To Trust or not to Trust the Anunnaki?

A few articles back I wrote a piece in which I reflected on the Anunnaki Giants that would be in the process of awakening (1). This article goes deeper down that path: are we doing the right thing by trusting anyone from those Anunnaki? In order to explore this topic I have found it useful to make a distinction between the period BEFORE the arrival of Enki and his team in the fall of 2021 and AFTER that moment.

Let’s start off with a video from 2020 (2) in which Thor Han doesn’t talk very favorably about the Anunnaki. This was at the time that Elena herself was still talking about ‘channeling Thor Han’, to describe her communication through her implant (3).

Thor Han speaks about his position on the Anunnaki (2)

In this contact Thor Han said: “The Anunnaki are very strange people. We don’t have contact with them very much, they are not trustworthy people. I would say their ethics has very different levels than our ethics.” (2).

When we read the description of the Anunnaki in Elena’s excellent first disclosure book (4) this sentiment is also repeated often, and remember this book was written more than a year before Enki’s arrival on the scene.

Trust (27)

“They are known to be among the most advanced societies regarding to genetic engineering. They play a lot with the genetics of conquered worlds and especially with children, trying to create servile hybrids helping their purposes anywhere in the galaxy. Anunnaki have been the source and spreading of great genetic biodiversity and racial confusion throughout this galaxy for these reasons. Great enemies of the Lyrans but as as well of the Ciakahrr Empire. Technologically advanced and well equipped in warfare, their name is also feared in this galactic sector….

They….are now [2020] having ties and agreements with the Terran based Reptilians to share the management of humans. These contracts come in the larger scale agreements with the Draconian and Orion Empires regarding the conquered world, slavery, food chain and genetic experimentations. As it is also done on any other conquered world, the Anunnaki left an elite contingent on Terra in order to controle and manipulate, by creating elite human organizations, making the Anunnaki the deep underground hidden part of the military-industrial-terrestrial complex.” (4, pp 230-232)

In the fall of 2021, right after the malevolent groups had been chased out of our solar system by the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance and local resistance groups (5), Elena got into contact with Enki for the first time. This meeting with Enki is described in her third disclosure book (6), but in a January 2022 video she had already described it very eloquently. Let’s listen along:

Elena Danaan describes her first meeting with Enki (7)

Here are a few elements from this description (from the transcript of the video, (7)):

A few months later i received the protection of Enki which i am going to tell you about. Enki: “We are back for the humans of earth to witness their final liberation to take part in this great victory. Slaves have broken their chains, they have risen to their sovereignty. I am Enki. I am father. I am back….his words resonated in my head with deep and grave timber. Enki… the annunaki lord who tried to save the Earthlings from slavery appearing at a time when humanity of earth is fighting their final combat to free themselves up from servitude….

Enki: “I will protect you in your mission. I am the father of your kind. I came to see my children setting themselves free. This time has to come when my children rise.” He gave me a word to say when i need to enforce his protection around me and to this day it has proven effective his wings of fire were in proper wings but protuberance of plasma coming out of his body. Every time I pronounced the magic word the shield formed and consumed any attacks aimed at me at the moment.

In a video from June 2022 (8) Elena talked to Dani Henderson about her second meeting with Enki. She then first introduced the idea of the Genetic Tmeplate Grail (9).

Enki (28)

After this first meeting with Enki in september 2021 Elena talked to Thor Han (10). He said: “You are privileged to meet with Enki” (6, p.25). You might remember the contact video in which he actually got cargo from the Nibiru ship of the Enki-faction of the Anunnaki (11). It is clear that the Galactic Federation of Worlds works together with the Anunnaki. Also Annax (12) speaks in loving terms about Enki: “Enki tried to free the humans of Terra because he loved them. He gifted many of them with his own blood. Enki has compassion. That’s what makes him different. He will walk with you and with the others from the army of Terra.” (12)

The way this apparent shift in perspective on the Anunnaki is explained is that Enki is something different. Although he is part of the Anunnaki he is portrayed as the the good Anunnaki, and we have seen all kinds of examples of the benevolent effects of his presence back in our solar system. Not only is there the Genetic Template Grail (9) which would restore our distorted genetics to the original splendor of our genetics consisting of at least 11 intergalactic species (13). We know the trial of Enlil before the councils (14), which resulted in the removal of Ninurta from Earth. Then there is the event surrounding the handover of Saturn to the Earth Alliance (15).

It was in the few months after the arrival of Enki that the break-up between Elena Danaan and Megan Rose occurred. We have spoken about this before (16). Recently I have begun to study Megan’s work since the break-up. I wanted to see for myself what all this alleged misinformation was all about. Especially in the light of certain current developments within the Elena Danaan Community (17-19) I broke the ‘ban’ and started to listen to her videos with Val Nec (20).

