The Genetic Origin of 666, ‘The Number of the Beast’

Lately I have become intrigued by the two Voyagers-books written by Ashayana Deane (1,2). They contain very detailed information on the history of our planet and I would like to compare this with the information stemming from Elena Danaan and the Galactic Federation of Worlds, as the most important one. I have written an earlier article based on this source, which also gives a short introduction to this concept of the Emerald Covenant CDT-Plates (3).

666 – A Popular number these days

This article delves into the origin of the number 666 according to this material. By now, most of us might think that this number ‘of the beast’ has first appeared in the book of Revelations in the Bible (Verse 13:18)(4), but why 666, and not 667, 999 or 555 for instance? The reason given by the CDT-Plates is the so-called Templar-Axiom Seal which would have been added to the genes of certain lineages back in 1,500 B.C.

The Templar-Axiom Seal
So, what is this all about? For those who want the full story, please read the first 40 pages of the second volume (2). I will get into more details in future articles. Humanity was not designed to die and be reborn in the earlier days. They were meant to raise the frequency of their body and ‘ascend’ back to the level from which they came before birth. But, all kinds of things happened and it became tougher and tougher to ascend in one lifetime. Reincarnation was introduced, but other distortions occurred and our DNA became distorted as well. In order to prevent these 3D-distortions to ‘infect’ the higher dimensional planes certain seals were introduced for those with distortions in their DNA, which would have first happened some 550 milion years ago.

Relatively recent (1,500 B.C) a terrible event was committed by a certain group in Egypt, who unleashed many 2D-choatic forces from the underworld into the higher dimensions. This created a lot of havoc and to stop this from ever happening again this group’s DNA was ‘marked’ in a way. Our DNA is made on the basis of morphogenetic fields (5) which carry in them the information for the construction of our DNA. The mark that was introduced removed information from these morphogenetic fields from certain groups responsible for this act.

The parts that were removed from their morphogenetic fields corresponded to certain DNA-strands, which they could no longer use to build their DNA. This removal was called the Templar-Axiom Seal. Here’s an excerpt from the book:

The sixth base tone of the first strand, sixth base tone of the fifth strand and sixth base tone of the sixth strand of DNA were all removed from the morphogenetic field. This genetic configuration of the Templar-Axion Seal was the original meaning behind the symbolism of the “666”

…The “666” became the trademark of members of the Sirian-Anunnaki who refused to accept leadership from the HU-2 Sirian Council, and who would not uphold the Law of One.” (2, p.36)

The Anunnaki Resistance
Not only this certain strain of the Sirian-Anunnaki held this 666-Templar-Axiom Seal, but a group of Dracos as well: “…and the first administration of the Templar-Axion Seal (the “666” genetic configuration) was applied to the morphogenetic field of those of the Anunnaki Resistance. The Seal was also applied to the morphogenetic field of the Dracos hybrids. ” (2, p.45)

In order not to confuse, I will get back to the Anunnaki Resistance in some other future article. What I can say now is that the Anunnaki Resistance was unwilling to abide by a certain treaty (6) that was made 848,800 years in the past, which would have implied that they would have to abide by what is called ‘The Law of One’. They got help from the Dracos who joined them.

All Seals would have been removed
To round off this article, there is also some good news: all the seals would have been removed and ALL of our races would be able to heal and assemble their DNA, allowing them to ascend (see 2, p. 84).

(1) Deane, Ashayana (1999) Voyagers, volume I: The Sleeping Abductees – Emerald Covenant CDT Plate Translations
(2) Deane, Ashayana (2002) Voyagers, volume II: The Secrets of Amenti – Emerald Covenant CDT Plate Translations
(3) Once upon a Time, 950 billion years ago; For more on the Voyagers-material take a look at End Note 40 and 41
(4) “This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.” (666 in the Bible)
(5) Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields
(6) This treaty is called ‘The Treaty of El-Annu’, see page 48 of (2).

7 thoughts on “The Genetic Origin of 666, ‘The Number of the Beast’

  1. Hi 😊
    Who are the Sirian Anunnaki?
    I’ve never heard of it (I mean my main source on things; ET races: “A Gift From The Stars”). There is an Anunnaki colony in Aldebaran… or what does that mean?



    • Hi Mona, a good question. I’m trying to find links between the races in ‘A Gift from the Stars’ and the Voyagers-material. I also want to prepare for the information that might be stored in the arks about our history. The future will tell if they match. There are already a few themes that match, but I want to stick to my idea that I present only a small portion of information in each article, not to overwhelm the audience.

      Much of our history seems to deal with the theme of DNA and lineages and interactions with all kinds of ET’s.

      I would like to see if this concept of a DNA-Seal to protect higher dimensions from being polluted by lower dimensions’ distorted DNA pops up somewhere else as well. I would like to hear Thor Han’s thoughts on that.

      When you look at the information on Sirius in the Elena Danaan-material it is rather limited. 7 pages in ‘A Gift from the Stars’ with only three species (Katayy, Ashkeru-Taal and the Nommo). When looking through the transcripts of the videos not much is said about Sirius either. Even though they would have had a major impact on our history. I think that is slightly awkward. What about all the connections with Egypt?


      • I am extremely new to Ms Danaan’s work. Same with Ms Rose. I find their information very interesting, and it seems to gel pretty good with where I am currently at (on a physical level that is). I get the impression that this mostly physical dimension is their focus and perhaps their purpose. There is of course a higher dimension to things that neither of these women hardly ever touch on. Take a look at pages 58-61 in Ms Rose’s book Welcome to the Future. Here, she (finally) brings the super-conscious elders/seeders “Intergalactic Federation” into the discussion. This just may not be their focus/purpose, but certainly is a huge part of what is going on.


      • Yes, thanks for directing me to this part. I tend to think of the Intergalactic Federation as extraterrestrial beings from other galaxies, but there might indeed be a more ‘etheric’ or higher dimensional aspect to them indeed. Perhaps Elena’s new book will shed more light on that?


  2. Hi
    Yes, Egypt seems to have a great connection to Sirius, but also to Orion. But especially the Dogon from Mali have to do with Sirius.

    Honestly I think it’s a shame that Elena Danaan stopped posting youtube videos about the ET breeds.
    There was still so much to learn. Such as, via the Sirius ET’s or the Anunnakis etc.
    The question of who exactly the 22 races were that created and/or “improved” the Homo Sapiens has not yet been clarified either.
    Also I would know more about the 24 Seeders breeds. Well, that’s what her next book is supposed to be about…

    I like that you are being careful. Keep it up.


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