The Council of Five

Logo of the Council of Five (taken from (8))

After launching the ‘Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center‘ (1), I would like to spend some time on the Council of Five. We have spoken about this council quite a few times before on this website. On this page you will get some background on this council, its members and what they have been doing lately.

The main reason for addressing the Council of Five now lies in the new role that the Council of Five (or Alnilam) (2) is taking up after the demise of the Nebu Empire (3). Alnilam is the central star in the ‘Belt’ of the Orion Constellation and (one of the homes) of the Egaroth, who are one of the five races that founded the Council of Five.

The Council of Five started off as the Council of Nine during the Orion Wars (4,5). Annax told us: “The former Council of Nine (26) from Uru an Na, that you call Orion, was formed a few hundred thousand of your linear years ago, in the purpose to protect the local cultures of the Orion zone against the growing power of the Nebu Empire.” (6, p.256). Both the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Andromedan Council (7) were created after these terrible Orion Wars (4).

It is interesting to note that the Council of Five is also mentioned in the KGB Alien Races Book (8). This book was mainly brought to the Soviet Union by Val Thor (9). Elena Danaan has of course expanded tremendously on this book, with drawings that are far more attractive than the ones you can find in that book, or in a video of the book (12). Together with all the new information it can hardly be compared to each other, although you can see many descriptions of the KGB Book also appear in the description of many species in Elena’s book. Personally I think that KGB-Book has got a slightly gloomy appearance, and Elena’s masterpiece reads more like a fascinating account into the multitude of races that have had interaction with us.

The Redan (13, p.240)

The Five remaining members of the Council of Five are the Redan, the Egaroth, the Emerther, the Orela and the Ginvo. I will describe them one by one.

Assamay system, Orion zone. Part of the Council of Five, they are an ancient species of tan skinned humanoids, whose origins are lost in the records. All we know is what they tell about themselves, that they came from somewhere else in the Bootes constellation. They work at protecting Terra, alongside with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, which they are part of as council members. Interdimensional ships, discoidal and translucent white.” (13, p.240)

Annax of course is the most well-known Egaroth. He is a friend of Elena and has joined Elena Danaan on several trips across the universe.

Annax, an Egaroth (15)

The central supergiant star in the Orion Belt: Alnilam (ε Orionis), 2000(T) light years away, is also named locally Zagara, around 2000 light-years from Terra. The Egaroth are a colony from the Meissa star system. Egaroth are a very ancient race and culture, which has nearly disappeared. They are part of the famous Council of Five. Archetypal Orion elders, the Egaroth are tall, pale skinned, with a large skull and appearance of serene wisdom.” (13, p. 238)

We have fairly recently talked about an extraordinary trait of the Egaroth, namely their ability to choose their gender at a later age (14). This wonderful image of Annax can be found on Elena’s website (15).

We have come across the Emether before on this website. It was in connection with those binary messages and some crop circles, in which they seemed to have warned us to be aware of bringers of false gifts (16). You can find a drawing of them at that page.

They come from Tau Ceti, double star system (yellow dwarf and mini red dwarf) in the constellation of Cetus, 11 Light-Years from Terra, with 5 planets, two only are inhabited, One by the Aramani and one, Tau Ceti e, a large planet with three moons, by the Emerther. Their world is a wonderful place of peace, civilization, spirituality and knowledge.

Part of the Council of Five, this very old race is distantly related to the Solipsi Rai. They are a single gender and reproduce by cloning. This is the product of an engineered evolution. They are not very tall, about a meter, have a pale grey skin and a large head, round shoulders and long thin arms, three fingers and higher knees.” (13, p.130)

The Orela (Illustration by Elena Danaan, 13, p. 216)

In ‘We Will Never Let You Down’ we get to meet a Ginvo officer connected to the Ganymede base. I already dedicated a page to them in december 2021. You can find all about them there (17)

“They originate from Ophiuchus constellation, and are part of the Council of Five. Tall Grey beings, very slim, Orelai have a high thin long neck, a triangular face with a slit for the mouth, barely visible nostrils, and slanted eyes with pupil. They are very old, very wise, an ambassadors for peace in the high council of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

They have two genders, but do not copulate for reproduction anymore, as this function became inefficient with their evolution. They now “fabricate” new organic individual bodies and imbue in it a soul from their matrix. They have round, flat ships, but rarely ever travel out of their world, as they perform instead interdimensional resonance.

As we can read in ‘A Gift from the Stars’, they have been involved in protecting Terra, way before the creation of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, which they joined later on as council representatives….The council of Five, at the moment run by the Egaroth (18), met Terran leaders at many occasions, trying to influence their decision with wisdom, which has always been quite a difficult task. The Council of Five do not have a rule of non-intervention, such as the Prime Directive (19) of the GFW, as they consider that sometimes, intervention is necessary in helping a species avoiding fatal mistakes leading to destructive pathways.

Besides these more diplomatic roles the Council of Five also plays a role in ‘preparing’ DNA for certain incoming souls (22)

Another role that they play is that they are part of what you might call a Galactic Alliance, which is an Alliance of benevolent organizations in Nataru, our Milky Way. Other members of this Galactic Alliance are the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Andromedan Council. It seems that they are present when important events occur in our galaxy. Representatives of the Council, for instance, were present during the ‘Trial of Enlil’ (23).

A lot more can be said about the Council of Five, but I think the above will suffice for a general understanding or introduction. This Council of Five (or Council of Alnilam (24)) would have been given the job to oversee the aftermath of the collapse of the Nebu in the Orion system. I remember that story about the Anunnaki who would have some role in protecting Orion from a mysterious group called the Akker (25). If the Council of Five would take full control of the Orion system, what about the Anunnaki and these Akker?