In a video from April 7, 2023 Megan Rose addresses the Anunnaki, and it is clear that Val Nec still has the kind of perspective on the Anunnaki that we could read from the Galactic Federation of Worlds before the arrival of Enki. Here’s the excerpt for those who are open to listening to Megan Rose:

Megan Rose about the Anunnaki who are described as evil (21)

Val Nec says that he doesn’t like the Anunnaki at all. He describes them as evil and he says that the Anunnaki see our people as cattle. The Anunnaki are described as enemies of the Federation who have made deals with Reptilians. He also says that the Anunnaki are seen as the master geneticists, at least the best from the malevolent groups. The Orion Group, the Nebu (22), the Reptilians respect them. The Anunnaki are not gods and according to Val Nec the Galactic Federation of Worlds doesn’t work with the Anunnaki at all (21).

In Megan Rose’s report on the Anunnaki she talks about the planet Nibiru and not about the spaceship Nibiru. We have spoken about a remarkable change in ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (4), related to this. In A Gift from the Stars there is no mention of any spaceship called Nibiru. Elena said that we weren’t ready to open up to this idea that Nibiru wasn’t a planet, but a spaceship and that was the reason that the ‘old’ information was in her first disclosure book. As far as I know it is about the only element in her book that now, no longer is correct.

This could be seen as another argument that Val Nec is closer to the first book than Elena Danaan at the moment. See (23) for more details on this Nibiru planet and spaceship topic.

I’m not taking any sides on this complicated issue, but it seems that the Galactic Federation of Worlds was quite negative about the Anunnaki in general. They didn’t make any distinction between certain members of the Anunnaki and others. This can be found in the words of Thor Han and in the description of the Anunnaki in ‘A Gift from the Stars‘. The Arrival of Enki changed all this: Enki was embraced as a benevolent Anunnaki, who apparently was trustworthy (29).

It was after the arrival of Enki that the break-up between Elena and Megan occurred. The first public introduction to Enki was given at the beginning of January 2022. A few weeks later Elena Danaan had said that Megan Rose was compromised and that she unfortunately was no longer in contact with Val Nek (25). What would other contactees have said about the Anunnaki? What was Alex Collier’s position on the Anunnaki before and after Enki’s arrival?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, or head for the Elena Danaan Study Center (26) or follow my telegram channel.

A Gift from the Stars (4)

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(20) I use the term ‘VAL NEC’ (with a C at the end) to express that I am neutral to the source that Megan Rose has. It might actually be the real Val Nek, but it might as well be something different altogether. In order to not take sides I use the term ‘Val Nec’

Trust (27)

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Training Earth Alliance Military to Become Excellent Spaceship Pilots

As you may have noticed I have started to study the work of Megan Rose (8), to see where all this alleged misinformation would be hiding. So far I haven’t come across anything but interesting perspectives. To read more about the Val Nek-controversy head for (1). If you would like to use your own discernment continue with this article. If you think it’s better to follow Elena Danaan’s advice (1) stop reading immediately, for you might get ‘infected’ with misinformation.

One of the interesting things with Megan Rose’s intel is that she seems closer to the ‘Letter 17’ or Q-movement, Space Force and the Earth Alliance (2), which would make sense, since Val Nek had a coordinating role in organizing the Earth Alliance on Earth. In the following excerpt Megan Rose gives some interesting information about the way humans from Earth are trained to become spaceship pilots. Listen to what Val Nec (3) has told her (a minute and a half video):

Megan Rose talks about the training of Earth military to become spaceship pilots (4)

Val Nec told Megan that it would take a long time to train these pilots to actuallyl fly these spaceships and become ‘the best of the best’. They are being trained as if they would become pilots in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. She says that these pilots may use implants because that is the way they interface with the ships (5). To train them implies developing a lot of mental stamina; their minds really need to be clear.

You cannot be super traumatized, either because of a MK-Ultra past or because of any other traumas that are lurking in your subconscious. She talks about using ‘Tesla Technology’ while these pilots are training, which would help them undo their mental traumas to make their minds clear and then they can create different neural links.

She says: “To drive a [space] ship the way the federation does it, it takes a lot of mental stamina and it takes spiritual evolution and it might be what the Guardian version of Space Force is, it is the more advanced Space Fleet, that are trained as Fighter Pilots” (4)

Former NASA astronaut joins World View as chief pilot (7)

This is the first article based solely on information from Megan Rose. What do think of it? Share your thoughts either below in the comments or visit the Elena Danaan Study Center (6). You can also subscribe to my Telegram channel.

