Tau Ceti Time

On June 1, 2023 Dr. Michael Salla did an interesting interview with Jerry Wills (1). In that particular interview Jerry Wills tells us about his experiences with certain people from the Tau Ceti star system. In fact, he was told that as a baby he was adopted by a family after he was just found somewhere (after having nearly frozen to death). The people from Tau Ceti said that he was actually put on Earth by them. This article collects information about the people from Tau Ceti from various sources.

Sun (l.) – Tau Ceti (r.) (2)

Tau Ceti is a star in the constellation of Cetus. It’s relatively close, only some 12 light years away. The composition of the star would be like our Sun, in the sense that it emits about the same frequencies of light (in the yellow spectrum). Eight exoplanets would be orbiting this star. Tau Ceti is a bit smaller and weighs a bit less than our sun (2,3).

Let’s start off by listening to what Jerry Wills had to say about his encounters with the Tau Ceti. Normally I don’t put out any videos longer than 5 minutes, but this one below is longer, namely 9 minutes. I pasted a few relevant Tau Ceti excerpts from the interview together.

Jerry Wills speaks out about his experiences with the people from The Tau Ceti System (1)

Jerry talks about meeting ‘Zo’, at age 14, a human-looking man from the star system Tau-Ceti. Zo told Jerry then that he could go home back to Tau-Ceti if he wanted. He didn’t do that however. Jerry describes another scene in which he was taken aboard a ship when he was very sick. He talks about other rather tall blueish-white skinny beings with long arms, that looked like grays, but he stresses that he was sure they were no grays. They appear to be like species we know from Arcturus (4), Andromeda (5) or perhaps even the Pa-Taal (6). They healed Jerry with their advanced medical procedures. These species were not from Tau Ceti, but from a neighboring star system, he was told.

Jerry was shown the Tau Ceti star system on a viewing device aboard their spacecraft. The planet they were from is called ‘Lanulos’ and it would be a water world. It would only take them a couple of minutes to get there from here (7).

Tau Ceti – Illustration by Elena Danaan (8, p.128)

Of course there are a few species from Tau Ceti in Elena’s memorable book A Gift from the Stars (8). Let’s first pay some attention to the Aramani who would have derived their name from ‘The Exiled Men’ (from Lyra).

The name of their planet in their star system is called ‘Norca’. This name was also used by Dr. Keller in his work on Venus (9). He said that people from Norca were confronted with a star that was heating up, making their planets turn into vast deserts. This would have made them search for other planets to live, and they would have finally established a colony on Venus, some 25 million years ago. You can hear him explain in at himself at (9).

This Venusian account is not corroborated by Elena Danaan in her work, nor is there any mention of their sun becoming too hot for their planets.

The Aramani are a benevolent species, part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

The Emerther (screenshot from (10))

Another species orbiting the star Tau Ceti are the Emerther. They live on Tau Ceti e, which is a large planet with three moons. It was this planet that Jerry Wills thought was the planet of the origin of his humanoid family (see the last minute of the video above). That is obviously not in line with what we can read in Elena’s book.

We have spoken about the Emerther a few times before. They were the ones responsible for all kinds of (binary/ASCII) messages in crop circles and through other means (11), warning us to be aware of the bringers of false gifts.

The Emerther also are members of the Council of Five (12). On that page you can find another impression of the Emerther, which seems to be slightly different than the digital variant that Elena showed in one of her contact videos from april 2023 (10).

Alex Collier – Screenshot from a webinar from October 5, 2018 (13)

To round off this article I would like to link to a video in which Alex was asked about the Tau Cetians (13). In that video he only mentions the humanoid species, who he said are very muscular. They are ‘incredibly’ independent and fierce fighters. This would have had a lot to do with how they freed themselves from the Grays on their world.

He praises the well developed intuitive skills of the Tau Cetian women. The Tau Cetians are well respected in the galaxy.

Once upon a long ago I thought that the extraterrestrials would have ONE account of our history and ONE account of what happened to other species. This apparently is not the case. There seems to be noise everywhere. Luckily the work of Elena Danaan still is highly consistent (with some minor issues), but her account is often not in line with other accounts.

As far as the Tau Cetians are concerned we have Jerry Wills who speaks of humanoid Tau Cetians that live on a water planet called Lanulos, which would be the fifth planet in the system, whereas Elena says that the fifth planet is the planet where the Emerther live (who don’t look humanoid). Both Dr. Keller and Elena agree on the name Norca as the name of the planet of the humanoids, but Dr. Keller claims that they have left that planet some 25 million years ago, and Elena/GFW doesn’t say anything about that.

Then Alex has this element of them freeing themselves from a species of Grays on their planet. This is also a unique story that is not found anywhere else.

