A New Colony from Alpha Centauri to Settle on Mars

We are sure living in exciting times. After the defeat of the regressive aliens from our solar system the Galactic Federation of Worlds is not sitting on its hands. On February 25, 2022 Elena Danaan put out a video on yet another interesting development taking place in our solar system (1).

(Another kind of Convoy – taken from (7))

Elena talks about how Thor Han (2) recently escorted a convoy from our solar system to the Alpha Centauri system and back. The Alpha Centauri system sure is popular the last couple of weeks.

Alpha Centauri

I guess it started with the discovery in regular science of another planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, to which Dr. Salla referred in one of his articles (3). Then there was that cup of tea with an Alpha Centaurian woman (probably a Selosian) that Elena Danaan put out on her own website (4) which also triggered a second article on the possible shooting down of Elon Musks’ starlink satellites on Salla’s site of Exopolitics (5).

In that article a reference was made to the awkward burning of many houses in the city of Paradise in 2018. Based on the sources of David Wilcock and the talk Elena had with this Selosian woman it seems that the houses of the Alpha Centaurians that were working and living in that city were ruthlessly targeted by the Cabal (6).


On a page on the Selosians (8) from Alpha Centauri B we can already read about their presence on (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say ‘in’) Venus, just like the Meton from Proxima Centauri would have a large base there (together with a long history of living there, 9). In the interview with John Desouza the idea was presented by Salla that Nicola Tesla might also have a Venusian origin (10,11). Venus has also quite recently made headlines with the activation of an Ark on their soil (12).

(artist impression of biodomes on Mars by RocCenere (15))

The New Colony on Mars

When we hop over Earth from Venus we get to Mars. Mars was liberated last year from the Ciakahrr (13) and the Dark Fleet by the Galactic Federation of Worlds with the help of the local resistance (14). These locals would have been invited to join a meeting on Ganymede on December 30, 2021. The Intergalactic Federation would have been present as well (16). In that meeting on this diplomatic moon of Jupiter they discussed the plans to create a new colony on Mars. Apparently they agreed.

A colony would be created that would ultimately consist of people from the Centauri System (Selosians, Meton) and humans from Earth. Complete families would have taken it on themselves to work for this goal of assisting humanity in creating biodomes and good living conditions on Mars. They would have boarded the convoy that was escorted by a ship from Thor Han. Imagine that: humans from two star systems working and living together on Mars! (1)

Elon Musk
Not only was Musk mentioned in connection with the Star Link satellites, but he would also play a role in the forming of the domes on Mars. In ‘The Seeders‘ (17) we can read the following:

“Thor Han: …and the meeting on Ganymede that I showed you, between the Intergalactic Confederation and the heads of the Martian Resistance, was also related to this project. Everything is in place now.

Elena: I can’t help asking this: Is Elon Musk involved in all of that?

Thor Han: Yes, very prominently. I cannot disclose freely when it comes to Elon Musk, I am only an officere bound to respect the strict order from my hierarchy. There is a lot involved when it comes to him.” (17, p 207).

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The Local Resistance on Mars

It’s funny to notice how the mind works sometimes. If it weren’t for Elena Danaan and her mind-boggling books I sure wouldn’t have considered comparing a man with whom I work, with a species of the Martian resistance! But now I have to think of that illustration that Elena made in her 2021-book (1) everytime I see him. I don’t think he would like the comparison, even though I did compare him with the Reptiloid variant, and not with one of the insectoids that would live on Mars.

Reptiloid Martian from the Local Resistance (1, p.222)

In the book you can find excellent drawings by Elena of those Insectoid species as well. Much can be said about what happened on Mars in 2021. You can take a look at a fine article by Dr. Michael Salla from May 1, 2021 (2) in which he details what had happened.

The approach of the Galactic Federation of Worlds has been to arm the local Martian Resistance, which allowed them to fight their captors, who were mainly Ciakahrr and people from the Dark Fleet (2). In a video (3) a few months later Thor Han said:

It’s because of the locals, the Martians, the Martian rebellion, the reptilian and insectoid local beings, the Martians, the real Martians – they themselves liberated their planet from the reptilians [Ciakahrr]. They went on the ground, they had been groomed and trained and armed by the Federation, exactly how the Federation did it on Earth.”

Elena goes on to explain: “They gave us technology, they gave us weapons, they’re fighting with us. That’s the policy of the Federation to empower the local, to empower the populations of the planet to stand up for themselves. They’re doing it on Earth. They’ve been doing this since the 1940s. They are doing it on Mars, they have been doing this on Mars since a while quite the same time” (3)

Today I accidentally bumped into another video from September 2021 (4). In that particular video Elena describes a wonderful vision of the future of Mars in about 200 years. She received that vision while on a Meton mothership circling around Venus. An incredible story which I definitely recommend you to watch. All I say here now is that their future looks bright. To find out more about the Meton check out (5).

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