Some Doubts about the Enlil-Yahweh-vibe

When talking critically about the Anunnaki nobody really cares, but when you connect this group with the God/Allah in the bible/koran some people might not be as indifferent. I spoke about this question of possible blasphemy in an earlier article (1). I respect everybody who doesn’t want to explore the extraterrestrial nature of ‘God’ any further, but I would like to continue this quest anyway, for I think it is important to be able to think freely and unimpeded about this topic.

Especially when current sources like the ‘Keys of Enoch’ and the ‘Only Planet of Choice‘ seem to breathe a bit of this ‘Yahweh-vibe’.

Ur-Nammu standing before Enlil (5)

Let’s start off with Enlil, who was elaborately described by Zecharia Sitchen in his outstanding ‘Twelfth Planet’ in 1978 (2). Based on his analysis of the Sumerian clay-tablets Sitchen was able to make a case for the idea that the Sumerian Gods came from the skies. I don’t want to delve into all the drama (or should I say, the soap) involved when this family of Anu decided to enter our world. The main characters in this ‘divine’ story are Enki and Enlil. Enlil seems to play the role of the crook and Enki the good guy, to oversimplify this story (3).

Enlil was appointed by Anu, his father, as the ruler of Earth (4) and I would like to quote an excerpt from Sitchen’s book which deals with this:

Apart from being chief of the gods, Enlil was also deemed the supreme Lord of Sumer (“sometimes simple called ‘The Land'”) and its ‘Black-Headed People’. A Sumerian psalm spoke in veneration of this god:

Lord who knows the destiny of The Land, trustworthy in his calling
Enlil who knows the destiny of Sumer, trustworthy in his calling
Father Enlil, Lord of all the lands
Father Enlil, Lord of the Rightful Command
Father Enlil, Shepherd of the Black-Headed Ones
From the Mountain of Sunrise to the Mountain of the Sunset
There is no other Lord in the Land, you alone are King

The Sumerians revered Enlil out of both fear and gratitude.” (2, p.97-98)

So, much for the god of the Sumerians. Let’s move on to our biblical god.

For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.” (Exodus 20: 5-6)

Image taken from (6)

The God that we know from the Bible seems to be a bit of a strange guy to me. He says he is a jealous god, he seems to value his own people (the Hebrews) more than others. In one chapter he says that ‘thou shallst not kill’ and a few chapters onwards he goes on to advice his people to kill everyone they encounter on their path to the ‘Promised Land’ (7).

He got angry with Adam and Eve because they were disobedient to his rule and wanted to know about the difference between right and wrong and since then he thought it was appropriate to curse every woman ever since with painful labor. Obedience was very important to him and he didn’t mind flooding the complete world and killing off nearly everyone (except for the lucky few he liked) for he had come to the conclusion that nearly everyone had turned corrupt.

Another name that is used, especially in the Jewish tradition is that of Yahweh:

God has no shortage of names–He is called by almost 1000 different ones in the Bible. But one of these names stands alone, and that name is Yahweh. The name Yahweh (yah-WEH) occurs more than 6,800 times in the Old Testament. It appears in every book but Esther, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs. As the sacred, personal name of Israel’s God, it was eventually spoken aloud only by priests worshiping in the Jerusalem temple.” (8)

Cover of Keys of Enoch (11)

Somehow certain acts of both Enlil and the biblical god (Yahweh/Jehova (9)) don’t feel right to me. Elements like Obedience, Punishment, Anger and his preference for his ‘own people’ are some of the reasons for this sentiment. This doesn’t mean that there is plenty of wisdom and beauty in the bible, but the way both Enlil and the biblical god are portrayed in both the Sumerian tablets and the bible is far from attractive to me.

Perhaps this sentiment is false and unjust, but there seems to be some logic behind it. Things are becoming more complicated when I come across modern texts in which these elements and even the name of Yahweh (or YHWH) is mentioned. Recently Dr. Michael Salla had an interview with JJ Hurtak and his wife (10). Dr. Hurtak is the writer of the impressive book called ‘The Keys of Enoch’ (11). When I looked at the cover of this book I got this Enlil-Yahweh-vibe, and in the first pages of the book Hurak describes his travels through the stars and finally meeting his Lord, YHWH:

