Create your Own Holographic Akasha Set

During these times when we have to maneuver our way through all kinds of information sources, deciding which sources resonate and which don’t, it would be quite useful if we could somehow become a source of information ourselves, or at least find a way to verify certain things ourselves, even for a little bit. Some psy-ops are easily recognizable, but some are more difficult to expose, especially when false information is – wilfully or not – mixed with correct information. Since we are not all gifted with an implant that connects us to the Galactic Federation of Worlds, we have to use other instruments to determine what is right and what is wrong. This page describes one of these instruments.

Image taken from Forgotten Genesis (1, p.29)

Of course the heart and for that matter the whole physical body can be a splendid tool to check certain information for its validity, but sometimes it can be useful to try something else. This method is based on the ‘interdimensional helmut’ as it is described in Radu Cinamar’s Forgotten Genesis (1). In the book Cinamar tells us how he was given this advanced device by the people from Apellos.

This magical device allowed Cinamar to ask questions and get answers on a kind of ‘holographic screen’ in front of him. Somehow this technology was able to tune into his mind and on top of that it only provided him information that he was able to grasp, if things got too complicated the images blurred. If he saw something interesting he could focus his eyes on that particular element and more information was provided (2,3).

Unfortunately you cannot buy these futuristic, highly-advanced devices in the local computer store. I think though, that it provides a powerful metaphor that you can use in your meditation practices. You can make sure you are comfortable and then you can visualize a place where the hologram screen appears. Then you imagine that you put on this device on your head and then you start asking a question. The rules of the original device hold, which means that you will not be shown anything that you are not ready for yet, but you are given information that matches your current level of awareness.

You need to remain focused, for if your mind starts to wander the device no longer functions. If you want more information on certain elements you just imagine that your eyes are able to zoom into certain parts, and the intelligence of the device on your head, makes sure that you will get more valuable information.

Perhaps you can also use your heart as a global indicator on your screen: when your heart ‘activates’ at certain topics, you know that there is more to learn there. Don’t forget to take off your device to formally end your sessions into the unknown, and remember your unconscious and any guide you have are eager to share information with you on all kinds of matters that matter to you 🙂

(1) Cinamar, R. (2020) Forgotten Genesis. Skybooks.
(2) I have spoken about the 50,000 year old Holographic Bodyscan Device found in the Romanian Bucegi Mountains before. This device was able to let the user zoom into his own body not only to the level of the cell, but even to the atomic level. This gadged also clearly interacted with the user.
(3) Elena Danaan has spoken about her visit to a Meton Mothership in which she witnessed a kind of tube with ‘bubbles’ that allowed her to ask questions as well, but then related to things in the past or the future. Read more about that in her video: Visiting a Meton Mothership from September 2021.

We Appear to be an Open Book to Alien Species

I just watched a 2021 movie called ‘Chaos Walking’ (1). In that particular movie men on a certain planet are not able to withhold their thoughts from the people around them. In other words: anyone can hear or even see the thoughts of others. Like moving clouds coming from the heads of the men (not the women), even during dreamtime.

Movie with Daisy Ridley & Tom Holland (1)

It reminded me of the interview with Lacerta, the native Reptilian, who had mentioned our inability to really shield our thoughts from others. She also said that most alien species use telepathy and that we would really be an open book to them.

She says that what she calls the ‘Illojim’ (2) would have constructed our minds and our consciousness in such a fashion that we would have no protection mechanism at all (3). She even advised us against closing our eyes because that would change our brainwaves which would make our thoughts even more accessible for others. For those interested on more from Lacerta take a look at (4) and (5).

I mentioned telepathy before on this site in connection with the work of Ingo Swann (6). In Elena Danaan’s ‘We Will Never Let You Down‘ (7) we can read something interesting about the ability of others to read our thoughts. When Elena describes her visit to a huge ship from the Asthar Galactic Command near Jupiter she says that there are very strict safety rules aboard. Each and every thought would be monitored. Elena reflects on telepathy on these facilities in her book, and provides some hope:

“Visiting alien facilities is always a challenge for me. Having grown up on Earth, I am not used to telepathic communication. Here, I need to control the flow of my thoughts, as opposed to when I am on Thor Han’s station, for instance. Indeed, although they use both mind and spoken language, people in the Galactic Federation of Worlds have rules for non-invasion of the mind-space, which protects everybody’s privacy. They use a different frequency for telepathic communication, which is different from the normal brain frequency of thoughts, something the Earthlings haven’t yet discovered or trained in.

Thor Han always says that on Earth, everyone has this ability but haven’t yet remembered how to use it. At the Ashtar Jupiter Command, there isn’t such a rule of privacy, with the two frequency bands, for security reasons. They can also scan your thoughts. So it is annoying and utterly challenging!” (6, p. 48)

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(2) In the interview (3) she says that the Illojim (Elohim?) would have arrived on Earth for the first time some 1,5 million years ago.
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Is this Real or not?

