The Starseed Envoy Program

( Le Programme Starseed Envoy (fr.))

On January 26, 2023 Elena Danaan posted a video on the topic of Starseed Envoy Twin Flames (1). Since this topic is so intertwined with the Starseed Envoy Program in general it seemed reasonable to add this to a page I had once written about this subject back in december 2021. But when I looked at that particular page I saw I had used a few quotes from the book that Megan Rose had just published then (2). I was about to delete everything related to her from that page when I realized that I was acting like Joseph Stalin when he ordered the removal of Leon Trotsky from all photographs (3), or to name a few modern equivalents the facebook fact checkers by the Zuckerman Brigade (4) or those behind the censorship on Twitter (5).

(screenshot from video (20))

So, even though I completely agree with the assessment of the Megan Rose case by Elena Danaan (6,7) I still want to respect Megan Rose’s role up until that moment in december 2021 when she was disconnected from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and she tuned into some kind of fake Val Nek (‘Fake Nek‘ perhaps?) ever since (8). It was also affirmed that everything in her book was still untarnished and true, since it was published just before things turned sour (10).

So, I do not want to delete Megan Rose from this site altogether, since she was indeed a respected part of this fabulous journey up until november 2021, and I want to honor her for that. Unfortunately she kept on going after that causing distortions and noise, but that is also part of the grand tale unfolding. Confusion is all around: Rebecca (11) has the same family name as Megan and Enlil’s mother would have the name ‘Ki’ (17). It takes a sharp heart and mind like yours to stay on track 🙂

After all this blabla I would like to return to the topic of this page, namely the star seed program. The main idea is that people from other worlds decide to assist in the ‘rising of consciousness’ of civilizations on other planets by incarnating in suitable bodies, leaving behind their physical bodies in some stasis pod on their home world. Here is a quote from Welcome to the Future (2) by Megan Rose:

The genetics of these envoys is a delicate task. The envoy will choose to leave its original physical vessel in its alien home (alien to Terra) and enter a new vessel with their light body (soul). This physical vessel is prepared by the Galactic Federation of Worlds but also the Council of Five.

…For example, if part of the envoy’s mission was to become a genetic researcher and bring information from their home planet to Terra, the genome that carried that information would be incorporated in to the human vessel, for cellular memory. At some point in the incarnation, this memory would appear as either subconscious or conscious, depending on the spiritual evolution in this incarnation.

The original physical vessels on the home alien planet of the envoy are kept in what is called stasis pods. They are vertical pods, most of the time….Since these vessels in stasis pods do not have light bodies that connect to source, it is necessary that they are maintained using source energy for maximum preservation.” (2, p.26)

Star Seed Cafe (24,25)

When the mission is complete, the soul would be returned back to the vessel on the original planet.

Elena Danaan has written a chapter on the Star Seed Envoy Program in her book ‘The Seeders’ (18). During an interview in March 2022 Alex Collier said that there were 200 million star seeds present on our planet! (19). I would say that is a bit much, but I am no contactee. In the original article on this topic I had added two links to two videos that deal with this concept of starseeds, one in a popular tiktok-style (20) and one in a more serene style (21).

Like I said in the introduction the reason for editing this page on the star seed program was the introduction of yet another fascinating aspect by Elena Danaan in a video from January 26, 2023. In that particular video she said that about 90-95% of the people ‘enrolled’ in the star seed envoy program are connected to what she calls ‘A Twin Flame‘. This is defined as someone from their original world who has a ‘quantum’ link with the starseed that is born in the flesh suit on our planet. This person would provide assistance and information to the starseed.

This off-world contact might manifest during certain moments in the life of a star seed and this may arouse immense feelings of attraction and love, which might be sexual as well. It can be very confusing to experience such a huge attraction with your ‘star seed envoy program twin flame’ especially when you are in a physical relationship with someone in this world.

It’s important to notice that this definition of Twin Flame doesn’t allow for the possibility of meeting this twin flame in person as a Earth human being in the flesh. This Twin Flame is not from this world. Below you can see a relevant part of this beautiful video. I recommend watching the complete 9 minute video at (1).