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According to Megan she still is in contact with the real Val Nek. Since I want to have a neutral position on this I chose to not speak about Val Nek, but Val Nec. When I use Val Nec it means that I am not choosing sides: it could be the real Val Nek, as Megan says, but it could also be someone else. I want to study Megan’s words with an open mind and like I said in the beginning, to use my own discernment. So let’s start off with an interesting topic!
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Elon Musk and Possible ET-links

( Elon Musk et les liens ET possibles )

Elon Musk is no stranger to this website, although he remained a bit under the surface. Today I want to spend some more time on the possible role that Elon Musk might be playing in the disclosure movement and his possible links with the benevolent extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

In order not to scare my audience too much by starting off with another video with intel from Megan Rose, I want to begin with a video in which Elena Danaan shares her thoughts on Elon Musk during an interview with Joe Hodgson (2). This video was recorded a few months after Elon Musk had bought Twitter (3). Pay special attention to what Elena says at the end of this excerpt from a minute and a half.

Elena Danaan shares a few thoughts on Elon Musk (1,2)

Elena says that she thinks that Elon Musk will play a big role in the future. You might remember her visit with a Selosian woman back in Ireland during which Musk was mentioned as well (4), but more importantly, Elon Musk’s name was mentioned in connection with the Jupiter Agreements (5,6) What were these Jupiter Agreements all about. Let’s read along from Megan Rose’s book ‘Welcome to the Future’ (7)

“The Jupiter meetings were a series of meetings that took place between the Galactic Federation, the Council of Five (8), the Andromeda Council (9) and leaders of the Earth Alliance (10) with their respective space programs. Leaders of corporations were also invited in the interest of manufacturing advanced technology to help defend the planet.” (7, p.38)

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson (12)

“….(Val Nek:) I was there (the Jupiter Meetings) representing the federation. Helping facilitate things and negotiations between corporations and the alliance.

The corporations, those three men (Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson (12,13)) among other smaller corporations were chosen to manufacture technology like spacecraft to serve humanity and help defend Earth so that the federation can hand over the responsibility to the Terran people. I have been working to train their military in space travel and navigation and training them to help use the technology that will be manufactured

….The corporations chosen are under tight strict control. They are not allowed to waiver from the agreements made. The consequences to breaking the agreements, in any way, I cannot say. But I can assure the Terran people that the corporations do not want to make enemies of the federation. These corporations were chosen because time is of the essence, we need to mass manufacture space crafts and supplies to help defend earth.” (7, pp.40-41)

Thor Han (11) also answered a question regarding why they (the GFW) chose those corporations: “Because these are the ones who are ready now. There’s no other choice. We don’t have time, we can’t afford to wait that new corporations form and equip themselves with brand new fleets, we take the ones who are available here and now. I know they are not pure-hearted but they are the only ones able to lead the Terran species into the future. As corporations, their agendas are financial. They go with the winners. Their old allies are losing, so these corporations have turned their back to them.” (6)

So, within this framework these three billionaires would play an important role in the manufacturing of all kinds of advanced technology and space ships, in cooperation with the Earth Alliance. We have recently spoken about fifth density brain implants (14), which might play a role as well in case we would like to fly these ships comfortably.

But in the interview below the interviewer Tyler Kiwala adds another dimension to the whole: could Elon Musk even be from Venus? Although it might sound ludicrous to people who are not really into these matters, his idea is not based on nothing. I will get into that later, but let’s first watch this 4-minutes video in which Megan Rose (23) talks about both the deal between Elon Musk and the Galactic Federation of Worlds and about the connection between the GFW and Venus.

Megan Rose talks about Elon Musk (15)

Tyler Kiwala introduced his venusian question by referring to Nikola Tesla. We have spoken before about this possible link between Tesla and Venus in another article, that also included notes from the FBI on this (16). Megan answered by first telling the audience about the outposts of the Galactic Federation of Worlds in Venus. We all remember Elena Danaan’s visits to Val Thor and his lovely wife Jyll in Venus (17-19). Then she says that she is sure that that there is also an envoy program (20) from Venus. You might remember the fascinating story of Omnec Omec (19) to get an idea.

As far as the question whether Elon Musk could be a Venusian Envoy she says that it may be possible, that he has extraterrestrial DNA. She jokingly ends that he at least would like to be one 🙂

So, that’s all folks. What are your thoughts on all this? Share your comments below, follow my Telegram channel, or pay a visit to the Elena Danaan Study Center (21).