Perhaps it was Hurtak simply using these terms because he was used to thinking about god like this, but you might understand why I got this ‘Yahweh-vibe’ because of this. I have only read some 10-15 pages but a bit further the 10 commandments are described as holding the keys to ‘pyramidal grid structures of Light coordinating the dynamic vibrations, the gravitational vibrations, and the vital cycles according to the divine plan of YHWH.” (p.xiv)

The much acclaimed book ‘The Planet of Choice’ by Phyllis Schlemmer (12) has become quite popular. In the book ‘The Nine’ communicate with all kinds of people on various topics. Gene Roddenberry was one of them and the Nine have become quite an important element in the recent developments. Elena Danaan has given beautiful descriptions of the wisdom of this group and I believe her fully (13,14), but despite all that I did get this ugly YHWH-vibe when reading certain elements in this book as well. I will get into that in a future article.

See Endnote 146 for a short video by Corina Pataki on this subject in which she compares Jesus with Yahweh from the Old Testament

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(3) Of course this is all grossly simplified. In reality there would have been far more nuance, but for the sake of this introduction I prefer simplicity, since things are already complex enough as they are 🙂
(4) The question is what part of Earth they really controlled. The area of Sumer (Iran/Iraq) were under their control, but it is not clear in what other areas they also interfered. They wanted to make it look as if they were the only gods, and then you’d better not mention any other ‘gods’ in other parts of the world.
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38 thoughts on “Some Doubts about the Enlil-Yahweh-vibe

  1. It seems that Enlil represents the ENL branch of humanity, which had a preponderance of extraterrestrial DNA, while Enki represents the ENK branch, which had a preponderance of primate DNA. According to Forgotten Genesis, the ENL branch helped the ENK branch to evolve by its teaching, by its spiritual energy and by intermarriage. Then the ENL branch died out, and the ENK branch became what we now know as the human race.

    Beyond that, I think you should take more care to learn about Judaism. The fact that the Illuminati have repeatedly tried to carry out genocide against the Jews indicates that they are a civilization we should honor.


    • Thanks for the info from Cinemar’s Forgotten Genesis. I haven’t got anything against Jews. I only expressed my doubts about a god that favors one group of people above others. I think that is a rather weird concept. Perhaps they do carry a specific set of genes that are important for the whole. I don’t know. I do think that we should be careful not to worship anyone again who acts like this Enlil-god.


    • I think you shouldn’t “worship” a people. Every race is the same, with strengths and weaknesses.
      As for the God of the Old Testament, he seems to have been a power-obsessed egomaniac. A racist who did not shy away from genocide. This is not an invention of mine, but simply an inference based on the lyrics.
      However, one must also say very clearly; that texts have been rewritten umpteen times over the centuries and millennia, mistranslated, texts have been omitted or added, one can no longer know what was really said and what actually happened…
      (Sorry for my English.)

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      • Contrary to contemporary teaching, the Old Testament God is not the same as the Abba Father that Jesus served. Jesus plainly told the Jewish Church leaders that their father was the devil. The Bible has been severely conflated (Documentary Hypothesis for example). Deuteronomy 32:8-9 should raise some red flags. Especially, if you read it in several different translations. Psalm 82 as well. The Gnostic “Christians” called the Old Testament “god” the demiurge. The problem is that there are many many levels to consider. Sure, if you only go back/up a few levels, you will be looking at some form of alien and/or spirit entity that may very well have created something(s) under him/her. But, where did they come from? Sometimes, they do not even know where they came from. According to the Gnostics, there is a higher Pleroma that exits way aboye this lower pleroma of 12 aeons or densities or whatever it is. Jesus (The Logos/Christ actually) came down into this lower realm to restore us back to the higher realm where the true Father/Source resides. This higher Father/Abba/Source is NOT Yahweh. Most people think they are one and the same. Big problem there. I was actually in a church service recently where they were carrying on about no name above yours, Yahweh, etc. My spirit boiled over and I began speaking in tongues about the true name that is above all names being Abba. It was quite a release!


      • Hi there,

        Thanks for your interesting perspective. Within this ‘Galactic Anthropology’-framework I try to stick to the level of other species from other worlds (mostly in our 3D-dimension, with an occasional glitch upwards). I simply haven’t got a clue as to who created our creators at this moment. Let’s first try to grasp who are those who ‘created’ us: what is their story? What happened, and perhaps then, later on, we can find out more.