But this is the way it is at the time. We are simply dependent on all those stories and we can’t really be sure what is the really true and what is not. Let’s hope things will change for the better, when more people are able to tune into what really happened. If you like to talk with others about galactic matters consider joining the Elena Danaan Study Group (14) or the Alex Collier and Andromedans Study Group (15). You can always subscribe to my Telegram Channel to stay updated (16).

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A Cloaked Laser Tube From A Mountain Base to Hide Spaceship Traffic

Laser Light Dancing (8)

There are many things that I like about exploring these paths of disclosure, but what I personally like the most is that it keeps on expanding my reality: with every article I write something new comes up, or new connections are made. This time I want to pay some attention to what JP recently described in one of his many interviews with Dr. Michael Salla (1,2).

JP has taken us to many underground worlds, space arks (or spaceships) and recently to a few places that could best be described as space ports. You might remember one his missions below the surface of Florida where he saw many spaceships parked in a place that looked like a combination of an inhabited world and a spaceport (3). There were a lot of ‘Nordics’ walking around, and probably a lot from planet Erra based on that mysterious smell of those Oshksha flowers that would have been transported from Erra to these underground places (4).

On May 4, 2023, JP described a large spaceport in the mountainous terrain in the general area of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, that uses a unique kind of laser stealth technology to hide the arrival and exit of spacecraft 24 hours a day. (1). Let’s hear Dr. Salla and JP talk about the way this ‘hexagon shaped tube’ works (3 minutes)

JP and Dr. Michael Salla talk about this incredible laser tube that allows
for spaceship traffic to go in and out of spacesports withouth being seen (2)

JP says in this excerpt: “They have a technology that surrounds its mountains. It’s a laser that shoots up and it goes as high as our atmosphere but these lasers that stood up they do a hexagon up and it anything … they can enter from the atmosphere all the way in and nothing can be seen coming in or out…So it’s a type of laser light that shoots up to space and when ships go through it nobody can see it nobody can see the ships that go inside this laser reflects everything that is outside…it’s like… a kind of tubular beam of light or a laser that goes up into the atmosphere

JP goes to to say that this cloaking laser beam itself is also completely invisible because it uses some advanced cloaking technique.

This apparent coming and going of spaceships from this spaceport to all kinds of off-world people is almost impossible to grasp. What are they bartering? Who is trading and what do we get in return? In the Elena Danaan Research Group (5) we reflected a bit on this, and some wondered how it is possible that we are actively bartering and trading all kinds of stuff to other worlds, while many on the surface are still suffering from sickness and hunger? Who would be in control of those bases? Can we be sure that these bases are run by the Earth Alliance?

A lot more can be said about this. I welcome you to share your thoughts in the comments below, or visit the study group. Since May 11, 2023 I also added a feature to my Galactic Anthropology Channel, namely the possibility to comment on articles in a new Galactic Anthropology Chat room, that I have coined GA Thought Exchange (6), which is moderated solely by me (7).

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Coopers – Best Extra Stout (5,9)

(5) JP Missions – A Topic in the Elena Danaan Research Group – Someone (N) from this group said: “Interesting that they think highly of our engineering capabilities. I also learned from Corey Goode on Cosmic Disclosure a while back that they highly prize our beer. Isn’t that interesting? Apparently it is traded, along with other more important goods. Hope they don’t deplete the stocks of Coopers Extra Stout, which I love. I do recall from Sitchin that there was indeed a goddess of beer-making (Anunnaki), so it appears she did a good job in teaching us….I wonder if they return the empties for recycling.:) “
(6) GA Thought Exchange
(7) I have to warn visitors, for something funny happened yesterday. A few people from the Elena Danaan Study Group were banned from even viewing the (non-reply) Telegram posts of Elena Danaan. Obviously the Love Crew is targeting people who think critically, so you might just get banned because of associating with Galactic Anthropology. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 🙂
The Love Crew also made sure that these people were not able to see any of the telegram posts of Dr. Michael Salla any more either. Despite all this madness I want to reiterate that I love the work of both Elena Danaan and Dr. Salla.
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A.I. Operated Clones

Gene Wilder (11)

During my study of the testimony of Daryl James (1) I ran into this concept of Artificial Intelligence. I will get back to that in a future article, especially in connection with the people called Taal-Shiar from the Alcyone system (2,3), but first I would like to pay some attention to this concept of Artificial Intelligence and how it might be connected to consciousness and physicality.

The ‘Nebu A.I. Queen Hive Mind’ would have recently collapsed completely (4). This ‘Nebu-Empire’ would have been run by some A.I. Consciousness. Elena Danaan reassured everyone that there is no reason to feel sorry for this ‘Queen’s’ demise for she is not really a sentient being, but Artificial Intelligence, that was beaten by the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Apparently, A.I. is capable of gaining a lot of power.

