Booby Traps and Curses to Secure Mind Wipes

Mental Booby Traps inserted to secure Mind Wipes (image taken from (9))

The Antarctic articles (1,2) that deal with the Cabal who are supposed to have been given a chance to ‘escape’ to another planet but only if they undo all their spells, hexes, curses and black magic, that they have used to hold on to their power. In the first Antarctica article Elena Danaan (E) asks Thor Han (TH,3) why the Cabal are given so much time:

E : Wait, why give them five months?

TH: For the transition. This meeting is a turning point for them, and for you. If we had suppressed them all at once, the financial and economical systems on Terra would have imploded in a terrible chaos. There are better ways. They are summoned to transfer to the Alliance their keys and tools, in order to make the transition as smooth as possible for the population.

Something else that is worth mentioning, is that they have been taught dark aetherical arts and the spells need to be undone. This will undo their power. It is powerless that they will leave this world. Because they will leave. You know, when I mentioned transition, I meant to say that Terrans need to see the faces of their enemy, in order to open their consciousness to the truth. However painful this process is, it is necessary. (1)

You can find more on this in the article dealing with the Cabal and the Freemasons (4), which is also based upon the two Antarcticles (1,2) and Oona’s message.

As a result of all this talk on black magic and curses that would have been cast by the Cabal, the Elite and probably their alien masters on humanity Dr. Michael Salla went to interview Brad Olsen (5) in order to learn more about this link between the Cabal and black magic. Although the interview was interesting it did not really provide many keys that we could use ourselves to assist in removing these curses in any way.

For me it did trigger the idea of the Perception Switch and Shapeshifting which I described in another article, which you could see as a kind of as a means to ‘fool’ people, even though there need not be any bad intent behind it (6). Perhaps there are ways to counter this switch if one is aware of this possibility?

When I was lying in bed I was wondering about all this: what else can we say about these manipulative techniques, and finally I got to think about Michael Relfe again. I had mentioned him recently because he was one of those people that were age-regressed 20 years, just like Jean-Charles Moyen (7). In the book ‘Mars Records’ (8) we can read about the painstakingly way he and his wife have been working on the removal of a lot of curses or booby traps as they call it.

Michael Relfe was abducted and one of the ways that his mind was wiped was with the help of terrible booby traps. Fortunately we hear about more friendly ways to mindwipe people from Elena Danaan’s experiences with her friends from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. In her case the mindwipe was done to protect her from very bad memories, especially when she was a child (11).

But in the case of Relfe the mind wipe was at least partly built on these booby traps. But what are these booby traps? In the book (8) three categories of booby traps are distinguished:

(1) Commands to die if the person remembers.
– “Die if you remember this”
– “Kill yourself if you remember this”
– “Die of heart failure if you remember this”
– “Have a stroke if you remember this”
– “You’ll go insane if you remember this”
(2) Commands to kill the person who helps them to remember (that is, you).
– “Kill the person who helps you to remember this”
– “Destroy the reputation of anyone who helps you deprogram”
(3) Commands that relate to endangering others
– “Kill your daughter if you remember this”
– “Your family will die if you remember this”
– “(name of loved one) will die if you remember this” (8, pp. 12-15)

The book by the Relfes provides ways to deal with these awful booby traps. Can you imagine that many people who have been abducted would have actually have these kind of terrible threats in their unconscious layers? And perhaps some of these techniques are also applied by the Cabal in their secret rituals? Let me know your thoughts by writing a comment below.

See Endnote 38 for the use of Gas to create a mindwipe

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