I write in my books in free YouTube videos. If people wants to buy the written version then it supports my work and my cause. 

Akashic Records (source)

(82, July 2022) Rules on accessing the Akashic records. In ‘Forgotten Genesis’ we can read about how Radu Cinamar uses a particular ‘helmet like’ device which allows him to access Akashic information. There seem to be a few rules however: “I noticed that my understanding of what I was seeing was of great importance because my cognitive processes then led to the development of explanations rendered in images on the holographic screen. If my understanding was unclear or even totally absent, then the imaging and information process stopped. My experience with this high-tech device showed me that, generally speaking, it did not emphasize anything if I did not ‘ask’ or were not aware of that particular aspect.” (p. 96)

(81, July 2022) While reflecting on the Ismael Perez-article I suddenly realized that for most people who are not familiar with either Ismael Perez or Elena Danaan, they both are talking about the same kind of ‘crazy’ things. How could people who don’t know anything about the bricks that make up the buildings of Danaan’s perspective distinguish them from the bricks that Perez uses to build his work? For me it is obvious that Perez doesn’t resonate at all with me and that Elena Danaan’s perspective does. In a sense many people are easy prey for anyone who talks with authority about these galactic matters. Some people are even open to the Flat-Earth theory: how gullible can you be? (Seen endnote 26)

(80, July 2022) Laws of Higher Planes – In ‘Forgotten Genesis’ by Radu Cinamar Czar talks about differences between 3d-rules and those of higher planes: “Laws take other forms in the higher planes. You cannot claim to understand the phenomena that exist there by simply applying the physical laws that govern the material plane. The differences are too great.

In the astral, the vibrational frequency of a thing, a being, or phenomenon is very important. It’s not like here where something miserable can stand next to something clean or when a liar can deceive a lot of honest people. In that realm, you can only be in the ‘space’ and company that match with your own personal vibrational frequency. You cannot deceive as is so common in the physical plane; and this is to say that you cannot be where you do not deserve.” (p.50)

(79, July 2022) An Hungarian reader of this website asked something about ancient Hungarian language and a possible link to specific alien races. This reminded me of an interview Elena Danaan had with Dan Winter in February 2022 (on the Nine). In that video Dan talks about Enki and Enlil as well. He provides interesting information.

I liked what Dan Winter had to say about Enki’s surprise to see ‘iron’-blood which makes our blood red. He himself would have ‘green’ blood, which would be the result of magnesium in his blood. Chlorophyll looks a lot like hemoglobin. This reminds me of EBE, the Gray alien that was caught in Roswell. It seems that their biology is chlorophyll-based.

“In late 1951 EBE became ill. Medical personnel had been unable to determine the cause of EBE’s illness and had no background from which to draw.  EBE’s system was chlorophyll based and he processed food into energy much the same as plants. Waste material was excreted about the same way as plants. By the way-there are always lovely bathrooms available aboard their craft for their guests–they are beloved about the cosmos and often are “transporters” and do any and all things to allow guests comfort and convenience.” (ROSWELL & THE SAD FATE OF E.B.E.)

Well, if the Anunnaki are indeed a mix of a species from Sirius B and a Gray race that might explain their ‘green blood’.

(78, July 2022) Interdimensional chasms to underground cities – Even though I haven’t yet finished the second book in the Transylvanian Radu Cinamar series, I decided to start with the 6th book because it talks about the Enki and Enlil bloodlines and the Nibiru spaceship. I want to know what this is all about. I came across an interesting segment that dealt with certain places where you would be able to enter the ‘etheric’ realm (or perhaps the 4D-dimension). Here’s the part: “These areas contain entrances to the ‘inside’ of the Earth which must remain hidden….There are areas on the surface where one can access the tunnel networks within the Earth that connect with subterranean cities and their populations. They are interdimensional chasms, i.e. entry points through which you can move from the physical plane to the etheric plane and penetrate into certain precise locations underground.” (Forgotten Genesis, 2020, p.32)

For more on Forgotten Genesis see Endnote 26 and Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru
I have paid little attention so far to the underground worlds. I did talk about Telos and a battle from august 2020: see From Selosian Atlantis to Telos

(77, July 2022) Enlil and Enki and their ideas on humanity From Elena Danaan’s telegram channel
-Is Enlil still alive?
-Yes he is, Enki replied.
-What was Enlil’s design for the humans of Terra?
-Enslavement. We didn’t realize at first that the black head primates were already a compound of different interstellar races. When my half-brother learned about it, he feared that the great power of the Terra Humans would one day activate, that they would learn about their true nature and surpass us in consciousness, intelligence and power. Which I always believed they will. I never agreed with Enlil’s ways of doing.

(76, July 2022) A fellow galactic researcher made two interesting videos on the concept of Earth as one of the 12 Living Libraries. I sure hope most of this beautiful concept will prove to be true, and not be shattered by Elena Danaan’s misinformation sledgehammer 🙂 In the second video there is a reference to the photon band with a picture of Alcyone in the middle. That’s about the only thing I saw that doesn’t seem to fit any longer. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRdo5CM1/?k=1

The Book of Enoch

(75, June 2022) Dealing with New Information and (desperate) attempts to connect it with older Information – In a comment from Cynthia from Australia below the article on The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru she referred to The Book of Enoch (not to be confused with the Keys of Enoch, see Some Doubts on Yahweh and the Enlil vibe). I was able to download a pdf-version of it and in the introduction to this book of Enoch and I thought that the following passage was worth quoting, since it nicely describes the tendency to stick to older, known information, even though it might not be valid any longer: “Another thing which the reader of the Apocalyptic Literature must be prepared for is the frequent inconsistency of thought to be found there, together with variableness of teaching often involving contradiction. The reason of this is not to be sought simply in the fact that in the Apocalypses the hand of more than one author is frequently to be discerned, a fact which would easily account for divergence of views in one and the same book-no,

the chief reason is that, on the one hand. the minds of the Apocalyptists were saturated with the traditional thoughts and ideas of the Old Testament, and, on the, other, they were eagerly absorbing the newer conceptions which the spirit of the age had brought into being. This occasioned a continual conflict of thought in their minds; the endeavour to harmonize the old and the new would not always succeed, and in consequence there often resulted a compromise which was illogical and which presented contradictions. Inconsistency of teaching on certain points is, therefore, not surprising under the circumstances.” (Book of Enoch, pp 8-9)

(74, June 2022) A Slow orchestrated unfolding of information – After the introduction of the idea that Nibiru would not be a planet at all but a spaceship (see The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru) Elena Danaan suggested that the Galactic Federation of Worlds was aware of this, but decided not to correct our current ideas at the time, although now the information can be shared, for we would be ready for it. This makes me wonder what else could be in store for us. What kind of path is layed out for us? Where will this all lead to?

(73, June 2022) I just finished David Rousseau’s first book (Beyond our world: Stellar Soul) and towards the end of the book he shows a computerdrawing of two of his hybrid children: Zarhya and Kathynda. I am trying to make sense of this. Apparently not only women are abducted, but men as well in order to create hybrids. He says that his daughters are the result of a mix of a Gray race in a planet near Taurus.

In Elena’s ‘A Gift from the Stars‘ there is a mention of three races in Taurus, and all orbiting Jada (Aldebaran): The Jadaii Anunakene (Janosians), the Jadaiahil, a Ahel colony and a ninth dimenensional species called the Jadaii Nemessi.

These hybrids don’t seem to be connected to any hive-mind, so they appear to have an ‘individual soul’.

Ezahyel (David’s guide)

The new race would be called ‘Shalinaya’. His guide, Ezahyel was someone from the Pleiades, but it was unknown from which star/planet. He calls these people Yahyel and they would inhabit a fifth dimensional world there. In Elena’s book there seems to be no mention of these Yahyel people, even though they sound a bit like ‘Ahel‘, but the Ahel have blonde hair and look a lot like scandinavian people, not like the black-haired with a slight blue tint.