Every now and then while working with this material I get this feeling that seems to say: “Are you sure you are not investing your time in one big fantasy? Aren’t you being fooled by all these people that talk about alien life?” Sometimes it can really be quite overwhelming!

Jylian – screenshot (2).

The last couple of days I have watched a few videos by Elena Danaan, and they were amazing in the sense that she describes how she was taken aboard a Meton-ship that would be stationed in orbit around Venus (1).

The same planet that would harbor various civilizations that would live under domes, but mostly underground in beautiful surroundings. One of the inhabitants would be Jylian, the wife of Val Thor. You can read more about how Elena met Jylian in her 2021-book (3).

She had a contact with Elena (2) in which she explained more about the ark on Venus (Naara, 11) that would have activated as well, just like the ones on Mars, the Moon and Antarctica (4,5). Jylian says that people from Earth have been around for almost a year already, studying the Ark.

As you can imagine this is quite a mind-stretch already, but then I decided to listen to Elena’s video in which she explores and teaches about magic. In that video we can hear about the Giansar and Annunaki-magic and she adds a conversation that she has had with Enki (6).

Then there is the story of Megan Rose who had her implant hacked by the residual well-funded hybrids, which allowed them to get to the frequencies of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but his was discovered and soon corrected, but it led to a disconnection of her from Val Nek for about three weeks (7, see update 13).

When I read again what I have just written, I don’t think it is weird that this feeling pops up…what on Earth is happening here? What am I doing? Is this one big fantasy, or is this really a glimpse into our New Reality? I noticed that there is a tendency to ignore that feeling of doubt, for I like to think of myself as an open-minded person, but I think it is perfectly fine to acknowledge this sentiment as well: for it sure is very different than what we think of as normal on our planet!

But, after having acknowledged this feeling, space is freed to get back to this possible New Reality and continue to explore it. What I think is paramount is the internal consistency: as long as the events don’t contradict themselves I will stay aboard and try to grasp this reality, occasionally going through some short periods ‘This can’t be true!!’

I’m going to continue with Elizabeth Klarer’s book in which she talks about her relationship with Akon, an astrophycist from Meton (8, 9). In that book I encountered an appropriate quote from Albert Einstein:

“The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all science. He to who this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.” (9, p.8)

Update November 2022
In a very interesting interview that Dr. Michael Salla had with Rebecca Rose, she talked about how ‘insane’ all these topics appear, and that it is normal to think that all this insane. Watch her describe this sensation below 🙂

This is Insane! Rebecca Rose in an interview with Dr. Michael Salla (14)

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Ending the War on Telepathy

Imagine that the movie projector providing us with a ‘false matrix’ for ages in order to keep us in a state of massive mind-control would have been taken away last year (1). This would give us the possibility to actually make profound changes without being ‘corrected’ by this ‘false matixprojector’. Perhaps the time has come to do something new with telepathy.

And why telepathy, you might ask. For that I want to introduce you to a book that was written by the remote-viewing pioneer Ingo Swann, called Penetration (2). Besides sharing his experiences with psi-research and his theories why there must be a cover-up on everything that defies the concept that the moon is nothing but a dead rock with nothing happening on it, he spends a part of his book on telepathy.

In the book he makes a distinction between ‘Earthside consciousness’ and ‘Spaceside consciousness’, the latter referring to extraterrestrial consciousness. It appears to be the case that nearly all spacefaring civilizations have mastered the technique of telepathy, this is sharing thoughts/ideas/feelings/information without the use of any of our five senses. We seem to be renowned for our inability to fend off our thoughts for others: we would be an open book; our telepathic skills are generally not well developed.

Ingo Swann talks about a ‘Telepathy War‘ that has been going on sinds the 1920s and the goal of this war was to prevent people from really finding out what telepathy is. The main reason for this war is the threat to secrecy:

“Telepathy is the most forbidden element of Earthside consciousness. Indeed, so forbidden that science would rather accept reincarnation, the existence of the soul and life after death – provided those situations DID NOT include any telepathic possibility” (2, p.113)

If people were to find out how telepathy would really work, they would be able to tune into people and there would be no way to prevent all secrets, including those related to the secret space programs and the interaction with alien races to become widely known.

Swann also named the spaceside or the extraterrestrial motive to keep humanity from become telepathic, and that motive was about the same: humanity at large was not supposed to know anything about the existence of extraterrestrials: they were meant to believe that anyone who would claim that extraterrestrials were real, was a nutcase. If true telepathy would be trained by people they would get caught together with all their evil plans.