If you have any questions or thoughts drop them below in the comments or take them to the Research Center (1).

(1) The Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center
(2) Council of Alnilam. Elena Danaan mentioned them in her post-webinar 2 update in UPDATES – March 1 2023. In the excerpt below Elena seems to use Council of Alnilam almost synonymously with the Council of Five. I don’t know if that is a slip of the tongue, because I could imagine that the other four members have a different point of view, but then again, perhaps they don’t worry about any of these futilities.

Elena Danaan talks about the new role of the Council of Five in the Orion Zone

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“Elena: ‘So are you implying that you are the person at the origin of the information that was leaked in the KGB Book of Alien Races’ ?

Val Thor: ‘I am for the most of it. The American government was given the same data, as also other governments I visited such as France and Japan’ (10), p.66)” (I used this quote as well on the Rak and Aldi-Octopus page (11).

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The Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center

Telegramlink: Elena Danaan Research Center

This post provides a background for the creation of this ‘Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center

In September 2021 I first got to know Elena Danaan through a post on Dr. Michael Salla’s Exopolitics website (1). I ordered her second disclosure book ‘We Will Never Let You Down’ and I was hooked. I soon ordered her first book ‘A Gift from the Stars’ and that wonderful galactic fantasy novel ‘Resilience’.

I got so impressed by the material that I soon felt that I had to contribute in spreading this amazing disclosure information. I discovered Elena Danaan’s huge library of videos on her youtube channel (3) and I noticed a huge lack of a searchable database of her information.

All the information was to be found in her videos and in her books, but there was hardly anything that you could find on the internet that described – in layman’s terms – all the incredible information that was stored in those videos. This was the gap that I decided to fill by starting a website called ‘Galactic Anthropology‘ (4), which about a year later was followed by a Brazilian variant (5), containing most of the articles from the original English language site. Many other variants are still lying dormant, waiting to be activated by the right people in those languages (6). After some 18 months there are about 250 articles that can be freely read that mainly deal with the material from Elena Danaan and related topics (7).

In May 2022 I started a telegram channel (8) and I opted for a channel for I didn’t want people to respond through comments, only by using emoticons. The reason was that I was afraid of too much chaos that would arise when everyone would be able to respond. I didn’t want to spend too much time moderating anything, for I preferred to focus on the articles and if people wanted to respond they could always use the comments section below the articles or they could simply contact me (9).

After a few months I noticed other telegram groups that dealt with the information from Elena Danaan and Dr. Salla and I was invited to join these groups by a moderator called Disco Tina (10). These were private groups with names like Galactic Dudes, The Jedi Council and Dr. Salla’s Telegram Channel. These were groups that had participants that were relevant to my work in collecting and ordering the information from Elena Danaan. I had hoped that these groups would be buzzing with people questioning and researching and talking about all aspects of this amazing information, but that hardly was the case.

After Elena Danaan’s first webinar I was kicked out of all the telegram groups that were moderated by Disco Tina (11).

The fact that I was removed from these groups without being given any reason, made me wonder what was going on. Did I ask a question too much? I got to know other people who had shared the same fate as I had. Only a few days before this happened I had written a few articles in which I had already noted something that I found rather troubling, namely the development of a kind of ‘group mind’, which means that people around Elena Danaan seemed to form a group that seemed determined to protect the group from anyone who might pose a threat in one way or the other (12,13).

I considered that to be quite an unhealthy situation to actually seriously study this amazing material. Somehow this group dynamic had led to an atmosphere wherein asking questions could easily be interpreted as a kind of personal attack on Elena Danaan herself! Anyone asking serious questions you could easily be labeled as a kind of ‘doubter’ or perhaps even ‘hater’ or someone who had the intention to discredit her work! Asking questions could get you canceled by this group in no time, with many of the group following the advice of the moderator. If you were to question the decision to cancel someone, you might get canceled yourself, for it could be interpreted as a sign of disloyalty, or a siding with the ‘dark’.

To study (14)

Wouldn’t it have been great if Elena Danaan would have welcomed anyone studying her material seriously and that she would have provided for a scientific research center herself, allowing people to study her material and have weekly sessions with that group to see what they have found, providing possible new areas of research, or perhaps new questions or even some corrections.

She could check the questions with her various galactic contacts and this might lead to increased interaction and an increase in the gathering of galactic knowledge. It might have some advantages if Elena could share her work with a team of motivated scientifically minded people who could assist her in exploring this work.

At first I had thought that it was a rather over-protective response by Disco Tina to kick people out who she deemed a threat, apparently not seeing that I was a friend and not a foe at all. But then something happened that made me realize that somehow Elena Danaan herself was actively supporting this ‘group mind’ approach, probably without her really being aware of it. When I wrote a page in which I reflected upon concepts of free flow of information in connection with the start of her webinars (15), I was asked by Elena to remove that page from my website. When I refused to do that, she posted a damning message on her telegram (16) and facebookpage.(17), which you can also read on my website (18).

Just to be clear: I still love Elena Danaan and I still love her work and I don’t hold any grudge against her. She is doing very important work, and nothing must stop her from doing this crucial job. Her response, however, showed me that my intention to create a kind of research center with the cooperation of Elena Danaan would not be realistic, at least not now. It was especially the following lines that proved to me that she was not ready for this scientific approach that I envision at this stage. She said: “He started to look for flaws in my work, which he couldn’t find…this looks like another undercover, undermining operation or either another ego-driven craziness.” (18)

My intention for starting this Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center is to gather people who want to freely study all the mind-blowing information brought forward by Elena Danaan. It is not meant for ‘haters’ or people who want to attack her. It is meant for people who want to be free to constructively ask anything they want related to her material, without fearing to be canceled by the group, or to be labeled ‘a doubter’, ‘an attacker’ or an ‘undermining agent’. I think the information is too important for it to be limited to a group that, in my opinion, is more concerned about group protection than searching for the truth. Any worship-tendencies of Elena Danaan or for anyone else in the group (7) is also counter-productive when you ask me. They are great people with amazing experiences, but they are not a new kind of galactic saint either.

