The Role of the Heart and the Importance of a Good Vibe

It appears that in order to play a more constructive role as humanity within the framework of the ‘world beyond ours’ we would do well to develop certain qualities that make us better partners. What seems to be important is our ability to love, and to create a loving vibration. This is not an easy thing to do, but it would sure be worthwhile to invest in raising your vibration: the higher your frequency, the easier it would be to connect in a good way with beings from other worlds.

Not only would it make it easier to tune into the vibrations of benign beings, but it would also protect you from the influence of bad actors, who would have used our lower emotions to keep us within their spheres. Once we get to know the workings of our heart, and we learn how to use it wisely, we grow beyond the reach of those who would rather keep on using us for their own advantage.

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