Ingo Swann (1933-2013)

Swann suggests that science had introduced a definition of telepathy that would make sure that people would not find the ‘real telepathy’. The wrong concept would be that there is a sender and a receiver, who exchange thoughts, that telepathy is a mind-to-mind thing. Studies researching telepathy have on the whole found only minor proof for this ability.

He would prefer the use of the term ‘Information transference‘ which would include not only thoughts but much more than that, like participating in another’s feelings, or ideas and becoming infused with them.

He ends with the rather cryptical sentence that the trouble with the current telepathy-definition is that ‘the assumed logic of the telepathy model DOES NOT consider the ‘bottle’ that contains the wine (thoughts)’ (2, p.122).

Although I have to admit that I have probably been brainwashed with the current telepathy-definition, I think that now might be the time to try and develop our telepathic skills, whether in the Swannian sense or not, since we are apparently no longer blocked from doing this any longer. The extraterrestrials who wanted to prevent us from knowing about their existence would have been cast out of our solar system, the Cabal are rapidly losing their grip, and it seems that the secrecy surrounding the secret space program is slowly being removed to prepare us for a possible star-trek future. So let our telepathic journey begin as well!

(1) The Movie-projector is turned off – Are we going to play the same movie or not?
(2) Schwann, I. (1998) Penetration: The question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy. USA: Ingo Swann Books (In 2018 this book was reprinted)

The Ripple Effect of Thinking Positively about Aliens

It is funny for me to notice how I hop from one article to the next in an almost organic way. I finished my last article on Lucerta (1) by referring to Jamie Phillips and his Rahan Spirituality site. I decided to watch a video of his (2) and was inspired to write this article.

(taken from youtube video (4))

In this particular video Phillips talks about the concept that if you think about certain things you increase the likelihood of someone else thinking those same thoughts. If someone ‘downloads’ certain information and he starts to talk about these matters, or starts to share these thoughts (through a website like this one, for instance), or simply thinks about these matters more regularly, it increases the chances that people start to think about it as well.

In a way a very simple, but a very profound idea. If you decide to open up to the idea of aliens being a reality, you not only open up yourself to that idea, but you increase the likelihood of other people having these thoughts. Like Phillips says, it might be that other people around the world are having ‘revelations’ or ‘insights’ in which they suddenly think about let’s say a Galactic Federation of Worlds, or about things happening on Mars or the dark side of the Moon.

They might think it is divine inspiration, but it may just be that they tune into the thoughts already thought by other people, and the more people start allowing themselves to think about the reality of positive aliens, the bigger the chances that other people get these ideas. In other words: simply by reading articles on this site you contribute to the collective (un) conscious, thereby contributing to an expanding disclosure movement, preparing humanity for their role amongst the star nations.

Isn’t that a great contribution? It’s a wonderful way to combat all those thousands of years of mind-control by the elite and the not-so-friendly off-world groups, to make us believe that there is no such thing as aliens, and that everybody should be ridiculed if they allow these thoughts to enter their mind. In these times when the ‘False Matrix Projector’ would have been dismantled we have the power to break through this thought, for it won’t be automatically bent in the false matrix reality any longer (3).

(1) Did a Fusion Bomb cause the Extinction of the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago?
(2) I’m not sure what to think of this video. I’m not sure if he actually is in contact with the Galactic Federation. I don’t agree with everything he says in the video, but perhaps he presents a piece of the jigsaw puzzle. The video I watched and was the inspiration for this current article, can be found at: this location
(3) The Movie Projector is Turned Off – Are we going to Continue to play the same Movie or not?
(4) What is Inspiration? And how do you inspire people?

On Memory Wipes after Space Missions

In the impressive interview between JP (a military serviceman) and Dr. Michael Salla (1,2,3) JP talks about the procedure of ‘memory wipes’ that would take place after people return back to Earth after their work on the Moon.

Picture taken from the New York Times (6)

He says that he talked to a specialist who said that people who have certain ‘characteristics’ are more likely to withstand these memory wipes, and thus remember things that happened during their secret space missions (see 4). He mentioned things like having a spiritual life, affinity with music and sound, creativity and language.

The technique of removing memories would work with sound, amongst other methods.

In Megan Rose’s book ‘Welcome to the Future’ (5, 7) we learn that this practice of (sometimes temporary) memory wipes is common amongst many star races. There can be all kinds of reasons for memory wipes; in the example below Val Nek (6) wipes the memory of Megan’s encounter with them (and the abduction by other, not so friendly aliens) in order to protect a five year old Megan.

Before he erased my memory with his cold hand to my forehead, he said this: ‘I am very sorry that this happened to you my dear girl. We will never let it happen again...” (5, p.16)

(1) Article: US Army Soldiers blows whistle on Secret Missions to Ganymede and the Moon
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To Process Emotions the Ahel-way

In a November 11, 2021-video Elena Danaan (1) talks about her intention to take some time off to profoundly work through her intense experience with the Council of Nine (2). In the comment of this short video she writes something intriguing: “and embrace my emotions (Ahel-way lol)“.

