Stephen Chua, Area 51 and Three kinds of Grays

In the foreword of Ceres Colony Cavalier (1) Dr. Michael Salla talks about super soldiers. I thought that was an interesting topic to write an article on, so I went searching for it in the ‘Danaan-files’ and ended up with an interview that Elena Danaan has had with a ‘super soldier’ called Stephen Chua in February 2021 (2). A week after this interview Chua died allegedly because of kidney failure. You can also find an interview between Elena and Michael in which they talk about his sudden death (3).

More strange events took place around this interview. In a video on the Kiily Tokurt a few weeks later (4,5) Elena relates about what had happened in the period just before the interview (transcript from video):

Military Pass of Stephen Chua (3)

Before I did the interview with Stephen Chua, the super soldier from area 51, we are both attacked by Maitras the day before and him physically but me it was two Maitra ships that went over my house and Thor Han just intercepted them and destroyed them and I can see through the eyes of Thor Han so that’s how I can see what’s happening when he connects with me.

And last night just before my house nearly caught fire and I did this interview with Michael Sala and Laura Eisenhower and the night just after, so last night, I was targeted by a sonic beam and Thor Han just destroyed the ship from where it was aimed from. This was Maitra. And I could see the ship from his eyes just before it blew up and it was a big bang. The bang has been amazing, uh horrible of course, but this is very freaking bang above my roof. It was a dark fleet ship. So we have obviously pissed off someone linked with the dark fleet. I don’t know, I’m laughing because I am I’m very protected. So they can try. The result is their ship got blown up, so it’s not very funny for them.

In the interview he talks about his encounters in battle with 3 meter high Ciakahrrs and (hybrid) Reptilians. He says that bullets just bounced off their scaled bodies. He talks about two weeks in Area 51 where he met Kiily Tokurt and a few Maitra’s. He said that the Grays smell bad and the color of the skin of the Tokurts looked like the color of a dead person that you take out of the freezer. They were mainly instructing the human scientists how to build a certain floating device. He said that there were no human experiments taking place in Area 51; it was more a place of mechanical developments/engineering.

The Killy Tokurt would have also gotten technology from humans as well, for they were kind of lazy, as Chua says. He talks about experimental planes that were thought-driven, but this didn’t go too well: pilots were given serums in their brains and after a number of serums many of the pilots would have died. He was trained as a pilot and he describes the helmet with things sticking out, looking like a giant virus. That program was eventually stopped.

The Maitra with their ‘friendly look’ – screenshot from (2). You can also find it in Elena Danaan’s book (6).

He then goes on to talk about how he and his guards were voluntarily beamed aboard a gray spaceship and that he was able to create interference because he focused with his mind on the panels. He speaks about the Maitra, their agressive attitude and their molden-like smell. They often got into a near-fight with the Kiily Tokurt.

He says that there even was some kind of portal that the Maitra’s used in Area 51 to contact their own people. Chua was able to develop a floating antigravity device himself and the Vatican got interested. He made sure the Vatican did not get its hands on his device by destroying it. He is far from positive about the Vatican.

He says that there have been attempts to assassinate him or to kidnap his son. He has also met mainly technical people who had been to Mars. He discovered that the Maitra feed on negative emotions, but they can be destroyed by love. They cannot deal with love and laughter: they would fall apart because of it.

Towards the end of the interview a few texts are presented on how the Maitra tried to attack him:

Stephen Chua did not die on March 3, as is said above, but on March 6, 2021

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Why do We Think it is Entertaining to Watch People getting Killed?

The paradigm that is used on this site is that we as human beings are merely one of many races and people that inhabit the universe. Now that the we would no longer be greatly manipulated by evil extraterrestrial beings (1), we would have a far better chance at taking that responsibility and tune into this greater perspective.

Since we are newbies in this interworldly reality it could be wise to learn how we can relate to other beings that have been used to being part of a universe that encompasses many civilizations, species and worlds for ages. If we would indeed have the ability to look outward, we might pay a bit more attention to all those habits we have learnt that stop us from elevating our minds.

For those who are interested in exploring these new territories it seems worthwhile to reflect upon these habits, that might appear a bit awkward from those watching us from above (2). It is being stressed that we are so much more powerful if we are able to hold on to a higher frequency, a frequency that is characterized by being loving, to various degrees.

Another element that often returns is that we would raise our vibration by making unconscious elements, conscious.

There are probably many ways to learn about raising your awareness, increasing your ability to love. Today I noticed after watching the first episode of the popular Netflix series ‘the Squid Game’ that it felt strange to me to sit there on my couch and look at people being killed in large numbers in a graphic way. “Why am I watching this?” I wondered? Is this something I want to invest my energy in? What would I think of other star nations that would have people sitting in the millions watching screens with scenes of people getting killed or killing each other? Would I like to get in touch with them? Would I tend to respect those people, or would I prefer to move on to another planet, since there appear to be many of them?

Some claim that it was useful for those controlling us behind the scenes to have us create fear and anxiety as a way to keep us small and even feed on our low vibratory output. Now that the main players feeding on our fear would have left the building (our solar system), we might reconsider producing so much fear and anxiety by watching all kinds of movies. Perhaps many movies were made to take away much of our energy and to keep us in the lower vibratory bands.

I intend to be more careful with what I feed my consciousness with, and I guess one episode of the Squid Game is enough for me. I prefer to explore other territories. What do you think? Perhaps in the near future we would look back at this era and shake our heads in disbelief: ‘How could billions of people find it entertaining to watch people getting killed?’ What were all those people thinking? Perhaps we would regard our current habits they way we think of the Middle Ages now; perhaps the word ‘barbaric’ is appropriate here?

(1) It is time to Soar as Humanity and add the Last Stone to the Monument
(2) Suggested reading: Tolle, E. (2005) A New Earth. Tolle talks about this in his chapter on the pain body in the paragraph ‘Entertainment, the Media and the Pain-body’