        For me that means that I’m careful in using terms like ‘god’ and ‘devil’ or claim to know anything about Source. At present my focus is on the physical realms, and not on the higher pleroma or other density-scales. I’m not clear about what Jesus represents either. For now, I am inclined to ask: what planet was he from?


      • The man Jesus (Yeshua), they say was possibly from Venus. Hence the name Bright Morning Star in the Bible. But, this “man” was such (from training or whatever) that he was able to “house” the Logos/Christ Spirit….which was/is a much higher Spirit than anything found in this lower level of 12 (or whatever) aeons/densities/whatever. He was sent to restore us (most likely by setting us free from the curse that Yahweh put upon us at the time of Moses when we “agreed” to the ten commandment “covenant” that He tricked us into) back to the higher realms/pleroma, that most (if not all) of the “lower” entities in this multi-verse do not even know exists. They think that when/if we make it up to the 12th level, we are home. Actually, this is just another glass ceiling. The Gnostics really understood how this all works.


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  3. As far as I know, many tales of ancient Sumer were taken over into Judaism or ancient Testemant, such as the story of the Deluge…

    What I find really interesting are the statues or images of the Sumerian gods or rather the Anunnakis.
    I was really surprised when I saw Elena’s drawing of the Anunnakis… 😊
    (Sorry for my English.)

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes, me too. 😊
        Who knows, maybe you’re right.
        But according to Elena, the Anunnaki are said to be masters of genetics as well. Perhaps these “hairy” beings are a “sub-breed” of them. Or simply a race they created and work with them or for the Anunnaki?


      • It seems that the Annunaki bodies don’t resonate well with Earth and the dimension we’re in. The “Gods” are so often spoken about as Giants. These giant bodies seem to be genetically engineered clones. The Annunaki mastery of genetics and soul/ metaphysics seem to make the transfer of souls from their ships or some other “home” into “giant” bodies and ordinary part of their tech.


      • The possibilities from different perspectives. An and Enki (Ea)are the cloners who are the masters of genetics creating life from cloning in the lab. Anunna is a warrior line created by An and Ninmah (high priestess, co-creator with An)on Maia star system in Pleiades. Anunna(ki)–> Ki is earth. Enki (Ea)and Mamitu (the reptilian planner working with the reptilian seeder)created a race of male planners. Both camps are at wars. Also the battles and competition among the royal family in dragon, reptilian and female priestess, and the seeders (who didn’t get involved since they are neutral).
        Often the result of cloning from the experimental cross breeding are defects, they are destroyed, but Enki decided to spare Enlil’s life. Another example of DNA defects, is Nephilim (hybrid of Annunaki + human).


  4. Insightful! Fantastic! I knew there was something wrong with god even as a child. Jesus referred to His Father in Heaven, not Jehovah. My ex Jehovah Witness friend says the Jehovah Witness’s changed everything to reflect Jehovah. We both believe Jehovah to be a space god or some lower level deity.
    If the old testament was a true reflection of a loving Father in Heaven, Jesus never would have needed to come here to bring His Father’s true message.


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  6. In The Seeders, the way that N-Ki describes N-Ll’s son, sure sounds a lot like the war-mongering “God” in the Old Testament who (nowadays) has the name Yahweh associated with him. I have to be careful when speaking in a derogatory fashion about “Yahweh”, but my opinion is that (at least) two different entities were conflated into one with the onset of monotheism. N-Ki (EA) (Yah-xxx) could be part of it. But the mean-spirited one sounds more like N-Ll or maybe his son (Ninurta?). At first, I thought “ah-ah, Marduk!”, but wasn’t Marduk Ea’s son? Once again, Marduk could very well have supplanted Ninurta somewhere through the course of history. It’s all so convoluted, it is very difficult to sort out….


    • It’s all convoluted indeed 🙂 – I remember that Sitchen was quite negative about Marduk in one of his books, but I don’t have these books here to check it out. Yes, in the Seeders Elena talks about Yahweh 1 and Yahweh 2 in a way, indeed, meaning Enki and Enlil. What I would like to pay attention to is the oddity surrounding the chronology….if the Anunnaki arrived 372.000 years BC, when did Enki do his upgrade-act, and when did Enlil perform his downgrade-act? And when did Enki leave our planet….for I have heard Enki say recently that he left after the flood, but Sitchen talks about thinks happening with Enki 3000 BC….So, what is that all about?

      They are a wild bunch, those Anunnaki. I can understand that they left them for the final round 🙂


      • I have heard that Stichen may be disinformation/Illuminati?

