The Ashtar Galactic Command and the Ashtar Collective

On december 23, 2021 an interesting article was published on (1). That article was written around the remote viewing results by the Far Sight Institute (6). They verified the existence of a grand post of the Ashtar Galactic Command in the clouds of Jupiter.

There appear to be all kinds of collectives, federations and groups in our universe. In order to assist in sorting this out, the present article distinguishes between the Ashtar Galactic Command and the Ashtar Collective/Alliance. The information is based upon the work by Elena Danaan.

In her book ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (2), the Ashtar Galactic Command is described: “Separatist faction from the Ashtar Collective from Sirius B. Due to infiltrations and corruption by agents of the Ciakahrr Empire, a rebel faction, mainly humanoids, separated from the Ashtar Collective and took side along with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Admirably skilled in military procedures, the Ashtar separatists were offered by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to help with operations in the Terran system, and they were offered to set an outpost on planet Jupiter.” (p. 313)

In another book by Danaan (3) we can read about her arrival to Jupiter and to the ship of the Ashtar Galactic Command: “The descent seemed endless and although we were traversing terrifying storms, violent winds and threatening titanic clouds, the ship was sliding smoothly, with ease. The structures of the Ashtar outpost started to appear though the thick ochre fog. I had already seen this base when in telepathic contact with Thor Han, a few times already, but today I was there…and it was very intimidating. I know it was just a military facility but yet, its reputation was well known.

Protected by under a gigantic dome, the Jovian city extended with its glistening roads, bridges and buildings across a vast surface. It was in fact a ship, which landed a very long time ago when the Galactic Federation of Worlds requested help to protect our solar system.” (3, pp.38-39)

Whereas the Ashtar Galactic Command is benevolent, the Ashtar Collective is not. In ‘A Gift from the Stars’ we come across the following description of this group based in Sirius B: “Humanoids of various types (Sirius B/Altair mainly), Reptoids, Greys, Insectoids, and genetically engineered species, also called ‘The Sirian Collective’. The headquarters are located in the Sirius B system on the planet Morga.

At the time when the Ciakahrr Empire took over the Orion systems and created the Orion Empire with local Grey species , or Alliance of the Six, the Sirian Ashkeru humanoids found themselves engaged in a conflict over the ownership of twenty one star systems, yours [solar system] included. The Sirian systems stood up to the invaders and created this collective siege of the power of Ashkera (Sirius B), Ash-Tar (Ash=bright light; Tar=the seat). Due to infiltrations and corruption by reptilian agents of the Ciakahrr Empire, …a faction separated…[the Ashtar Galactic Command]. (2, p.319)


Elena Danaan on Youtube responded right after the publication of the article on Exopolitics on December 23, 2021 (4). She stressed that the Ashtar Galactic Command is a military group, which does not channel with any human being.

In November 2022 we were surprised to hear that not only the Ashtar Collective’s head quarters on the planet Morga in the Sirius B system had been destroyed, but all planets in the Sirius B system had regained their freedom due to a combined attack by the T-Askeru themselves, assisted by the Asthar Galactic Command and the Galactic Federation of Worlds. You can read and watch what unfolded and how it was possible to crack down on the Nebu in (5). Below is a short fragment in which Elena talks about the final defeat of the Ashtar Collective in the Sirius B system.

Defeat of the Nebu, the Chiakahrr and the Ashkar Collective destroyed on Morga (Thula (=Sirius B)), (5)

(1) Remote Viewing confirms Ashtar Command base hidden in Jupiter’s clouds
(2) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift from the Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Race. Amazon Press
(3) Danaan, E. (2021) We will Never let You Down. Amazon Press.
(4) About Ashtar Galactic Command: I told you so! (Dec 23, 2021)
(5) Thula: the Sirius Insurrection and the End of the Dominion (november 2022)
(6) I’m not always a bif fan of The Far Sight Institute. They were enthusiastic about the possible return of the hybrid-Gray-Human Essassani (7) and they had this funny idea that Putin and the ring about him were under influence of ‘demonic’ forces (8). That’s not really my cup of tea.
(7) Bashar, the Far Sight Institute and the Essassani Resistance Movement Psy-Op – Fortunately these hybrids were not allowed to enter our planes due to a New Amendment of the Prime Directive
(8) President Putin and the Far Sight Institute

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