The Zeta Reticuli and the Asians

On May 23, 2023 an old video surfaced in which Alex Collier was asked if he could say anything about the origin of certain languages in our world (1), and he gave a rather fascinating answer in which he told us about the galactic cradle of languages like English, French and Hebrew. He also had a remarkable answer as to the galactic origin of the Asian languages. This answer seems to coincide with other information which Annax gave Elena Danaan in her early files. This article presents these sources and hopes to shed some light on this possible link between the Gray race of the Zeta Reticuli and the Asian people.

In the excerpt below we can hear Alex say that the origins of the Asian languages can be found in the Zeta Reticuli systems. “What’s interesting about that is that the Zeta’s themselves don’t actually speak a language, but they conquered and absorbed slaves, captives, that did use language. The language that they learned to speak is what we now would refer to as the Asian languages.

Listen to how he talks about the creation of a kind of ‘middle management layer’ that would ‘translate’ the telepathic language of the Zeta’s into spoken language (2 minutes)

Alex Collier talks about the extraterrestrial origin of the Asian languages (1)

I happened upon an older video from 2020 in which Elena Danaan was having an interview with the hypnotherapist Elisa Herrera, who helped her in activating her galactic memories. In that interview Annax, an Egaroth (2) was given the opportunity to answer questions. One of the questions was related to the origins of certain races on our planet. Whereas the Andromedans from Alex Collier only talk about a language link with the Zeta’s, Annax seems to imply a genetic link. Listen along (starts after 5 seconds and lasts 4 minutes)

Annax talks about a genetic link between the Zeta’s and the Asian people

In the above excerpt Annax talks about two ‘original races’ that would have been present on Earth, the black people and the Nordic people in Northern Europe. He talks about the ‘Ethorians’ who are completely unknown to me and are not mentioned in Elena’s books as far as I know. The Grays from Reticuli have taken the Nordics. These Grays love to experiment. They would have experimented so much on their own race, that they have turned themselves into a dying race (3).

Annax says that the Asian people were the result of a genetic mix between the Nordic race and the Grays. Annax adds that the Gray species involved back then looked different than they look today.

In an earlier article we also talked about the Japanese people, but then in connection with the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B. Remember when Jean-Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan talked about Jean-Charles’ visits to Japan? Elena suggested that perhaps the T-Ashkeru mingled with people on Earth to form the Japanese (or other Asian people too?) (4). The T-Ashkeru themselves would be a mix between a local Gray species and a Taal colony from Lyra (3).

And if all this wasn’t enough it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the account of the Thiaoouba that Michel Desmarquet met (5). One of the things that he was told was that the Asians would have arrived on Earth from a planet called Bakaratini in the Centaur system some 1,3 million years ago (5). 

This is all quite thought-provoking, if you ask me. How does all this match with Enki’s account of our history as we were told in Elena’s third disclosure book (6)? When would this have happened? If this were true then there must be some genetic evidence for it to be found in the DNA of the Asian people. And what about the differences between the various Asian people? And how could Annax say that there were two original human species on our planet? What would he have meant with that?

A lot of questions. Perhaps you would like to reflect upon them with the Elena Danaan Study Group (7)? The more questions the better!

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Myrah Trying to Map the Genomes of Humanity

Myrah (illustration made by Elena Danaan, 1)

This article is based on information from the Early Days, back in 2020. Myrah was still working on the Excelsior as a ‘techno-biological scientist’ (1). After the collapse of the Nebu (2), Myrah went back home to her planet, Nyan, in the Sirius B system (3,4), which had turned into a safe place again after many many years of tyranny. I thought it might add a piece to the puzzle to spend some time on what Myrah told us about her attempts to somehow make some sense out of the genomes of humanity, especially after we learned about this Past Life Recording Device (5) from one of JP’s missions, whose aim seems to be to find certain people with certain genomes.

In the video-excerpts below you can hear Myrah – who is speaking using Elena’s implant – talk about some old Lyran technology that arrived on their spacestation. In her lovely and enthusiastic way of speaking, Myrah said that it was very interesting because it allowed the Galactic Federation of Worlds to do genetic research (“Don’t be afraid we are not abducting you”). They also are not using any real specimens, because they have a database of all of our genetics.

The reason for acquiring this new equipment was that it allowed the Galactic Federation of Words to get a bitter idea of the hybridization that has taken place in our history on our planet. She initially calls our genomes a ‘mix‘, but Thor Han – who was sitting next to her – suggested that the word ‘mess‘ would be more appropriate.

Myrah (using Elena’s implant) describes the equipment that arrived
from the Lyra System for the study of the extend of Hybridization in Humanity

Myrah says that she wanted to categorize all the different strands of mutations that have essentially caused this ‘genetic mess (mix)’ in our human genomes. Myrah goes on to talk about identifying certain hybrid children that could then be moved to planets where they can reconnect with their ancestors. If you have read ‘We Will Never Let You Down‘ you might remember that drawing in which Myrah escorts many of the children that were rescued from the Underground Bases, of whom many would have gone to the Alpha Centauri systems (6,7).