Elena Danaan talks about the concept of the Star Seed Envoy Twin Flame (1,22)

(1) Twin Flame Mission – A Genius Plan in the Envoy Program
(2) Rose, M. (2021) Welcome to the Future. Wroclaw: Amazon Fulfillment
(3) Here’s a fragment from ‘How Photos Became a Weapon in Stalin’s Great Purge‘: “Sometimes, photo doctoring meant going back to the past to change the historical record, as when Stalin ordered Leon Trotsky, once a leading figure in the Communist Party, eliminated from all photos. After Trotsky was exiled by Stalin for mounting a failed opposition to his leadership, the revolutionary was snipped, airbrushed and covered up in countless photographs. Sometimes, Stalin inserted himself in photos at key moments in history, or had photo technicians make him look taller or more handsome.
(4) Busted! Facebook Fraud: They Call Fact-Checkers “Opinion” Writers in Lawsuit Against Them
(5) The Twitter Files – clandestine state censorship on an epic scale
(6) On Communication Distortions and The Unfortunate Departure of MR from the Crew
(7) Protecting the Truth
(8) In the ‘Messages from the Star Nations for 2023‘ there was a word from the real Val Nek too: ” Val Nek from Kohan – retired GFW officer

Val Nek (9)

            “Tell them I will never forget my time serving for the Galactic Federation of Worlds. It is with great sadness that I had to leave my duties in the Sol system, but in my heart, I knew already the outcome of the war in that star system. I began a new chapter in my life in (Earth time) October 2021 with a new assignment to an undisclosed new star system. I am no longer fleet commander for the GFW but I hold now quite an interesting job. I may say no more.​

           I am glad that Thor Han was exceptionally allowed to relay this message. I am also confirming to you, in true honesty, that I have no longer been in contact with anyone on Terra since October 2021, when I was dismissed from my functions and sent away. Lies presented in my name have no ties with me. Here, we all look after each other and watch each other. I have as witness the High Council of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Zenatean Council. I salute you with affection. I will come back when all illusions have shattered.”

Elena’s commentary: Receiving this message was emotional for everyone. Val Nek is happy and he will be Ok. He likes his new job, to which he needed time, however, to get accustomed to. Distances in space are very short when you have the adequate technology, so Thor Han has had a few occasions to meet with him under monitoring”

(9) Image taken from Interstellar Contacts
(10) “It is necessary to precise that until the moment this programming was activated and noticed, in November 2021, all the intel “she” received was indeed from the real Val Nek, and it was verified as 100% right. In this sad story, “she” is only a victim; judgment needs to be brought only upon those who used her. Unfortunately, the agenda she carries is bringing confusion and promoting division, and in her spite not to have managed to become me, she decided to work at destroying me, and all the good people with whom I am working with. She will keep on trying to grow her popularity in any way possible, spreading more lies, playing victim and try to scatter this community in pieces and leave a trail of destruction after her, only motivated by ego.

The real Commander Val Nek was proved innocent. In order to ensure his integrity, he is sadly not working with the Galactic Federation of Worlds anymore since December 2021. Val Nek was re-assigned and sent to an undisclosed location, in a different star system. The dark entity who took over “her” in November 2021 and who is in contact with “her”, is not the real Val Nek. The rolling out of the agenda she carries has for aim to use the name of the extraterrestrial beings I am in contact with and pretend receiving messages from them, in order to spread confusion, discredit me and those I am working with on Earth and off-world. She may keep on lying by pretending to be in contact with Val Nek, the Galactic Federation of Worlds and even with Thor Han and Annax. Any narrative she will bring forward, through videos or new books, is 100% deception.” (7)

Screenshot from ‘A Gathering of the Tribe’ (21)

(11) This is a reference to Rebecca Rose, a well respected SSP-participant who has featured in a number articles on this website and who will undoubtfully add loads of valuable information in the time to come. See (12-16) for a few examples.
(12) Different Parts of a Single Consciousness living in More Bodies Simultaneously
(13) A Draco Planet in the Kuiper Belt
(14) Using Children to Operate Jump Gates
(15) The Off-World Mantids
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(18) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders. In a chapter on this topic she gives more details on the role of the Council of Five for example (pages 244-253).
(19) Space Arks, ET fleets, Ukraine & Human Liberation: An Interview with Alex Collier & Elena Danaan (March 7, 2022)
(20) The Star Seed Program (Youtube video) – I think the only visitors to this video are from this website 🙂
(21) A Gathering of the Tribe (Youtube, December 8, 2021)
(22) Perhaps it is not the woke thing to say, but I’m glad that Elena Danaan doesn’t like John Petersen (23).
(23) John Petersen and the Removal of Malevolent Extraterrestrials from Earth
(24) Star Seeds Cafe (Austin, Texas)
(25) That Bar looks familiar…To Have a Drink at a Bar or Cafetaria in a Spaceship – Shared Experiences

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