        One of the things I was wondering about is when Enki said that he kept a sample of our original DNA, did he mean what he had perfected (in the Garden of Eden) before Enlil got ahold of it, or did he mean the indigenous earthlings (Lyrans?)?


      • Yes, I asked that exact same question in the article and I wonder if this would be restored, whatever happens to all those genomes that have entered our genetics after this Anunnaki-event, by mainly all those different humanoids from the Man-system (the Lyrans).

        As far as I understand Enki’s account of our history the Lyrans would have only come AFTER their ‘interference’ (upgrade/downgrade) with us. So, there were no indigenous earthlings from Lyra, only the primates that would have evolved out of those Lemurs that were implanted with the genomes of those 11 Ptaal-seeder races.


  7. Are the Hoova and the Annunaki one and the same? In The Only Planet of Choice, the Nine talks about Jehovah being the Head of the Hoova, and also that the Hoova seeded earth three times. So far, it seems like a very interesting book. I just never heard the term Hoova before. Thanks


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  9. From voice of one in the wildness, Any idea who the “Hawk” is? I *think* Hawk represented an eagle head, an Egyptian god, according to Tom Horus was the leader at that time. Horus , all seeing eye, son of Osiris and isis. I think Hawk is pointed to Nibiruan family, crossing over Sumer, Egypt, Atlantean civilizations and even in the human civilization.


  10. Definitely just got most of your interpretation of the Bible wrong. He said he who loves him and keeps his commandments…Christian’s and Hebrew Israelis of Torah…not Jews. That word comes from the Ashkenazis. They are of the Talmud. And are cannibals same as the 6 fingered red haired giants. He said to wipe them out because they were sacrificing their babies into the fire for Baal. Could that be Enlil? And also hybridizing humans with animals. Annunaki do not have 6 fingers and toes so wrong group. Perhaps the Enlil group were the fallen angels of the Bible who trashed up the human genome with inter species breeding and giving to the Reptilians to eat, the grays to experiment? Christians receive miraculous healings and unconditional love poured into them when praying to Jesus using Bible verses, doesn’t sound like Enlil and Enki says he doesn’t care what we say he can’t hear us. He has been gone for 44k years.


    • I recommend looking at some of the Valentinian and Sethian Gnostic literature. The Secret Book of John is a good one…..


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  13. The video (4 days ago) is back on, you can type in youtube WHO IS YAHWEH ? The biggest lie exposed ! – with Bible Researcher Corina Pataki (03 22 2023)


