To have a Drink at a Bar or Cafetaria in a Spaceship – Shared Experiences

( एक अंतरिक्ष यान में एक बार या कैफेटेरिया में एक पेय लेने के लिए – साझा अनुभव )

After realizing that both Elena Danaan and Jean-Charles Moyen had been on the same starship, they continue to share their experiences on board of Thor Han’s spaceship, which the people from the Secret Space Program call the Excelsior (1). This page elaborates on the elements that they talked about regarding the bars and the cafetaria on the huge spaceship.

In the video (2) they describe the same food coming from the replicators: it looks like babyfood, with different textures, different colors, but it has got the taste you would expect, like the taste of chicken. At the cafetaria you would have a lot of choice for your menu. You take a plate, just like on Earth, and go to sit at a table. These tables are funny however: they don’t have any legs!

Part of drawing that Elena Danaan showed during video: notice the floating bartender (complete illustration can be found at 3, p.71)

Jean-Charles remembered a bartender who looked like a pretty iguana like person with spots behind the bar, but Elena hadn’t seen her. When she showed the floating bartender (see illustration) he immediately recognized this.

Then they go on and talk about the drinks they had. They both recalled the blue liquids apparently filled with oxygen bubbles. At p.70 in (3) we can read: “Commander Val ordered drinks from a floating droid and I was served a big tall glass filled with a turquoise fizzy liquid, which I recognized straight away as being an ionized drink. I took only a polite sip from the tip of my lips, as I knew very well the effect this substance had on me. Saturated in oxygen molecules, these kind of drinks are not for faint-hearted Earthlings…

They both said that if you drink too much of this, it can really blow your mind! Watch the video for more on the food and drinking habits in a starship. And for those who think this is fiction, think again.

In a book by Margaret Storm (on Tesla) there is word of a special drink aboard spaceships as well. Find out more about at at End Note 127.

(1) The Excelsior and Solar Warden | Galactic Anthropology
(2) REVELATIONS with Jean-Charles Moyen (video with the spontaneous interview). They talk about the cafetaria, the food and the drinks from about 1h20′)
(3) Danaan, E. (2021) We will Never let You Down. Amazon Press.

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