What Came First? The Lyran or the Orion Wars?

When I first heard about the Lyran Wars I used to think it made sense to place them before the Orion Wars, but recently some doubts have been cast about this. In order to understand our history it may turn out to be relevant to make up your mind about what you think is to most likely order. This article tries to assist you in this by using five key galactic events that can be ordered in time in different ways. Are you ready for this extraordinary trip through our galactic history?

Logo Council of Five (4)

It is up to you to place these five key elements in the right order. I present them to you in random order.

During the Orion Wars the (Orion) Council of Nine was created. Annax writes about this in The Seeders: “The former Council of Nine from Uru an Na, that you call Orion, was formed a few hundred thousand of your linear years ago, in the purpose to protect the local cultures of the Orion zone against the growing power of the Nebu Empire.” (2, p.256). The Council of Nine (Five) mainly assisted in organizing the rebellion against the Nebu by arming the resistance that developed into a group called ‘The Black League’.

In ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (1) the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) is described as “Created to maintain peace and justice in this galaxy” (p.314). Annax mentions the GFW in a message from January 2022. He said that “the Galactic Federation of Worlds is at work to maintain balance in Nataru, our galaxy. Balance works in favor of evolution.” (2, p.256)

The Galactic Federation of Worlds Logo (4)

When was the Galactic Federation of Worlds created? Annax said: “Shortly after these events [wars in Orion Zone, battle between the Nebu and the Black League] the Galactic Federation of Worlds came into existence in the idea of creating a structure that would work at preserving peace. All cultures member of the Galactic Federation would unite together as one, and become stronger against the Nebu and other trouble makers” (2, p.256)

Elena Danaan lists the main races that are part of the GFW and are involved in assisting our planet: people from Alpha Centauri, Andromedams. Arcturians, Lyrans, Pleiadeans (Ashaari), people from Procyon, Sirius B, Tau Ceti, Telossi, Ummit and Vegans (see 1, pp. 315-316)

The Lyran wars are described as the ones that led to the scattering of the humanoids that lived in a star system they called ‘Man’ and we call Kepler 62. What caused the war that eventually led to the spreading of the people to all corners of our milky way? Here’s a part from ‘A Gift from the Stars’:

Lyra – The Harp (6)

“In reason of an invasion from the Ciakahrr Empire (3), which unfolded into a terrible war, most of these populations fled this system a very long time ago and at the present time, the inhabitants of the Man system are now reptiloid hybrids and under circumscription of the Ciakahrr Empire.

At the time colossal Ciakahrr armadas attacked savagely the planets of the Man system and, taken by surprise, the local races weren’t even equipped to withstand such a cataclysm of this scale. The combat was harsh and violent, and casualties were nonetheless on both sides, but the Ciakahrr had the victory on their side….Heartbroken, billions of Man people left in gigantic arks with testimony of their cultures and habitats.” (2, p.183)

The people from Lyra fled and created new worlds to live on. Some of them joined other people on certain planets, but it seems that a lot of them went to uninhabited planets and ‘terraformed’ them, in the sense that they made them liveable. Here’s an excerpt from Thor Han from a video from April 16, 2020 (7):

I am named by a race Pleiadian from the Pleiades, but this is not my original world. The Pleiades cluster of star is very young and when we arrived there there wasn’t any world able to sustain life. We are Lyrans, we fled our systems because it was attacked by the Ciakahrr empire what you call the reptilian empire, and the survivor colonies fled a little bit everywhere, where they could. Four of our colonies found this cluster, and we settled there, we terraformed the planets and we
started colonies. We are named Pleiadians because we live there, but we are Lyrans.
” (7)


The Pleiades are a young stellar cluster….the Humanoid species that colonized it arrived a long time ago from the Man system in what you call the Lyran zone. They were colonies of refugees carrying in giant arks three of the four original racial group: Ahel, Noor and Taal” (1, p.248)

Relatively recently I did a page on these Orion Wars (8). Alex Collier talked about these wars and he said that they lasted for about 600,000 years. During these wars the Council of Nine (Five) was created and after these wars not only the Galactic Federation of Worlds was formed but the Andromedan Council as well (9).

Artist’s impression of a (relatively short) Ciakahrr (11)

The first variant seems to be the most logical, at least in my humble opinion. The humanoids were seeded in the Lyra Zone, the Ciakahrr came and the humanoids fled to all corners of our universe to colonize new worlds. This led to colonies that ended up in Vega like the Adari (10) who changed the color of their skin to adapt to the blue star. The Pleiades were colonized – a long time ago – by humanoids from the Man-system that was viciously attacked by the Ciakahrr.

These colonies were formed and the people adapted to their new worlds. Then in the Orion zone a terrible war broke out between the Nebu Grays (and Reptilians according to Alex Collier) and many humanoids. This led to the formation of the Orion Council of Nine (Five) and ultimately the creation of both the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Andromedan Council. All with the purpose to prevent such a terrible war from ever happening again.

Recently another theory was introduced. This theory holds that there already was a Galactic Federation of Worlds BEFORE the Lyran wars even occurred! Read with me:

100.000 years ago, when these devastating conflicts occurred on Earth and in this sector of the galaxy, the young Galactic Federation of Worlds got involved. Led at the time by the Pleiadians….”

