More on the Atlantic Ark and an Ark Summary – Rescue Mission with Russians participating

On February 2, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla released the second video on the Atlantic Ark (1,2). The first video was put online at January 10, 2022 (3,4). After that video Elena Danaan placed a video on the activation of the Ark on Venus (5). Before that we had the release of the coordinates of the Ark on Antarctica (6) and the description of the first Ark that was entered by JP in december 2021 on the Moon (7).

Russian Soldiers (11)

In a short article on this site I paid some attention to the release of the information on the Ark and how it might relate to the Prime Directive (8). I also introduced one of the species that would have a base in the Bermuda Triangle according to the work of Elena Danaan (9).

I really advise you to watch that video (42 minutes well spent), because it contains mind-blowing events! (2) A group consisting of Chinese, Russian and American military were sent down into this ark where they were welcomed by the Aztec people who went missing some two weeks before. They were then escorted to a particular room where they saw some huge liquid ball hovering in the middle. Watch the video for what happened next!

JP says that these arks were discovered because they started to give off more heat and they increased their magnetic pull. There would have been found another one in the Pacific. He expects that all these activated arks cannot remain hidden from the general public for long.

Besides this Elena Danaan posted a very positive video on the revolt of the people in Canada for instance and what the members of the Galactic Federation think of these signs of humanity that is waking up (10).

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