The Timecapsules of the Wingmakers

Sun Angel (3)

In the interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Peter Moon talked about Dr. David Anderson as the expert on time-experiments (1). His name rang a bell and it seems that this Dr. Anderson is the same person that plays a crucial part in the Wingmakers material. In these times of Arks and Halls of Records (2) surfacing it could prove to be worthwhile to pay attention to these time capsules that would have been left behind by people from a future time, probably some 750 years in the future. This article gives a short introduction to the story of the Wingmakers (4).

Dr. Anderson
Because of the interview (1) I started to check whether this Dr. Anderson, Peter Moon talked about, was the same Dr. Anderson that I got to know when I ‘studied’ the Wingmakers site a few years ago (4). The confirmation came in the form of a page on a website of the Anderson Institute which talks about the Wingmakers (5). This site is dedicated to the study of time (“Explore the possibilities of time control and time travel”).

The Interviews between Dr. Anderson and Anne
In 1997 Dr. Anderson contacted a journalist working with the pseudonym Anne. He wanted to tell the world about the discovery of the Wingmakers material and how it related to a secret group called ‘The Labyrinth’-group which would have been that classified that even the president of the United States was unaware of it (which by the way seems to hold for many other secret groups). They would have had interaction with alien groups. A curious thing must be said about these interviews. You can distinguish between the original interviews between ‘Anne’ and Dr. Anderson that were posted on the internet in 1998 (6), and an edited version between Sarah and Dr. Neruda that was put online in 2001 on another website (7) with interesting (cover-up) differences (8). I only use the original interview (9).

Chamber 22 (10)

The Discovery of the Wingmakers Caves
In 1972 a group of hikers in New Mexico, discovered unusual artefacts and pictograms in an obscure canyon. They reported it and the NSA rapidly took over. Most of the findings were dated as coming from the 8th century A.D., except for a kind of ‘compass’.

In 1994 there were a series of rockslides which opened up a time capsule consisting of 23 chambers, which contained paintings, music, poetry and what was deemed as ‘dormant alien technology’. The contents were kept hidden from the public (5,6).

The Deciphering of the Optical Disc and ‘Fifteen’
In the interviews Dr. Anderson talks about an optical disc that was found at the site, which seemed to be undecipherable. When he finally made a link with the Sumerian language combined with a technique of ‘tuning’ into the ‘vibration’ of the Wingmakers he and his team were able to translate the contents.

Dr. Anderson worked under the supervision of a person with the highest clearance, namely 15, which was also the name that he used to refer to this man. This man was probably A.R. Bordon, who I have mentioned before on this site (11). You can also read an interesting book of his for free (12).

Through the deciphering of the disc more was discovered about these Wingmakers:

The creators of the time capsule referred to themselves as WingMakers. They represented a future version of humanity who lived some 750 years in our future. They claimed to be culture bearers, or ones that bring the seeds of art, science, and philosophy to humanity. They had left behind a total of seven time capsules in various parts of the world to be discovered according to a well-orchestrated plan. Their apparent goal was to help the next several generations of humans develop a global culture; a unified system of philosophy, science, and art.” (5)

Other Capsules would have been found
Much more can be said about things related to the Wingmakers, the Labyrinth-group and their experiments with time and the curiosity of this alien Corteum group. I advise you to take a look a the original material to find out more yourself. To round off this article I would like to add a list of other wingmaker capsule locations that would have been found since the first one in 1972. This list comes from the ‘edited’ wingmakers site. I wonder if anyone can verify the existence of these capsules. I would sure love to hear such corroboration.

(snapshot taken from 7 – Hakomi, Zyanya, Aadya, Jumala, Mawu and Pillan)

P.S. For an interesting link between a crystal found in one of the chambers and the crystals that were shown during an interview Elena Danaan had with Dan Willis in March 2022, take a look at (13).

Ashayana Deane is very critical about the Corteum. Read more interesting information at End Note 41 and 45.