Seeking Truth – quote by René Descartes (20)

It is all work in progress. How to get the right people together, who have the time and the enthusiasm to study her work? For now I have opted for a new telegram group that is not moderated by people within the inner circle of Elena, to ensure the freedom to express your thoughts and ask anything you want, as long as it is related to her information, and as long as it is done in a spirit of sincerity and inquisitiveness.

You can subscribe and actively contribute to this Research Center by subscribing to this Telegram Group (19). For now I am going to try and moderate this group, but I would like to have fellow moderators who share this desire to openly study the material of Elena Danaan.

When interesting questions arise out of the work, I will try to work them out in articles on this site (4,5) and perhaps someone might want to drop any of those questions during one of her webinars.

This telegram group is only meant for this purpose of studying her material and material from the group that is mentioned in footnote 7. If you post about all kinds of other matters I will remove those posts. If you keep on posting material that is not relevant to this research I will have to remove you from the group, after having given you a warning. I want a constructive curious truth-seeker vibe in this group and surely not a negative one. If you post all kinds of negative things, I will warn you first too, before kicking you out. Although I love investing in researching Elena’s material, I do not love to invest in wasting my time with all kinds of chatter and drama (13).

I would like to have a like Research Group for the enthusiastic people in Brazil, but my Portuguese is too bad to be able to do any moderating, and although using google translate is great in providing the information to Brasileiros Galacticos (5) , it is not workable within a discussion group like this research group. I would welcome any Brazilian or Portuguese moderator who sympathizes with this idea.

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The Vanilla-like Smell of Flowers from Erra

Oshksha (7)

( L’odeur vanillée des Fleurs d’Erra )

It was a great pleasure to watch the interview between Dr. Michael Salla and Elena Danaan which was published on March 10, 2023 (1) . In that interview they talk about the way the Deep State’s plan for a fake alien invasion was thwarted by the Earth Alliance (2), they speak about new developments related to the discovery of a new corridor in the Great Pyramid (3) and they talk about all sorts of other fascinating topics. One of the topics I liked was about the vanilla-like smell that was produced by certain flowers. This article collects information related to this lovely extraterrestrial smell.

The ‘vanilla’ story starts off with a visit by JP and his crew below yet another underground civilization under the surface of Florida in the United States (4). In a video he talks about being guided by a Nordic called Jaseet, who most likely is a citizen from the planet Erra, as was hypothesized by Elena Danaan later on. Erra is the first planet that orbits the star Taygeta (locally known as Ashaara) and is the homeworld of the Nordic looking Ahil (5). Elena’s prime contact within the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW), Thor Han (6), is also from this planet. The people from Erra play an important role within the GFW.

Back to JP, who is a member of the US Military who is allowed to leak information of his missions, as part of the disclosure movement. In the video from February 2023 he describes how they entered a beautiful underground civilization. One of the things he noticed was this attractive, spicy vanilla-like smell that seemed to be produced by certain flowers that he had never smelled before (8). Let’s listen how JP describes it himself:

JP describes the underground civilization where he could smell the ‘vanilla-like’ fragrance of the Erra flowers (4)

A month later Elena, in her talk with Dr. Michael Salla, gets back to JP’s account of those mysterious flowers below the surface of Florida (1). In her account she brings us back to november 2018 when she was first brought back to Thor Han’s scout ship. She hadn’t seen Thor Han in years, so they hugged, and she smelled ‘something that smelled like vanilla’. He later explained to Elena that a day before a cargo ship had arrived from Erra, his homeplanet, which carried these essences of Oshksha, as these flowers are called on that Taygetean world.

On Erra this flower is like a ‘national flower’ and the people from that planet are very proud on that flower, so it would be quite logical for them to bring their favorite flower with them from home, when they had to stay for a while in an underground world on a different planet, like Earth.

Elena Danaan relates about her experiences with ‘Erranille’, or that beautiful flower with that vanilla-like smell from Erra

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A Food Replicator with Species Scan Functionality

Disclosure happens on many fronts. Within the framework of Galactic Anthropology we keep up with developments relating to the interaction between all kinds of species, now, and in the past (and a bit from the future). We also follow the experiences of all kinds of people who have been part of Secret Space Programs and some people who have current experiences that they also share. All things related to events on our planet are also covered. This would hardly have been possible without the main source of information of this website, namely Elena Danaan. This site aims to help in spreading the information that she receives from our Galactic Friends.

Scene from the movie ‘Passengers’ (2016) with replicators in a cafetaria (6)

Besides all these fascinating aspects there are also topics that have to do with technology. During a recent interview with Miyoko Sano (1) Elena was asked about the food the people eat in their spaceships. It was this interview in which Elena Danaan first (at least as far as I’m aware of) talked about the extra-galactic Hoovid-origin of the soul of Jesus (2). Another fascinating thing that happened during that interview was Thor Han’s voice suddenly popping up when Miyoko asked Elena if Thor Han liked music (3).

In the interview Elena Danaan said that there were places like bars and lounges (on spaceships) in which people have drinks (5), and there are other places where people also eat. Jean-Charles Moyen has spoken about the way the food tends to look (like mashed potatoes), but he was amazed by the excellent way it tasted (5).

We all know the food replicators from Star Trek and all kinds of Science Fiction Movies (6). What was interesting in the description below was that she also mentioned some kind of ‘which species are you-recognition touch pad’ that was part of the food replicator she saw. In other words: you have to lay your hand on a touch pad, and through scanning it, it can determine which species you are from, and consequently what kind of menus are an option for you. Not every species has the same requirements of course.