I am also reminded about the recent developments regarding the Negumak (9,10), who were apparently easily able to identify the Ciakahrr hybrids, which they would have gladly used as hostages. This was prevented by the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW), but obviously the GFW was also able to identify them easily. Perhaps they were making use of the work that Myrah had done before? Another question that pops up, is related to that Past Life Recording Device (5): what would be the benefits of such equipment compared to the hybrid-genome database that the GFW would already hold?

Well, as always, leave your comments below this article, or join the Elena Danaan Study Group (11) or subscribe to this channel through telegram or via mail.

Elena Danaan shows the drawing from (6) in which the rescued children are escorted to go to other planets. Screenshot from (7).

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A Device to Record your Past Lives

( Устройство для записи ваших прошлых жизней )

When you move about in these galactic and exopolitical realms there is often a very thin line between science fiction and science fact. A lot of alien species have been introduced on this website, and we have also come across fascinating examples of extraterrestrial technology. In an interview that was posted on May 18, 2023, Dr. Salla talked with JP about yet another mission, in which JP described a new device that would allow one to experience past lives (1).

Remembering Past Lives (11)

During this galactic ride, the last couple of years, we have been introduced to all kinds of technology. Before we get to JP’s latest ‘novelty’ I would like to pay some attention to a number of other pieces of state-of-the-art-technology that we were allowed to witness. You might remember how Elena described the food replicators, that even had species-specific functionality, which were also present at the home of Myrah whom she visited on planet Nyan (2). We have Enki showing us his martial arts style with this vajra (3). Then there are of course the brain implants used to either communicate or do things like flying a spaceship (4).

We have heard about Radu Cinamar who was given a pair of holographic glasses that allowed him to ‘scroll’ through large holographic scenes of our history, according to the underground people of Apellos (5). Talking about Holographic techniques, you might think of the 50,000 year old holographic body-scan device that Cinamar saw below the Bucegi Mountains in Romania (6). Ardaana shared that an ancient holographic chair in the pyramid of Giza. could be shown to the world, if the Cabal weren’t there to prevent this from happening (7)

Besides holographic devices, we talked about crystals as bearers of information. Take for instance the 1,5 feet crystal device that was found some 16,000 years ago by the Reptilian species that Lacerta is a part of that showed them the history of their species going all the way back to the extinction of the Dinosaurs (8). I remember Mirkak, the partner of Val Nek, using an ancient crystal that he simply held against his forehead to see the history of his people, the Telos (9).

During his mission in that spaceport in the Alabama region (10) JP and his team received a device that turned out to be a device that, when connected to a human being, through some kind of helmet, could not only ‘activate’ memories of your past lives, but those memories could also be recorded! Imagine that.

JP then described how he was asked to sit down and he was consequently connected to this machine. He got to see a past life on a completely different planet, with a very dense, metallic-like moon, and there he recognized Elena Danaan in another incarnation. This was later confirmed by her, that she indeed lived in a world like that.

Man wearing an Iron Man helmet (16)

When I was half way though my article something inside me didn’t want to continue. This doesn’t happen regularly, for most of the time I just continue to write my articles until they are finished. I sat down and started watching an episode of ‘Raised by Wolves‘ (12) when the Elena Danaan Study Group (13) turned active and we discussed this latest mission of JP. After some initial hesitation I opened up to a few questions and after this discussion I felt that was needed to finish the article you are reading right now.

We came up with a few ethical questions. What to think of a piece of technology that is able to pierce into our past lives? Shouldn’t we only open up to certain past lives, when our ‘soul’ or ‘higher self’ decides that the time is right for it? And isn’t this supposed to be a natural event: to start remembering these former lives without being plugged into some kind of extraterrestrial machine of unknown origin? Isn’t this a kind of ‘holy’ or ‘divine’ treshold that should not be articifially trespassed?

And for whom is JP doing is? Is it indeed a benevolent group of white hats that are sending out the orders, or could it be some other force? I am reminded of something that Thor Han said in connection to the Ciakahrr and why they cooperated with the Nazi’s on Antarctica (14). Read along:

Thor Han continued his update:

Not only the Earth Alliance and the Nataru (7) Alliance knew about it, but also the enemy. The Ciakahrr stormed and took the place under Vostok, hoping to crack the codes of this technology. They welcomed the humans of the Nazi group, that you call the Fourth Reich, to help decrypting this technology. Were you thinking that they accepted human colonies there in Antarctica for no reason? What do you think they were getting in exchange for technology and weapons? DNA. The Ciakahrrs knew DNA was the key to activate these power structures. But even though they looked into finding the right DNA frequency codes, they never succeeded to activate these structures.” (15)

Apparently the Ciakahrr were dying to find the right people with the right DNA to activate those spaceships. If they would have had devices like this ‘past life recording device‘ they might have been able to hunt down the right people by searching through the past lives of everyone they could get a hold on with special (psychic) abilities.

