Is it Blasphemous to say God is an Alien?

I had just started writing a post on Yahweh and Enlil when I realized that it may just be considered blasphemy by people who think of the God in the Bible to be their Ultimate God. Before I can continue with that article I just had to pay attention to this aspect. It seems to be a natural result of the study done on this website that the God from Christianity, Judaism and Islam is one of the ‘creator gods’ or those from other star systems (or perhaps even from higher dimensions (1)).

An Ancient Hebrew Bible (3)

In fact the idea is gaining traction that we would have more than 20 ‘species of gods’ in our genetic package. Elena Danaan and Alex Collier speak of the Seeder Races, or the Seeders and they would all have returned to our Solar System somewhere back in november 2021. They would be part of the Intergalactic Confederation (2).

It is said that the actual proof of existence of all these extraterrestrial people (and what have you) from these numerous star systems would lead to the collapse of the present-day religions. Since why would you hold on to God or Allah when you know for sure that we were created by various groups, not so much by divine intervention but through a combination of genetic experimenting, colonizing and genetic interbreeding?

This must be quote a shock to all those people who in their hearts follow the scriptures or the sutras, and who live by the Bible and the Koran. Of course this doesn’t mean that everything in those books is a lot of crap. There is still a lot of wisdom to be found in those holy books. It just means that we need to open up to the idea that that ‘god’ in the bible, is nothing but a representative of species from other worlds who have played a part in our history.

Once you allow that thought to sink in, we have to go a step further by critically looking at the role of that god: was it really all that good, or is there perhaps information that was withheld from us? Is there some hidden agenda being played out? And what about the interaction with ‘gods’ or ‘seeders’ from other star systems? Who was responsible for which group of people and when?

Sumerian Gods / Demigods (4)

I remember someone saying that when the seeder races would return they would first try to act as if they are nothing but good, but they know that eventually they have to confess to us what they have done in the past and that there are many things that are not as wonderful and divine as you might think. In a way they appear to be like us, humans, in the sense that they have their own dynamics, ideas, dramas and mistakes.

There would even have been certain races that tried to keep our vibration as low as possible in order to hold on to their rule.

I would recommend to look at our ‘seeders’ with an open, but also a critical mind. I don’t think they are perfect and they probably made their share of mistakes, but we can forgive them and welcome them back. In order to do this we need reliable information: we need to know what has been done in our past. Perhaps the Arks can help us with that and I hope that many more people learn to activate parts of their DNA which allows them to tune into the history of the people whose DNA is moving around in their cells. I think we need to stop worshipping any god, but learn to grow into a state in which we can communicate with them as ‘equals’

“-Do you remember how you created that race in Eastern-Lemuria?
– Oh yes, that sure was quite an accomplishment, it really felt good to do that, but we hadn’t expected that those guys from planet D were doing their experiment in Western Lemuria, which has led to certain problems a few thousands years later.
– Oh really, what happened?
– Well, because of the interaction of their genes with our genes a particul new breed of people arose which had characteristics that we hadn’t conceived. We had to hook up with the seeders of that race to see how things might develop, but they were busy on another planet etc..

I want to explore our human history and our extraterrestrial backgrounds further and I don’t want to feel uneasy because people who truly believe in the one and only Lord, God or Allah as they are portrayed in the holy books might feel offended. I prefer to think that the term blasphemy holds for gods and not for aliens who pretended to be our gods. But of course this statement could be regarded as blasphemous. My intention is to explore and surely to insult anyone’s belief system. If you don’t like this line of exploration I would advise you to stop reading this and likeminded websites.