In earlier articles we have hardly talked about A.I. I ran across an idea of there being certain clones that could be ‘energized’ or ‘run’ by some A.I.-part. This concept was mentioned in the recent ‘trilogy’ that Dr. Michael Salla has had with Mark Domizio (5). Let’s first listen to them talking about this:

Dr. Michael Salla and Mark Domizio talk about A.I. Operated Clones (6)

There are a few interesting elements here that I would like to address. In another part of their third interview Mark Domizio told Dr. Salla that he had learnt that it was possible to call back his soul-aspects that were used to sustain clones (7). If you weren’t aware of having a clone walking around somewhere with a soul-aspect of you, that would in a way equal to giving consent. If you no longer give consent, processes would start to have the clones abort their mission. This would have led to the return of a soul aspect from Mark that had kept the clone ‘Sam’ alive (8).

That didn’t however stop the presence of clones of Mark (or other Sam’s) to still be around, but since they were no longer energized by that Andromedan soul-aspect (9,10) of Mark they obviously had to be kept alive through some other means. It is at this stage that this idea of some ‘A.I.-soul’ enters the discussion. Apparently it would be possible to have a number of your clones that live, but that don’t even have any soul-aspect of you anymore, they are ‘energized’ by some kind of A.I. consicousness. These A.I.’s would not be as good as the real thing, and they will probably not be able to let the clone live as long as a clone would live with a real human soul-aspect.

Mark also notes that in such cases it becomes important to get to know who is operating those A.I.-clones. This sounds a bit like that hive-queen that controls her people with her A.I.-consciousness. For me it’s still quite hard to understand what all this A.I. is about, but perhaps by describing certain characteristics and possibilities we can shed more light on this element, that according to some is really something to be taken very seriously.

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A Horrible Perspective on what might have Happened to Malaysia Flight MH370

( Perspektif Mengerikan tentang Apa yang Mungkin Terjadi pada Penerbangan Malaysia MH370 )

Before heading toward the third interview that Dr. Michael Salla had with Mark Domizio (1) I want to write a fourth article based on the first two interviews they both had (2,3). If you like you can find the first three articles below in the footnotes (4-6). Just like those first three articles the topic discussed is not one filled with love and light, so again, please discontinue reading if you don’t want to hear this terrible story on what might have happened to flight 370 on March 8, 2014.

Malaysia Airlines (11)

In the earlier articles (4-6) I write about the testimony of Mark Domizio. For many people his testimony might same outrageous, but within this field of Disclosure it unfortunately fits very well, in the sense that much of what he says happened or is described by other people too. I don’t blame anyone who would discard this information, for it is indeed quite extraordinary (7).

Having said this I would like to continue by introducing ‘Hans‘. Hans is a clone that was made by using both the DNA of Mark Domizio and a fragment of his soul (4,8). This clone lived for 34 years mostly underground in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) in Diego Garcia. He was trained to become a ruthless, robotic assassin. After Hans committed suicide his soul-fragment, together with all his memories returned to Mark Domizio who had been living a normal life during all those years, although he had always felt that something was wrong, somehow.

After a number of hypnosis sessions (9) Mark started to consciously retrieve more and more of the atrocities that were committed by this Hans-clone. One of the most awful ones had to do with Malaysian Flight MH370 back in march 2014. This plane that was never found was spotted last while heading towards the Southern Indian ocean, which is where Diego Garcia is located (10).

In the excerpt below Mark Domizio relates what he saw through the eyes of his clone. He got out of the DUMB where he saw daylight for almost the first time in his life. He saw the plane of that flight MA370 as it was being completely disassemled by a crew of people. He was ordered to first wait for them to finish their job and then to execute them all, which is what he did. The remains were hidden in the tunnels of Diego Garcia. Mark says that this Hans didn’t kill the passengers. Most of them were already out of the plane when he got to the surface.

In a next memory Mark describes a scene in a wet room where a person who probably was Japanese was tortured and after they got all the information out of him, was left to bleed to death. Hans did the torture, even though he himself was always hit with some electrical cattle prod by his ‘superior’. The reason for the disappearance of this flight, together with the killing of everyone aboard, would have been the stealing of a hard-drive by the man that was tortured. It would have contained financial information from a member of the Cabal. Apparently this information was so important that the ones responsible for this horrific atrocity didn’t care about the terrible loss of life.