I’m a bit confused about all this. On the one hand I would like to embrace this fantastic account of JP as yet another chapter in a beautiful unfolding story of man’s connection with extraterrestrial life, but on the other hand I wonder if we really should be helping with a technology that is so intrusive that it can actually record our past lives. What if these devices would end up in the wrong hands? Just imagine that you would be forced to let your past lives be recorded. Wouldn’t that feel like a mind-rape of a soul magnitude? Why is the US Army so eager to find these people that would be able to fly these hidden arks or spaceships?

Well, let me know your thoughts by adding a comment below. Follow me at my Telegram Channel which now also has chat functionality.

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Would you Prefer the Intergalactic-Only DNA Repair Treatment?

I was very happy to see Elena describe her two wonderful journeys in her 21st Contact video (1,2). There is much to say about all the things she described in that video of almost one hour. I would like to focus on something very important that Elena was shown on the Moon, while accompanied by Thor Han. It was about the Grail that Enki/Ea had brought back, and it explained a few questions that I already posed back in October 2022 (3), right after Elena Danaan published her masterpiece ‘The Seeders’ (4).

In the article ‘Trying to Understand Enki’s Genetic Template Grail‘ (3) I wrote a number of questions that had remained lying on the shelf for about half a year, and the current video answered nearly all of them. I think it is useful to quote the relevant part of that particular article. Remember that according to the historical account as described in Elena’s third disclosure book, a group of Intergalactic Seeder Races decided to add their genomes to a primate being some 65 million years ago.

A Bright Blue Plasma Tube, perhaps looking a bit like the Frequency Key of our Original Human DNA (8)

After some 64,5 million years the Anunnaki arrived and upgraded (and downgraded) our genetics creating a huge leap in our evolution. They (Enki) also added their own Anunnaki genes to the whole, and after that a number of other species from within our own Milky ‘Nataru’ Way added their DNA too (5). We have been through a lot these last nearly 400 millenia, but times seem to be changing for us. Our genetics have also suffered a lot, and much of our true (intergalactic) grandness has been sleeping in the back of our genes, so to speak. But then the Intergalactic Confederation (6) arrived and with them Enki, with what was called ‘The Grail’, a key to our great heritage.

What follows is an excerpt from that piece about this ‘Genetic Template Grail’, with an excerpt from the video (1) in which Elena clarifies nearly everything:

The idea expressed in the above excerpt – and in the book – is that Enki was able to store and save the original template, but what does that really mean? Is that the original template of the Pa-Taal Extra-Galactic species? Or is it perhaps the template + Enki’s Anunnaki-genes? And if this template would actually be used in med-beds to restore our DNA, what happens to all the DNA from our galactic friends who interbred/hybridized with us afterwards? Is that DNA going to be removed? Or has that DNA never been downgraded because it was done after the initial mix-up of our genes by Enlil and consorte?

What information is stored in Enki’s Grail? The template of 11 races, 12 or 13, or perhaps 21 or 22? Do we really want the Anunnaki genes to be returned and activated, or should we trust Enki and believe that his kind of Anunnaki genes are indeed way ‘better’ than those of his half-brother? And what about the Anunnaki, being half humanoid/half Gray? Aren’t we activating all kinds of Gray-genomes when we activate the Anunnaki genes? And if 65 million of years of evolution led to a black primate that the Anunnaki initially thought was simple, how long would it have taken for us to really express the qualities of our intergalactic Seeders? (3)

Elena Danaan explains the Frequency key of the Original 11-‘strand’ Human DNA (from (1))

For me the crucial piece of information is that Ea/Enki has brought with him the original genetic blueprint of the original Seeder Races, which does not contain any of the alternations that the Anunnaki performed afterwards. Because of the very bad history of the Anunnaki on our planet I was a bit worried that we would have to ‘repair’ our genes with those Anunnaki-genes as well. It turns out that we are given at least the option to solely use the DNA-frequencies of the original mix of genomes by the Seeder races for the repair of our genetics. If we would like to use the DNA of other species that is also an option.

It also doesn’t mean that we would start to look like the ‘black heads’ as we were described by the Anunnaki on their arrival. As Thor Han laughingly said in all his wisdom our genomes would remain the same; it would not change our appearance at all.

I loved to watch this video. Of course this also triggers a new set of questions, but I prefer to leave that for some other time. Let’s first cherish the beauty of this new information. What DNA-repair package would you take? From the Original Seeder races only, or would you take the full package (or could we even choose something in between)? I want to thank Elena for sharing this publicly with all of us. If you would like to share your thoughts or questions comment below or head for the Study Center (7)

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On the Origin of the Asian People

Asian Peoples (4)

( Sur l’origine des Peuples Asiatiques )

While continuing my journey through the book ‘Thiaoouba‘ (1-3) I was triggered to consider the possibility that certain races neither originated on Earth, nor would have been genetically engineered by master geneticists, but would have simply moved to this planet themselves from other worlds.