Elena Danaan describes a Food Replicator that can also scan the Species using it. (1)

Towards the end of this video Miyoko describes a testimony from Emery Smith who also talked about food replicators in underground bases, which also had this species-recognition functionality. He said that the ‘meat’ from these replicators actually tasted better than the real thing (7).

Would the food replicators become part of the technology boost we will receive after the Deep State has finally been kicked out (8), just like the med-beds, the anti-gravity vehicles (9) and the free-energy technology?

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(4) Getting Acquainted with the Ahil
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(9) Dr. Michael Salla posted a link to a speech from (president) Donald Trump in which he talked about the introduction of vertical vehicles. See Agenda47: A New Quantum Leap to Revolutionize the American Standard of Living

The Gemmen – One of the Seeder Races

The Gemmen, illustration by Elena Danaan (2, p.123)

In earlier articles we have come across a number of Seeder Races from other Galaxies than our own. In a video from March 6, 2023 (1), Elena described one of the Seeder Races that we haven’t discussed before on this website. They are called the Gemmen. This article will deal with them and will explain related elements for those who are new to this material, or who would want to refresh their memory.

In October 2021 a huge fleet entered our solar system. This fleet was remarkable for it didn’t have its origin in our own galaxy, but they were a group of races that came from other galaxies. The called themselves the Intergalactic Confederation (3) and the consisted of 24 races.

It turned out that these races had played a vital role in our history, in the sense that 11 of them contributed their DNA to our primate forefather. You can read a list of them at (4). Besides the genes from these Intergalactic Seeder Races we have also had our fair share of genes from various species within our Milky Way (Nataru) Galaxy.

In another recent interview in March 2023, Elena told Miyoko Sano about the soul-origin of Jesus Christ, and she said that his soul would have come from these Hoova (5), a species that could easily live more than half a million years. Their galaxy could be seen when you look through our constellation of Lyra. You can find an illustration of them at (6).

Elena also mentioned the Ashai, especially in the context as the intergalactic root race for the Ant People, as we have got to know them through the missions of JP (7).

Another Seeder Race is that of the Alteans. A representative of the Alteans is Oona, who has turned into a good friend of Elena. You can find drawings of her at (3,8). Elena Danaan has a special link with the world of Altea since it would be the place where her soul originated, and also that of Thor Han (9).

Both the Hoova, the Ashai and the Alteans were mentioned in Phyllis Schlemmer’s Only Planet of Choice (10). All three of them would have contributed their genetics to our forefathers, many dozens of million years ago.

Although the Gemmen belong to the Intergalactic Confederation, they didn’t donate their DNA to our genomes. They are a very remarkable species as is described by Elena in the video excerpt below (1):

Elena Danaan introduces the Gemmen (1)

In the above excerpt Elena Danaan described this fascinating 9th Density species. You can also read all about them in The Seeders (2, pp.122-123).

She says that these species are an extraordinary soul group and that they are part of the 24 Seeders Cultures. These species, the Gemmen, are from a galaxy that is called Caldwell 77 or NGC 5128, which is behind the Centauri constellation. They have a main entity consciousness, which she calls a ‘plasmic supra-consciousness’ which feeds off the plasma of the stars and they live in stars. They are not incarnated in that state. They are able to fractal themselves into different incarnated beings, who can be “any species, any races, anywhere”

“These beings split their consciousness into a group of fractal Sub-Beings, who will all be interfaced with the original Seed-Being that is at the head of his Hive group. The Sub-beings incarnate on the planets of these star systems, they are generally 9Ft tall, have blue skin and an elongated cranium. Another strong aspect of these beings is that all fractals of the Seed Beings are interfaced with the frequency of Love. Hence, they are extermely skilled in healing and as well, affecting the holographic grid of the universe.” (2, p.122)

Elena goes on to say that they are also able to incarnate on Earth, but then they are still interfaced with the other fractals of the main plasmic solar being. Mélanie Charest (11) and Elena Danaan, fittted all the pieces together, including Mélanie’s link with Centauri and the sharing of consciousness with other bodies/avatars. They were confident that Mélanie’s soul would belong to the Gemmen species from the Caldwell 77 Galaxy.

If you like to fractal yourself a bit more into fractals of consciousness, you might like to fractal to (14)

It’s good to see how we get introduced to different species from the Seeders as time goes by. Perhaps one day we will all remember where our soul started our journey into physicality, and I would like to know how we can eventually learn to be 100% sure about it. What are your thoughts about the Gemmen or about retrieving the ‘birth place’ of your soul? Let me know below in the comments.

(1) RESCUER OF CHILDREN, OFF PLANET THERAPIST MELANIE CHAREST REPORTS WITH ELENA DANAN & DANI HENDERSON (March 6, 2023) – It was in this video that Elena Danaan first shared her latest information on that holographic chair in the Great Pyramid (13)
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(11) In February I wrote an article on the experiences of Mélanie based on a video from April 2022. See: Children’s Classes in a Spaceship. Of course Mélanie is the spouse of Jean-Charles Moyen whose latest article on this website dealt with his fascinating link with Japan (12).
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On Jesus, Jehovah, the Hoova and Thiaoouba

( على يسوع ، ويهوه ، وهوفا ، وثياوبا)

On March 8, 2023, Miyoko Sano (1) posted another interview she did with Elena Danaan (2), and Elena revealed something interesting about the origin of Jesus. In an earlier article we had already paid attention to two theories surrounding the origin of the physical body of Jesus (3), but now the origin of his soul was revealed. This article tries to combine certain elements that relate to this new piece of information, which I find quite intriguing. Follow me, please 🙂

After Elena said that she didn’t know anything about he origin of the soul of Jesus’ mother Mary, Miyoko asked her if she did know the origin of the soul of Jesus, and Elena Danaan gave a positive answer to that. Listen to her talking about this:

Elena Danaan explains the Origin of the Soul of Jesus Christ/Yeshua (2)
Illustration of the Hoova by Elena Danaan (5, p.99)

The fact that she names the Hoova, or Hoovid, is interesting in various ways. In an earlier article (4) I reflected on the links between the Hoova as they are mentioned as an intergalactic Seeder Race in Elena’s third disclosure book (5) and the Hoova as they are described in ‘The Only Planet of Choice‘ by Phyllis Schlemmer (6). I also added the Hebrew people to this mix.