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On Brain Implants in the Space Age

As I announced in an earlier article (1) I intend to see for myself what Megan Rose has been doing for the last 15 months. I took a video that was published on April 21, 2023 in which Megan Rose (2) was interviewed by Tyler Kiwana and Aaron Kuhn from the Journey to Truth youtube-channel (3). Let’s hope that somehow we can form a bridge between her and Elena Danaan, these two beautiful ladies that once were called the ‘Cosmic Girls‘. I intend to treat both of them with the utmost respect.

Brains (7)

The main bone of contention between Elena Danaan and Megan Rose is their position on a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, called Val Nek. According to Elena he was released from duty in this sector of the Galaxy after Megan got compromised and he is no longer in contact with Megan (8).

According to Megan she still is in contact with the real Val Nek. Since I want to have a neutral position on this I chose to not speak about Val Nek, but Val Nec. When I use Val Nec it means that I am not choosing sides: it could be the real Val Nek, as Megan says, but it could also be someone else. I want to study Megan’s words with an open mind and like I said in the beginning, to use my own discernment. So let’s start off with an interesting topic!

During the interview Megan Rose was asked what her position was on brain implants (10). Wouldn’t it be something that belonged to a dark transhumanism agenda? Megan answered that if humanity would indeed evolve into a multi-planetary society it would have implications: what if you would want to communicate with your friends or family on Earth? You can’t use your cell-phone for that, because: where’s the wifi 🙂 An implant is also very useful when you want to connect to the spaceship you are driving (9)

Just like Elena Danaan (5) she argues that this higher-density brain implant technology can be considered as a tool and is not something ‘bad’ by definition. It all depends on who uses it (the excerpt is 4 minutes and talks about all kinds of related aspects)

Megan Rose talks about the use of implants in the Galactic Federation of Worlds (3)

In the above fragment Megan Rose also refers to the envoy program (6) and that certain envoys were given higher-density brain implants, not designed to function as a communication device, but as a device that could create higher-density frequencies. The reason for this was to assist the brain of these envoys to more easily tune into these higher density frequencies, for it turned out to be quite a challenge for certain envoys to raise their awareness in the direction of their original other-planetary higher density. These implants could help in reconnecting with their own higher aspect.

Megan also says that because these implants are of a higher density, they cannot be seen on something like a MRI-scan. This would have exposed quite a lot of people from the Secret Space Program if it were otherwise.

What do you think? Would you like a high-density implant for yourself?

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Megan Rose’s first Abduction by the Maytra at Age 5

This page is about Megan Rose’s first abduction. Since I haven’t spoken a lot about Megan Rose on this website, I will first give a short background to all the dynamics that took place near the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, for those who have missed it.

Back in the early days in 2021 it was not only Elena Danaan who was in contact with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but also a woman with the name Megan Rose. They shared the same story about the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) and they both were abducted by Gray species and consequently rescued by the same group of people from the GFW. They talked about people like Val Nek (1), Thor Han (2) and Myrah (3). Megan Rose also described a woman from Erra (4) called Anelsa.

Cosmic Girls Elena Danaan and Megan Rose in Better Times

Megan Rose had just published her first (and still only) book in november 2021 (5), when there was a silence for a couple of months from the side of Megan Rose. Elena Danaan said that everything in Megan’s book is still correct information, but after that pause something would have happened, which is explained by Elena at her website (6).

Some MK-Ultra programming would have surfaced and Megan Rose turned out to be some Trojan Horse meant to create division and confusion within the disclosure movement, and her aim would be to destroy Elena and the people around her (7,8). This all happened at the time when Elena started to have contact with The Nine, the Seeders and Enki.

Elena’s account was quite persuasive and being struck by her impressive first two books at that time, I followed her advice and blocked Megan Rose and I haven’t listened to her since. Who wants to support disinformation and the sowing of division, right?

Because of recent developments within the Elena Danaan community (9,10) and my releasing of the associated fear of getting ‘infected’ by misinformation when you only listen to others (11), I have been shopping around a little too and I got curious by what Megan Rose has been doing ever since that break-up. What is all that ‘misinformation’ about? What are the major differences, and what is the overlap? As a researcher I should be able to distinguish between the two, without getting ‘infected by misinformation’.

To visualize this move, you could say that I used to watch everything around me from within an Elena Danaan village, but I am making the move to go out of that village and move a bit up-hill and see some other villages too. A wider perspective might provide a better understanding. Especially at a time when Elena Danaan keeps on saying how foolish it is to move out of her village because of all the dangers outside (12), I am too much of a rebel to actually stay inside all the time. I want to check for myself.

