We are a Race of Avatars

Alex Collier in a video-interview with Dr. Michael Salla on November 21, 2021: (1) talks about our multidimensionality stored in our genes. Here is a transcript of part of this video:

“The 22 different races have themselves remarkable histories and stories to tell. And because of the different frequencies and genetic background, this allowed higher dimensional spirits, souls, to actually come in and incarnate into our physicality. Now it goes then that there was this rule that you could not intervene unless directly asked. By keeping us blind, deaf and stupid we didn’t too well; we would ask ‘creator’, but many of our concepts of what god actually is, and what it represents, they had been altered as well.

Avatars taken from (2)

We didn’t have a clear perspective about pretty much anything. But the fact was that we were this vast genetic pool. This allowed spiritual soul beings, soul groups, from 4th dimension, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th dimension to actually fall down into time and incarnate into human physicality, because of all the different genetics. This allowed them to come in and function and to to the degree that the soul could attach to the nervous system of our bodies.

This has literally, it will be shown in the future when our junk-DNA gets turned on, which is where all our of our cellular memories are stored, including our history, the history of our soul, all is stored in our junk-DNA. When those get turned on we will realize that we are a race of avatars.

We have the knowledge, we have the experience of virtually all of our universal experience at all those dimensions. One of those things that this all came out was a couple of years back in Switzerland, in this program called the ‘Blue Brain Project’ where they were able to combine several different pieces of technology, and what they have been able to do was to truly map the brain, and one of the things that they discovered, Michael, was that out of all the people that they were able to test this on, this technology, every single one of us had multidimensional structures in our brain, going from 4th all the way to the 11th and what was amazing is that these multidimensional structures were ‘on’, they were turned on: they could see activity.

Which means that whether we are aware of it or not that our experience is being communicated to other soul groups in other dimensions. So we are live: everybody is watching this, this movement and as insignificant as it might seem to those of us here or those of us who are not awake. What happens here greatly affects not only the fourth and fifth dimension, but it affects the entire universe.

And we are square in the middle of it”

Also see Endnote 42

(1) Alex Collier on the Andromeda Council and Human Liberation (from 8’55” till 13’12”)
(2) Fantasy Anime Avatars

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