This was an interesting corroboration for the Hoovid being one of the Seeder races. And now we learn that according to Elena’s information the soul of Jesus originated in that star system, in that other galaxy, with that highly creative name ‘NGC 6702’.

The name Jehova is quite interesting in this regard too, for if we again look at the ‘Only Planet of Choice’ (6) we can read the following about the connection between the Hoovid and Jehova: “Jehovah is the head of the civilization Hoova.” (p.235 in the pdf).

So here we have Jehova as the leader of the Hoovid. To make things even more interesting I would like to call in the assistance of our great Dr. Plasma Field, Dan Winter, who makes another fascinating link based on the word ‘Jehova’ in a conversation with Elena in april 2022. I want to thank the Brazilian Team (7) for directing me to this excerpt, which you can watch below. Since it only lasts half a minute you are probably still able to understand and follow everything he says 🙂

Dan Winter talks about Jehova and Thioouba (8)

So, Dan Winter introduces the Thiaoouba from the French contactee Michel Desmarquet (9). We have written quite a few articles based on what Desmarquet learnt from these highly evolved beings (2, 10-13). Dan was talking about Draco’s and Thube in the Draco Constellation which doesn’t match within this context, but the fact that he talked about them being androgynous does match exactly with the way Desmarquet described the Thiaoouba (12). And also Elena mentions that the Hoovid have three polarities (5, p.98)

What is also quite interesting is that not only Dan Winter, but also the Thiaoouba seem to have a link to Jehova. Here’s a part from the book in which the editor concludes: “From the information contained in this book it is clear that God is God (The
Great Spirit) and Yehova = Thiaoouba.
” (9, pdf-page 139). If you pronouce Jehova and Thiaoouba a few times after each other, you might just understand that these words might have the same origin, indeed. And the Thiaoouba are described as humanoids, without any Reptilian or Draco trait.

Well, having said all this, we might listen to what the Thiaoouba have said about the soul of Jesus. They claimed that Jesus’ soul originated from their world, Thiaoouba, which might just be the same place as what Elena describes as the Hoova. What also adds credence to this link is that Michel Desmarquet talks about an ‘intergalactic base’ in his book: “The close-up view on the panel was replaced by a wide-angle shot, allowing us a general view of the command room of the intergalactic base, as we had seen
” (9, p.59), for as we have learnt the Hoova are not from this galaxy but from another galaxy.

A Human Embryo (14)

As far as the soul goes, the information of Elena Danaan and Thiaoouba seem to match almost seamlessly. There is however a difference as far as the origin of the body goes. Elena says that Jesus would have half-Anunnaki genes from the Anunnaki branch that belonged to Sirius B. The Thiaoouba have a different take on this: they say that Jesus’ embryo was a full-blood Thiaoouba (Hoovid?) embyro, which was placed in Mary’s womb, Mary being just a surrogate mother.

Although it was already far too late to start writing this article, I couldn’t stop my enthusiasm and I just had to finish this ride that provides fascinating links between the story of the Thiaoouba and that of Elena Danaan’s Seeders. If there is indeed a link between the Hoovid and the Thiaoouba what would this imply for the rest of the account of the Thiaoouba? The Thiaoouba as they are described by Desmarquet look different from the way they are described in the Seeders. Let’s just wait and see how this story develops. We might just have added a few interesting pieces to the puzzle.

Please share your thoughts below this article.

(1) We have come across Miyoko Sako before in an article on the soul-link between On the Connection between Thor Han and Elena Danaan. She also did an elaborate interview with Jean-Charles Moyen in which Jean-Charles talks about his recent Japanese discoveries:  Meeting the Goddess of Japan, New Ark in Hawaii. Jean-Charles Moyen#佐野美代子
(2) Q&A with Elena Danaan 2023. March 8, 2023
(3) Two Extraterrestrial Perspectives on Jesus Christ – Yeshua – In that article I wrote: “ In Thiaoouba’s account Jesus was able to do this because he was fully made by the Thiaoouba’s with all their qualities (except their hermaphrodite character). Both physically and with a Thiaoouba ‘soul’. We don’t get any specifics about the origin of the soul of Jesus in Elena’s account, at least not yet.” – well, this has changed from today 🙂
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A Holographic Chair within the Great Pyramid of Giza?

( Une Chaise Holographique dans la Grande Pyramide de Gizeh ?)

Towards the end of an interview with Elena Danaan, Mélanie Charest (1) on Dani Henderson’s channel on March 6, 2023 (2), something extraordinary happened. Dani said that Elena had appeared a bit late for the interview with Mélanie, but she had quite a good excuse: she was just back from space! (3) In the following excerpt from this interview you can hear Elena talk about a meeting she had with High Commander Ardaana from the Galactic Federation of Worlds on board of the Excelsior.

Elena Danaan talks about fresh news from High Commander Ardaana on Possible Disclosure in the Great Pyramid of Giza

In this video fragment Elena says that she talked to High Commander Ardaana (4) and was told that disclosure is high on the agenda of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Elena had talked about the way the Deep State was thwarted with their plans for a fake alien invasion (5), and you probably remember the story on the meeting of General Glen vanHerck with Thor Han (6).

