We Can all Connect to Source Ourselves

This is a part of a screenshot from the video on which this short article is based (1).

The aim of this project is to assist in bringing various concepts that are alien to most of humanity at present to the world. I try to do that in easily digestable chunks of information. And let it be clear: I am not receiving any messages myself, I’m only working through the information which I read in certain books and information from internet videos. The main current inspiration is coming from two women: Elena Danaan and Megan Rose. I highly recommend reading Danaan’s books “A Gift from the Stars” and “We Will Never let you Down”.

In a video that was posted on October 22, 2021 (1) Megan Rose talks about Spiritual Psy-ops. In that video she stresses that everybody has the ability to directly connect to Source, and that no one needs any spiritual guide that relays information to them, especially not entities that call themselves ‘Lord’ or ‘Queen’ or anything of the sorts. She mentions Lord Ashtar as an example of a psyop. Take a look at her video to get her message yourself.

(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H81l3WaIo0 – Spiritual Psyops: A logical Explanation

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