In an interview with Robert Earl White (14,15) from January 2023, Megan Rose talked about her first abduction at the age of 5. She was abducted again at the age of nine. Listen to her describe the smaller Grays and the species we know as the Maytra, the ugly stinky guys who were part of the Alliance of the Six (16) when it was still in existence. Be aware: there are some nasty computer animations of a Maytra in the following excerpt!

Megan Rose is talking about her first abduction with Robert Earl White (13)

In the video she talks about three smaller grays who entered her bed room. She described them as robotic; they used a portal to get to her room. Their skin was like chicken skin, very wrinkly. He had large bug-like eyes. They smell rancid, like ‘rotten eggs on steroids’. They were taking tissues of her body to see whether they could use her. She wasn’t that long in that ship fortunately, because she was soon rescued by Val Nek and other members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Let’s study what Megan Rose has been talking about ever since that break-up with Elena Danaan.

(1) Epsilon Eridani and Val Nek
(2) On the Connection between Thor Han and Elena Danaan
(3) On March 30, 2023 Elena Danaan did a contact video in which she beautifully described her visit to Nyan, a planet orbiting Sirius B. She met with Myrah who has a family there. You can watch her describe this amazing visit at CONTACT Ep. 21 ~ NEWS FROM SIRIUS B AND THE MOON ~ March 30 2023
(4) Erra is the first planet around Ashaara (Taygeta). We have recently spoken about those lovely Erra-flowers that were noticed by JP during one of his underground missions. See The Vanilla Like Smell of Flowers from Erra for more
(5) Rose, M. (2021) Welcome to the Future.
(6) Protecting the Truth

Robert Earl White is a Mason and he’s proud on it. Read (15) if you are inclined to cancel this man immediately because of that. Try some nuance.

(7) Here’s a part from Elena’s article on Megan Rose:

It is necessary to precise that until the moment this programming was activated and noticed, in November 2021, all the intel “she” received was indeed from the real Val Nek, and it was verified as 100% right. In this sad story, “she” is only a victim; judgment needs to be brought only upon those who used her.

Unfortunately, the agenda she carries is bringing confusion and promoting division, and in her spite not to have managed to become me, she decided to work at destroying me, and all the good people with whom I am working with. She will keep on trying to grow her popularity in any way possible, spreading more lies, playing victim and try to scatter this community in pieces and leave a trail of destruction after her, only motivated by ego.” (6)

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(14) Elena Danaan was interviewed by Robert Earl White in January 2022. In that interview they talked about the experiences of his mother who was abducted and shown her hybrid off-spring. See Seeing and Helping Experimental Hybrid Children for more on that.

Cosmic Girls Elena Danaan and Megan Rose (2021)

(15) We Are The Disclosure: EP.23 How To Stay In Tune In A World That’s Out Of Tune w/ Tiffany White – In this interview Robert Earl White talks about his ties to the Freemasons. He says that the masons are doing a lot of good in the world too. He gives an example of a hospital that gets a lot of donations from the masons to provide free health care. Tiffany White Sage Woman says that she thinks it is unfair to consider everybody who is part of the masons as being part of some evil organization. She said: “just because the people at the top might not be so nice doesn’t mean the whole organization is” (43′)

I think this is an important nuance. People in the disclosure movement can get canceled easily these days. Just their membership to an organization like the Freemasons can be enough, as if everybody is a 33-degree member.
(16) The Nebu – Megan Rose says that the Maytra were from Orion. In Elena’s book ‘A Gift from the Stars‘ she says that the Maytra originally stem from the Andromeda galaxy, but it would make sense that they had their outpost in our Galaxy in the Orion system together with their Nebu-pals.

The Ciakahrr

The Ciakahrr have been mentioned a few times before on this website. After there was some new information on the Ciakahrr from Dan Winter in his recent interview with Elena Danaan (1) I thought it was time to dedicate a small page to these big Draco-guys.

Illustration from A Gift from the Stars (2), p.149

And big they are. The Elite Ciakahrr (as they seem to call themselves, whereas we used to call them Draco’s) are said to measure about 18-25 feet (6 to 8 meters!) (2, p.148). They come from a planet orbiting Alpha Draconis or Thuban. Below you can find a map of the Draco star systems. I showed you another one when describing the Giansar (the Hooded Reptilians) from the tail of the star sign (3).

A lot can be said about these giants. For one they like to eat little children or drink their fear-induced adrenochrome-blood.