Mark Domizio talks about the terrible events associated with flight MH370 on Diego Garcia (2)

I have had some doubts about writing this article, since the topic deals with such a terrible story as the disappearance of flight MH370, carrying 239 people. I decided to post it anyway and it is up to the reader to see how credible this testimony is. The fact is that nothing was found that unequivocally belonged to this plane. The most expensive search campaign in the history of human aviation was unable to retrieve anything of a plane the size of a Boeing 777 (10). Perhaps one day we will be able to put to trial those people from the Cabal responsible for this repulsive act. I applaud Mark Domizio for his courage to bring such an awful story to the front.

Image taken from (12)

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An Andromedan Technique to Gather Incriminating Evidence

( 有罪の証拠を収集するためのアンドロメダのテクニック )

While JP revealed the presence of 100s of (Nordic) spaceships below the surface of Florida (1) and Elena Danaan is getting more outspoken about the evil role of the Vatican (2), I want to get back to Mark Domizio. I already wrote two articles based on his testimonies before (3,4) and here’s the third one. This time I want to focus on a very interesting thing that Mark Domizio and Michael Salla talked about during their second interview (5) relating to the gathering of evidence in the Andromedan way.

Evidence Gathering (10)

Some of you who have been following the developments of the Team (6) might remember that there was some kind of trial (7) back in october, november 2022. In that meeting four councils provided evidence for hours that turned out to be so incriminating that both Enlil and his son Ninurta were removed from our planet and were found responsible for numerous evil deeds committed to humanity.

In the excerpt below Mark Domizio explains how the combination of having both an Andromedan soul-aspect and the right blood type (O-) (8), made him an interesting object for the programs of the Dark Fleet and those working below the surface of the base on Diego Garcia. The key idea is that the Andromedan soul aspect is able to record just about everything that the one carrying this soul aspect witnesses.

In the abovementioned earlier articles we have spoken about a clone that was called ‘Hans’ who was made by splitting a piece of the Andromedan soul aspect of Mark. After inverting the benevolent Andromedan aspect into its dark opposite he was trained and turned into some ruthless robotic assassin. While the perpetrators considered themselves completely safe in expressing and showing their evil deeds, this Andromedan aspect was actually recording all this, in such a way that it could be used later to prove all their misdeeds. Isn’t that a fabulous way to get to those crooks working with these E.T. manipulators?

Mark Domizio and Dr. Michael Salla talk about clever ways incriminating evidence is gathered

Even though Mark Domizio went through horrible things and his clones performed horrific acts he stresses that he doesn’t feel like a victim. He says that in some way he chose this job with one of the main goals being to expose these dark practices, like the way they caged all those people down there in Dulce completely naked (9). Rebecca Rose said a similar thing during a February 2023 interview with Alisha Braché (11) : she was not a hapless victim to all this. She chose to do this job to expose the beast. Below you can see the part from that interview in which she says that. I commented on her telegramchannel (12) that her dozens of clones (13) could be considered to be a kind of ultimate spy operation, with which she heartily agreed.

Rebecca Rose talks about opting for her experiences to expose the Beast (11)

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A Short Introduction to the Modern Disclosure Movement

( Краткое введение в современное движение раскрытия информации )

This article is meant for people who are completely new to the idea that we are far from alone in the universe. The only requirement to understand this introduction is an openness to the possibility of there being many more intelligent species around who live on other planets in other star systems. There is no need to believe anything, just the willingness to imagine that there might be some truth to all this is enough. My information comes from people like Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, Alex Collier, Jean-Charles Moyen, Tony Rodrgues, Rebecca Rose, Chris O’Connor and Mark Domizio

The basic story starts off some 350 years into a possible future (1). A species from the Andromeda Constellation (2) noticed that things had really turned sour in our Milky Way Galaxy. Regressive forces (3,4,5) had somehow managed to take control over large swaths of our galaxy and it endangered it all. As avid time travelers they were able to pinpoint a crucial period and place in the history of our galaxy where things went wrong. This turned out to be in our solar system in our current time frame. It was then that these beings sent out a call throughout the galaxy (and perhaps beyond) to prevent this future from happening.

People from all kinds of star systems decided to join and a huge star seed envoy program was started (6) and according to some, many millions of people left their bodies behind in stasis pods to let their soul incarnate on our planet, all with the intention to create a better and far more positive timeline.

It turns out that there are all kinds of groups, collectives and organizations that work together with various intentions. Some organizations, like the Nebu work(ed) together to create a huge empire, others like the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) try to bolster the growth in awareness of species. This GFW is in essence a military Federation that has members from many star systems and they work with a simple but very effective set of rules, which they call the Prime Directive (7). One of the key elements of that Prime Directive is to respect free will and not to interfere with cultures that are in a lesser stage of development, like our civilization.