(1) In the theory of the CDL-Plates a higher (fifth) dimensional planet called ‘Tara’ would have partially been scattered, leading to the fall of those segments to a lower dimensional plane, causing the creation of our solar system, with the intention to eventually gather the lost fragments to restore the fifth dimensional Tara by ascending the people and the whole solar system in the end. This proved to be easier in theory than in practice (See Voyagers I and II by Ashayana Deane)
(2) The Intergalactic Confederation
(3) Rare 1,000-year-old Hebrew Bible Goes on Display in Washington Museum
(4) Pinterest

10 thoughts on “Is it Blasphemous to say God is an Alien?

  1. You are doing a great job by organizing material together for the readers to understand instead of here, there and everywhere. Thank you !!

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  2. I respectfully disagree with you on the question of existence of God.
    1. The sutras only speak of beings in higher realms, which are called devas. According to the Buddha, there is no personified God that is separate from the ego-soul. Rather, all is mind and all is one.
    2. In the New Testament, Jesus many times speaks of the One. In the Jewish faith, one does not say God’s name, which indicates that Jews worship the One. If Jews worshipped Elohim, they would call God Elohim, but they call God “Hashem,” which means ‘the name’.
    3. How can a being, which is itself a creation, create anything? Creatures are nothing of themselves. I will quote Meister Eckhart on this point:
    “No creatures can reach God in their capacity of created things, and what is created must be broken for the good to come out. The shell must be broken for the kernel to come out. All this implies a growing out. For outside of this pure nature an angel knows no more than this piece of wood; in fact without this nature an angel has no more than a midge has without God.”


    • Hi there Diana, thank for thinking along!

      First of all, I am here referring to the old testament biblical god, not ‘The Source of All’. That would be quite something different.
      If I remember correctly the Hebrew version of the book of Genesis does talk about the Elohim, meaning ‘gods’ in plural. I can understand that it wouldn’t fit it they would worship ‘gods’ even though it is said in their holy book. But, I don’t want to start a theological discussion here. I think the Jews value the Torah a lot and I don’t think there is a lot of difference between the Torah and the first books of the Christian bible.

      I like your quote from Meister Eckhart


  3. Hi Galactic Anthropology

    The idea that God or the gods were ETs is not new. One of the best-known representatives of this thesis is Erich von Däniken.
    There are tons of books, manuscripts, oral histories dealing/dealing with god/gods and for the most part these gods were cruel and divided.
    Often the gods had their wars among themselves, without regard to other creatures. Think of “Mahabarata” (I’m sure I spelled it wrong) and other Indian records. From weapons that appear to be atomic bombs, etc., whole cities, regions and districts have been destroyed. Even in the Bible, just think of the Flood.
    I also find the story of the sons of God who had sex with human girls and they then gave birth to the giants (the famous Nephilim) interesting, many of whom died giving birth, etc…
    I think I’ve written elsewhere that I really want to know who exactly the 22 Seeder races are and yes they seem to have made mistakes and make mistakes because they are NOT gods.
    (Sorry for my english.)

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  4. The idea that god(s) could be ETs is quite old. One of the most famous men of this thesis is Erich von Däniken.
    There are many “sacred” scriptures/books/manuscripts and/or tales related to the gods. And mostly they were cruel and just human. I just think of all the Indian scriptures on the subject. This is teeming with vimanas and exotic weapons that were also (ruthlessly) used. The ET’s had their fights, their wars and had S.x with human females. Just think of the sons of gods in the Bible…
    I think I’ve written it elsewhere; but I really want to know who exactly were the 22 ET races that created and/or “improved” humanity.
    (Sorry for my English.)


  5. Look at the work that Mauro Biglino has done. He was tapped by the publishing arm of the Vatican to perform the most recent translation of a handful of the older books in the Old Testament. He performed a literal translation and found that some words thus translated resulted in VERY different meanings.

    I’m not saying it’s aliens….but it’s aliens.

    He might be worth looking into. He speaks Italian so if you are English speaking you will have to read subtitles of his videos online. He wrote a couple of books on the topic. The Vatican chose not to publish a couple of his translations but published most. He has debated rabbi as well as priest on this topic…sometimes at the same time.

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