They are known for their symbol: the winged serpent. The elites are usually black or brown with yellow or red striping and weigh up to 1900 pounds. Also Winged.” (2, p.148)

A shorter and thicker version of the Ciakahrr are the Nagai or Nagari. They are very muscular and they don’t have any wings. They are very aggressive and violent and feared throughout the galaxy. They are about 7 to 8 feet tall. “Their skin is scaled and can be from dark red to orange with black striping….Their eyes are yellow, slanted, with vertical slit pupils” (p.148)

Thuban, the third star, counted from the tail (Giansar) in the Draco Constellation. Notice the closeness to Ursa Minor (or the Little Bear) (4)

It were probably the Nagai that Tony Rodrigues encountered when he was on a spaceship (5). These beings are excellent shape shifters. In Danaan’s book you can find some hints on how to spot them anyway (2, pp 151-152). If you like shape shifters you could pay a visit to the page on the Kiily Tokurt, the black-eyed shapeshifters (6).

The Ciakahrr and the Vatican
Megan Rose wrote about the Ciakahrr and the Vatican (before the disconnection from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, 7) in her book ‘Welcome to the Future’:

(Val Nek:) The Ciakahrr’s main feeding grounds were underneath the Vatican in Rome….We began clearing out this underground base underneath the Vatican in November 2020. We did so by first closing all the exits that correspond to the surrounding areas in Europe. It took much time as there are many exit and entry point, for as I said, the Vatican is the hub for the reptilians on planet Earth….

The underground of Vatican City was cleared out completely in April 2021. This allowed the Federation to accelerate its efforts in liberating Mars and freeing it from control of the Dark Fleet. I shall remind you that the Dark Fleet is an alliance with the Germans originally , but also the Cabal and the reptilian, Ciakahrr species.” (8, pp.68-69)

(Inside the Vatican – Doesn’t it have a nice Reptilian look? – image taken from Exopolitics (9))

Dan Winter on the Ciakahrr and Randy Kramer
Well, fortunately all these Ciakahrr creeps would have been chased out of their underground shelters and all other bases they had all over the solar system. So no more fighting with Nagai or Elite Ciakahrrs as was described by Stephen Chua (10) and Jean-Charles Moyen and David Rousseau (11).

Dan Winter talked about the Ciakahrr in his interview on the Nine with Elena Danaan on February 24, 2022. He said around 8 minutes into that interview that he has been talking about the Ciakahrr for about 25 years already. That is interesting, for it seemed that Elena (and Megan) were about the only ones who used the term the Galactic Federation of Worlds (and the Ciakahrr themselves), whereas most people referred to them simply as Draco’s.

On top of that he said that he had recently seen a documentary on Gaia TV in which he heard that Randy Cramer, another whistleblower on the Secret Space Program (12), confirmed that all the Ciakahrr had been removed from our solar system. It is always good to have more corroboration of these huge events. The more people confirm what is said by Elena Danaan the better of course.

Matter Melting Device
In an older video from August 2020, Thor Han describes Ciakahrr technology which allows them to melt matter. They would use this technology to easily drill (or melt) tunnels in the underground. If set the option of ‘explode’ it could wipe out huge areas. This technique would use atomic fusion but without releasing any nuclear radiation. It would have been used in Telos as well (13,14)

Also see End note 31 and a link with the Nazi’s (15). In May 2023 the Ciakahrr were mentioned in connection with the Negumak (16) and we also got to know the Reptiloid Upukee, who are about the same size as the Ciakahrr, but they are on the benevolent side of the spectrum (17).

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On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate Departure of M.R. from the Crew

Ever since Megan Rose posted her video on the possible hacking of Elena Danaan’s implant and the resulting ‘fake news’ that would have been produced by her on the Deal with the Cabal and the Council of Nine I felt rather annoyed (1). What was this all about? It was the last thing this topic needed: two emissaries of the Galactic Federation of Worlds starting to argue amongst themselves about various aspects of the contents. It surely was not a motivational boost.

(screenshot from video (3))

I was therefore relieved to finally read the announcement by Elena Danaan on her site about what would have happened since november in connection with Megan (2) and for me that story makes sense. There would have been no hacking of implants because the Federation uses a higher frequency that cannot be hacked by regressive alien groups. Megan is not to be blamed, for she was probably ‘mind programmed’ during her abduction as a child to eventually create distortion within this group of people like Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla and others.

The Galactic Federation would have switched off Megan’s implant because she became compromised, something that was also confirmed by Alex Collier’s Morenae. Val Nek would have been found innocent in this case but was discharged from the Galactic Federation of Worlds for his own safety. The entity speaking through Megan Rose would not really be Val Nek any longer but someone else.

So, I’m glad to round off this matter in order to get back to more important matters like the exploration of all those extraterrestrial races, their interaction with our world, and to get a hold on all those things that would have happened in our past: to rewrite our history to include all these terra-foreign influences. I’m sorry for Megan for I always liked her enthusiasm (and her looks). I want to thank her for her valuable contributions. She has surely added to this great adventure.