(72, June 2022) In a Telegramlink Elena Danaan referred to recent developments relating to the concept of ‘Artificial Lights’ on planets. Perhaps the James Webb telescope can detect these artificial lights on the dark/night site of planets? Check out the video from June 25, 2022 on this topic.

In her video Contact 1 she already said that interesting discoveries relating to intelligent life would be made in July 2022. Let’s see what James Webb will bring us!

(71, June 2022) Triggered by David Rousseau’s book which mentions the Lakota-Indians, I decided to buy a book by Nancy Red Star: Star Ancestors: extraterrestrial contact in the Native American Tradition, but so far I am slightly disappointed: I was hoping for specifics on various alien groups, but I haven’t come across much yet, but perhaps more will show up while reading through this book.

White Buffalo Calf (site from which this image was taken has been removed)

The impetus to buy this book was given by Rousseau in this passage (Stellar Contacts: Beyond our World) “Before descending into much denser worlds, we have to lower our vibration. Starting from the Great Central Sun, I moved towards the Pleiades for a smooth transition. I therefore incarnated with a less luminous body to prepare for my coming to Earth. My Pleiadian family was already waiting for me –they had accepted my arrival among them with great love– and the woman who was to carry the embryo that would become my avatar was Pte San Wi, White Buffalo Woman.

She already knew the little blue planet well, as she had come down there several times to meet the North American Native Americans, and in particular the Lakotas, as they descend from the Pleiadians. She had offered them the Cannunpa Wakana, or Sacred Pipe, as well as spiritual advice.” (p.220)

From which Pleiadean planet would these Lakotas descended from? And what is meant with ‘The Great Central Sun’ (Is doesn’t seem to refer to Alcyone, in this case)

(70, June 2022) A Mintaki-probe of Niddle’s ‘Your Galactic Neighbors’. As I have already said in end note 58, I don’t think that Sheldon Niddle is really relevant these days, but I was curious anyway, and when a reader of this website said he had the book, I asked him to scan the chapter on the Mintaki (pp122-126). The main reason was that one of the species that live on a planet orbiting Mintaki are the Grail, who are part of the Nebu. Would the Grail be mentioned, or perhaps the Tisar-3? (see A Gift from the Stars, pp.232-235)

I noticed a few ‘annoying’ differences in Niddle’s chapter. First he said that the ‘League of Orion’ was an ally of the Draconian Empire, whereas Danaan describes the Orion League as a league that was created to fight the Orion Empire (Rigel and Draco). This Orion League is affiliated to the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

After some kind of treaty (the treaty of Anschara) the Orion League would have been disbanded, and the ‘Mintakians’ decided to join the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’. As was already said in endnote 58, this organization is not to be confused with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. According to Niddle’s chapter the beings of Mintaka would have suddenly become peaceful after this treaty. One of the species that are described are some frog-like creature that are bipeds. They also mention dinosaurian hybrids. Elena also talks about amphibians and dinoids. (p.232).

According to Niddle ‘the Mintakians’ would be noted for their expertise in psychology and mind manipulation, and they would have amassed an immense body of scientific knowledge and they would retain vast libraries of inner knowledge that would date back more than 15 million years’ (Galactic Neighbor, p.125). This all seems to be in stark contrast with the description of the Grail: “…but the reason they haven’t taken over the galaxy is their inaptitude to organize themselves for they are driven by a compulsive aggressivity.” (Gift from the Stars, p.234), but hey, they might be talking about some other race living on a planet orbiting Mintaki.

Niddle talks about 6 planets, whereas Danaan spreaks about 7 planets.

Well, to sum it up: according to the owner of the book there are almost no drawings in the book and this Mintaki-comparison was a confirmation of the sceptic position towards Niddle which I had expressed in end note 58. Some 20-25 years ago I used to read his updates which structurally appeared about three times a week, but the much forecast first contact still hasn’t come about. Enough is enough.

(69, June 2022) In a telegrampost from June 20, 2022 Elena quoted Enki with words that reminded of the work by Pjotr Garjajev (see endnote 48): “DNA receives information carried by words and images that are created by thoughts, and it embeds it into all cells and molecules of the body, which will be morphing into the new pattern. The right frequencies can reprogram DNA in living organisms, especially concerning the regeneration of altered tissues. ” Enki

(68, June 2022) I woke up, on the first day of a new summer, and checked if there were any interesting updates from Elena Danaan and I saw that she had changed her telegram-profile picture into Chrisjen Avasarala from the sci-fi series ‘The Expanse‘. I have only seen four episodes of these series so far but I recognized her. In this role, played by the Iranian born Shoreh Aghdashloo, Avasarala is the Secretary General of the United Nations; she acts as the head of state of Earth and the Moon (source).

My first response was slightly negative: isn’t she developing megalomanic tendencies? Using the picture of leader of the Earth? After bringing my daughter to school and while walking the dog I chewed on this issue a bit more. I began to understand that she has become the most trustworthy source of unimaginable information, and I have invested quite some time in organizing her ‘disclosure intel’. What if she decided to put the picture of a clown as her profile photo? Or the picture of an ugly Eban, or worse even, the picture of one of the ascended masters, like Sananda, or perhaps Lord/Quan Danaan!?

Well, for now I will just take it as a kind of practical joke. In a way she is indeed a spokesperson for the Galactic Federation of Worlds, thereby representing our planet. I guess this is better than a very official image of herself with a crown on her head. This might just remind us of not taking it all too seriously. There’s fun in it all as well 🙂

(67, June 2022) I still get into contact with DVD’s on a regular basis. This week I got my hands on a 2019-movie called ‘The First Cow’. I didn’t watch it myself, but I wanted to share my association with you…it reminded me of the first woman who was abused by the Nebu as a factory cow, to produce their hybrid offspring. Read more about this at ‘A Different Shade of Hybrid Cow‘.

(66, June 2022) The M.R. disinformation is still continuing. Here are some corrections about Val Nek (again!!) and Akvaruu by Elena:

Akvaaru, one of my contacts, is NOT a Commander, he is not even military personnel of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, he is a rogue mercenary soldier, former Taal-Shiar. Please find his real story in my book “We Will Never Let you down.” Because he is not military personnel of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, he cannot train soldiers. There is also no Commander Akvaaru in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Also, my old friend Val Nek doesn’t work anymore for the Galactic Federation of Worlds, he has been reassigned in November 2021 in another star system and he has no contact with no one on Earth anymore, not even me. Val Nek has no children or wife either here. I really hope I cleared all confusion. For more detailed information, I invite you to check these links:



I also did 2 Q&A’s with Akvaaru:



Disinformation can come in many ways. Read more at Channeling and Discernment, Evading mind psy-ops with Elegance and On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate departure of M.R. from the Crew.

(65, June 2022) The Raelians – And on to the next group. In a facebookpost Elena said on June 19, 2022: “Just warning about this group, which I just left slamming the door. Not only they constantly post misleading CGI photos, but today they went the step further by promoting the p3d0ph1l3 cult leader Rael (via this bait article they shared). My three comments were declined. Shame on them.

I went over to that article in the facebookpost and noticed some funny things. These aliens have introduced themselves back in 1973 to RAEL, and Leon Mellul is the spokesperson for the Raelian movement. These beings presented themselves as the elohim that created humanity. They say they want to return to Earth, but they want to be invited (“where have we heard that before?”, see endnote 39) and they expect to meet with Earth leaders in a newly built – especially for them – embassy near Jerusalem.

In his second meeting Rael went to the homeworld of the Elohim. What would be the name of their star system? What is the name of their planet? (see On Channeling and Discernment). I saw in a video that it was from a star system in our galaxy, but Leon Mellul doesn’t know which star. I noticed a lot of google advertisement on their site ‘Aliens revealed’. I am not going to spend any more time on them.

Proof of strange implant in her brain (source)

(64, June 2022) In her books Elena describes how she was abducted by a bunch of cruel Greys and how it seems that is common practice for them to install an implant in their victims. Probably in order to be able to track them easily. In Elena’s case this implant was adapted in such a way that it no longer was tuned to the frequency of their abductors, but to that of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, to Thor Han.