This time Ardaana expanded on a piece of information that she had mentioned in her new year’s wishes (7). Here’s a paragraph from that article:

          This year, more scientific reveals will be released to the population of Terra. Members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds such as the Ummite, Silo and Meton have been very active, relentlessly sharing technologies with many Contactees. These people are soon going to speak for they will be protected by new laws. 2023 will be a year of rediscoveries. Rediscovery of your own sovereignty and human cognitive capacities, rediscovery of technologies that will be released, and the Ancient Past will come back to the surface, notably related to islands in your oceans. Open the pyramids.” (7)

And indeed she mentioned the words ‘Open the Pyramids.’, which is what this message was all about. The beginning of March 2023 brought the discovery of a new corridor in the Great Pyramid of Giza (8). But there is probably going to come more, because Elena was told that Commander Ardaana was not sure what the Egyptian officials would disclose, but this recently discovered corridor is connected to another corridor that goes down and ends in a particular room.

The Great Pyramid of Giza (14)

And in that room there would be a seat with technology, a technology chair. Elena describes it as a kind of holographic chair. Perhaps the ones that we have come to know from the various meetings between representatives from star nations? (9) They are supposed to be found, for that would be part of the plan. There are, however, still people within the group of Egyptian officials that don’t want to disclose anything like that, and probably for the reason that it would show the world that there were civilizations before us that were far more advanced than we are now (10).

Well, let’s see how this story evolves! It would be great corroboration if they would indeed show this chair with holographic technology to the world (11).

(1) I wrote a page on Mélanie Charest’s experiences from a year ago. You can read it at Childrens’s Classes in a Spaceship. I started watching the interview from March 6 (2) after some 45 minutes. I will get back to it later. It’s good to see Mélanie is showing herself more. Mélanie Charest is Jean-Charles Moyen’s wife, or should I say, spouse?
(3) This reminds me of that moment when she was on the phone with Dani and Elena said that she had to end the conversation because she was going to Neptune 🙂 Read more about that adventure on: A Parallel Neptune and the Koldasii
(4) It is Time to Soar as Humanity and Add the last Stone to the Monument
(5) Updates March 1, 2023
(6) ET Disclosure being planned now at an underground Blue Ridge Mountains Complex – Dr. Michael Salla has recently updated his website at; I’m glad to see that his website looks more like mine 🙂 at least as far as the way the articles are presented: all the ads and information that were on the margins have been removed or placed below the articles. I think it is a great improvement. I would welcome working more closely with Dr. Salla to further the free sharing of the disclosure information.
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Go to the Webinar for all the Details


As a student of the material presented by people like Elena Danaan we were treated with the utmost abundance: all her information could be accessed either through her free videos or by buying her books, but things changed when Elena started her webinar-phase. I will reflect upon certain aspects of this phase in this article.

Webinar (4)

Until January 28, 2023 Elena posted her new developments – at least the ones that she wanted to share at that time, some were disclosed at a later phase in her books – on her youtube channel. This has created a huge library of videos with an enormous amount of information, including dozens of Q&A’s on all kinds of topics. It was a paradise for anyone who wanted to study her material. In principle you could get to nearly all of her information for free through watching her videos; most of the books were written based on the events that had taken place before and were described in those videos. You could easily link to videos or use timestamps and it was possible to cut out certain relevant excerpts to discuss.

On January 28, 2023 Elena Danaan, however, gave her first webinar (1) and ever since that it seems that things have changed. During that webinar I asked her if the information would remain freely available, as she had described in her deal with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and she wholeheartidly confirmed that. There would be no pay-wall for any of her information. And that is still the case for most of the important information, but perhaps not for everything.

Let’s first read Elena’s introduction to the webinars (1):

Topics and updates mentioned in my webinars are also available for free on my YouTube channel. In my webinars, I develop these topics in deeper details and I answer your questions in a Q&A. You can even vote the questions, it’s fun. Crowdcast allows me to speak freely from YouTube censorship and offers an alternative payment option from Paypal, which also censors free speech by financial sanctions. If any registration issue, please contact Crowdcast support, or:

Let’s first reflect upon this concept of ‘greater details in the webinars’, which in other words means that you can get access to greater details if you visit the webinar. In her March 1, 2023 (2) update we can hear her express this for the first time. I think it is safe to say that in the pre-webinar days we could get to all the details by listening to her videos on youtube or rumble. This introduces a difference between Primary Information that is freely available on Youtube and Secondary (less important) information that you can only access if you pay a modest amount for it.

Elena Danaan: “I’ve been speaking about this in great detail in my last webinar”

Before I continue I would like to point out that I’m fine with people making money with their work. I totally agree with Elena’s assessment in her article ‘Do you Work for Free’ (3). Before the webinar days I guess she paid her bills by the income of her youtube-videos, the selling of her books and her merchandize. You could also say that she doesn’t charge a huge sum of money for her webinars either. It is a conscious choice to earn some money by providing additional information to people who pay than to those who don’t pay for it. It is a method that is used by many, like Alex Collier, for he also needs to make a living. It is something new for Elena, which might also needs some getting used to.

One practical aspect of this new webinar format is that you need to have a credit card to be able to watch any of her webinars. This excludes all the people who simply don’t have a credit card. In many countries people use debit cards, and those cards are not accepted in the system that Elena uses. She used Paypal in her first webinar but she removed that option for reasons of censorship by Paypal. This leaves many people without the possibility to watch the webinars.