And then I’m not talking about the 22 extraterrestrial races that were identified by Elena Danaan (5). How does this idea fit with that paradigm? How does this combine with information from other sources? Could the Asian people, or the ‘yellow race’ be one of those groups? Does it make sense? These are the topics that are touched upon in this article.

Just like Elena Danaan, Michel Desmarquet was physcially taken aboard a spaceship and was welcomed by friendly people from other worlds (2). These people however are not mentioned in the work of Danaan. They brought him to their world called Thiaoouba and he was told about important historical events that would have taken place on our planet.

Some 1,350,000 years ago people from another planet called Bakaratini (6) that is located in the Centaur Constellation (7) realized that their planet was cooling down, and that they had to search for another planet to live on. There were two different species, or races, living on that planet. During a period of 50 years they would have moved 3.6 million black people and 3.6 million yellow people to Earth which was uninhabited at the time. The black-skinned people colonized Australia (which was in that time still connected to the Asian continent) and the ‘yellow’/Asian people chose the territory of present day Myanmar (11). They established peaceful societies. To learn more about them I recommend reading chapter 3 of the book (1).

So, let’s see how this resonates with other sources. The first element I want to pay attention to is the timing of their arrival. In the historical account of Enki there is no mention of people living on Earth at around 1,35 million years ago (12). The Seeders would only return at around 439 thousand years ago (13), to do a few upgrades on their experiment (14), leading to what the Anunnaki called the black heads, the primate that they, the Anunnaki in their turn, used to upgrade to become human beings at about 370 thousand years ago. Well, you know the story. Ashayana Deane does mention the entry of a new root race on the planet 1,25 million years ago (15). There is no word about people from a planet in the Centaur constellation, however.

Various Ethnic Groups or Races – Image taken from Pinterest (20)

This idea that certain races would have been added to the surface of our planet is something that Patricia Cori also spoke of in her contacts from the Sirian High Council (16). In their account the black, red, yellow and white races would have been invited by the Sirian High Council to send their people from different planets, from various corners of the universe, to inhabit the Earth. The ultimate goal would have been to eventually create a unique stellar human being who would gradually and over time combine the characteristics of all these different kinds of people (and then came the Anunnaki who messed up this experiment).

Cori doesn’t mention people who came of their own accord, as it is described by Desmarquet.

One of the reasons why I seriously consider the validity of the Thiaoouba-material is that there is some logic to it, and it covers an area that is not yet satisfactorily covered within Enki’s account of our history, namely the differences between the races on Earth. If Enki made the Adam by combining the dormant genomes of the 11 seeder races (5,17) with his own Anunnaki genes, how does that explain the differences between the races? Would they have all changed so typically in 300,000 years? I haven’t come across anything about this aspect in Elena’s material.

So, there is some logic to the idea that people from other worlds with their own characteristics arrived on our planet. They colonized a part of the planet and established their societies. They mixed with the black people creating the Arab-looking people. All these Asian people might have had long-established civilizations at the time that the Anunnaki arrived and started doing their ‘thing’ in Sumeria. But what about the Seeders? They couldn’t have missed the Asians, could they?

It is tempting to just ignore everything that doesn’t resonate completely with the information from Elena Danaan, but that would mean that her material would become dogmatic, and that is of course the last thing that we would want. I don’t like to think of it as a belief system, but as a working hypothesis. I also want to keep an open mind to the experiences of other contactees, even when it doesn’t fit nicely into the current ‘paradigm’. I still believe that we will uncover the real truth someday. Perhaps an ark from the people of Bakaratini or the Thiaoouba might prove useful in this regard.

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Juegos Olimpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires 2018 Tenis. Gabriela Sabatini. 14.10.2018 Foto Maxi Failla (6)

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The Fourth Root Race and its Cloister entered next, the Breanoua Cloister, about three million years ago, followed by the
Alanian Root Race 4 at 2,500,000 years ago. The Alanians became known as the Atlanians. The Fifth Root Race Aeirans and their Cloister Hibiru then entered, the Hibiru 1,500,000 and the Ayrians 1,275,000 years ago. The time period beginning with the Second Seeding 3,700,000 years ago and extending through the Third Seeding into the present time represents the Fourth World
of Native American legend.
” (Voyager II, p.29)

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Let’s Talk about Hermaphrodite Species from Outer Space

(In Portuguese: Vamos falar sobre espécies hermafroditas do espaço sideral)

In an earlier article I introduced Michel Desmarquet who wrote about his experiences with a tall species from a planet called Thiaoouba (1,2). At first he thought they were all women, but it turned out that they were all hermaphrodites! This made me wonder about other species that were androgynous or hermaphrodite and I will present a few of them below. Enjoy.

