The Starseed Envoy Program

While preparing an article on the Laan (or La’an) people I was watching this video by Elena Danaan from August 10, 2021 (1). After she had said there are so many beings who would have abandoned everything to come here to Earth and help us sort it out, I was triggered to first write this text on the Star Seed Envoy Program.

(screenshot from video (3))

In ‘Welcome to the Future’ by Megan Rose (2) two pages are dedicated to this program. I would recommend the reader to buy her book and read it all yourself. Due to copyright I will only quote a few excerpts dealing with this topic.

The main idea is that ‘people’ from across the universe decide to assist humanity in its awakening, and there would be a genetic element to it. The way that this would work is described by Megan as follows:

The genetics of these envoys is a delicate task. The envoy will choose to leave its original physical vessel in its alien home (alien to Terra) and enter a new vessel with their light body (soul). This physical vessel is prepared by the Galactic Federation of Worlds but also the Council of Five.

…For Example, if part of the envoy’s mission was to become a genetic researcher and bring information from their home planet to Terra, the genome that carried that information would be incorporated in to the human vessel, for cellular memory. At some point in the incarnation, this memory would appear as either subconscious or conscious, depending on the spiritual evolution in this incarnation.

The original physical vessels on the home alien planet of the envoy are kept in what is called statis pods. They are vertical pods, most of the time….Since these vessels in statis pods do not have light bodies that connect to source, it is necessary that they are maintained using source energy for maximum preservation.” (2, p.26)

When the mission is complete, the soul would be returned back to the vessel on the original planet.

Update March 2022: During an interview between Dr. Michael Salla, Elena Danaan and Alex Collier, Alex said that the Andromedans have told him that there were about 200 million starseeds (!) currently present on Earth to potentially contribute to the awakening of mankind (5).

Update September 2022: Elena Danaan elaborates on the Envoy Program in her book ‘The Seeders‘ (6). In a chapter on this topic she gives more details on the role of the Council of Five for example

P.S. When I was looking for a video by Megan Rose on this topic I couldn’t find it; I did happen to a find a short video (3) by ‘King Cassius’ that was published yesterday (that is December 12, 2021) that I found worthwhile. It seems to match to the narrative of this site 🙂
P.P.S. A nice video which also talks about the concept of starseeds, but not exactly in the way it is described in Rose’s book was published on Youtube on December 8: A Gathering of the Tribe (4)

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Epsilon Eridani and Val Nek

(Val Nek, screenshot (1))

This site’s aim is to inform you about intelligent life outside of our little green and blue planet. Megan Rose is one of the contactees that provide valuable information on what is going on ‘outside’. Elena Danaan has given us with a description of about 110 out-of-earth races in her book ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (2020).

In Megan Rose’s recent book ‘ Welcome to the Future‘ (2021) we can read about Val Nek Artovaya who guided her and provided information on what is happening around our planet. Val Nek is from the star system called ‘Epsilon Eridani’. In the skymap below you can see where you can find the star, that is also part of the Eridanus constellation

Epsilon Eridani or ‘Ran’ (2). Image taken from (3).

Isn’t it a wonderful idea to look up at the night’s sky and jump from Orion’s Rigel to the right to recognize a star around which a planet orbits that harbors the people called Kahel? In Danaan’s book that I mentioned above you can read a description of this race on page 168. They are said to be a peaceful civilization who play an active part in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. The planet they live on is called ‘Ammakha’ (the boggy place).

Our terran scientists have discovered a planet around Epsilon Eridani as well, back in 2000. They called this planet Epsilon Eridani B, or Aegir (4). Perhaps it is Ammakha, perhaps not. I haven’t got a clue 🙂

Update February 2022: Unfortunately the connection between Val Nek and Megan Rose was severed in November 2021. To prevent any complications from occurring Val Nek was relieved from duty in this ‘project’ in our Solar System. Read more about all the reasons behind this disconnection at (5,6)

Update April 2022 : Seeing through the fog, avoiding traps (7)

The developments surrounding Val Nek’s relocation because of the events with Megan Rose are also described in The Seeders (8), as is a short summary of what transpired on Ammakh, Val Nek’s homeworld in 2017.

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