Alien foetus (source)

An Italian woman, Giovanna, not only made a picture of her attacker (see note 62), but in her case there is also evidence of an implant which was detected during a MRI-scan. On top of that she had her ‘hybrid baby’ aborted with a rather horrible foetus as a result. Take a look at the video

(63, June 2022) A video from June 17, 2022 also portrayed an image of a ultrasound echo of a foetus that appears to be a hybrid.

I don’t know if it this image is a fake or not, but if it is true that huge amounts of women would have been treated as ‘factory cows’ by the Nebu than this would have happened a lot of time: women impregnated with ‘Nebu-DNA’ to create hybrids.

Photograph made by Giovanna in 2010 (source, see last video 4’40”)

(62, June 2022) In a video from June 17, 2022, Elena talked about the millions of women who would have been abducted, and many of them would have first been impregnated, only to have their baby foetus removed after three months.

I just made a Nebu-page as a preparation to deal with this topic more elaborately. An Italian woman named Giovanna talked about her abduction and she managed to take a picture of one of her assaillants, and this alien guy sure looks a lot like an Eban. The Eban are mentioned as one of the parent races of the Anunnaki (with the other being the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B). See The Anunnaki and the Sirian Connection for more.

(61, June 2022) In Elena Danaan’s June 17, 2022 video she referred to the Queen of the Nebu-hivemind located in the Orion Nebula. It is this Nebula that was referred to by the Emerther in messages from 2015 and 2016. There were also binary messages hidden in certain crop circles. For more on that see Crop Circles and Binary Messages.

(60, June 2022) The Alcyone Spiral. While working on the article on the Myths of Alcyone I was reminded of the work by Barbara Hand Clow. In her Pleiadean Agenda Alcyone plays an important role. I used to like her book a lot, but now I am starting to have some doubts.

Could she have had contact with the Taal-Shiar or not? In the book she provides a link with the photon band and Alcyone. You can find that illustration on p.33 of the Pleiadean Agenda, but I was able to find an image which presents the same idea. It seems to imply that not only our sun, but other stars from the Pleiades ‘bathe’ in the light of Alcyone. Well, make up your own mind.

Here’s a telling line from the book: “Your Sun is linked to the Pleiades by means of a spiral of stellar light radiating out from Alcyone” (p.32)

Also see the article on The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru for more another element that seems to conflict with the information from Elena Danaan, namely that Nibiru would not be a planet at all, but a spaceship.

(59, June 2022) Memory Crystals. I just started watching the CREATING A POSITIVE TIMELINE IN THE PLANETARY MATRIX USING A CRYSTAL by Dan Willis & Elena Danaan-video and instead of making notes in my own personal notebook I decided to add an endnote here publicly. Perhaps I can use these notes for future articles.

In the beginning of this video you see this image of a person holding a crystal against his forehead. This reminded me of the concept of memory crystals that I first encountered in a video in which Mirkak featured. Mirkak is the partner of Val Nek (the former contact of Megan Rose) and in that video that deals with the Selosians and Atlantis he also talks about holding a memory crystal against his forehead, and this would allow him to actually experience that what was stored in that particular crystal, like a USB-stick with your forehead as the connection point. Here him talk about it at 8’40 in that video called ‘Mirkak from Telos

Besides this use as memory crystals, crystals seem to be a crucial element in smart spacesuits and frequency belts.

(58, June 2022) I was contacted by someone who suggested that I might take a look at the work of Sheldon Niddle of the Planetary Activation Group. I remember him for I read his updates which go back more than 20 years and I remember that he kept on saying that ‘first contact was imminent’, but this is what was said for many years so I lost interest.

That contact said that there was a list of alien species somewhere to be found on their site, and that would be interesting to compare with the work of Elena., but I could not retrieve it. Perhaps it can only be found in his book ‘Galactic Neighbors’ I watched parts of a video and when Sheldon Niddle (I guess that he’s the one talking in the videos) starts talking about ‘The Galactic Federation of Light’, it was enough reason for me to quit searching any further on this website. Elena Danaan said the following on her telegram-account: (May 21, 2022) “Galactic Federation of Light”/ “Ashtar whatever” and whoever put the title “lord” in front of their name, sending “codes” = disguised Orion Grays (Nebu) hacking minds to the Orion Hive. UNPLUG”

This is not to say that every advice by Elena Danaan is obediently and mindlessly followed by me, but to me it confirms my idea not to spend too much time on them, even though I like things Sirian. If someone has a pdf of his book I would like to see it though. I don’t want to pay 20 euros/dollars for it now. It is not that I am in a dire lack of information, which makes it easier to dismiss certain information that seems a bit off now.

Dr. Michael Salla has used the symbol of the Planetary Activation Organization in some of his videos to represent the Ashtar Galactic Command, if I remember correctly. I guess it would be better to use the symbol for the Ashtar Galactic Command as it was given to us through Elena Danaan.

(57, June 2022) On June 6, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla appeared in a youtube video called ‘Alien Chronicles‘. In episode 6 you can see him when he was some 20 years younger than today. I got to know Dr. Michael Salla only a few years ago and it was good to see how he looked then. It’s funny to think that in most worlds aging doesn’t really occur, because they have the techniques to make their DNA tune into the ‘holographic’ characteristics that the ‘bearer’ of the body wants, which often is somewhere between 20 and 30 years old. The series stems from 2020 and can be streamed from Amazon

Illustration of the Ormong by Elena Danaan (from Contact 09 video)


(56, June 2022) Elena Danaan posted a video on a recent discovery of Andromedan chrysalis looking artefacts which were taken from beneath the Moon’s surface. Take a look at the Chrysalis either in her video or on the page which deals with this idea that the Moon was taken here by the Andromedans ages ago (The Moon: Natural and Artificial at the Same time?). She also got to know a new race, called the Ormong. They were part of the Intergalactic Confederation, meaning they were from another galaxy. Here’s a drawing from the video. You can read about the Ormong in Elena’s Book ‘The Seeders‘ on pages 108-109.

Carians, or the Blue Avians. Illustration by Elena Danaan from her book ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (p.229)

(55, June 2022) I continued reading David Rousseau’s ‘Beyond Our World’ he describes his first meeting with a ‘Blue Avian’ during his first day in an underground facility on Earth as an 8-year old at the start of his 20-year and back-program. Here is what happened:

A blue sphere appeared out of nowhere. Strangely, the Reptilian had started to back off. He seemed as surprised as we were. The sphere came and stood between him and us. I could catch sight of someone inside. He seemed to be blue as well. There was a great light emanating from this being, a great loving force. He was so radiant; it was unbelievable. It was a being from the spheres; a Blue Avian This is what I would learn a little later. The exchanges with these beings, as with many others by the way, are just incredible.” (p.199)

(54, June 2022) Here’s some more on the 2002 Crabwood Crop Circle (see Crop Circles and Binary Messages)


(53, June 2022) Nibiru before a catastrophe when their star in the Sirius constellation went nova some 4,3 billion years ago. What to think of that? First it is another story than the Immaru story that we are given in ‘A Gift from the Stars’. Second: which Sirius star would have ‘gone nova’ some 4,3 billion years ago? Is there a link between the age of our planet and this event? Well, I’m just collecting possible pieces of the big puzzle here. Which group ‘panspermed’ the Anunnaki? We could use some Ark-information about our and their history, to verify all this information 🙂

The limited intelligence we have on their history does, however, provide us with a glimpse of how they managed to not kill each other to a level of extinction. They have also had more than their fair share of
catastrophic events. About 4.3 billion years ago, by Earth timekeeping, their planet is said to have been in orbit around one of the Sirius stars that, ultimately, went nova. Much like Earth, they, too, enjoyed a relatively long period of integral stability of orbit mechanics and mild, pleasant planetary conditions. It is further reported that, during this pre-catastrophic period, they managed to develop veritable Golden Age, with the aid of the “parent” group which had panspermed them.