What is she referring to?

Let’s start off with explaining what ‘Ahel’ is. In another article I explained that the Ahel are a people who live on various planets, but currently their main planet is planet ‘Erra’ which circles the star Taygeta (or Ashaara as they call the star themselves) in the Pleiadean star system (3). Thor Han is an important contact from the Ahel (or the Errahel, referring to the Ahel specifically from the planet Erra) for Elena.

In her 2021-book ‘We Will Never Let you Down’ there is a passage that perfectly explains what she was probably referring to:

The strength of a warrior resides in his inner peace and focus. I learned from Thor Han how the Ahil master the flow of their emotions, and that is why they excel as a military force for the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Unlike the Taal, who choose at will to block their emotional expression by total control of their reactions, the Ahil allow their feelings to flow freely in order to process them instantly and keep a strong and healthy mind.

I have witnessed Thor Han doing this, at many occasions when he was involved in emotionally challenging situations such as open combat, death of his kind, destruction, rescuing wounded children, or even dealing with aggressive prisoners. Be it anger, stress or sadness, he just allows it to be and because he does so, the emotion lasts a very short time, I would say just a few minutes, and it is gone out of his system, very quickly and clean, without any residual feeling. The celerity of this process is quite impressive. We have so much to learn from them.” (4, p.206)

Image that….to have the ability to process emotions almost instantly! There would be no need for emotions, trauma or whatever to remain stuck somewhere in your body.

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Why do We Think it is Entertaining to Watch People getting Killed?

The paradigm that is used on this site is that we as human beings are merely one of many races and people that inhabit the universe. Now that the we would no longer be greatly manipulated by evil extraterrestrial beings (1), we would have a far better chance at taking that responsibility and tune into this greater perspective.

Since we are newbies in this interworldly reality it could be wise to learn how we can relate to other beings that have been used to being part of a universe that encompasses many civilizations, species and worlds for ages. If we would indeed have the ability to look outward, we might pay a bit more attention to all those habits we have learnt that stop us from elevating our minds.

For those who are interested in exploring these new territories it seems worthwhile to reflect upon these habits, that might appear a bit awkward from those watching us from above (2). It is being stressed that we are so much more powerful if we are able to hold on to a higher frequency, a frequency that is characterized by being loving, to various degrees.

Another element that often returns is that we would raise our vibration by making unconscious elements, conscious.

There are probably many ways to learn about raising your awareness, increasing your ability to love. Today I noticed after watching the first episode of the popular Netflix series ‘the Squid Game’ that it felt strange to me to sit there on my couch and look at people being killed in large numbers in a graphic way. “Why am I watching this?” I wondered? Is this something I want to invest my energy in? What would I think of other star nations that would have people sitting in the millions watching screens with scenes of people getting killed or killing each other? Would I like to get in touch with them? Would I tend to respect those people, or would I prefer to move on to another planet, since there appear to be many of them?

Some claim that it was useful for those controlling us behind the scenes to have us create fear and anxiety as a way to keep us small and even feed on our low vibratory output. Now that the main players feeding on our fear would have left the building (our solar system), we might reconsider producing so much fear and anxiety by watching all kinds of movies. Perhaps many movies were made to take away much of our energy and to keep us in the lower vibratory bands.

I intend to be more careful with what I feed my consciousness with, and I guess one episode of the Squid Game is enough for me. I prefer to explore other territories. What do you think? Perhaps in the near future we would look back at this era and shake our heads in disbelief: ‘How could billions of people find it entertaining to watch people getting killed?’ What were all those people thinking? Perhaps we would regard our current habits they way we think of the Middle Ages now; perhaps the word ‘barbaric’ is appropriate here?

(1) It is time to Soar as Humanity and add the Last Stone to the Monument
(2) Suggested reading: Tolle, E. (2005) A New Earth. Tolle talks about this in his chapter on the pain body in the paragraph ‘Entertainment, the Media and the Pain-body’

The Role of the Heart and the Importance of a Good Vibe

It appears that in order to play a more constructive role as humanity within the framework of the ‘world beyond ours’ we would do well to develop certain qualities that make us better partners. What seems to be important is our ability to love, and to create a loving vibration. This is not an easy thing to do, but it would sure be worthwhile to invest in raising your vibration: the higher your frequency, the easier it would be to connect in a good way with beings from other worlds.

Not only would it make it easier to tune into the vibrations of benign beings, but it would also protect you from the influence of bad actors, who would have used our lower emotions to keep us within their spheres. Once we get to know the workings of our heart, and we learn how to use it wisely, we grow beyond the reach of those who would rather keep on using us for their own advantage.