Dogon Hermaphrodite Statue (5)

When Michel Desmarquet was taken aboard a spaceship by the people from Thiaoouba he was welcomed by Thao, a female-looking being who was to be his guide. In the article on The Other Side of the Bermuda Triangle (2) he described Thao as an attractive tall woman. During his trip aboard he noticed that there were nothing but females on that ship. This looked as if this planet that they were from was inhabited solely by amazon-like women. When he asked Thao about this peculiarity she took him apart in a separate room and explained it to him:

Once settled comfortably in a kind of armchair with Thao facing me, I watched, as her face became serious again. She started to speak. ‘Michel, there are no women aboard this spacecraft…’If she had told me that I wasn’t on a spaceship but rather, in the Australian desert, I would have more readily believed her. Seeing the expression of disbelief on my face, she added, ‘neither are there any men.’ At this, my confusion was absolute. ‘But,’ I faltered, ‘you are – what? Just robots?’

‘No, I think you misunderstand. In a word, Michel, we are hermaphrodites. You know, of course, what an hermaphrodite is?’ I nodded, quite dumbfounded, and then asked, ‘Is your whole planet inhabited only by hermaphrodites?’ – Yes.’ – ‘And yet your face and mannerisms are more feminine than masculine.’ – ‘Indeed, it might appear so, but believe me when I tell you that we are not women, but hermaphrodites. Our race has always been this way.’ – ‘I must confess, this is all very confusing. I’m going to find it difficult to think of you as ‘he’ rather than the ‘she’ I have done since I’ve been among you.’

‘You have nothing to imagine, my dear. We are simply what we are: human beings from another planet living in a world different from yours. I can understand you would like to define us as one sex or the other, for you think as an Earthling and a Frenchman. Perhaps, for once, you could make use of the neuter gender of English and think of us as ‘it’. I smiled at this suggestion but continued to feel disoriented. Only moments ago, I had believed myself to be among Amazons.”” (1, p.27)

Illustration by Elena Danaan (3, p.110)

Elena Danaan has mentioned a number of species that are hermaphrodites or androgynous (3). One of them are the Nommo who are species from the Sirius C system, which is locally known as Emerya (4). They are said to be the beings that had contact with the Mali Dogon. They are amphibian and androgynous.

While I was looking for hermaphrodites I came across statues by the Dogon which really looked a lot like the way the Nommo are depicted by Elena Danaan (6).

In a wonderful video from July 2021 Elena Danaan expands on the mating rites of various species across the universe (7,8). In the video excerpt below you can hear her describe the way the Egaroth are hermaphrodites. The Egaroth are founding fathers of the Council of Five.

They were present during the ‘trial’ of Enlil (9) and they seem to play an important part in Body-Soul Compatibility (10). Annax is an Egaroth and a very valuable friend of Elena Danaan (11). She even paid a visit to Annax’ home world Alnilam as you can read in her book The Seeders (12). For those who are unable to understand the English in the video, or do not want to watch the video, I refer to (13) where I added a transcript.

About the hermaphrodite Egaroth
Illustation of the Alcobata by Elena Danaan (3, p.242)

The Alcobata species have a rather unique way of reproducing. Although there are males and females they can also be hermaphrodites in the sense that they can impregnate themselves. This only seems to go for the males amongst them. When the males reproduce they activate a certain hormone which allows them to produce offspring but only in the form of eggs. Most of these eggs produce males that are used in their armies since they are a quite aggressive race.

The funny thing is that they can also decide to be mammals. In that case they have sex the way we do resulting in the female that turns pregnant and thus carries a little alcobata baby in her womb. These children are often placed in societal and political roles since apparently they are not as aggressive as their oviparous born brothers.

The alcobata are mentioned in Elena Danaan’s A Gift from the Stars at pages 242-243 (3). On a Chinese site I saw a Chinese translation of the information from the book, accompanied by an image of a character from the Phantom Menace from Star Wars which looks a bit like these Alcobata (15).

Below you can hear Elena describe the hermaphrodite ways of the Alcobata in her own words:

Elena Danaan on the Alcobata

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(12) Alnilam is the middle star in the Orion Belt. In Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders you can read about her visit to the world of the Egaroth in the chapter from pages 260 to 273.
(13) Below is the transcript from the video-excerpt taken from (7):

Statue by the Dogon (6). They have remarkable similarities with the Nommo as they are drawn by Elena Danaan, especially the characteristic nose

“The Egaroth are hermaphrodites like the Negumak (14). They are a race with a human mammal genetics. They can reach until the ninth density in consciousness. They’re hermaphrodites. They have two genders: male and female. But they can choose when they
come to birth, they are born neutral, and then choose a gender. I don’t know why and how, what motivates their choice, but I know that they need to be male and female to reproduce.