Not much is known from them about this period, nor about the “stem-biology” or biologic life form responsible for their initial appearance and evolution. We know they were “helped;” what we don’t know is why, by whom, how much, and for how long. It is said they have been helped twice – once, at the start of their life form formation and the initial civilization they enjoyed before the event that ended their Golden Age, and again, after their planet barely survived the dislocation from their stellar mooring and their bootstrapping back into a Type 1 civilization, as they are now.” (Bordon p.57)

Marduk (image from Brittanica)

(52, June 2022) Anunnaki-family Dramas – When reading through the work of Zecharia Sitchen this feeling of extreme ‘divine’ drama was predominant. A lot of family affairs, jealousy, hatred, power against others who were more of the peaceful kind. What a mess… Could we somehow corroborate anything about Marduk’s (Enki’s firstborn) moves as they are described below?

To wit, when Marduk was exiled to the home planet some time following his reign as the second Egyptian divine pharaoh due to clashes with one or more members of the Ram faction, upon his return to Earth Ankur’s first born found his younger brother as the divine pharaoh of the Second Divine Dynasty. Through internal familial politicking, it is known now that Marduk managed to get Ningishzidda ousted and exiled to the New World first (in particular the American Southwest, Mexico and the highlands of Peru and Bolivia), and then to the Far East (where he met and collaborated with Utu in Japan, coastal China, the Korean peninsula, and the Asian highlands of Nepal and Tibet on tasks and projects with natives not disclosed to us). (The Link, p.57)

(51, June 2022) Destruction of Spaceport on the Sinai Peninsula – Not only are genes apparently very important in our history, but the hunt for stargates appears to be a recurrent theme as well. Here we can read about a ‘spaceport’ that would have been destroyed somewhere about 2,000 years B.C. How does this match the information from the CDT-Plates? Here’s a part in which the old king somewhere during our middle ages was pondering on matters on his own planet.

Is there any relationship between this Ankur/Enki and the Enki that Elena Danaan has recently had an interaction with? (See MAGIC SPELLS & EXTRATERRESTRIAL MAGIC ~ Lady Oona’s message explained). How does all the drama in Enki’s life within these Sumerian stories match with the current-day Enki? What about his relationship with his son Marduk?

The Nile and the Sinai Peninsula (image from a blog that has passed away)

“Both Nammur [Enlil] and Ankur [Enki] were so appointed to serve at the king’s pleasure in the start of what would, under the next king, become a de facto “kitchen cabinet” composed of familial and trusted Ša.A.Mi.s. There were matters on the royal mind, which required settlement and correction. One was the destruction of the spaceport on the Tilmun (the Sinai peninsula) in the latter part of the second millennium B.C.” (The Link, p.55)

(50, June 2022) Bordon and the Sa.A.Me – Sacsahuaman (see more in Endnote 49). I have continued reading his book and he spends quite a few pages on all the impending catastrophes that would befall our planet due to the arrival of Nibiru. He extensively quotes James McCanney. This book was written in 2007 and apparently none of all these disasters manifested. I’m not sure if this planet really orbits our sun either. But despite all that, there are some interesting elements in his story.

He calls the Sa-a-mi who inhabit the planet Uš.é.an.èš.da. (see p.51). They would have attended a number of conferences on Earth and they would have shared all kinds of things about their way of government on their world. They also talk about the Peruvian place called Sacsahuaman:

Sacsahuaman – Image from Bordon (2007) The Link (p.54)

” At a time corresponding to the middle to later part of the second century of the Common Era, it is reported that Nannar received instructions from his father (and through his father, from the King himself) to return to Earth, to the Altiplano of southeastern Peru, to assist Nannar’s son Utu in the closing down of the smelter as Sacsahuaman and the dismantling of runway operations in the Nazca area of southern Peru.

Though the smelter continued to process gold, tin and silver from distant and nearby sources with assistance from relocated Kassites (from southern and central Turkey), the operation would not last the first millennium of the Common Era. By the sixth century, Sacsahuaman became history and the so-called pre-Incan civilizations from northern Peru through the region north of the Atacama desert in northern Chile were all left to fend for themselves.” (p.54)

Cover of The Keys of Enoch by Hurtak (from 1973)

(49, June 2022) Bordon speaks about the Anunnaki in his book, the Link. He doesn’t talk about Nibiru but about Ša.A.Me. Here’s a part of his book. I add this because I want to explore these Anunnaki and their different branches. Aldebaran, Nibiru, Sirian-Anunnaki, Anunnaki-resistance, Enki, Enlil, Yahweh, and now the name Sa.a.mi (which sounds an awful lot like Sume(rian):

“To us, this planet is known as Ša.A.Me. (to cut or break /creation/red ocher + watery father office/ideal norm, in the Ša.A.Me language – Anemegir – having nearly identical meanings in Sumerian as well). But when referring to a native of the planet, the sequence changes to Ša.A.Mi (creation + offspring + divine decree/office/function). The / š / phoneme is pronounced / sh /, as in she. Ša.A.Mi.s too have been undergoing the changeover from disconnected bodyminds to a common, or a biomind of the whole biokind. It is reported by members who have attended the conferences that they are near the completion of their cycle to oneness, wherein all knowledge and mind resources are used in service to the common.” (The Link, p.43)

(48, June 2022) Pjotr Garjajev, Elena Danaan & A.R. Bordon God, I love synchronicities! 🙂 On May 31, 2022, Elena Danaan posted a link to an article on her telegramchannel which was about how DNA could be influenced by waves instead of by cutting and pasting in the physical way. That article ‘Scientists Finally Admit There Is a Second, Secret DNA Code Which Controls Genes‘ talks about an experiment that was done by a Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev.

A picture from Pjotr Garjajev with some hungarian subtitles 🙂

Triggered by Dr. Michael Salla’s interview with Fred Burks in which they elaborately paid attention to the Wingmakers, I decided to continue reading the work of A.R. Bordon, who is a good candidate for being the Fifteen from the Labyrinth group who studied the Wingmakers material, but who were also communicating with a group called the Corteum (see Endnotes 41 and 45). And guess to whom Bordon was referring in this book from 2007? Pjotr Garjajev!

These kind of coincidence deserve some attention and even though they are merely a number amongst many endnotes, they are here, and I’m going to add a quote from the Link:

According to their findings, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code – especially in the apparent “useless” 90%” — follows the same rules as those of our human languages. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. Therefore, human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored behavior of DNA under exposure to frequencies of light and sound. They concluded that “living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation.” This means that they managed, for example, to modulate certain frequency patterns (sound) onto a laser-like ray which influenced DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself.

Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and human languages are similar, if not identical, DNA decoding is automatized. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language. This, too, was examined experimentally to levels of confidence well beyond the .01 level. Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to languagemodulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies (sound) are being used.

This lends weight to the explanation for why affirmations, hypnosis and other psychomotive methods can have such strong effects on the human mind and body. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. While western researchers cut single genes from DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically created devices that influence cellular metabolism through modulated radio and light frequencies, thus repairing genetic defects.

They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. So they successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! In this manner, the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA.” (The Link, p.37 (38 in the pdf))

(also see endnote 69 for some thoughts on this by Enki)

(47, June 2022) In part 5 of the Interview with Al Bielek (who was once Edward Cameron before he was age-regressed in Montauk from a 37-year old man to a nine-month old baby. I mentioned this part in the post of Age Regression. Here’s a quote from the interview:

Edward Cameron is age-regressed from 37 years old to nine months old

And here we were, in the middle of Montauk underground in New York State actually on the very eastern tip of Long Island, and John tells me, he said, “I don’t like what they’re going to do to you.” He said, “I have no control over this anymore.” He said, “I’m now only a consultant on the base.” [UI] this was some time in 1983, and I don’t know exactly when. He says, “What they’re going to do is strip you completely of your memories with the special equipment we have here.” He made some passing comment that it was something they captured after the war from the Germans. “So, they’re going to age-regress you down to a young kid, and they’re going to put you in another family in the past and hope you never remember anything.” I says, “They’re going to do what?” And he says, “This is what they’re going to do.” (taken from Inscribedonthebelievingmind)

Donn Thor – The Venusian brother of Val Thor?

