How Astronomers have Failed to See a Thriving Universe

There are many aspects to becoming part of ‘the world out there’ which need attention before we can really participate fully and with joy and responsibility. One of the things we need to come to terms with is the ‘scientific’ dogma that we have been brought up with.

The dogma that says that even though it would theoretically be likely that there are other planets that bear life, we can be sure that we have not found any intelligent life so far. Another assumption we have been spoon-fed with is that the distances would be far too great to travel.

When we hear about ‘life’ on other planets it is often bacterial life at most. What a shock it must be for all those scientists and the people who they informed for many centuries, to realize that the universe is thriving with intelligent life, with civilizations on numerous star systems, with all kinds of characteristics, and all kinds of transportation methods which would make it possible to travel from star system to star system within a few moments.

If we want to open up to the reality of a thriving universe with unthinkable variants in life forms we must remove the limiting concepts of science in regard to the existence of ‘alien life’. Besides ignorance and the respectful hiding practices of many races, there were probably many other reasons for letting us believe we somehow magically evolved out of the sea into the beings we are now through a popular but flawed theory called the ‘evolution theory’.

Update March 2022: Elena Danaan wrote a small article on the possibility that perhaps already in july 2022 the James Webb Telescope would show signs of ‘exolife signatures’. Here’s a quote from her article (1):

July 2022 will mark a turning point in the consciousness of humanity of Earth, when the James Webb telescope will provide evidence of exolife signatures. We have been made aware, carefully and progressively, of the existence of several exoplanets in our neighbor star systems, but NASA’s new telescope’s revolutionary infrared technology will jump the extra step towards a new era for humanity. It will anchor a door into the Collective Unconscious of our species on Earth, and it will change us for ever.” (1,2)

In the update video (2) she says that the planets orbiting the star Trappist-1 (3) will probably be the main candidates. She says that there are people living there, called the Tengri Tengri who she says are humanoid, but not human. They are a peaceful people also part of the Galactic Federation.

(1) First Contact
(2) Update on current events, my thoughts on what is to come ~March 11 2022
(3) 10 Things: All About TRAPPIST-1

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