Annax has a partner and two kids. So the family cell is not like on earth. They make kids but then the kids are raised by the community, everybody raised the kids together. When they decide to embody a gender, Annax decided to embody the male gender, they are going to make love like humans, like mammals. As they are very evolved beings, they are going to do this reaching higher states of consciousness in a very tantric and sensual way.

Many of you could witness the love Annax radiates from his heart, from his person, from his being. So imagine but that’s his way of being. It’s no normal state, it just radiates love, sometimes so much, that you can take it’s. It’s so radiating love. That’s his normal state. Imagine when they are with the partner, they are in love and they share this love and they make love and this all explodes! I mean from our perspective on earth, I think we couldn’t stand the frequency of it, of two Egaroth making love. It’s like atomic love reaction.

And they are one of these races like the Ahel where the conception of an outspring cannot happen without this cosmic orgasm. It needs to happen, because when you bring down an incarnation a soul to a species, that is super high, they can go until nine, you need to tap very high to open the channel super high to the soul matrix. That’s why they need to do it like this. And if they don’t reach out to these cosmic levels of orgasm they cannot create the channel to allow a soul to come and incarnate into the seed, into the belly of the female. The Ahel do the same. It has nothing to do with species. I’m fascinated by the Egaroth of course, because I know one very well. And knowing his vibrance his energy I mean that must be quite amazing.”

(14) The Negumak and the Galactic Federation of Worlds
(15) 英仙座-阿尔科巴塔人(Alcobata)

Body and Soul Compatibility

There are many pieces to the puzzle of understanding our link with our alien or off-world ancestors. This page deals with an element that I have hardly dealt with on this website, namely the compatibility or incompatibility of the soul and the body it inhabits.

In order to grasp more about this issue of compatibility I will use information on the initial upgrade by Enki, I will talk a bit about the upgrading of the etheric spheres, the Star Seed preparations by the Council of Five and I’ll round it off with some reflections about a dog graduating to become a human. Enjoy the ride.

(Updating Etheric Layer of Earth, 22)

For the time being I take the perspective that is presented in Elena Danaan’s ‘The Seeders’ (1) as the working hypothesis. In this book we can learn that some 65 million years ago a group of beings from outside of this galaxy would have decided to not allow our planet to be a reptilian-only planet (2,3). After making some space they would have upgraded the etheric realms that were needed to assist life in its evolution (6):

The etheric sphere of planet was upgraded, allowing future humans to begin their soul journey throughout the natural cycles of incarnations via mineral, vegetal and animal reigns. Now, the planet had all its layers of densities, from its core to its outer limits. The planetary matrix was ready for the development of Human consciousness” (1, p.492)

When we fast forward some 64 and a half million years the Anunnaki showed up and performed an upgrade on our biology that had evolved into what they called ‘the black heads’. Perhaps they had turned so black because of a relatively large part of Hoova-DNA? (10). Enki added his Anunnaki-genes to the intergalactic compound of DNA that was still present in these primates. Before Enlil and his team messed things up on most humans, Enki created the Adam, as is described in the Seeders as well:

The reason why Ea put his own personal DNA into the project, was to maintain control over his creation, via frequency resonance. A healthy upgraded male hybrid was born, fulfilling all expectations of his celestial father. The first individual of the ugraded human beings was named Adam. He was the very first incarnation of an evolved extraterrestrial soul into biologically raw Terran genetic material. In other words, Adam was the first Starseed.” (1, p.496)

Once the etheric realms was ready to allow for the evolution of soul through reincarnation and bodies had developed through the ages to house these evolving ‘home-grown’ souls, the upgrade of the Anunnaki allowed for something new: the entry of souls into human beings that were from other worlds. Apparently this is not a ‘one soul sits all’-concept. Not every soul is able to incarnate in every body. DNA seems to be the key. In order for a soul from a certain star system to actually enter a human body a certain ‘resonance’ with the DNA of the body seems to be necessary.

Firstly, the hosting bloodline needs to have a minium frequency ratio matching with the incarnating being, and this occurs via DNA. A Mininum percentage of matching DNA means that for instance, a soul from the Errahel planetary soul matrix shall incarnate into a bilogical body that carries sufficient ration of Ahel genes.

Body and Soul (21)

DNA has a frequency, and if there is no resonance between a flesh vehicle and an incarnating soul, the alchemy doesn’t work. On this planet, we are all alien hubrids at some point, except fro some very few hidden tiny tribes in the Rainfrest and utterly remote areas.” (1, p.251)

The Council of Five (11) is a council that has specialized in creating the right ‘homes’ or ‘body envelopes’ for souls from other star systems. The preparations for housing these souls entail the enhancement of the DNA of those that are born on our planet. In other words, in order for ‘Star Seeds’ (18) to be born, their bodies need to be prepared for the ‘frequency’ of their incoming soul.

So, there are basically two ways to evolve ‘soul wise’ on the ‘evolutionary ladder’ on Earth: there is the ‘slow’ way in the sense that you evolve from plants and animals towards a soul with human qualities through a lot of reincarnations, or there is the ‘fast’ way in which you enter an advantaged human body with a soul from abroad, a soul from another star system.