Finally I would like to add that it would be better not to be too dependent on only one source (Elena Danaan) as the spokesperson for the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Perhaps we will get to know people from the Earth Alliance or Space Command in the future (besides JP), or other whisteblowers, contactees, star seeds that are awakening who can colloborate what E.D. is saying.

Let’s hope more and more of us gain the ability to check things ourselves by connecting with our own higher aspects.

More on Mind Wars see (4). Also watch A Message from an Emissary – The Story of my life (5) (March 2022)

See Endnote 34 and Endnote 66 (June 2022)

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No Council of Nine, No Deal with the Cabal? – A Report by ‘Val Nek’ via Megan Rose

Update January 25, 2022 by Elena Danaan at her site – Also read On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate Departure of M.R. from the Crew

(I do no longer support the information coming from Megan Rose after November 2021. I have left this page on this website for ‘historical’ reasons: for me it shows the destructive way distortion works.)

On January 19, 2022 Megan Rose posted a video with a rather surprising content (1). A week before, Megan posted her first video after a security breach that would have happened because ‘the enemy’ would have hacked the implant of Megan’s (2), which allowed them to gain the frequency of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. That breach would have been restored, but in November 2021 some A.I. would have been able to temporarily infiltrate the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

This would have led to the infiltration of another victim that would have encountered false ET’s. On top of that certain misinformation would also have been shared. Well, guess who that victim of this A.I.-attack would have been? According to Megan Rose’s Val Nek this must have been Elena Danaan herself.

(Artificial Intelligence and Humanity, image taken from (4))

In the video certain things are mentioned regarding the so-called misinformation, which is information that is also shared on the current website that you are reading. The topics that would have been falsely spread would be the following:

  • The Council of Nine (“The enemy attempted to discredit the Galactic Federation of Worlds under the guise of the Council of Nine. I can report that there is no such council known by that name to the Federation.”) (slide 1 in (1))
  • “US Naval Intelligence officers approached Gene Roddenberry to create a television series to assist with our disclosure movement. I will reference the Federation working with the Navy in the 1960s. The US Naval Intelligence officers developed this operation of disclosure in 1963. I can appeal to your people’s intelligence when I report this information, as it is much more likely the Federation assisted with this operation, given the nature of disclosure….Gene Roddenberry’s connection to the Council of Nine is peculiar” (slide 2 and 3 in (1)). In the description below her video, Megan Rose gives (3) as an example of the Delta Wave Tech. She also links to a critical article on the Council of Nine and Phyllis Schlemmer (5)
  • “This Counter-intelligence infiltrated our disclosure movement via channeling years ago and has done the same in the recent weeks.” (slide 3 in (1))
  • I would also like to mention a counter intelligence report regarding the surrounding of your corrupt global elites. I can speak for the Alliance when I say there will be no deals made. The enemy has reported that we have awarded them escape in exchange for undoing what you call black magic rituals. I can appeal to your people’s intelligence when I say under no circumstances would the military, galactic or human, accept this in exchange for forgiveness of such crimes.” (slide 3 in (1))

And Val Nek ends with these words: “Do not consent to fear. Continue to liberate yourselves. I salute you”

Watch the video on Megan Rose’s channel for the complete story (1).

Of course it would have been nice if Elena Danaan and Megan Rose would have continued to speak with the same tongue, like they used to. As far as I know their stories collaborated completely. Now this has changed: Megan Rose would have been hacked, and through that hack the frequency of the GFW would have traced with allowed ‘the enemy’ to manipulate Elena Danaan by creating false ET-encounters with the Council of Nine. Nothing was said about the Intergalactic Confederation (so far).

Val Nek said the misinformation will be dispelled in the next few weeks, although they do expect some ongoing problems.

I don’t know what is the truth, but I want to present both ‘story lines’ on this website. Both Elena Danaan and Megan Rose have been excellent spokespersons for the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Time will tell what has really transpired. My hope is that this difference will soon be solved and that they will work together again, just like they used to.


Corey Goode referred to Megan Rose’s video (1) in a response on his update on January 20, 2022 (6):

Update 26 january 2022: (7)
See Endnote 34

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(7) On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate Departure of M.R. from the Crew

Is this Real or not?

Every now and then while working with this material I get this feeling that seems to say: “Are you sure you are not investing your time in one big fantasy? Aren’t you being fooled by all these people that talk about alien life?” Sometimes it can really be quite overwhelming!

Jylian – screenshot (2).

The last couple of days I have watched a few videos by Elena Danaan, and they were amazing in the sense that she describes how she was taken aboard a Meton-ship that would be stationed in orbit around Venus (1).