Other negative groups would have used a loophole (8) by tricking people in giving their consent to allow them to enter our planet. This allowed these alien groups, mostly Reptilians (3), Grays (4) and the negative side of the Anunnaki (5) to gain control behind the scenes. A complete structure would have been built that allowed these alien forces to remain in total control with human beings performing the practical matters.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds decided that people on Earth were unable to fairly use their free will when they were oppressed and manipulated by negative alien beings that had far greater powers than they did. This led to a huge intervention and war which eventually resulted in the complete removal of all these negative aliens, from Earth (the underground bases on Earth), from the Moon, Mars, Ceres etc. (9), leaving us with the remnants of this manipulative system, now only run by human beings, without their alien masters (10).

As all these negative alien groups have been defeated and cast out of our solar system, it is now up to us to use our free will to also cast out those small but mighty (Deep State/Cabal) groups that still want to hold on to their agenda of gaining control of the whole of of our planet (11). The final battle is ours and it appears to be only a matter of time before the Deep State structures collapse completely making way for an awakening of mankind and its realization that they are part of a universe that is teeming with life.

When we have cleaned up the mess on our planet, the benevolent members of other worlds will make contact with us, but always in a way that is respectful. They absolutely don’t want to be welcomed as gods, but they want te be regarded as equals, albeit with more advanced technology and often a higher level of consciousness. Then the time has come to enter into a kind of ‘star trek future’ where we can spread our wings and easily move to and colonize new worlds

Illustration by Elena Danaan, from Thor Han’s space ship Excelsior (14), p. 296.

Within this field of research Elena Danaan plays an important role. She has direct contact with a commander of a huge spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and he has given her information on at least 120 species that have had contact in any way with humanity. Many of the updates come via her and her youtube channel. She has already written three books on disclosure too.

But of course she is not the only one that backs up this grand tale that would be unspinning right before our eyes. Much corroboration comes from Alex Collier who has been in contact with people from the Andromeda Constellation for many decades. Also a number of people reported their experiences in what turns out to be a secret space program. They talk about meeting all kinds of species and they all report about humanity already having space-fairing capabilities since the 1940s, with a negative group associated with the Nazi’s (12) and positive groups who received assistance from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, who carries the name, the Earth Alliance (13).

Our reconnection with our ancestors from space implies the recovery of our shared history. Much of the disclosure is also about the retrieval of our past: where do we come from? What is our history and who has interacted with us in what ways. According to both Alex Collier and Elena Danaan we would have DNA of species not only from our own galaxy, but from other galaxies as well. JP is a man who is part of the military and a (condoned) whistleblower, frequently shares information with Dr. Michael Salla about secret missions and the discovery of ancient arks and halls of records belonging to alien races. This information is corroborated by people like Elena Danaan and Jean-Charles Moyen who even visited a number of these Arks.

This is the basic story. You can imagine that the information available is nearly infinite when you accept the possibility that we are part of this universe filled with worlds who have abilities and technologies that are often beyond our wildest dreams. This is what is being explored by people who tune into ‘Modern Disclosure’. I hope that I have been able to create a spark of curiosity to make you want to explore this fascinating territory as well.

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Soul Splitting and the Andromedan Link

( 魂の分裂とアンドロメダのリンク)

After Dr. Michael Salla published the second part of the interview series with Mark Domizio on February 13, 2023, I started to watch them both (1,2) and was highly impressed with the contents. I would advise you to watch these interviews instead of watching a netflix series for this evening! It contains many fascinating (and horrible) elements that I intend to work out in several articles. While reading through some youtube-comments I discovered that Elena Danaan has had an interview with Mark Domizio as well back in august 2021, during the time that I didn’t even know who Elena Danaan was! (3)

Mark Domizio is an MK Ultra survivor who has served in a secret ‘black navy’ program, mainly in Diego Garcia. He has a mind-blowing story. For the purpose of this article I will focus on what he said about his clones and the soul splitting. During the first interview Mark talks about being coerced into this secret program for two years. In those years he had a severe ‘torture training’ which we have come to know from people like Tony Rodrigues (4) and Rebecca Rose (6).

He was trained to become a ruthless assassin, but his conscience stood in the way of the dark plans of those who were behind these programs. Mark Domizio said that he was able to stand firm and this eventually led to him being released from the program after only 2 (horrible) years (7).

During many years Mark had the feeling that there was something wrong, although he lived a good life with family and kids and he played as a musician in New Orleans. It was only in 2016 that he due to QHHT (8) started to remember rather awful things about these two years. He started to retrieve all kinds of memories of his time as Mark Domizio in the Diego Garcia DUMB (10) in the middle of the Indian ocean. One of the most important things he remembered was that a fragment of his soul was taken from him, together with his DNA and he mentions information on his light body, and all this allowed others in the program to create a clone (11,12) of him, that would later be called Hans (13). Let’s hear him and Dr. Salla explain how this Hans was made, and even some other clone, called Sam.