In the past Elena Danaan gave a lot of Q&A’s on her youtube channel. You could ask questions in the chat and she would pick out a number of relevant questions. This interactivity seems to have moved to the webinar format now, only accessible for people who pay. This makes it harder for other people to ask questions. The act of asking questions already was quite difficult due to very strict moderation by people in the (telegram) circles around Elena. This might create a situation in which a certain amount of secrecy might arise. It is also not possible to simply see the questions and answers for they are not all moved to the youtube videos. Many of them are bound to remain ‘hidden’ within the walls of the webinars.

Youtube remains a deep state asset and therefore you need to be careful with what you say. That is a thing that you need to take into account. Seen by the huge amount of videos that are posted on her channel, however, I would also dare to say that a lot can be said on the platform. if you were to really talk about certain ‘censored’ topics, it is always an option to post a video on other videoplatforms like rumble for instance. On the other hand a webinar could be a good place to talk privately with other persons.

Another element in all this, is that it complicates the ability to study and spread the information. If you need to go to webinars to find more details, backgrounds or explanations, it gets quite complicated to use that information, since it is behind a (secondary) paywall. If you would distribute that information it would feel as if you are ‘stealing’ that information, instead of assisting in disclosure, creating an awkward sphere of secrecy. Tony Rodrigues once said that it would be an oxymoron to hide disclosure information.

On March 7, 2023 Elena responded to this article. She insists that there is NO paywall to access her information and that her webinars only discuss in greater details what is already available publicly, and that this offers a Q&A that is free of censorship. She labeled my article as one filled with misinformation. After I refused to remove this article she drew her conclusions in a telegram post (5).

Let me be clear on one thing: there has never been any paywall for any of the information that Elena has abundantly shared with us. And I’m quite positive that the important, primary topics will remain outside of any paywall, and I admire Elena for doing this ever since she started taking up this emissary work. Something did change however with the introduction of the webinars, namely the creation of a sphere of (secondary) information that is unknown to anyone who doesn’t pay for the webinar. At the moment of writing it is even impossible to enter the webinar without a credit card.

And it seems unlikely that the contents of these webinars don’t provide more insight into the material. What else would be the use of attending a webinar? And like I said in my introduction, perhaps we were all spoilt a bit too much by Elena who simply had no hidden areas for us, and do we simply need to adjust to this new reality.

I think it also is a daring task to combine these two elements: first the principle that all information relating to the Galactic Federation of Worlds should be brought to humanity for free, without any paywalls, and second the idea that you want a space to talk about certain elements deeper and introduce new topics without any censorship from youtube.

I personally think the webinars are a step back, but for others it might provide a step forward. But of course it is up to Elena to do whatever suits her best, and it is up to me to share my thoughts on that on my own platform. I don’t think I’m spreading misinformation by comparing the differences between the pre-webinar days and the webinar days.

What are your thoughts on these matters, please let me know (by either adding a comment below, sending a message or add something on my facebook group).

(1) Webinars
(2) UPDATES – March 1 2023
(3) Do you work for free?
(4) Live Style webinar is starting soon
(5) See Endnote 201

A Short Introduction to the Modern Disclosure Movement

( Краткое введение в современное движение раскрытия информации )

This article is meant for people who are completely new to the idea that we are far from alone in the universe. The only requirement to understand this introduction is an openness to the possibility of there being many more intelligent species around who live on other planets in other star systems. There is no need to believe anything, just the willingness to imagine that there might be some truth to all this is enough. My information comes from people like Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, Alex Collier, Jean-Charles Moyen, Tony Rodrgues, Rebecca Rose, Chris O’Connor and Mark Domizio

The basic story starts off some 350 years into a possible future (1). A species from the Andromeda Constellation (2) noticed that things had really turned sour in our Milky Way Galaxy. Regressive forces (3,4,5) had somehow managed to take control over large swaths of our galaxy and it endangered it all. As avid time travelers they were able to pinpoint a crucial period and place in the history of our galaxy where things went wrong. This turned out to be in our solar system in our current time frame. It was then that these beings sent out a call throughout the galaxy (and perhaps beyond) to prevent this future from happening.

People from all kinds of star systems decided to join and a huge star seed envoy program was started (6) and according to some, many millions of people left their bodies behind in stasis pods to let their soul incarnate on our planet, all with the intention to create a better and far more positive timeline.

It turns out that there are all kinds of groups, collectives and organizations that work together with various intentions. Some organizations, like the Nebu work(ed) together to create a huge empire, others like the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) try to bolster the growth in awareness of species. This GFW is in essence a military Federation that has members from many star systems and they work with a simple but very effective set of rules, which they call the Prime Directive (7). One of the key elements of that Prime Directive is to respect free will and not to interfere with cultures that are in a lesser stage of development, like our civilization.

Other negative groups would have used a loophole (8) by tricking people in giving their consent to allow them to enter our planet. This allowed these alien groups, mostly Reptilians (3), Grays (4) and the negative side of the Anunnaki (5) to gain control behind the scenes. A complete structure would have been built that allowed these alien forces to remain in total control with human beings performing the practical matters.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds decided that people on Earth were unable to fairly use their free will when they were oppressed and manipulated by negative alien beings that had far greater powers than they did. This led to a huge intervention and war which eventually resulted in the complete removal of all these negative aliens, from Earth (the underground bases on Earth), from the Moon, Mars, Ceres etc. (9), leaving us with the remnants of this manipulative system, now only run by human beings, without their alien masters (10).

As all these negative alien groups have been defeated and cast out of our solar system, it is now up to us to use our free will to also cast out those small but mighty (Deep State/Cabal) groups that still want to hold on to their agenda of gaining control of the whole of of our planet (11). The final battle is ours and it appears to be only a matter of time before the Deep State structures collapse completely making way for an awakening of mankind and its realization that they are part of a universe that is teeming with life.

