Training Hungarian

Hungarian flag (from famous wonders)

Altough I know no one who speaks Hungarian I did fall in love with this extraordinary language. On this page I want to practise my skills but in a very loosely manner. I’m Dutch, so both English and Hungarian are not my first languages. I don’t intend to write perfect sentences. It will mostly be a strange mix between English and Hungarian with an occasional Dutch word. I don’t think anyone will be interested in this little subproject, but I’m going to use this page as a playing ground anyway. For more serious topics I highly recommend the rest of this galactic site 🙂

(7, August 2022) Tegnap lattam hogy ‘A Gift from the Stars’ was fidaraltott (or something like that) in Hungarian! Here’s the link to the translated könyev: Ajándék a Csillagokból – Földönkívüli (buitenaards, off-world, alien) kapcsolatok és útmutató földönkívüli fajok hoz 🙂

(6, July 2022) Ma volt a munkám és hallgattam Honeybeast dalok. I ghakran listen to this magyar band with Zsofiá Tarján as lead enekesnö. Néha I look up some szöveg and én try to értem them all eventually. This is not an egyszerü task since the band has made quite a few songs the last decade. As a galactic kutató I was surprised to találok a dal about Mars 🙂

ázt nézd! A Marsian girl wearing crocs!. You can listen to the song: Élet a Marsion (Life on Mars). If you want to learn about more serious matters related to life on Mars I advise to visit a few of these pages: Aries Prima and Marsquakes, A New Colony from Alpha Centauri to settle on Mars and The Local Resistance on Mars.

(5, June 2022) Néha én leszek kicsi impatient amikor the normal dolgotok az életben seem to come in the utca. Ez emlékeztetett me of ez képet a bal a Danaanról telegrama. Úgy néz ki, mint that én attention kell adni to minden hogy happens az own életben, that my szémelyes process nem tud be put to a halt. Ha probalok írni nélkül adni attention a szémelyes processra, nem ez csinál.

Tetszik az ötlet hogy én lenni kell a jól flowban ha írom valamit a ez websiten, as if minden kell be right. Egyik az fontos szémelyes dolgotok és késöbb this galactic project. It’s jól to notice hogy these kettö process need the proper figyelem. Mialatt én írtam ez piece én killed egy légyet. Nem nagyon békful is it?

(4, march 2022) The use of õ instead of ő
The Hungarin nyelv uses accents a lot, and they make all the difference in the világ. Egy accent can turn a brain (agy) into a bed (ágy). So, I try to do my best to use the helyes spelling, hanem on my keyboard it is complicated to csinálni the skewed ő in a word like őrült (=crazy). What I noticed in magyar subtitles was the use of the ~ as an alternative. It might look csúnya, hanem it is far easier than looking for some kind of ascii-code to make the sign. So, it will be õrült most of the time és nem a correct őrült mostantól (from now on).

(3, march 2022) Piros underline corrections. Amikor írok in this Hungarian-English mix the spelling checker goes a bit õrült. Since it hiszi that the main nyelv is angol it puts red lines minden szó alatt that is Hungarian. As far as I know there are no spelling checkers for emberek akik prefer to use a combination of magyarul és angol. Well, I guess that I kell get used to all those piros vonalak.

(2, march 2022) Beating Google Translate. As an ember a modern timeban it is not easy to beat a számitógép. Computers can play jobb chess and they are very adept at nyelveket too. Someone who doesn’t know a single szó of magyarul can use google translate and speak it jobb mint someone who is trying to learn it by heart. De egy way to beat the számitógép is by mixing the nyelvs. I would say that that makes it nehéz for an automatic translator to make anything of it. In the old days you could have a titkos nyelv and others would not be able to understand it. Most they could use google translate and they could megérteni some of it. Ha te mix nyelveket ideally csak emberek who mondani both languages can grasp the full meaning.

(1, march 2022) Tegnap I wrote a piece on clones. Mit could I add to that topic? Hogyan mondjak többet? I used google translate for this last mondat. I don’t want to use google translate all the time. I like the spontaneous retrieval of szavak my memorybol with an occasional új szó, hanem not túl much. Én akarok it to remain vicces. It is not my intention to csinálni it into valamit stressful. There were periods when I volt that fanatical that my ajtom seemed to experience a kind of overload, leading to a slight lowering of one of the corners of az ajkaim. So, I kell pay attention not to exaggerate or eltúlozni it.