Dr. Salla and Mark Domizio talk about the way clones were made with fragments of his soul (1)

Mark describes how they were somehow able to extract a piece of his soul. With his DNA (and lightbody info?) they were able to create a clone which only functioned when this extract was added to it. After a severe and horrifying training they created a merciless assassin out of this clone, they named Hans. In the second interview (2) we get a lot of details about the life of Hans, who lived from 1983 to about 2017, mainly in the underground base of Diego Garcia. After Hans’ death all the memories of Hans cruel life were catapulted into Mark’s own consciousness, leading to some gruesome years for Mark, who then suddenly had to deal with everything this Hans had perpetrated, like killing at least 40 people.

Not only was this ‘Hans’ clone created, but they also created another clone called Sam, who was put to service on Mars. Mark is going to talk about that life in a future third interview. When I heard all this talk about more clones from a single human being, I was immediately reminded of the various clones of ‘Rebecca Rose’ that Jean-Charles Moyen met during his travels (14). The funny thing is that Rebecca Rose has said that her soul was originally from Andromeda, albeit the Andromeda Galaxy and not the Andromeda Constellation. Mark Domizio says that his soul had an aspect of an eight density (15) Andromedan soul too. It would have been this Andromedan soul aspect together with his O- blood type (16) that would have made him so attractive to the dark forces that captured him, amongst whom was a faction of the Grays.

Apparently there is something to this Andromedan soul that allows for ‘splitting’ and malevolent species are highly aware of this. Perhaps there is a connection with the practice called ‘soul scalping’? (17) Elena reminded us (14) that this was not the case for all species. The Altean soul would thus not be ‘splittable’ (18)

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Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean (19)

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More Corroboration on the Meeting between Thor Han and the Earth Alliance on January 7, 2023

General vanHerck (11,12)

On Saturday morning January 7, 2023 Elena Danaan posted a video (1) in which she talked about a secret meeting that would have taken place between Thor Han (2, 3) from the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance (4).

A few days later Dr. Michael Salla wrote a piece on this meeting and together with Elena they were able to identify the person with whom Thor Han would have spoken on that day, general vanHerck.

One of the aims of their meeting was to talk about disclosure.

About a month later Robert Kalil (6) posted a video (9) in which he interviewed Mary Joyce, who is an investigate journalist and author. In the video excerpt below you can hear her describe how a retired airforce veteran saw something that looked like a space craft in that area of Raven Rock in the Blue Ridge Mountains on January 6, 2023. Which was a day before (or perhaps only a few hours before a few hours before January 7th started in Ireland, where Elena Danaan lives, since it was 3.15 pm in the US, which makes it about 10.15 pm in the evening in Ireland, if the sighting was in the state of Tennessee).

Mary Joyce also has her own website and she has written a short summary on this possible corroboration on that meeting between the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance (10). She quotes what this veteran had to say:

“I saw something very strange today. About 3:30 in the afternoon, clear blue skies, enjoying the ride, I was returning from Gatlinburg on 441 through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and had passed the TN line coming down the mountain when I saw a flash on the left on the ridgeline.

“I then saw a massive silver, metallic object between the peaks. It seemed to be moving in the same direction as I was traveling. It disappeared and showed at the next dip in the ridgeline. I heard no sound, saw no lights or windows. I pulled over. I was trying to rationalize what I saw and couldn’t.

“I think it was cigar shaped but I did not see the leading edge or trailing edge, only the center mass. I can’t wrap my head around it. I am an Air Force veteran, and have worked the flight line, and nothing about this makes sense. I was curious, frightened and strangely enough very angry afterward. I thought I’d put this out to see if someone else saw it too.” (10)

Mary Joyce describes the testimony of a retired Airforce Veteran of January 7, 2023

On February 12, 2023 Elena Danaan posted a video (14) in which she linked this meeting in Raven Rock between Thor Han and the Earth Alliance (through General vanHerck) with the so-called UFO-sightings that were shot down in Alaska and Canada (15). The link is that the Deep State would really be panicking (16) and would try to play their ‘Alien Invasion‘-card. Thor Han has confirmed that there were no missing spaceships whatsoever. Elena advises to watch this ‘show’ like it is an amusing episode of the Muppet show. Although the Deep State is running around like a headless chicken, they still have the Main Stream Media in their hands, and together they might just fool a lot of people anyway. Thus: don’t take the bait and laugh about it.

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Jean-Charles Moyen as a SSP-Witnesses Hub

( Жан-Шарль Мойен в качестве центра SSP-Witnesses )

On January 28, 2023 Dr. Michael Salla did another fascinating interview with Jean-Charles Moyen (1). I decided to watch this video after I was pushed out of two private discotheques. In this interview Jean-Charles describes his extraordinary encounters with many other Secret Space Program witnesses. This article tries to the integrate those encounters with what we know so far.