When we have cleaned up the mess on our planet, the benevolent members of other worlds will make contact with us, but always in a way that is respectful. They absolutely don’t want to be welcomed as gods, but they want te be regarded as equals, albeit with more advanced technology and often a higher level of consciousness. Then the time has come to enter into a kind of ‘star trek future’ where we can spread our wings and easily move to and colonize new worlds

Illustration by Elena Danaan, from Thor Han’s space ship Excelsior (14), p. 296.

Within this field of research Elena Danaan plays an important role. She has direct contact with a commander of a huge spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and he has given her information on at least 120 species that have had contact in any way with humanity. Many of the updates come via her and her youtube channel. She has already written three books on disclosure too.

But of course she is not the only one that backs up this grand tale that would be unspinning right before our eyes. Much corroboration comes from Alex Collier who has been in contact with people from the Andromeda Constellation for many decades. Also a number of people reported their experiences in what turns out to be a secret space program. They talk about meeting all kinds of species and they all report about humanity already having space-fairing capabilities since the 1940s, with a negative group associated with the Nazi’s (12) and positive groups who received assistance from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, who carries the name, the Earth Alliance (13).

Our reconnection with our ancestors from space implies the recovery of our shared history. Much of the disclosure is also about the retrieval of our past: where do we come from? What is our history and who has interacted with us in what ways. According to both Alex Collier and Elena Danaan we would have DNA of species not only from our own galaxy, but from other galaxies as well. JP is a man who is part of the military and a (condoned) whistleblower, frequently shares information with Dr. Michael Salla about secret missions and the discovery of ancient arks and halls of records belonging to alien races. This information is corroborated by people like Elena Danaan and Jean-Charles Moyen who even visited a number of these Arks.

This is the basic story. You can imagine that the information available is nearly infinite when you accept the possibility that we are part of this universe filled with worlds who have abilities and technologies that are often beyond our wildest dreams. This is what is being explored by people who tune into ‘Modern Disclosure’. I hope that I have been able to create a spark of curiosity to make you want to explore this fascinating territory as well.

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8th Density ‘United Nations’ Space Station Mimas

On February 9, 2023 Elena Danaan posted a fascinating interview she had with Chris O’Connor (1). In that video a lot of things were said. In this article I will focus on the concept of a 8th density Space Station on Saturn’s Moon Mimas with some additional reflections on related matters.

In the past I’ve been more critical towards Chris O’Connor’s testimony because it contained a number of elements that were unique, and seemingly bit odd, when compared to the testimonies of other Secret Space Program witnesses. It was good to see that many of these elements were mentioned and addressed during the interview.

Saturn’s Moon Mimas (10)

One of those elements was Chris’ statement that he had visited Saturn whereas no one had ever mentioned Saturn before (2). In fact Thor Han had said that Saturn was a planet that they were not allowed to visit, it was off-limits even for the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and Elena even had said that Saturn used to be a stronghold for the Nebu too (3,4). That made me wonder why on Earth Chris would have had a space station with benevolent beings near Saturn, and even from an organization that no one had ever talked about before: the United Nations (Secret) Space Organization!

Well, I was convinced to take Chris O’Connor very seriously, because of a few things that were cleared up during this interview with Elena. For one: Chris is very consistent in what he says: he has been speaking of a space station orbiting Saturn, whereas nobody was talking about it at all (2) . He has always said that it was out of phase, or in other words, in a different density, and now it was explained that there is NO connection at all with our United Nations on Earth, with its headquarters in New York. So, there is no secret space program organized by the UN. He referred to an organization of off-world United Nations, with all kinds of worlds participating.

In the video-excerpt below Chris specifies that the space station was ‘primarily in eighth density‘ and just outside of the rings of Saturn. Because of this higher density nature of the space station they probably were invisible for the Nebu and Anunnaki that were residing in the lower atmosphere of Saturn (8). Chris describes this space station on Mimas as follows:

… I went to Mimas, which is the first of all of Saturn’s moons is one of the smallest but it’s also the first one just outside of the Rings of Saturn and there’s a that’s actually a space station. It’s a modified natural body that turned into a station that resides primarily in the eighth density so we would go there and we would meet with many other nations and then many other organizations and many other worlds many other races and we would work with all of these different […] races and other planets and even from other galaxies.” (1)

Let’s hear Chris describe Mimas and his job there:

Chris O’Connor talks about 8th Density Space Station Mimas

In the video above Chris talks about being age advanced. You can find out more about this process in an article from March 2022 (11).

Apparently this mainly 8th density space station (which looks barren in 3D obviously) has a function as a meeting place for all kinds of species even from other galaxies. During an older interview from March 2022 (12) Elena asked Chris to describe a few of the people he had met during his work and he described beings that were even new for Elena then, like beings which looked like a monkey and a species that had a face like an elephant. He also described blueish beings with longer white hair. I added an excerpt from that video below because Chris O’Connor described these same beings again in the current video (1), which again adds to the credibility of this amazing story.

Chris O’Connor describes a number of species that were even unknown
to Elena Danaan which he met, probably also on the Mimas station

Within Nataru (Our Milky Way Galaxy) we have come to know a number of councils, like the Andromeda Council (13), the Council of Five and of course the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Since October 2021 the Intergalactic Confederation entered our scene (15). But it seems that this is far from the end. In the accounts of Chris O’Connor we can hear about meetings which would take place on a 8th density level with all kinds of unknown species in some off-world ‘United Nations’ organization. Then we also still have this mystery surrounding some ancient architects species that both Rebecca Rose, Tony Rodrigrues and Elena Danaan mentioned that was once present in our Solar System and left remnants on Ceres, Mars and around Saturn (16).

It seems that this fascinating ride through unknown territories is far from over.

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