Aries Prime and Marsquakes

On May 14, 2022 Elena Danaan posted a video in her ‘Contact-Series’ (1,2) in which referred to a city called Aries Prime on Mars. She is not the first one to name this Martian place. This article combines the recent developments as mentioned by Elena with related information from people like Tony Rodriques and Randy Cramer on Aries Prime.

(Artist impression of Aries Prime; illustration taken from video (2))

On April 27, 2022, Thor Han paid a visit to Aries Prime and Elena Danaan got to see a bit of the inside of this ancient base that was once set up by the German Dark Fleet with the assistance of their Ciakahrr ‘friends’ (3).

As you know, Mars was liberated in 2021, so there are no more Ciakahrr (4) or people from the Dark Fleet present. Many people, however, would have decided to stay, but no longer serving the Dark Fleet. She describes a huge maintenance hangar in the base. Thor Han was talking to two residents of Mars (someone from Earth and a pale-skinned person with an elongated skull) and the main topic seemed to be the effects of the recent ‘marsquakes’ on the base. It was slightly damaged, but there was no serious damage.

In an earlier article I talked about the plan to prepare for new colonies on Mars (5). People from Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri have moved a few months ago to settle on Mars in order to create new – high tech – biodomes which would not only be used by them, but also by humans from Earth. They would help us by sharing their technology with us. Due to the terraforming activities, however, marsquakes were created. Perhaps they did some ‘piling work’ on the Martian soil 🙂

Another interesting element in this update is that NASA put out information on marsquakes on May 13, 2022. Their Insight Lander recorded the biggest quake ever, that was ten times as strong as the old ‘record holder’ (6). Would they actually be registering the effects of the terraforming proces by the Centaurians? (14)

Randy Cramer was one of the few men who remembered their 20-year-and-back program (7). He served 17 years on Mars on the first human settlement on Aries Prime, the first human settlement on Mars (8). He was a military man in the military department of the base, called Forward Station Zebra. Just like Elena Danaan has said he talks of two kinds of beings on Mars: the Reptoids (9) and the insectoids (10). Cramer says that he was surprised to find out that the air on Mars is breathable.

He talks about a treaty that was signed between the people from Earth and the Martians. There were two points to this treaty: humans would refrain from invading the sacred places of the indigenous and second they would want us to fight along them against the Draco Reptilians invaders (the Ciakahrr). Unfortunately the humans could not stick to this treaty and they decided to enter their sacred spaces to steal an artefact. They came to a kind of ‘astrodome’ and out came the reptiloids carrying large bladed weapons killing all of the attackers. Cramer was one of the about 35 people that survived (8).

Dr. Michael Salla already wrote about Randy Cramer in 2014 when he was using a pseudonym (15). Also listen to the interviews he had with Cramer in 2015 (16,17).

In his 2021-book ‘Ceres Colony Cavalier’ (11) Tony Rodrigues writes about his experiences. He spent most of his time on the Dark Fleet Colony asteroid/planet Ceres, but he also served on Mars for a while. He dedicated chapter 10 to Aries Prime, which was called the capitol.

He describes how he entered Aries Prime – coming from another location on Mars: “we de-boarded the plane into a giant hangar room where we could breathe the air. I could see that there were doors large enough for the ship at one end, and through them I could see sunlight. From there we went into a large room that looked like a cafetaria (12).

We passed another set of doors and found ourselves in a location under some kind of geodesic dome that was Aries Prime. I remember seeing the layers of red dirt piled up against the sides of this dome, because it was constructed out of clear material. At the top of the dome, there was a small area that wasn’t covered by dirt, and you could see the sky and dust blowing over it. We were in what appeared to be an airport with palm trees and even a water feature. There were civilians and other types of people everywhere.

It turns out that Aries Prime is a plush metropolis city and transportation hub on Mars. It’s modern, pleasing to the eye, and very comfortable to be in. Both humans and extraterrestrial races inhabit the city, although the population is predominantly human. There were multiple languages spoken.” (11, p.206)

On Aries Prime Rodrigues was tested by a rather sour kind of Grey for a number of days to see what skills he had, before he was transported to Ceres.

Tony Rodrigues also talks about fights that took place between insectoids on Mars and humans (often clones (13)). When I listen to the way Cramer describes how they were actually invading the sanctuaries of the indigenous it reminded me of the movie Avatar. It seems that we haven’t left a very good first impression as humans in space….first we send our Nazi-Germans out after they made this terrible pact with one of the most aggressive species, the Ciakahrr, and then we go on defiling sacred places of other species.