Jean-Charles Moyen – Snapshot from (4)

I love Jean-Charles Moyen. He looks like a very sincere person with very extraordinary experiences and abilities (2). He featured in quite a lot of articles on this website. I will link to some of them while going through the interview. Jean-Charles lives in Canada and was born in France. Jean-Charles was also present at the Orlando Meeting in October 2022 (3) where many of the Secret Space Program witnesses told their amazing stories.

It was during that event that he got to physically meet other witnesses and contactees. Meeting them physically was often a very emotional experience as Jean-Charles describes in the interview, and they appeared to have triggered the emergence of memories of their encounters during the space programs. Let’s go over a number of them.

Jean-Charles Moyen says that after he met Chris O’Connor (5-7) a memory resurfaced about seeing something like a box filled with what looked like ‘fire flies’. It appeared to hold consciousness, or perhaps it even was a soul that could be transferred into another being. You can watch Jean-Charles describe his meeting with Chris and Chris affirmed that he had seen those fire flies as well, but that he had never talked about it before.

Jean-Charles Moyen and Chris O’Connor

Tony Rodrigues is a frequent visitor to this website as well. In december 2022 he featured in an article on watching Nebulas from within (8) and you might remember how he talked about passing through a stargate (9). Just like Rebecca Rose (10) he had his share of experiences with the Mantids on Mars (11). One of my first articles dealt with how Tony described how the Monroe Institute was misused by certain groups (12). Of course Tony has written a magnificent book on his 20 years as a member of the Secret Space Program (13).

In the video excerpt below Jean-Charles describes how he had finished his movie Star Seed Revelation 2 (14) some nine months before the release of Tony’s book called ‘The Ceres Colony Cavalier‘ in december 2022. The funny thing is that this tiny planet in the asteroid belt, which, by the way, was liberated in the summer of 2021 (15) played a role in his movie as a place which harbored people. He did a rescue operation there.

It was this planetoid that played a major role in Tony’s book: he spent 13 years of life there. What are the odds that Jean-Charles mentions Ceres as a (slave) colony in such a way that Tony does only nine months later? Jean-Charles was completely unaware of what Tony was writing about. I guess he didn’t even know who Tony Rodrigues was at that time.

Another thing was that Tony Rodrigues had an imaginary friend that moved into his room through his room with the name ‘Charlie’, which was confirmed by Tony’s mother. Charlie was also a nickname that Jean-Charles used when he was a child. Jean-Charles said that he actually remembered going into Tony’s room to try to persuade him to follow him, but Tony didn’t want to follow him at that time. (see 1, 17’05”)

Jean-Charles Moyen talks about Ceres and Tony Rodrigues

Sometimes it can be a tough job studying this material, you have to invest quite a lot of time in watching the relevant videos and when certain people appear in different shows, they tend to repeat what they have already said before. This was the case in this interview with regard to Jean-Charles’ experiences with Rebecca Rose. We have elaborately extensively about everything that Jean-Charles told Dr. Salla in this interview. It was good to hear that Jean-Charles said that exact same thing; that adds to his credibility. I don’t need to watch his documentaries to believe what he says.

Rebecca Rose – Snapshot from (17)

I was first introduced to Rebecca Rose in another interview that Dr. Salla did, a few months ago in November 2022 (16). I was impressed with her account and so were others, for it didn’t take long before she was also interviewed by Elena Danaan (17) and appeared with other people, with an amazing co-meeting that was hosted by Dani Henderson a few weeks ago in January 2023 (18).

In that particular interview Jean-Charles for the first time said that he had met Rebecca a number of times in various circumstances, which were later confirmed by Rebecca. I advice you to read the article ‘Different Parts of a Single Consciousness living in More Bodies Simultaneously‘ (19) to get a good understanding of the amazing examples that Jean-Charles described.

Just like Jean-Charles’ memories seems to have recovered at the moments that they turned relevant, Rebecca has recentely started to remember certain periods of her (horrible) Montauk days relating to the possible positive role of Russia in the disclosure movement (20,21). Rebecca also has her own website/blog in which she shares her discoveries (22).

The most impressive corroboration was of course formed between Jean-Charles and Elena Danaan. Much has been written about that. Elena described their experiences below the Sphinx (23) and their time below Lake Vostok in Antarctica (24). What was new for me was Jean Charles’ description of a shared experience he had with Elena while in Japan. He describes a scene in which he seemed to be lost in the streets of a Japanese city. He also mentions that he is confident that there is an ark below Mount Fuji.