Then only 88,000 BC ago the Lyran event took place as is described:

“Man: The Lyran Refugees. 88,000 BC – The Ciakahrr Empire ransacked the Man System in the Lyra zone. The survivors, on board Arks carrying the archives and DNA bank of their worlds, fled in a widespread diaspora, in search for new worlds to establish colonies” (2, p. 500)

Some of them arrived four thousand years later in our solar system.

To me this raises a few serious questions, the biggest being: how can there be a Galactic Federation of Worlds consisting of people (headed by Pleiadeans) that are from all kinds of planets and worlds that were only colonized AFTER the Lyran Wars (there were no Pleiadeans before the Lyran wars, they lived in the Man-system) when the Lyran Wars didn’t even happen yet?

I would discard this theory right away, if it weren’t that this theory was given to Elena Danaan by Enki himself and presented as the true history of our world.

Elena Danaan says that migrants from Lyra went directly to Earth – Fragment from interview with Robert Kalil, november 2022 (13)

I hope that my logic is flawed somewhere and some people suggested that there were perhaps different timelines or more Lyran wars, but I don’t think that makes sense. Let’s hope I overlooked something somewhere, or misinterpreted it. So far it doesn’t seem to add up. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Share, comment and think along.

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12 thoughts on “What Came First? The Lyran or the Orion Wars?

  1. Many years ago before Elena Danaan comes along, when I first started reading /researching history, it has indicated Lyran system was the first constellation, men are being seeded. Lyran is human’s ancestor. Lyran war was the first war that attacking by the Alpha Draconia, then the Lyran refuges escaped to many different planets/star system.

    Lyran is a patriarch race(father) with white skin while Vegan (not the vegetarian vegan) is a spiritual race (mother)with blue skin.

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    • Ashayana Deane in an interview stated that Enki was/is a Zeta gray mix with reptilian cross… Enlil had more reptilian…Marduk a genetic cross with omnicron/dragon moth.
      Why would we welcome back gray hybrids? Didn’t the galactics recently help us rid Earth, the moon , Ceres, Mars etc of zeta grays and draco reptilians?


  2. I forgot to mention, the information came from many different sources on the first of Lyran war. Therefore, my impression was the Lyran war came first and it made sense to me since Lyran is the origin man being seeded. The feline homoni (misspell) , is Pa Taal brought from other universe. I always think ET humanoid groups, under the management of the nine are our brothers and sisters.


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  3. I have no idea what came first: the Orion War or the Lyran War. Logically, the Lyran War must have predated the Orion War.

    Well, of all the alien contactees, I believe Elena Danaan the most, but I’ve found that there are a few statements that don’t really add up and here, interestingly enough, I’d like to mention Alex Collier of all people.

    You can google “Alex Collier – Interview & Presentation Transcripts 1994-2011 (CLEAN)”. It has 271 pages and on page 22 one learns the following. I quote:

    “According to Vasais, if you were to look at our geological history and the different periods of development of life on the planet, it is identical to Mars. And we will discover that if it ever comes out,or if civilians from Earth get there and it is not this top secret space program. That is an indication of the visitations by biological engineers in extraterrestrial form. Every time they cane here, they tinkered.They brought the dinosaurs here, they brought the primates here, they brought plant life, mammals,everything was brought here from somewhere else. And then other races would come in, following behind, and tinker and try to make it better. One of the best examples of that is us. My understanding is from the Andromedans that the primates were created by the Draconians. Monkeys, they are from somewhere else and the Draconians brought them here. They tinkered with them. They geneticallychanged them just enough so that they could thrive on Earth, and apparently on Mars for a time. Thenother civilizations came in and tinkered more with us.”

    So the dinosaurs aren’t from Earth either? And the primates were created by the draconians? And…?

    I hesitated to write this. But it’s in the room and to be honest; I do not get it.

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  5. The Lyran wars must have started before the Orion wars. The timing of the chronology given in The Seeders at page 500 does not seem to be correct. Danaan has mentioned in a video of hers that Humans were seeded in Nataru seven billion years ago. That is a more reasonable time scale considering that Naturu is claimed to be about thirteen billion years old according to mainstream science. That is about 100000 times longer ago than 88000 BC. The Ciakharrs, which are claimed to have been seeded on Thuban by the Thiamatians, reasonably came here afterwards since they thrive on Humans and our blood. The non-linearity of time might also confuse things.

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  6. Many different perspectives are colored by books, researchers, historians, and even then different records are kept from each ET regarding our history. The whole truth of raw data is retaining in the Source. Since The Nine is the only group communicating with Source , the top in spiritual hierarchy gives orders to this universal management according to the divine plan.

    Somehow, the reptilians’s violent, conquer, cunning and domination nature are out of control, or perhaps, misunderstand of communication, or communication is not detail causing misunderstand have invoked many cosmic wars and earth chaos we are facing today.


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  11. Hey Joost, There’s a person who may be helping you as regard the chronology of the Lyran and Orion Wars .. this is Debbie Solaris .. As an Arcturian contactee , she’s a real Galactic historian and I am certain that she can be a reliable and nice help … She was quite the first to publish about Lyra… https://www.debbiesolaris.com/galactichistory Be blessed ; Em… Elek…


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