On June 4, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla posted an interview he had with Fred Burks, the maker of the (14)

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Electrogravity Concerns Expressed by ET-Groups

In Bordon’s The Link (1) from 2007 we can read about all kinds of aliens getting together with various non-governmental organizations on a yearly basis (2). Certain alien groups express their worries about our use of petroleum based energy sources. This is not really surprising, one could say. Another thing that surely was new for me was the problem of Electrogravity. He dedicates a complete chapter to explain this phenomenon.

Below I present an excerpt from an earlier chapter to give you an idea of what electrogravity is about. In layman terms one could say that if certain energy waves come from various directions and they meet each other, thereby canceling each other out, it may not be as innocent as it may seem. He gives an example of laser beams coming from opposite sites to cancel each other out. The energy would not disappear but it could create problems in other dimensions, in other worlds. One of the effects he mentions is that it speeds up time in these other worlds!

Read the excerpt below to get a better understanding; if you want to delve into this aspect read the free pdf (1).

“One of the major issues extraterrestrial groups were bringing to the conference table was a set of concerns about ecological issues involving excessive use of petroleum-based energy and complex hydrocarbons affecting Earth habitats and environmental quality. As it would turn out, there were also deeper ecological issues having to do with the misuse of electrogravity generating technologies. Electrogravity abuse is a galactic and intergalactic concern for extraterrestrial groups because it overproduction of electrogravity has a direct effect on the time component of the space/time continuum. We will address this issue at length in Chapter 11, so here I will make an attempt at explaining on broad outline what electrogravity is and why it is an issue of concern.

Electrogravity is a byproduct of technologies that have an effect on the infinite and the infinitesimal simultaneously. It can have an effect on an entire planet, a solar system, indeed, an entire galaxy. Very advanced alien groups have framed the notion of electrogravity as a problem by defining its existence in terms of not just sub-quantum effects but also in terms of yet deeper levels (or cycles), not just in terms of negative energy, which frames the definition of what electrogravity is. These advanced biological life forms have made their awareness sufficiently extended to encompass multiversal or multisuperdomain dynamics and become sensitive to the effects of an overabundance of electrogravity byproduct from the use of such technologies. To understand why electrogravity is a problem, we need to see how it is produced.

When light waves come together in opposition to each other along three different axes (say, x, y, and z), they cancel each other out. In doing so, their energy bleeds into electrogravity. If the light from two lasers were shone at each other from direct opposition, their energy upon canceling each other out (upon destructive interference), the result is electrogravity. To do so, all we would have to do is to vary the energy potential at the point of convergence, and we would then get electrogravity as byproduct. Another device would then “capture” this energy (electrogravity) and do so within an especially constructed “environment” within which this energy would be prevented from doing uncontrolled damage in the larger environment by increasing the rip in space/time through the variance in the time component. This, in effect, shortens the life cycle of the space/time environment in which the singularity occurs, thus reducing the longevity of the space/time in the immediate environment – be this a containment device or the spacetime surrounding an entire planet. From discussion during the annual conferences, there are already indications that this is the case with some applications of electrogravity producing systems available on Earth.

Two physicists, Lawrence Ford and Thomas A. Roman, have reported in the January 2000 issue of Scientific American that lasers can be converged in a vacuum, which causes “squeezed-state fluctuations in the vacuum of space-time.” This means that light waves have an interesting effect upon canceling each other out: they squeeze or compress space-time, causing the emergence of “negative energy,” where the energy is “less than zero.” This squeezing out or compression of space-time results in the sending of electrogravity into a space-time (or level of manifestation) with an extra dimension, relieving the space-time in which it happens of time by shortening it ever slightly. When large amounts of light energies are used, larger time-shortening effects (by speeding up the flow of time) can be expected. In Chapter 11, I will go into extensive detail on what this means to all of us and how its effects touch the existence of all life and life habitats (on planets, star systems and galaxies) in the universe – extraterrestrial and terrestrial.