Let’s just hope that we can do better in our role within the Earth Alliance, in order to finally earn our place in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Thor Han said that they would do away with the name ‘Aries Prime’ to replace it with a name that will be given by the Martians themselves.

Update September 2022: See Endnote 152 for a description of an old city that was found in the Gale Crater according to Alex Collier’s sources. Perhaps Aries Prime is located in this Crater? You can find more on the Marsquakes and Aries Prime in Elena Danaan’s book ‘The Seeders‘ (18).

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8 thoughts on “Aries Prime and Marsquakes

  1. “It seems that we haven’t left a very good first impression as humans in space….first we send our Nazi-Germans out after they made this terrible pact with one of the most aggressive species, the Ciakahrr, and then we go on defiling sacred places of other species.”

    The vast majority of Terrans were not informed of any of this. Those decisions were taken by a miniscule group of extremely wealthy and powerful people—the 13 Illuminati families, the Committee of 300, and their agents. They have so little support that they had to create grey-human hybrids and clones to occupy the top positions in government and the mass media. They have so little support that they had to use psychological warfare against us, using the schools, religion, movies, music, “the news” and social media, as well as advanced mind-control technologies. When the government abducts ten million young people and implants devices in their brains and programs them like robots, that is not consent.

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  2. Hi
    Thanks for the article, but I have to double-check. Maybe you can help me further.
    Mars is home to people who were brought to Mars in the 20th century, right?
    Mars is now liberated, but who exactly are the people who live there?
    I asked Elena Danaan about it, but unfortunately I didn’t get an answer.
    I thank you.
    (Sorry for my english.)

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    • Hi Mona, I can only speculate on that. I would like to know that too. I guess we have to be patient for a while. Are they 20-year and back, clones, abductees or other groups. What are their nationalities? Rodriguez heard all kinds of languages. Are children born there with a Martian passport? 🙂

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  3. Hi
    Thank you for your reply. “20 years and back”, clones … yes, that could be. Sounds logical.
    Sometimes when I’m interested in something I write it down and I think of something. I checked it:
    “Q and A with Galactic Warrior – June 8/2021” with Elena Danaan.
    Akvaruu (I think you know Akvaruu) answered the question who is on Mars.
    He meant: Renegade Terrans, Elite Cooperation and Masters, Slaves (many) of Terra, Ciakahrr, Nebu, Insectoids, Repiloids and Germans.
    Insectoids and Retiloids are “natives”, Ciakahrr and Nebu are gone. I can’t say anything about the renegade Terrans and the elite cooperation and masters; well this group doesn’t sound “big” at all, also I imagine this group escaped from Mars, right?
    As for the slaves, I would imagine many were taken home, but many stayed on Mars as well.
    The Germans remain. I’ve been thinking here too. They always say the Dark Fleet is gone, but as far as I know there was a German colony on Mars, so civilians. In Antarctica, the Dark Fleet also went, but according to Elena Danaan and a Frank B., the workers were picked up by ships from Argentina. Same on Ceres; the Dark Fleet left, but the civilians stayed. Couldn’t it be the same on Mars?
    What do you mean?

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  4. (From
    Oxia Palus
    The current occupants are NOT the ones who have first constructed the facility.  The species that made the facility abandoned it a long time ago. When they abandoned it, and who they were has never been ascertained.
    It is currently occupied by humanoids similaar to contemporaneous Earth-humans. These individuals are there for the duration. They can never return back to their point of origination as they are now. They have been changed.
    The occupants do not really understand the technologies at the facility and are learning as best they can. The facility is old and the equipment does tend to fail and malfunction. There are very few spare parts available to the staff there.
    It is an ordered, semi-military / scientific / industrial  environment there, but the staff do not wear military uniforms. Instead, the occupants wear uniforms of a bluish color. The occupants have two sexes, with males being the dominant gender. Leadership is hierarchical through merit, and is all male. The few females that are present are involved in scientific and medical roles. Everyone there has multiple roles and multiple duties. The work hours are long. There are few days (off) for rest or relaxation. It is something that is not allowed or permitted for the current occupants.
    While this facility is uniform of one species type, they do interact with other extraterrestrial species from time to time.
    In general, the occupants are not a happy lot. This is not the biological environment that their physical bodies require. There is little in the way of entertainment. They spend much of their time during the occupation of this post engaged in work that was promoted to them as being for the “betterment of their species.” There are no efforts to breed or grow families. This posting is a functional one and not a colony.

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