(46, June 2022) I am reading through the transcripts of a long interview with Al Bielek which was done by Diana Barahona at her site: Inscribed on the believing mind. In part 4 of this interview Al Bielek describes a kind of briefing on August 9, 1942, three days before the fatal Philadelphia Experiment. What I found interesting was the alleged presence of Donn Thor, who is said to be a brother of Val Thor.

Al Bielek says: “And next to him, slightly over towards the middle, is a man that looks like he has green hair. And of course, it’s a black-and-white [photo]—it’s not grey [hair]. It’s a very strange individual by the name of Donn Thor. He was holding a sheaf of papers in his hand, as you may note. He was a civilian, and we do not know all of his history, except it is alleged that he, as his brother, Val, were from Venus. And why he had an interest in this experiment, we do not know to this day—nor why he was there. We do not know to this day.” (from part 4 of the Al Bielek-transcripts).

Of course we know Val Thor as the main character in Elena Danaan’s We Will Never let you Down. In that book she describes how she actually visited Val Thor a couple of times in his abode in the wonderful subterranean (subvenusian) world. I couldn’t find anything on his brother Donn in the book.

(45, June 2022) Wingmakers, Corteum, Kerry Cassidy and Ashayana Deane – On June 4, 2022, Dr. Michael Salla presented a video interview with Fred Burks in which the Wingmakers (and the two website) were the main topic. This prompted me to look a bit deeper into the perspective of Ashayana Deane. In her 2003 book Voyagers 2, she devotes a few pages to the Wingmakers and the Corteum. I already added a quote from this book on the possible deceit by the Corteum group (see end note 41).

There has also been a series of interviews in 2010 that was done by Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) with Ashayana Deane, and in those interviews Deane also expressed her concerns about the intentions of the Corteum. This was followed by ‘judicial threats’ by the wingmakers.com-group (see ‘Ashayana Deane – Ascension Mechanics -REPOST).

To stress that Ashayana is on the side of the Burks and the first wingmakers.us-site here’s another quote from her second book:

“The “Wingmakers Ancient Arrow” archeological site does not belong to the Labyrinth Group, or to the Corteum. It belongs to a group of Emerald Covenant Angelic Human Races from the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds in the 6520 AD time period and to the Elohei-Elohim Founders, who long ago buried “time capsule treasures” in this region specifically for discovery in this time.10 The Elohei-Elohim have approached the Labyrinth Group with invitation to the Emerald Covenant, but the Labyrinth Group refused when the Elohei-Elohim explained the non-violent solution to the pending UIR invasion.” (p.554)

(44, June 2022) On the Moon landing, from Rousseau’s book, Beyond our World:

We’ve been cloaking our ship since we left the Earth’s environment. In just a few moments, we will be flying over the side of the Moon that is hidden from view on your planet. “I have a question”. “Let’s hear it”. “Did Neil Armstrong really set foot here?” “Actually, yes and no,” Xaman’Ek answered. “What do you mean, yes and no?” “They -the Apollo 11 crew- did come here, but they did not have time to land”. “How so? I don’t understand. What happened to them?” “Well, they got a little too close to what you’re about to find out in a few moments. They had no choice but to turn back. Here we are” (p.160)

(43, June 2022) In David Rousseau’s book ‘Beyond our World, Book 1: Stellar Soul’ you can read about a visit to Mars. He describes the space suit he got to wear: “We had all put on a kind of one-piece suit that fit each of our body shapes. What was incredible was the fact that it was so light and yet so hardy, as strong as a dragon’s shell. You could almost say that it was a second skin, as you forgot that you were wearing it so quickly and as it felt so comfortable. It automatically regulated the temperature to keep my body warm.” (p.155). See more on suits at the page on Smart Space Suits and Frequency Belts

(42, June 2022) In the Voyagers-material the concept of the high potential of our genes is mentioned as well. Here’s an excerpt:

The 12-strand package is one of the highest genetic
imprints within HU-1 and HU-2 for it allows full transmutation out of matter
and can embody the consciousness of a 12-dimensional oversoul when the 12
strands are fully activated. Very few biological forms possess this potential.
” (Voyagers II, p.84)

(41, May 2022) The page dealing with the Wingmakers talks about the Corteum and the Labyrinth Group. It also talks about two different versions of an interview with Dr. Anderson (whom we know from Peter Moon). One of the versions is relatively positive on the Corteum and the other is more skeptical. The skeptical perspective, which corrresponds with the original interview is shared by Ashayana Deane in her second Voyager book (from 2003). Here’s an excerpt from this book:

A collective of renegade Necromiton-Andromie/Jehovian Anunnaki hybrid Nephilim races, now members of the UIR, have been initiating progressive covert contact with a group of Humans known as the Labyrinth Group”. The Labyrinth Group is a covert collective of humans directly involved with the 1972-1973 archaeological discoveries known as the “Ancient Arrow Wingmakers Site” in New Mexico.

(taken from Wingmakers.us)

Using their usual talents of truth-twisting, dispensation of partial knowledge and embellished disinformation, this Nephilim group, which is code named the “Corteum”, have deceived the Labyrinth Group into assisting them to create a crystalline-scalar-mechanics based weapons technology. In order for the UIR to take advantage of this final 2011 invasion opportunity, they must re-activate the Seven Jehovian Seal sites on Earth in order to use the “Seven Trumpets” technologies of D-7 Phantom Arcturus to upcap the Falcon-Phoenix Wormholes. The Seven Jehovian Seal sites will have been re-calibrated to a Level 9 12- Code Pulse7 by 2011.

The technology the Corteum has inspired the Labyrinth Group to create is intended to assist the UIR in re-activating the seven Jehovian Seals on a Phantom Matrix electromagnetic pulse, to allow for fulfillment of the UIR’s OWO final victory. The Corteum technology utilizes inter-time manipulations intended to create “minute time rips” into the Phantom Matrix in regions connecting to the Seven Jehovian Seal sites. Through these “minute time rips.” which represent a type of wormhole bridge, the UIR intends to build up sufficient sub-space photo-sonic “charge” within the Axiatonal Line system of Parallel Earth.

The photo-sonic charge is intended to be progressively stored and amplified in the Parallel Earth Planetary Shields until 2008, at which time the charge is intended to be split into two “Phantom Electrostatic ionic pulses.” One pulse is to be sent back in time to the original 10,500 BC creation of the
Falcon-Phoenix Wormholes, the other into “future time” in the Phantom Earth time cycle. The “past” pulse will connect the 10,500 BC Atlantian period of Phantom Earth, in which the Luciferian Rebellion takeover attempt succeeded, to our present time continuum line.

The “future” pulse will connect the “future” of Phantom Earth, which evolved from the successful Phantom Earth Luciferian Conquest “past”, to our present time continuum. Through the mechanics of the Labyrinth Group’s Corteum technology, which the group has code-named the “Blank Slate Technology” or “BST” (Founders think of it as “the BeaST”), the UIR intends to accumulate photo-sonic charge in the Phantom Earth future location and the 10,500 BC Luciferian Conquest period of Phantom Earth Atlantis. When the 2011 “window of opportunity” opens, the UIR intends to use the contemporary “BeaST” to direct the amplified photo-sonic charge simultaneously into the Seven Jehovian Seal sites of Earth’s Planetary Shields, in the contemporary time, past Atlantian and future Phantom Earth periods. ” (Deane, Voyagers 2, p.553)

(40, May 2022) While studying the very elaborate Voyagers material on the history of mankind going back many millions of years, I came across a part in which the makers of the Sphinx were described. They would have been the Anunnaki who were then part of the Sirian Council and who abided by the Law of One (as opposed to the Anunnaki Resistance). On pages 60-61 you can read:

Voyager 2 – The Secrets of Amenti

“The first monument to be created was the original Sphinx. This building covered the portal to the Inner Earth and linked directly into the portal passage that led to the Arc of the Covenant. The Sphinx was designed following Anunnaki heritage, having the head of an Anunnaki warrior placed upon the body of a lion-like sculpture. The lion’s body of the Sphinx was a symbolic tribute to a race of beings from HU-2 known as the Leonines, who were instrumental in laying the early foundations of Anunnaki culture. The Leonine beings of HU-2, who were large, upright, fur-covered felines of advanced intelligence, were revered as Godlike by the early Anunnaki civilizations, and the Anunnaki of the Sirian Council paid tribute to this heritage.

