The Arks and the Prime Directive

On January 8, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla launched an article (1) that deals with the idea that five arks would have activated due to the arrival of the Intergalactic Confederation Fleet (2). One of these arks would be on our planet, probably the one on Antarctica.

This article spends some thoughts on the connection with the Prime Directive and how these arks fit within these moral guidelines. Here are a few words from Thor Han on the activation of the Arks:

Antarctica (image from Lonely Planet (3))

A long time ago, the Intergalactic Confederation had several colonies in this star system. On Naara (Venus), Terra, its moon, Tyr (Mars) and the fifth planet. Great wars occurred with the Anunnaki and the colonies left. But before leaving, they gathered the essential of their knowledge in arks they buried deep, on the planets I mentioned. These arks preserved the essential information necessary to rebuild the glory of these colonies, if one day this was to happen…..

When the fleet from the Intergalactic Confederation approached this star system, the arks activated. It was time. The return of the Seeders marks the beginning of a new era, when Terrans are ready to receive the long-time hidden knowledge. No rules are broken when the Terrans make their own research and discover the keys by themselves. You understand, this knowledge and technology couldn’t fall in the wrong hands. The arrival of the Seeders occurs when the enemy has lost all power and possessions in this star system. The time is right, now. ” (1)

In September 2021 the Galactic Federation of Worlds released its Prime Directive, which is described as a moral, ethical guide and legal template, applicable to all cultures in any world that have not yet achieved interstellar travel capacity and have not established an organized continuous relationship with an evolved external interstellar culture. (4)

In connection with the technology and the information in the Antarctic Ark, which we may dub as the Arkarctic, one could wonder how this fits with certain parts of the Prime Directive:

(Screenshot from Exopolitics article (3))

When looking back at the key phrase in Thor Han’s message that ‘no rules are broken when the Terrans make their own research and discover the keys by themselves‘ the idea would be that since the ark has been on our planet for quite some time the ark and its technology is in a way already part of our planet and therefore it is not something new that was introduced from ‘abroad’ in the galactic sense of the word. On top of that we must decipher and figure it out ourselves as well. It is not brought to us on a silver plate.

The Prime Directive allows for exceptions, as we can read in rule number 9:

(Screenshot from Exopolitics article (3))

In Elena Danaan’s book ‘We will never let you down’ (5) the Prime Directive is mentioned as well, with some additions to the bare variant which appears on the exopolitics site (3). To round off this article I want to add the four stages of a civilization that are distinguished by the Galactic Federation of Worlds. To find out more of his comments on the Prime Directive I would advise you to get a hand on this excellent book yourself.

  • Stage 1: “Developing”: life forms non organized in a structured society
  • Stage 2: “Primary”: life forms organized in a strutured society having developed spiritual concepts
  • Stage 3: “Interstellar”: culture having reached interstellar capacity and made contact by its own process with another galactic civilization.
  • Stage 4: “High”: Culture having reached 6th Density level and beyond (5, p.258)

(1) Ancient Space Arks Activate with arrival of Intergalactic Confederation Fleet
(2) The Intergalactic Confederation
(3) Antarctica Lonely Planet
(4) Did the Galactic Federation of Worlds Just Release its Prime Directive?
(5) Danaan, E. (2021) We will Never let you Down. Amazon Press

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