The same planet that would harbor various civilizations that would live under domes, but mostly underground in beautiful surroundings. One of the inhabitants would be Jylian, the wife of Val Thor. You can read more about how Elena met Jylian in her 2021-book (3).

She had a contact with Elena (2) in which she explained more about the ark on Venus (Naara, 11) that would have activated as well, just like the ones on Mars, the Moon and Antarctica (4,5). Jylian says that people from Earth have been around for almost a year already, studying the Ark.

As you can imagine this is quite a mind-stretch already, but then I decided to listen to Elena’s video in which she explores and teaches about magic. In that video we can hear about the Giansar and Annunaki-magic and she adds a conversation that she has had with Enki (6).

Then there is the story of Megan Rose who claims that she had her implant hacked by the residual well-funded hybrids, which allowed them to get to the frequencies of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but his was discovered and soon corrected, but it led to a disconnection of her from Val Nek for about three weeks (7, see update 13).

When I read again what I have just written, I don’t think it is weird that this feeling pops up…what on Earth is happening here? What am I doing? Is this one big fantasy, or is this really a glimpse into our New Reality? I noticed that there is a tendency to ignore that feeling of doubt, for I like to think of myself as an open-minded person, but I think it is perfectly fine to acknowledge this sentiment as well: for it sure is very different than what we think of as normal on our planet!

But, after having acknowledged this feeling, space is freed to get back to this possible New Reality and continue to explore it. What I think is paramount is the internal consistency: as long as the events don’t contradict themselves I will stay aboard and try to grasp this reality, occasionally going through some short periods ‘This can’t be true!!’

I’m going to continue with Elizabeth Klarer’s book in which she talks about her relationship with Akon, an astrophycist from Meton (8, 9). In that book I encountered an appropriate quote from Albert Einstein:

“The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all science. He to who this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.” (9, p.8)

Update November 2022
In a very interesting interview that Dr. Michael Salla had with Rebecca Rose, she talked about how ‘insane’ all these topics appear, and that it is normal to think that all this insane. Watch her describe this sensation below 🙂

This is Insane! Rebecca Rose in an interview with Dr. Michael Salla (14)

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(9) Klarer, E. (2008) Beyond the Light Barrier. (pdf) I found this pdf easily on internet. Unfortunately it contains links to a site which I don’t support. It contains images of ‘Ashtar Sheeran’. I like Ed Sheeran, but I don’t like these Ascended Masters and this guy. See more on this in a video from Megan Rose (12).
(10) O’Hogan, VML (2021) My Memories of Elizabeth Klarer. South-Africa: Boutique Books. Tip from Elena Danaan. She showed the book in her video (1).
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Megan Rose is back after a Satellite Induced Security Breach

(I didn’t remove this post for historical reasons. I do no longer support the content and I don’t believe that she has contacted Val Nek after november 2021. For more see ‘Distortions‘ (4)

People started to wonder what was going on with Megan Rose and her contact with Val Nek. Through out December 2021 there was no update or intel coming from her. What was going on? On January 12 she posted a new video in which she explained what had happened (1). Here’s the first part of the information by Val Nek. You can read/watch the rest in the video or in the description that is below it:

Snapshot from video (1)

Val Nek: “The security breach occurred in November 2021. To the Federation’s dismay, there was a small portion of well-funded hybrid individuals who made an attempt to hack the Federation communication systems. In some respects, they were successful until the Federation could identify the problem and quickly moved course to correct it.

These hybrid individuals recreated technology that we removed from underground bases. This is technology used for mind control and administered in a variety of ways. I can describe it in your language as directed energy weapons using satellites that emit a frequency. This is a frequency that can hack and infiltrate the consciousness of the human race. While this could be considered advanced extraterrestrial technology by your people, to the Federation’s relief, we did not have much trouble destroying this system. The satellites that were used to broadcast this frequency were contained on private property, making it difficult for the Federation to intervene.….”

Continue reading at Galactic Federation of Worlds Security Breach

Apparently the concept of frequencies is very important. In this development Megan’s implant would have been temporarily ‘hacked’ in order to obtain the frequency that the implant uses to connect to Val Nek and the Galactic Federation of Worlds. The other way round the GFW managed to obtain the frequency of the ‘Tall White Greys’ which not only allowed them to connect to their hivemind, but also to prevent them from escaping through some portal (3).

I ended my subscription to Megan Rose’s youtube channel. To read more about the backgrounds take a look at (4).

See Endnote 34

(1) Galactic Federation of Worlds Security Breach (former link on youtube: Galactic Federation of Worlds Security Breach )(video)
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