The Anunnaki of the Sirian Council drew strength and comfort from their affiliation with the Leonine people, and, by constructing this monument, intended to show the power of the Anunnaki united and built upon their Leonine ancestral allies. The symbolic design of the Sphinx was intended to show the
Anunnaki Resistance that they were alone in their conquest and that the true Anunnaki heritage stood behind the Anunnaki of the Sirian Council. In practical terms, the Sphinx was constructed to serve as a fortification for the Inner Earth portal and also as a safe house and library for the storage of sacred
records and texts. It also served the purpose of housing the great energytransmitting machines that were charged with UHF fifth-dimensional energy from the Arc of the Covenant, and the smaller Ankhs which were infused with energy in a similar fashion.” (Ashayana Deane, Voyagers II, pp 60-61)

It’s interesting to note that these Leonines are not part of the Reptilian group that was seeded many billion years ago, but that apparently did not stop them in assisting the Reptilian Anunnaki culture. Also see (Once Upon a Time, some 950 billion years ago) and the article on the question who the feline beings under the Sphinx were (Two or Three lion-like species from the Stars: the Laan, the Pascahts and Yet Another?

Please, let me in so we can eventually take over humanity. Screenshot from a video

(39, May 2022) After the hybrid-psy-op of the Essassani by Bashar and the Far Sight Interview (see end note 37 and Bashar, the Far Sight Institute and the Essassani Resistance Movement Psy-Op Elena Danaan warned for another bunch of Grey-human hybrids that would try to squeeze their way into our world, namely the P’nti. I couldn’t find anything of them until I read someone’s newsletter in which they were presented. Here’s a nice ad from a youtube-video. Unfortunately for them, the Prime Directive was amended in such a way that no alien group can force their way into our society by fooling people to let them in. This abuse of the free will of people from a stage 1 or 2 society for a dark agenda is no longer allowed. So, they can wait to be stopped by the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

(38, May 2022) Like I said earlier on (see note 36), I started reading Stellar Soul (the first of the Beyond our World series) from David Rousseau. I came across an interesting part in which he describes a scene at his high school in which many kids were watching some strange being in a silver like spacesuit hovering in the sky. Everybody seemed to be in a shock, but the funny thing was that the day after a teacher told him to not speak about the incident any longer. He was instructed by the Head teacher to act as if it didn’t happen. A few hours later you could smell some gas going through the rooms in the school. After that David noticed that everyone he asked about the incident the day before, couldn’t remember a single thing. Their memories seemed to have been wiped with that gas! (see chapter Black out, p.63-64). For more on memory wipes: read Booby Traps and Curses to Secure Mind Wipes

(37, May 2022) After the article on Bashar and the Far Sight Institute I questioned the love of the Far Sight Institute for the Esssassani (Resistance Movement). Here’s a screenshot. The comment was placed below their article on President Putin

(36, May 2022) Today I bought the book ‘Beyond Our World, part I‘ by Daniel Rousseau. Although I had promised myself to only buy it when a paperback version was available, I didn’t want to wait any longer. I have just finished the first chapter and I look forward to the rest.

(35, May 2022) Sometime I suffer from a kind of ‘Cabal-fatigue’, meaning that I don’t want to spend one more second on that load of crap that is poured over us by the main stream media as the loyal lackeys of their grand Cabal lords from the WEF and the powers behind them. Stop this bullshit on Ukraine, genders, food-shortages, climate crisis, coronavirus etc. We should all laugh at them right in their faces when they try to fool us with their crazy globalist crap.

(34, May 2022) It’s interesting to note that occasionally there is a greater number of pageviews for the three articles on this website that are related to Megan Rose. These surges are probably a result of a new video by her. I prefer to remain consistent and I haven’t watched any of her videos after it was made abundantly clear that she was telling a story that was not in line with what I prefer to see as the greater picture. Elena Danaan’s sources are far more reliable in my opinion.

(33, May 2022) Triggered by the presence of a non-Laan feline being under the Sphinx (see Sphinx, Eggs etc.) I am reading the book ‘The Lion People’ by Murry Hope from 1988. I am going to write interesting things about them in future articles. But I came across a reference towards Capella, and of course I know Capella as the starsystem from which the Naacal or the Ramay originate. In the ‘Lion People’ I read the following, obviously not referring to them, since they are no lizard beings: “We [Pachats/Lion People] do not have close communications with all of these intelligences, but we do know the Dolphin people and the Lizard beings from the Capella/Auriga region, among others” (p.18) Elena Danaan doesn’t mention any other beings from Capella besides the Ramay.

(32, May 2022) I’m reading through Stewart Swerdlow’s book ‘Montauk: the alien connection’ from 1998. As a child he had a meeting with a number of species that he would have a role to play in his life. One of the species was what you might call ‘the Original Butterfly’. This butterfly was the inspiration for the cover of his book. The butterfly communicates with the young Swerdlow:

At the beginning of Earth’s history, this butterfly’s species donated DNA for Project Earth to create the creatures on Earth known as butterflies. Continuing, it said that the butterflies on Earth monitor magnetism and know how to adjust it so that it has a beneficial effect on the environment. Moths were created as a negative aspect of this by the dark side. For every good thing that was created on Earth, the dark side made an opposite to counter it….

...Their planet is located in a distant sector of this galaxy, but their species had been taken to populate other worlds in other universes that were more suited to their needs. No matter where in the universe they exist, they communicate within their species at will.” (Montauk: the alien Connection, p.34)

Read more about the possible connection between animals and their otherworldy origins at From Which Planets do Our Animals Originate

(artist’s impression of a Ciakahrr, source)

(31, May 2022) Here’s something interesting about four Ciakahrr: “They [Ciakahrr] feed upon emotions and energies of fear. They love fear. It is addictive, something that they love. They nourish themselves from the fear and the pain which are delightful energies for them. Some of them have unexpectedly encountered compassion. They have tasted love. I know you are going to say this is not me speaking, Thor Han, but this is. This is me. I’ve seen this happening. Some high ranks of Ciakahrrs not a lot, unfortunately. Only four of them. They have changed their mind and deserted their empire. Now these are under our protection. They seek refuge in the underground realms of the Agarthans. There is a place called Telos and the Telosians are helping them. Now we are going, not my fleet but the two other ones. They are going to rescue them and bring them simply back to where they wish to go. They cannot go back to their home, in their empire. They will be killed. So they are seeking asylum to the Federation, and we accept. This is the news I wanted to tell you.” (from Interstellar Contacts, May 7, 2020)

(30, May 2022) These interstellar transcripts really are interesting. What do you say about how you notice the transition from 3D to 5D. Here’s what Thor Han said:”You are in transition and when you are totally completely in 5D you do not feel any more the bad emotions, you are not affected anymore by pain, suffering. These are emotions linked with the third density, you can be sad but not the same sad, it is not a sadness that affects you. You as well have access to a higher knowledge, you see things, you understand
them, and you know I will have difficulty expressing this difference, it is a feeling. You feel you are above the matrix, you feel it.
” (from Interstellar Contacts, May 7, 2020)

(taken from the Fifth Dimension)

(29, May 2022) While studying the older material, I read a mention of someone sending out a lot of satellites…Read along: “Recently we had problems with some of your, how would I say, commercial leaders, who are putting up a lot of harmful satellites, and we do not tolerate this. This is becoming too much. There is an amount of junk around your planet. It is absolutely horrible. So at the moment we are trying to do some clean up. Today I was doing some clean up. Q: How do you clean up, do you destroy the debris? Thor Han: We cannot destroy the satellites. We just deactivate them. We cannot deactivate all of them. So it is by turn. We have to stay discrete. It needs to look like a malfunction.” (from Interstellar Contacts, May 7, 2020). I would say he is referring to the satellites by starlink, but I might be wrong. This was before the signing of the Jupiter Agreement. Perhaps the nature of these satellites has been updated to use this ‘quantum technology’ as is being suggested by that Selosian lady that Elena had a cup of tea with in Ireland.