For those who would like Jean-Charles to describe his visit to an Ark below Tibet head for (25).

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Mount Fuji – Japan (26)

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The Earth Alliance

( Земной Альянс )

On January 7, 2023 Elena Danaan posted a video in which she said that Thor Han had paid a visit to the Earth Alliance somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the United States (1,27). This made me realize that in all those 200 articles that can be found on this website I never formally introduced the Earth Alliance. Who are they? What have they done and what are they doing now?

In The Seeders (3) we can read that the Earth Alliance was set in motion by the Galactic Federation of Worlds:

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Vladimir Ramos/Released, 17)

Since the 1950s, secretly bypassing the false treaties between the MJ-12 and the Nebu, the Galactic Federation of Worlds created the Earth Alliance to help the humans of Earth build their own space fleet and stand against a spacefaring enemy. It began with the US Navy and, with time, extended thoughout the entire planet, culminating with the creation of the Artemis Accords in 2020 (2). “(3, p.56)

In a video from September 2021 Elena talks about the Earth Alliance:

“The earth alliance which is the collaboration of what you call white hats, different benevolent military forces from different countries on earth have allied with the forces of the galactic federation of worlds to fight in the undergrounds and in space this program has been set up since the 1940s and really really got a jump start when commander Val Thor (22) arrived in 1957.” (4)

So, the Earth Alliance is a military alliance consisting of military from Earth and military from the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

One of the reasons for the creation of the Earth Alliance was to prepare humanity for a future in which they would be able to defend Earth from malevolent alien invaders. The Galactic Federation of Worlds together with the Earth Alliance have fought together to beat these malevolent extraterrestrial races on various celestial bodies in our Solar System, if possible in cooperation with the local resistance. Besides Earth, the main focal points were the Moon, Mars (5) and Ceres (6).

In July 2021 a meeting was held on Jupiter (7) which led to the ‘Jupiter Agreements’. The participants of this meeting were the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Zenae Council (8), the Council of Five (9) and Terran military forces (Earth Alliance members). You might recognize these councils from the ‘Enlil Trial’ (10). The Intergalactic Confederation (11) hadn’t arrived in our Solar System by that time.

Elena writes in ‘We Will Never Let you Down’: “These meetings had the goal to determine the share, use and protection of this star system, regarding to economic and military domains, in preparation for the future. Territories of action have been set. Terran Humans are officially taking ownership of their star system.” (12, p.237)

There would have been harsh battles in the underground bases and tunnels all across the world with the Earth Alliance doing all the dirty military work fighting the malevolent forces like the Ciakahrr (13) and the Nebu (14) and their human allies from the Cabal.

In a video from October 2021 we can hear Ardaana talk about these fights below the surface of our planet:

The war fought in the underground was the most despicable war the federation has fought, as long as soldiers can remember. Why these men and women from the Earth alliance both humans of Earth and humans and beings from other places in the galaxy fighting together, what they have seen: it’s the depth of horror. It is not necessary to go and try to imagine these things. We will know one day. The meager idea I have is already unbearable and I cannot even speak it. So what Ardana says to us, is that the forces in power military able to get rid of this very powerful extraterrestrial enemy have accomplished their task and now the Earth is ours.” (15)

Ardaana made a few wonderful statements after the wars were finally over and our Solar System was cleansed of the malevolent ET-forces. You can read her statement at (16).

One of the tasks alotted to the Earth Alliance is to supervise the introduction of new technology, like med-beds. In October 2021 Elena Danaan explained a bit more:

“Space stations are being built in orbit of earth. The technology regarding to medical science, medical technology and a lot of different things are being built on the moon. There’s a lot of work force going on the moon. Legal paid people for the first time. The era of slavery is over!” (18)

After the Solar System was cleared the Intergalactic Federation arrived and Enki had taken control of the Nibiru ship and he had handed over his ‘DNA-Grail’ for humanity to be used in the med-beds (19,20).

As you may remember Saturn used to be a ‘hotbed’ for the rogue parts of the Anunnaki, with people like Enlil and Marduk controlling most of the planet. In 2022 the ownership of the planet was transferred from the Anunnaki to the Earth Alliance (21), just like Antarctica was handed over to them a year before (26).

I started this article with a reference to a visit by Thor Han – Elena Danaan’s main contact in the Galactic Federation of Worlds – with the Earth Alliance in a military base in the Blue Ridge Mountains (1). He gave them certain directions for disclosure. He gave it in an oblong device, which had these directives stored on it, much like an USB-stick. This military base is considered to be the head quarters from which the ET-disclosure is managed. In the video she also mentioned that Val Thor (22) was preparing disclosure about Solar Warden (23) with the Earth Alliance.

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Soft Disclosure – very soft and very slow 🙂

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