Why do We Think it is Entertaining to Watch People getting Killed?

The paradigm that is used on this site is that we as human beings are merely one of many races and people that inhabit the universe. Now that the we would no longer be greatly manipulated by evil extraterrestrial beings (1), we would have a far better chance at taking that responsibility and tune into this greater perspective.

Since we are newbies in this interworldly reality it could be wise to learn how we can relate to other beings that have been used to being part of a universe that encompasses many civilizations, species and worlds for ages. If we would indeed have the ability to look outward, we might pay a bit more attention to all those habits we have learnt that stop us from elevating our minds.

For those who are interested in exploring these new territories it seems worthwhile to reflect upon these habits, that might appear a bit awkward from those watching us from above (2). It is being stressed that we are so much more powerful if we are able to hold on to a higher frequency, a frequency that is characterized by being loving, to various degrees.

Another element that often returns is that we would raise our vibration by making unconscious elements, conscious.

There are probably many ways to learn about raising your awareness, increasing your ability to love. Today I noticed after watching the first episode of the popular Netflix series ‘the Squid Game’ that it felt strange to me to sit there on my couch and look at people being killed in large numbers in a graphic way. “Why am I watching this?” I wondered? Is this something I want to invest my energy in? What would I think of other star nations that would have people sitting in the millions watching screens with scenes of people getting killed or killing each other? Would I like to get in touch with them? Would I tend to respect those people, or would I prefer to move on to another planet, since there appear to be many of them?

Some claim that it was useful for those controlling us behind the scenes to have us create fear and anxiety as a way to keep us small and even feed on our low vibratory output. Now that the main players feeding on our fear would have left the building (our solar system), we might reconsider producing so much fear and anxiety by watching all kinds of movies. Perhaps many movies were made to take away much of our energy and to keep us in the lower vibratory bands.

I intend to be more careful with what I feed my consciousness with, and I guess one episode of the Squid Game is enough for me. I prefer to explore other territories. What do you think? Perhaps in the near future we would look back at this era and shake our heads in disbelief: ‘How could billions of people find it entertaining to watch people getting killed?’ What were all those people thinking? Perhaps we would regard our current habits they way we think of the Middle Ages now; perhaps the word ‘barbaric’ is appropriate here?

(1) It is time to Soar as Humanity and add the Last Stone to the Monument
(2) Suggested reading: Tolle, E. (2005) A New Earth. Tolle talks about this in his chapter on the pain body in the paragraph ‘Entertainment, the Media and the Pain-body’

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