A Holographic Chair within the Great Pyramid of Giza?

( Une Chaise Holographique dans la Grande Pyramide de Gizeh ?)

Towards the end of an interview with Elena Danaan, Mélanie Charest (1) on Dani Henderson’s channel on March 6, 2023 (2), something extraordinary happened. Dani said that Elena had appeared a bit late for the interview with Mélanie, but she had quite a good excuse: she was just back from space! (3) In the following excerpt from this interview you can hear Elena talk about a meeting she had with High Commander Ardaana from the Galactic Federation of Worlds on board of the Excelsior.

Elena Danaan talks about fresh news from High Commander Ardaana on Possible Disclosure in the Great Pyramid of Giza

In this video fragment Elena says that she talked to High Commander Ardaana (4) and was told that disclosure is high on the agenda of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Elena had talked about the way the Deep State was thwarted with their plans for a fake alien invasion (5), and you probably remember the story on the meeting of General Glen vanHerck with Thor Han (6).

This time Ardaana expanded on a piece of information that she had mentioned in her new year’s wishes (7). Here’s a paragraph from that article:

          This year, more scientific reveals will be released to the population of Terra. Members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds such as the Ummite, Silo and Meton have been very active, relentlessly sharing technologies with many Contactees. These people are soon going to speak for they will be protected by new laws. 2023 will be a year of rediscoveries. Rediscovery of your own sovereignty and human cognitive capacities, rediscovery of technologies that will be released, and the Ancient Past will come back to the surface, notably related to islands in your oceans. Open the pyramids.” (7)

And indeed she mentioned the words ‘Open the Pyramids.’, which is what this message was all about. The beginning of March 2023 brought the discovery of a new corridor in the Great Pyramid of Giza (8). But there is probably going to come more, because Elena was told that Commander Ardaana was not sure what the Egyptian officials would disclose, but this recently discovered corridor is connected to another corridor that goes down and ends in a particular room.

The Great Pyramid of Giza (14)

And in that room there would be a seat with technology, a technology chair. Elena describes it as a kind of holographic chair. Perhaps the ones that we have come to know from the various meetings between representatives from star nations? (9) They are supposed to be found, for that would be part of the plan. There are, however, still people within the group of Egyptian officials that don’t want to disclose anything like that, and probably for the reason that it would show the world that there were civilizations before us that were far more advanced than we are now (10).

Well, let’s see how this story evolves! It would be great corroboration if they would indeed show this chair with holographic technology to the world (11).

(1) I wrote a page on Mélanie Charest’s experiences from a year ago. You can read it at Childrens’s Classes in a Spaceship. I started watching the interview from March 6 (2) after some 45 minutes. I will get back to it later. It’s good to see Mélanie is showing herself more. Mélanie Charest is Jean-Charles Moyen’s wife, or should I say, spouse?
(3) This reminds me of that moment when she was on the phone with Dani and Elena said that she had to end the conversation because she was going to Neptune 🙂 Read more about that adventure on: A Parallel Neptune and the Koldasii
(4) It is Time to Soar as Humanity and Add the last Stone to the Monument
(5) Updates March 1, 2023
(6) ET Disclosure being planned now at an underground Blue Ridge Mountains Complex – Dr. Michael Salla has recently updated his website at exopolitics.org; I’m glad to see that his website looks more like mine 🙂 at least as far as the way the articles are presented: all the ads and information that were on the margins have been removed or placed below the articles. I think it is a great improvement. I would welcome working more closely with Dr. Salla to further the free sharing of the disclosure information.
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(10) Somewhere later in the video Dani comments by saying that some people don’t want humanity to know that we – in a way – are the muppets of the universe and not the most intelligent species as we have taught ourselves.
(11) We have had our share of holographic discoveries in earlier articles (12,13)
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