(28, May 2022) Kryon of magnetic service. While reading through one of the older transcripts that Elena Danaan has recently posted on her website, I came across a short interaction about Kryon. I was surprised to read Thor Han’s reaction. Here’s a part of that transcript: ” Q: You talked about the Etheric Grid and someone here who channels a Kryon which is the Keeper of the Magnetic Grid, it’s a Collective?
Thor Han: I have heard of this entity which is a High Guardian which is assigned to Terra. We
happen to work with him sometimes, but this is not the work we do with this entity. This is an
entity of a very high density, but we do not work all the time with this entity. He is doing a
different job.
” (from Interstellar Contacts, May 7, 2020)

(27, May 2022) I was reading the Transylvanian Moonrise today in some indoor playground and somehow my heart opened up. Quite strange, indeed. Perhaps, some day I will discover why. At p. 52 I read: “It is a great art to see these synchronicities and then understand their hidden meaning. At the same time, if you can do that, it is a clear sign that you have evolved.“. I don’t want to boast with my great understanding of synchronicities, but the person who said this in the book is called ‘Elinor’ and guess who was above me today in the ranking list of my duolingo Hungarian course? Isn’t that funny?

(26, May 2022) While writing the article on the Hall of Records beneath Mt. Kalash I added an excerpt of the book by Radu Cinamar called the Transsylvanian Moonrise. This reminded me of an interesting excerpt that Elena Danaan shared on her facebook account on April 24, 2022. She posted a picture of a page of another book by Cinamar in this series, called the Forgotten Genesis. This was about the Flat Earthers. I want to share this excerpt with you galactic guys 🙂 as well:

Photograph of page from Forgotten Genesis.

(25, May 2022) In these times of psy-ops flying past you from the left and the right, from below and above, it can be tough to stay on the right track. For me it feels right to stay on the Elena Danaan-track and I’m glad that this information is supported by other SSP (Secret Space Program) -experiencers. It feels important for me to be clear about who I trust and who I distrust. I noticed the importance of that during the time that Megan Rose turned out to be heading in another direction. If I had decided to follow both her story and that of Elena Danaan I would have ended up confused and distorted. After having cut off the link with Megan my deep breath returned soon, and I was able to confidentally continue with the explorations and the archiving of the relevant material on this website.

The same goes for Corey Goode as far as I’m concerned. I have come to distrust the Far Sight Institute because I agree with Diana (see comment on https://galacticanthropology.org/2022/04/28/president-putin-and-the-far-sight-institute/) that if you are biased to begin with, you end up getting biased results. Dr. Alfred Webre talks to people who tell tales that can be quite poisonous to me, if you ask me. It really is important to hold on to a ‘clean’ website that doesn’t carry to much dissonance. You could argue that it is not scientific or perhaps even ‘the easy way’, but I think it really is vital to pick out that information that resonates the most, and so far, Elena Danaan has done a great job in providing ground-breaking and inspiring, new information.

(24, April 2022) I came across an interesting term in ‘Transylvanian Sunrise’ from Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon. I wrote a few articles based of this book (after having been introduced to it by Dr. Michael Salla), namely From which Planets do our Animals Originate? and 50,000 year old Holographic Bodyscan Device found in Romanian Bucegi Mountains. The term he used was ‘Astropaleontology‘ referring to the study of ancient artefacts (and arks, hall of records) that have an extraterrestrial origin.

(23, April 2022) Before writing the piece of Dolores Cannon, the late and famous past-life regression therapist, I tend to check if Dr. Michael Salla has written anything on a particular subject. I only found one link, and that was a link with the contactee Jean-Charles Moyen. His wife, Melanie, was the one who assisted him in retrieving his memories from his 20-years-and-back program. She apparently was trained in the Dolores Cannon method. Here’s an excerpt from 20 Years & back with the French Secret Space Program: “I decided to find out more and without telling David I did a regression hypnosis, my wife is specialized in Hypnosis Dolores Cannon method. For more than 2 hours I described everything I just told you in detail, my training on board the SOLARIS, Maria the blonde woman with blue eyes, the class, the alien children, the Mars mission that went wrong. And at the end of my service, I said to David in the hallway of the ship we will meet again my brother, I know it, and we cried together. Maria was next to me, and she said: we’ll see you soon!  My wife Melanie and I wrote the details of my hypnosis.

(22, April 2022) While reading the Convoluted Universe (part four) by Dolores Cannon I came across a section in which a woman was talking to Mrs. Cannon and they were having a past-life or a ‘life-between-lives’ therapy session (chapter 5). The client told her about a few lives she had lived and that she was given the choice what other kind of life she would like to live: a life in the military, as an academic or with hard labor. She made it sound as if she eventually would need to live these lives, but that she had the choice to pick the order of lives. This triggered some questions. Who decides which lives are ‘necessary’ to live? I also couldn’t help but think about that ‘Earth Cage’ that was in operation. This ‘cage’ would make it virtually impossible for human souls to really leave Terra: they just had to be reincarnated on our planet, even though there are numerous other planets where a lot of different experiences can be had. Fortunately this ‘soul cage‘ around our planet would have been destroyed as it may just have been doctored by some malevolent alien groups who didn’t want souls to flee from ‘their’ world. Take a look at Dismantlement of Nebu’s Forced Reincarnation ‘Machine’ on the Moon

(21, April 2022) Today I launched a Telegram-channel which you can find at t.me/galacticanthropology. In Elena Danaan’s Telegram channel she referred to an article that was published by Alfred Lambremont Webre which deals with the group called the Taygeteans (see that article) which are said to be nothing but a fraud. At his site at New Inside Out I noticed that he had just released a new book called ‘Chirogarchy’, a book that would contain more than 1100 pages! I immediately decided to order it.

(20, April 2022) After the fall of Duck duck go I launched a site in Hindi, which you can find HERE. Let’s see if Duckduckgo can cancel all of the translated sites in Chinese, Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish and now also in Hindi. I intend to spread the word, and not be stopped by some ducking duck and a resistant Google 🙂

(19, April 2022) Gliese 832 and the Elmanuk. In the struggle with the search engines this site has been mostly neglected by the Google-giant. After Duckduckgo apparently put galacticanthropology in the trash-can, I noticed that unexpectedly Google.com returned a site, whereas DDG did not. If you enter the search terms ‘Gliese 832 Elmanuk’ you get a link to the Electrogravity article. Duckduckgo seems to shapeshift from a friend to an enemy…

(18, April 2022) Something happened in the second week of April in regard to Duckduckgo. I used to be very positive about this search engine (see notes 6 & 13), but somehow it has downrated this website that you can hardly find it any more, whereas it was often easily found when using terms like ‘Selosians’ or ‘Ciakahrr’. Now even typing in the complete titles doesn’t get you to this site. So, it appears that the most common search engines are making it hard for anyone to get to this information. The only exception I have come across now is the Russian Yandex search engine (yandex.com). So, from now on, I recommend Yandex as the search engine to use. (Update July 2022 – This problem with Duckduckgo, fortunately only lasted for a week, since then it has returned to being the main provider for viewers through a search engine)

Another search engine that hasn’t blocked this website is Startpage.com. It has been quite a ride, but I have found a few other search engines that apparently don’t censor the results. The winners in the second round are: Entire Web and Gibiru.

