Hybrids all over the Place

This hybrid has not yet been detected in real life

It seems that it is common practice in the universe for species to mix their genetics with the genetics of a population that is already present on a particular planet. Many species have a high level of genetic understanding, which allows them to create hybrid offspring.

Of course I am not talking about the mixing of animals and humans, like in the picture on the right, but I am talking about people from various star systems who genetically experiment with other species to form new variants. This has not always been done in a nice and friendly manner, unfortunately.

It seems that many visiting star races have visited the Earth in the past and left behind them some of their genetic material. Although we consider ourselves very clever with our discoveries relating to genetics, it is probably peanuts in comparison with the knowledge other races have gathered.

Who can tell who are behind our genetics? Who made us? Some claim that our forefathers have recently returned to our Solar System. More on that in articles to follow.

See End note 48 for something you might call ‘wave genetics’

Further reading:
(Dutch) Uit de Spacekast komen in which you can read about certain whistleblower geneticists who talk about their discoveries of certain unexplainable genetics in the genepool of humanity.

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