Thinking about the first ‘slow’ mode of soul-evolution I had to think about what Dolores Cannon (19) wrote in one of her books (20):

“Nature is a different sort of spirit because it is considered a ‘group’ spirit. You can witness this very easily when you watch a flock of birds, a herd of cattle, a hive of bees or a colony of ants. They seem to work and think as a group mentality. So in order to begin progressing upward to the human part of the school (compare it to moving through kindergarten, grade school, junior high, high school, college etc.), you have to separate the soul from the group.

This is done through love. I have been told many, many times that love is the only thing that is real, it is the most important thing of all. If you take an animal into your home, or give it love and attention, you give it an individuality and personality, and help it separate from the group soul so it can begin progression through the human part of the school.” (20, pp 20-21)

(1) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders
(2) There are different versions present on why the dinosaurs were wiped out. In Enki’s account of our history the Seeders would have been responsible. See Discovery of an Ancient Crystal Artefact Containing Info that is 65 million years Old for more on this and another source that talks about a war that was to blame for the extinction of the dinosours. See (3) for yet another account that would have been told by Akon, a man that married with Elisabeth Klarer (4). Akon is the brother of Haben with whom Elena Danaan had a meeting in december 2022 (5).
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The Hoovids/Hoova – A Seeder Species from the Intergalactic Confederation. Drawing by Elena Danaan (1, p.99)

(6) When I started this website I was sure that the evolution theory of Charles Darwin was a bogus theory (7). Since it couldn’t explain the rapid development of man from an ape-like being. The seeding and the hybridizations and inbreedings of all kinds of alien groups and species would have a far greater explanatory power. It now seems that although this would have been the case in our ‘evolution’ because of the seeding by the Seeders from the Intergalactic Confederation and mostly by the upgrade by Ea (8), this doesn’t rule out the possibility that life could develop from minerals to plants and animals into humans and so forth. Lacerta talked about the slow evolution of her species on our planet since the extinction of the dinosaurs (9).
(7) How Astronomers have Failed to See a Thriving Universe
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(10) It was ‘Voice of the One in the Wilderness’ who suggested this sensible link in the article on the Hoova, Hoovids and the Hebrews: (linking it to the information in the The Only Planet of Choice) “I am going out on a limb here, but I am wondering if the ones that the Hoova planted before the arrival of the Annunaki might be what Enki described as the black headed ones. And, I might also at this time speculate that Enlil or perhaps one of his progeny may have hijacked the name of Yahweh / Jehovah as it was already encoded in their DNA and psyche, and used it as a method of control. That’s where I am today. Tomorrow, I may be in a totally different place…
(11) We have come across the Council of Five a number of times before. For one they were present during the ‘trial of Enki’ (12). We have also met a few member species (13, 14, 15) of this group that emerged out of the Orion Wars (16,17)
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The Nagai, Igigi and the Question of Enlil’s Mother

In the video from November 25, 2022 in which Elena elaborates on the history of the Anunnaki (especially Marduk) related to the planet Saturn (1,2) she also shares some thoughts with Chris O’Connor & Dani Henderson about the differences between the appearance of Ea/Enki and his half brother Enlil. She had already given a description of Enlil after she had seen him in that trial before the Four Councils (3,4).

What follows is a remarkable novelty that Chris O’Connor introduced: he suggested that Enlil’s mother ‘was actually from Earth, from the original Reptilian Earthlings‘. Elena responded with talk about the Igigi and the Nagai. Before we delve deeper into this thesis, let’s first watch Elena talk about Enlil and how his mother must have been of the Reptilian kind and then the discussion that follows

Elena Danaan and Chris O’Connor talk about the Reptilian Mother of Enlil (1)

It is not easy to get your head around these Anunnaki and their history. In the beginning they would have been made out of a mix of the Eban (Grays) and the humanoid T-Ashkeru from Sirius B (5). You can read more about this birthing of the Anunnaki race at (6). How and when this exactly happened is unclear, but somehow Anu and his sons Enki and Enlil appeared. Of course they did not appear out of nowhere and I was able to find one geneaological tree of Anu’s parents and grandparents. I’m not sure about the source and the validity of it, but it might help in understanding where the Reptilian characteristics of Enlil come from.

One of the Genealogical trees of some important Anunnaki (7)

When we look at this family tree we can notice the striking absence of any Gray or T-Ashkeru. Perhaps Apsu was a Gray, or would he have been a T-Ashkeru? Or would all this mixing between these two races have occurred earlier? Well, anyway. There is this ‘Dragon Queen’ Tiamat at the root of this family tree, and we can see that Enki’s mother is called ‘Antu’ and that Enlil’s mother carries the logical name ‘Ki’ (to make things easier…). So would those Reptilian genes come from Mother Ki? Perhaps Elena can ask Ea to provide some clarification. I mean, he must know whether his aunt is reptilian or carries reptilian genomes (8).