We are not the only emerging civilization researching negative energy and experimenting with its applications; there are others, in both the Milky Way and other galaxies as well. There are also advanced civilizations abusing the use of electrogravity in the meeting of their needs, imperatives and policies. So it is not just us. Actually, by comparison, our current development does yet not overproduce electrogravity, but there are certain very advanced applications upcoming in the near future, which have raised serious concerns among the Link membership, both invited and observer.” (1, pp. 32-33)

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The Elmanuk from Gliese 832 in the Grus Constellation and the Possible Link with A.R. Bordon’s The Link

During my breakfast – when there are no kids around – I prefer to read a book (often only a few pages). Since there are many books that I would like to read, I have come up with a system: I have this pile of books and with a random generator (consisting of 5 coins) a book is selected. Today a (pdf) book by A.R. Bordon popped up. A lot can be said about this man, his probable connection with the Wingmakers material (7), the Labyrinth, but that is not the focus of this article.

(see link 1 for download)

The book from 2007 is called ‘The Link’ (1) and it talks about meetings between non-governmental groups both from our world and off-world groups. The first annual meeting would have taken place in 1990 in Arizona (see 1, p.31). While reading about another meeting many years later I was triggered by the following excerpt which I will share with you:

Third, if there is a founding core to the Link, it would be five of the seven extraterrestrial groups and eight contactee groups, including ourselves – roughly a total of 30-plus original members. During this year’s conference, there were fourteen extraterrestrial groups – twelve invited member groups and two observer groups – and fifty-seven human contactee/activist groups – forty-two invited members and fifteen observer members. The total attendee gathering numbered in the low 200s. This year’s conference was co-chaired by the SAMs and a group from the Pleiades. Extraterrestrial attendees came from groups from our Milky Way galaxy (one from one of the Gliese star systems, two groups from the Reticuli star systems, a small contingent from the incoming, the hosting group from a planet in the Pleiades, another group from another planet in the same system, several extragalactic groups, a small group of Verdant observers, and two
groups we have never seen before).

(page 332, A Gift from the Stars (2)).

Since this site is called ‘Galactic Anthropology’ I was curious to find out more about those visitors from ‘one of the Gliese star systems’ as Bordon described them. This was my first encounter with the term ‘Gliese Star System’ so I immediately went for a search in Danaan’s book on Alien Races (2) and in the star map provided in that book (see pages 332-335) I was able to locate star system Gliese 832 in the constellation of Grus (looking like a crane bird, (grus grus)).

It was the only Gliese star system I was able to find in the book, and the 110 races that are mentioned are supposed to be the ones that have been in contact with our planet, somehow, somewhere.

Constellation Grus would be near the star Alnair. The people living on the planet called Ardamant which circles Gliese 832 are the Elmanuk. In a video on Mating Rites by Elena Danaan from July 20, 2021 (3) we can hear the following. You can read more about these Elmanuk on page 174 in (2).

Drawing by Elena Danaan of the Elmanuk – (2, p.175)

They come from constellation Gross in Gliese 832. Elmanuk are a very ancient race. Their planet is named Ardemont. They are known as the most peaceful races. They are at the origin and creation of the Council of Five, which was nine at the start before the Galactic Federation of Worlds truly took existence. So they had the purpose to look after the developed worlds and protect them against the Orion alliance and the Ciakahrr empire. They are very tall and very thin. You would think they have only skin on bones, but you would be surprised by their physical fitness and strength. Their eyes are very large and as most of grey races they wear dark protective lenses. They are a species of grays, but they do not have the reptiloid genetics. We say gray to everybody who looks like this. They are very nice. They are a race in extinction. There are not very many left. (3, and 2, p.174)

We have come across other members of the Council of Five before, namely the Ginvo (4). Also take a look at the Emerther from Tau Ceti (8).

There are a lot of Gliese – star systems
In Bordon’s book (1) it is said that a group from one of the Gliese star systems participated in one of the Link-meetings. It turns out that there are indeed many Gliese star systems and I guess it will not be easy to verify if the Elmanuk participated or some other race from one of the other Gliese star systems.

To give you a glimpse of the amount of Gliese’s, an image from (5) – We have spoken about Procyon (4) and Epsilon Eridani (6) on other pages.

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