The Elmanuk from Gliese 832 in the Grus Constellation and the Possible Link with A.R. Bordon’s The Link

During my breakfast – when there are no kids around – I prefer to read a book (often only a few pages). Since there are many books that I would like to read, I have come up with a system: I have this pile of books and with a random generator (consisting of 5 coins) a book is selected. Today a (pdf) book by A.R. Bordon popped up. A lot can be said about this man, his probable connection with the Wingmakers material (7), the Labyrinth, but that is not the focus of this article.

(see link 1 for download)

The book from 2007 is called ‘The Link’ (1) and it talks about meetings between non-governmental groups both from our world and off-world groups. The first annual meeting would have taken place in 1990 in Arizona (see 1, p.31). While reading about another meeting many years later I was triggered by the following excerpt which I will share with you:

Third, if there is a founding core to the Link, it would be five of the seven extraterrestrial groups and eight contactee groups, including ourselves – roughly a total of 30-plus original members. During this year’s conference, there were fourteen extraterrestrial groups – twelve invited member groups and two observer groups – and fifty-seven human contactee/activist groups – forty-two invited members and fifteen observer members. The total attendee gathering numbered in the low 200s.

This year’s conference was co-chaired by the SAMs and a group from the Pleiades. Extraterrestrial attendees came from groups from our Milky Way galaxy (one from one of the Gliese star systems, two groups from the Reticuli star systems, a small contingent from the incoming, the hosting group from a planet in the Pleiades, another group from another planet in the same system, several extragalactic groups, a small group of Verdant observers, and two groups we have never seen before).

(page 332, A Gift from the Stars (2)).

Since this site is called ‘Galactic Anthropology’ I was curious to find out more about those visitors from ‘one of the Gliese star systems’ as Bordon described them. This was my first encounter with the term ‘Gliese Star System’ so I immediately went for a search in Danaan’s book on Alien Races (2) and in the star map provided in that book (see pages 332-335) I was able to locate star system Gliese 832 in the constellation of Grus (looking like a crane bird, (grus grus)).

It was the only Gliese star system I was able to find in the book, and the 110 races that are mentioned are supposed to be the ones that have been in contact with our planet, somehow, somewhere.

Constellation Grus would be near the star Alnair. The people living on the planet called Ardamant which circles Gliese 832 are the Elmanuk. In a video on Mating Rites by Elena Danaan from July 20, 2021 (3) we can hear the following. You can read more about these Elmanuk on page 174 in (2).

Drawing by Elena Danaan of the Elmanuk – (2, p.175)

They come from constellation Gross in Gliese 832. Elmanuk are a very ancient race. Their planet is named Ardemont. They are known as the most peaceful races. They are at the origin and creation of the Council of Five, which was nine at the start before the Galactic Federation of Worlds truly took existence. So they had the purpose to look after the developed worlds and protect them against the Orion alliance and the Ciakahrr empire. They are very tall and very thin. You would think they have only skin on bones, but you would be surprised by their physical fitness and strength. Their eyes are very large and as most of grey races they wear dark protective lenses. They are a species of grays, but they do not have the reptiloid genetics. We say gray to everybody who looks like this. They are very nice. They are a race in extinction. There are not very many left. (3, and 2, p.174)

We have come across other members of the Council of Five before, namely the Ginvo (4). Also take a look at the Emerther from Tau Ceti (8). In March 2023 I wrote a page on the current day members of the Council of Five (9).

There are a lot of Gliese – star systems
In Bordon’s book (1) it is said that a group from one of the Gliese star systems participated in one of the Link-meetings. It turns out that there are indeed many Gliese star systems and I guess it will not be easy to verify if the Elmanuk participated or some other race from one of the other Gliese star systems.

To give you a glimpse of the amount of Gliese’s, an image from (5) – We have spoken about Procyon (4) and Epsilon Eridani (6) on other pages.

(1) Bordon, A.R. (2007) The Link (pdf-download). More from this book can be found at Endnotes 50-53
(2) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift from the Stars: Extraterrestrial contacts and guide of Alien Races. Amazon Press.
(3) Mating Rites from Outer Space – Youtube video – July 20, 2021 (click here if you want to go to the relevant part directly)
(4) The Ginvo from Procyon
(7) The Timecapsules of the Wingmakers
(8) Crop Circles and Binary Messages
(9) The Council of Five

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