So after all this we can get back to Chris O’Connor’s remark that Enlil’s mother (who we now know as Ki) would actually come from Earth! How logical is this? Chris backs up this extraordinary claim by saying that there the earliest inhabitants of Earth were Reptilians, which is confirmed by Elena in her book the Seeders. These earliest inhabitants were the Nagai. Elena nicely described their arrival in a video from November 16 (9). This would have happened some 200 million years ago (10)

Elena Danaan and the Arrival of the first inhabitants of Earth: the Nagai (9)

Is Chris perhaps talking about these Reptilian guys that would have mainly fled underground after the ‘cleaning up’ of the Seeders (11). Would one of these have somehow met Anu to create Enlil? But why on Earth (mind the pun) would Anu come all the way to Earth to pick up a Naga-woman to produce off-spring with her? And didn’t the Anunnaki only appear on Earth for the first time 372,000 years ago on their famous starship Nibiru with Enlil already born-and-well onboard? (12)

In the talk between Elena Danaan and Chris O’Connor Elena introduces the Igigi. We have recently talked about these Anunnaki-workers at the page on the chronology of the Anunnaki (13) and they don’t seem to be the kind of people Anu would marry with either, I guess. Here’s a quote from the Seeders:

“The Igigi are a sub-class of our kind. They rebelled and were dealt with. Some escaped to the undergrounds of Terra. But you see, my half-brother was concerned with the debit of production. So he made this decision although I was at first not enthusiastic about it. It was decided that we would study the genes of the early humans, the Black Heads, for the purpose of improving their capacities.” (The Seeders (10), p.478)

Even though I think Chris O’Connor is a very sympathetic man I doubt his claim that Enlil’s mother would stem from a Reptilian from Earth. If the Anunnaki arrived here on Earth only 372,000 BC (with Enki onboard), when would Anu have had time to ‘date’ this Terran Reptilian woman? It also seems very unlikely that he would have tried anything with the Anunnaki sub-class of the Igigi.

But perhaps Anu had a secret meeting that no one knows about? Who can tell? Where did Chris get this information from? The question of the Reptilian-origin of Enlil’s mother still remains enigmatic. If we would call her Ki, where did Ki come from? Alpha Draconis? And what about Tiamat, the Dragon Queen? Perhaps Enlil just happened to inherit a lot of her genomes?

Any help to solve this intriguing puzzle is welcome as always.

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(5) For those who have missed it, the complete star system of Sirius B would have cleared of those Grays, the Nebu because of frequency discoveries made during the clearing of our solar system. Read/Listen all about it in an excellent article by Elena herself at: Collapse of the Dominion
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Some New Human Abilities to Look Forward to

Looking into the Future (3)

On November 26, 2022 Elena Danaan showed up on Joe Hodgson’s channel ‘Up the Vibe‘ (1). During the interview Joe asked Elena what she thought about the abilities of humanity as soon as we would have kicked out the Cabal and we would learn to activate the potentials that would be within our genomes. Elena gave an inspiring answer that I would like to share with you.

She answered: “The ability of projecting Consciousness to other dimensions or other densities; the ability to teleport movable objects by distance and communicate by telepathy (9) and see the future, the past and heal and transform matter. Harvest energy from the void all of this by ourselves without technology we can do that.

During the interview they talked a bit about Elon Musk as well (4). If you want to know more about Musk, technology and Neuralinks, please keep on reading below the video.

The Seeders – Elena Danaan (2)

When thinking about new human abilities there is also the possibility of using new technology. This concept of technology can trigger all kinds of ideas, one of them is that it might lead to a trans human being: half robot, half human. In the video-excerpt below from december 4, 2022 (11) Elena Danaan first talks about the med-beds that would be developed on the Moon, that uses the DNA-template that Enki/Ea brought back to humanity (12).

Then she goes on to stress that this DNA-repair technology is an option, not something that is obligatory in any way. Technology is not something to be afraid up. Technology is not alive. It all depends on who uses or controls it: this can be either good or bad. The link with Elon Musk’s Neuralinks (13,14) is then easily made. Some regard it is something that needs to be feared, even questioning the color of Musk’s hat, but Elena Danaan uses the same argument as with the medbeds: it is medical technology.

Elena Danaan on (Medical) Technology, Med-beds and Neuralinks (11)

(1) Up the Vibe Channel
(2) The Seeders – Elena Danaan video interview (November 26, 2022)
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(4) Below is an excerpt from the interview (2). We have mentioned Elon Musk a couple times before on this website. Once in connection with Mars (5) and once when we talked about Starlink satellites that might have been shot down (6) and you also might remember the cup of tea that Elena Danaan had with a Selosian woman who also spoke positively about Musk (7). And don’t forget the possible link with the Jupiter Accords (8,10)).

Elena Danaan on Elon Musk and Twitter (2)

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