  14. Hebrew can be compared or similar to the language of light. In the sound chambers of the rose, Yahweh is Yod Hod Vay and it was about frequency, so in frequency of the meanings of sound and light, it’s not a stretch to understand why these ‘gods’ would go by different names in different times.
    I agree and innerstand, that the God or Gods of the Bible and other religions were ET, offworlders, seeders or whomever came into this world and mingled with the native population at the time. It would be much like us going back in a time machine with an IPhone and showing those people of those times would call you a God, and this was how these beings bedazzled and caused fear posing as Gods, not to mention their size and how they got here. There is many examples of this being off worlder technology as in the ‘ship’ that God sent to pick up Ezekiel. It boggles my mind that Christians don’t even ponder this, that hey, why would God need to send a space ship to pick up his prophet or follower.
    If you look at the remote viewings of Farsight Institute, and see the video of the Noah’s flood, this was done by the grey aliens and the ship that the animals were frozen in stasis taken off earth so they could survive the coming cataclysm.
    With that right there being done to the inhabitants of that time, without a thought to what would happen to them, you would think that this alone would be enough for the benevolent races or those in charge of this planet to then eliminate those involved with destroying all those inhabitants of this planet. Why did it take them so long to come around now? Thousands of years of manipulation, mind control, suffering, famine and disease, blood ritual sacrifices, harvesting of humans as slaves, and producing product from children we won’t say the name here. It’s so horrifying that it took so long. 9Nania is a youtuber who is a targeted indivudual, she went thru various texts of the Bible in Genesis alone taking it back thru Greek and then to the original language and the story obviously becomes apparent we’ve been invaded and enslaved by an ET race from the very beginning. These beings don’t create with their minds like us, they use technology, and of course our built in technology of our DNA has been hacked and disconnected for a long time. JJ Hurtak wrote the book the keys of Enoch, but that was a sort of roadmap to the process of ‘reconnection’. As in the tree of life, the reconnection of your DNA is how I interpreted it. But as we know, the Bible has been edited and rewritten exhausted by the constant claim that is is the word of God and that was all he had to say to his people… if we all came from Adam and Eve, who did Cain marry? The Cain and Able story seems to be very similar to Enki and Enlil’s story, but also why would you need to offer things to God, like a lamb from Adam which God liked alot, or grain which Cain offered but God didn’t want that…so God must of been a reptilian at the time, and probably why he never wanted anyone to make any likeness of him in a painting or a statue…we’d probably know by then that he wasn’t really God, or source the creator.
    Then there’s the death traps, have those been removed? Will we be allowed to leave the matrix once the matrix is supposedly being dismantled or is there something more in the bigger picture of this whole thing. Now the secrecy of all the factions and religions and organizations continues, and we are just to ‘trust the plan’ and believe they got it all, they want to save humanity…like it’s just a movie, and they want their Biblical Blockbuster’s gonna be ‘the best is yet to come’. I think in this matrix, it’s two sides of the same coin….in the duality of the matrix game.
    Lord = Loyal Order of the Royal Dragons Worship = Warship for the mind
    This holographic reality, which Micheal Talbot wrote about in his book and came out in a presentation by Linda Howe about this being a simulation, that Micheal got it from the aliens he was abducted by at the time he was afraid to tell anyone where he got the information about this being an illusion…..a virtual reality game…all I wanna know is where’s the door out of the holodeck?
    Just my take on all of this, as usual we got infighting between ET groups, spiritual groups, factions, and division by religions, race and nationality/cultures. This is all more of the mind trap and the duality and nature of this holographic reality matrix. Some say it’s a prison planet, a trap for the mind. Seems more and more like it but I’m hoping I’m wrong and we are truely set free from thousands of years of being a product, a follower, a mind slave to this awful movie on the world stage right now. AS if we need to endure ‘an event’ to gently wake up a bunch of brainwashed dumbed down group and watch more of the same. If we all just united, respected each others differences but as people on this beautiful planet can agree to say no these movie, we don’t need an event, no we don’t have to stockpile food and water, and sit in our homes for 10 days forced to watch some videos of what’s been going on behind the scenes for the past several years or decades…who knows, but there’s got to be a better way.

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  15. thankyourmuse – Yes, there has to be a better way. Those of us who are AWAKE… who were never really asleep in this life… we long for THIS better way you seek. It appears there are those of us… who are more recently arrived to this prison planet. We came to be part of… to assist in the RELEASE of humanity from what has held them in bondage? A release from those that feed on the ENERGY of hate and fear. I have never believed humans are TRULY the EVIL beings we witness killing each other, as if driven by a thirst for blood. Humanity, would seem to have become a type of cattle for beings that require a specific ENERGY. My opinion… the original BEINGS altered the BEINGS OF LIGHT… they found on this planet… to create a source of ENERGY for themselves. The many different Off-world Races that came afterward ( pretending to be gods)…. were attracted to the negative energy. In that respect… the RETURN of humanity to the ORIGINAL DNA template is the desired outcome. **** Are we actually BEINGS capable of MIRACLES that would then define us as GODS? It would seem that we are. Thus… the freeing of humanity will result in what will appear to be a TRANSFORMATION into what some are calling a 5th Dimensional human. When in REALITY… WE are to REGAIN what we were before the fall of humanity. Before we became a source of energy for THOSE WHO FEED ON US.


    • YES YES YES….I totally agree. Humanity’s destiny was to be one of the most powerful in the omniverse once we grew up. And it isn’t so much we are going anywhere, it’s that once our original template is restored and we live to our full potential we will bring heaven to earth so to speak the frequency of this realm into a more balanced and thriving society, no longer usurped in our power, even Jeshua told us we could do the same and more, we create with our thoughts, quantum thining, creating with emotion, which was food for those beings who have to keep us in fear for their loosh, and keep us thinking we are powerless, giving our power away in worshipping them (warship=war for the mind) because they knew our power. And of course we were part of the food chain, but once we are restored there will be no more of humanity being used as food, or usurping our power.
      Onward and upward…


      • I recommend The Gospel of Jesus by John Davidson. It pulls a lot of supposedly divergent ideas/practices together. The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis by Elaine Pagels is also an eye opener.


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