(17, April 2022) Elena has started to upload transcripts of her communications with members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. In one of the early transmissions Thor Han mentioned the Reptilians that were living in the Pleiades. I have wondered: what are the Grays: a kind of repilians, or are they a separate kind of species, opposed to the humanoids, the insectoids? In March 26, 2020 he sheds some light on this issue: “We have our own Reptilians there, and a reptiloid race that looks like Grays. Gray races are mostly of reptilian nature, cold blood.

(16, March 2022) While working on the page of the Wingmakers I came across a crystal that was found in one the chambers in New Mexico. This crystal reminded me of the crystal Elena Danaan and Dan Willis showed during their interview. Here is a snapshot from the interview and the artefact. They sure look similar, don’t you think?

(15, March 2022) Through Elena’s Telegram channel I got to an interview Nicholas Veniamin with David Mahoney on March 21 (link). In this interview David Mahoney talks about a visit he made to Elena Danaan and he mentioned the idea that two races would introduce themselves. At about 13’50” he talked about those races being the Arcturians and the Pleiadeans. Well, I think he mixed up some names there. The races that would first introduce themselves would be those that look a lot like us, like those from Erra (planet orbiting Taygeta/Ashaara) and from Alpha Centauri B: the Centaurians. He mixed up the Arcturians with the Centaurians, which is understandable. The Arcturians don’t really look a lot like us, if only for their skin color!

(14, march 2022) I was taking my dog out for a walk in the morning and the sun was shining comfortably and szép. This reminded me of Tony Rodrigues’ book ‘The Ceres Colony Cavalier’ in which he describes (near the end) that in one of the caves they (mostly the Germans) were making a ceiling in the blue color of a sky with even an artificial sun that would move from one side of the cave to another. How lucky we are that we have a real sun and a real blue sky. He said that many people were yearning for the sun on that small planet.

(13, february 2022) I’m still surprised that nearly all of the search-engine traffic comes from Duckduckgo. I checked to see the difference between duckduckgo, bing, yahoo and google for the search item ‘Thor Han’. In Duckduckgo this site appeared as the second result. The same goes for Bing and Yahoo, but Google doesn’t show anything of this site and I stopped after the first 60 results. Funny, right?

(12, february 2022) I was trying to find some more information on the Vril/Phryll and I thought the april 2021-video by Elena would be a good source of information. The video has a length of more than 2 hours, and only after one hour she actually started to talk about the Vril…I like her and she answered interesting questions in the first hour, but if you want to study things effectively it can sometimes be quite a challenge before you actually find the information I’m looking for in all these videos!

(11, february 2022) While doing my Hungarian study I came across the word ‘kiknek’ which reminded me of Val Nek, the former contact within the Galactic Federation of Worlds from Megan Rose, before she was compromised. How rich has my world of galactic associations become 🙂

(10, february 2022) Science has discovered a third planet that orbits Proxima Centauri. On a Dutch site this development was discussed and I decided to add a comment below that article referring it to one of the articles on the Meton, coming from planets around Proxima Centauri.

(9, february 2022) For the first time an article from this website was put on a foreign website. A Finnish site decided to translate the article ‘Is this Real or Not’ on their exopolitical website. Since they included everything, including the links at the bottom of the article, some Finnish audience came to this theater here.

An ummite according to Craig Campobasso (p.140)

(8, february 2022) An Australian woman introduced me to Craig Campobasso. Just like Elena Danaan he had made an Extraterrestrial Species Almanac. I was curious about this book from 2021 so I ordered it, mainly because I wanted to compare them. I have a lot of trust in the work of Danaan, but perhaps Campobasso had some interesting perspectives as well, I thought. Well….what shall I say?

The first species that I compared are the Ummit (see Meet the Ummit). Elena described them as ones have high foreheads and relatively little hair. And guess how Campobasso imagined the Ummites? See the picture her on the left 🙂 This is completely different than Elena’s Ummit (and fortunately there was more collaboration on the high-forehead look of the Ummites).

(7, january 2022) While reading Beyond the Light Barrier from Elizabeth Klarer I was reminded of the interview with Lucerta the 28-year old Reptilian woman whose race would have naturally evolved on our planet. In that interview she gets very technical about plasma and matters. I simply had to admit that I didn’t understand it at all. This feeling recurred when Akon started to explain how his spaceship works somewhere at page 33 of the book. There is a lot we need to learn I guess.

(6, january 2022) Search engines are of course an obvious way to get people to visit a website. I did notice something weird as far as the search engines are involved that lead traffic to my website. Take a look at the figures from the first two weeks of 2022. Isn’t it funny that the world’s most popular search engine, Google, hardly directs any traffic to this website, whereas duckduckgo is the main provider. Today I was visiting a site called ‘Exopaedia‘ and he had discovered something alike, with the difference that he knew how it was before. He concluded that you should not use google to search for exopolitical or ufological information. His guess is that the whole topic was branded ‘conspiracy’ and ‘pseudo science’).

(5, january 2022) On January 7, 2022 Elena posted a video by Thor Han on the arks that were activated. I felt the inclination to immediately write a story on it on this site, but I decided against it, since Dr. Michael Salla would probably write some backgrounds on this video with some other details. In no way would I want to compete with him in being the first to write anything on this new information. I prefer to wait and refer back to Michael’s articles and videos. There are many other things to write about since the amount of information presented really is astounding.

(4, january 2022) In the article on the Meton and their 2000 year life span I encountered something that I would rather have ignored, but that would clash with my critical mind. Although I would like to accept the validity of everything that is written in the books, I cannot ignore some minor things. While reading about Proxima Centauri I read on p.124 of ‘A Gift from the Stars’ that this star would be of about the same size as our Sun. When I looked at the wikipedia page however I read that Proxima’s diameter is about 14% of the Sun’s diameter, which is significantly smaller. The possibility remains that we – Terrans – have not measured it correctly, but that doesn’t seem likely I would say. Perhaps it was a mix-up with the other stars in the system which appear to have about the same size as our lovely sun. On p. 118 the correct information on the size of Proxima Centauri is given (1/7th of the size of our sun). So it must be some typo on p.124.
(Update January 18, 2022: While reading the book ‘Beyond the Light Barrier’ I read the same information that Thor Han gave. On page 42 it reads: “Our home planet is well within this stupendous radiating ecosphere, which is further augmented by a third star similar to the Sun.“. I’m not absolutely sure this refers to Proxima Centauri however).

(3, january 2022) Search item: intergalaxical fedration 1 1 2022 – The person who was looking for this can be redirected to the page I wrote on the first of january: The Intergalactic Confederation. I tried a translate-widget besides the articles, but I didn’t really like it. The articles turned too small. So, I guess anyone who wants to read the English articles on this site need to copy and paste them in google translate.

“Positive aliens NEVER present themselves as “masters”. On the contrary, they want us to stop kneeling, and to consider ourselves as equals with them. This “Ashtar Sheeran” does not exist, it is a manipulation. Wake up, damnit!”

(2, december 2021) Ashtar 2021 – This search item was entered by a reader. It reminded me of a comment by Elena on her facebook page on Ashtar Sheeran. She was pretty clear: there is no such person as Ashtar Sheeran. Here’s a translation of her post from december 30, 2021:

(1) There is a lot of information in the videos of the contactees Elena Danaan and Megan Rose. As is the case with videos they can often be quite long and since there is no ‘search-button’ available it can prove to be quite a task to retrieve certain ideas, statements, thoughts etc. Although I would like to be extremely precise and refer to the exact location where I found certain ideas (video 7, 1h5m10s), I cannot always do that, simply because it takes too much time to search through all these videos. So, sometimes you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t know exactly where I got a certain idea from. This raises the possibility that I could falsely represent certain ideas, because I work from memory in those cases. I can only tell you that I try to work as honestly and pure as I can, but you have to forgive me if certain details are different. Please let me know if you come across any of these issues, so I can correct them.