President Putin and the Far Sight Institute

On April 28, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla launched and article based on Remote Viewing sessions by Dr. Courtney Brown’s Far Sight Institute (1). We have talked about the Far Sight Institute before in an article that confirmed the presence of a great post of the benevolent Ashtar Galactic Command in the clouds of Jupiter (2). In the current article we can hear Dr. Brown claiming that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin and his inner circle, would be under the influence of ‘bad’ aliens. I tend to disagree and I added a comment to that article, explaining my position. The comment ended up longer that I expected which prompted me to make it into a new article, which you are currently reading. So, here’s my take on this matter. Let me know what you think!

President Putin of the Russian Federation – image taken from Softpedia News (5)

“I would like to point out a view things. First, the validity of the Far Sight Institute. I have just begun reading the 700+ pages book by Alfred Lambremont Weber, called the Chronogarchy (3), and in the first pages he refers to a prediction by Dr. Brown’s Far Sight Institute regarding a cataclysmic event that would have destroyed many coastal cities in june 2013 (see p.11 of the abovementioned book). Well, as we all know this didn’t happen. Dr. Brown would have argued that his viewers were tapping into some parallel timeline….

If one is to be consistent we would have to accept that there are no longer any malevolent aliens perpetrating any harm to any human anymore, since they have been chased out of our solar system by the Galactic Federation and the Earth Alliance. So, if you accept that Putin would have been influenced by these bad aliens, one would have to say that they obviously are still playing their role, which is like questioning the core of the information from Thor Han. If one were to question this, one would have to question everything. I think there are many Cabal who would like us to to question the story of the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation. Perhaps Dr. Brown could pay a visit to Corey G. or Megan R. (4)?

I prefer to stick to the validity of the information from Elena Danaan/Jean-Charles Moyen and other contactees and SSP-whistleblowers and interpret the Far Sight conclusions in the following way: his team noticed alien interaction with president Putin and his inner circle, but used biased terms like manipulation. I think it is far more in line with the complete story that has been advocated on this website that the Galactic Federation of Worlds through certain representatives are actively supporting Russia in their mission in Ukraine to obtain goals that we will probably only fully grasp when this is all over.

Thor Han said that the Earth Alliance is pretty much in control of everything and I think we should be thankful to the confirmation of the Far Sight Institute of the assistance by benevolent aliens probably in alliance with the Earth Alliance to create a situation in which the Cabal has to expose itself more than ever, leading to its eventual demise, leading the way to a new era where real truth can be shared globally, with the assistance of our friend Elon Musk.

The way Dr. Brown talks about the situation in Ukraine clearly shows how heavily he was influenced by the Deep State MSM. Let’s be patient even if it means war for a while. The GFW is a military organization and they fought hard to release the Moon, Antarctica, Ceres, Mars and many spots on our planet from malevolent forces (together with the Earth Alliance) and sometimes force is necessary.

Let’s not be fooled into buying this story about Putin being manipulated by bad aliens. To me it is just another act by the Cabal to sow division and chaos amongst those who are exploring these new territories.”

(1) Remote Viewing ET manipulation in Russia Ukraine War
(2) The Ashtar Galactic Command and the Ashtar Collective …
(3) Webre, A.L. (2022) The Chronogarchy: How interdimensional quantum access time travel manipulates human events, human history and the interlife. Universe Books. Amazon-link
(4) On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate Departure of M.R. from the Crew
(5) Russian President Vladimir Putin Wants Microsoft Out of the Country

10 thoughts on “President Putin and the Far Sight Institute

  1. Absolutely right. As many, many people commented on Michael Salla’s YouTube channel, the Farsight Institute is not credible. The reason for this is that the people who choose the target do not realize it when they make wrong assumptions. When they make a wrong assumption, they direct the remote viewers to world-lines that don’t exist. One incorrect assumption was that Jeffrey Epstein died in the federal detention facility in Manhattan. They had no way of knowing that—they just assumed it.

    Any reality that an IS-BE can imagine exists. What makes a world-line dominant (in my opinion) is the number of IS-BEs who choose to consciously be in that reality. If the remote viewer is the only one in that reality, (e.g., where Jeffrey Epstein dies in Manhattan) that reality will exist only as long as the viewer is there, but will not exist after the viewing.

    Another way of putting it is: Garbage in, garbage out. If you enter wrong data in a model, you are going to get the wrong result.

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    • Yes, I think Dr. Michael Salla is making a slight mistake in his interpretation, but I also think we should not pay too much attention to it. There is no use in starting heated debates on this issue. Let’s just see how things develop and keep up of the good spirits. I could start an argument about all this, but I believe that is not beneficial for the greater cause here 🙂

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      • My understanding is that all events occur simultaneously–past, present and future. You don’t go into the past or future as we imagine it, but you alter your own time field to slide to a different time-coordinate on your world-line. If you come up with a more intelligent explanation of time-travel, please let us know.


      • I looked up Mr. Webre and found his web site,
        Here is one of his latest articles:

        “Gary Peter Carlson: Elon Musk is a Draco Reptilian Soul Aligning with Trump’s Lizard Soul”
        April 23, 2022
        By Alfred Lambremont Webre

        If Elon Musk is a Draco reptilian and President Trump has a lizard soul, then the Terran human race is in big trouble!


  2. I watched that interview. Just another psy-op I would say 🙂 I’m not that familiar with Alfred Webremont. I read his excellent book ‘The Omniverse’ and I have started reading the Chronogarchy which he published this year. Elena Danaan mentioned him recently (see Various/End note 21 on this site) in a positive light regarding the dismantlement of another psy-op. He seems to be exposing psy-ops, and perhaps that is what is behind this video on Gary Peter Carlson (‘Let’s make gas prices high again”). I would prefer to stay away from that guy with his lizard souls and tune into a more resonating perspective 🙂

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    • The problem is that Webre discredits himself by his association with Gary Peter Carlson. Even though most of what Webre says is probably true, by promoting Carlson, he is indicating that he is unable to distinguish the true from the false.

      I have to maintain the integrity of my own web site. You saw how Dr. Salla was criticised for his interviews of Dr. Brown, and Dr. Salla is one of the best reporters on Earth, if not the best.

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      • I couldn’t agree more. I think it is very important to protect the integrity of your own website. These times are too important to lose your time and focus because of people who tell stories that conflict with the main story that I resonate with. The future will tell if we have chosen the right people to trust, so far Elena Danaan is doing a great job, and Dr. Salla is human and he can make some choices now, which can be corrected later. As long as he is not twisting the words of Thor Han to make them fit the biased tale of the far sight institute the damage is quite limited. I sure do hope that he will not have an interview with that lizard guy, though 🙂

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  4. I am sure that Dr Brown has the very best intentions and that Remote Viewing (RV) works. But, as you say Diana, the interpretations from RV are not better than the understanding of the peripheral conditions. Good RVing requires a monitoring person attending the session since the RVer gives a more unbiased output the less the person knows about the subject being RVed. The person’s consciousness will interfere in the study of the Akashic Record via Analytical OverLays (AOL). And the subconscious can lead to faulty results known as Subconscious Transference of Recollections, Anxieties and Yearnings to Consciously Accessible Thought (STRAY CAT).
    These are probably major reasons why the US Deep State cancelled RV efforts around the year 1993 and only continued with Looking Glass technologies.
    Tarot cards give faster feedback than RV. But it also requires a good understanding of the subject studied to make correct interpretations. Janine Morigeau has the ability to source information very well even though she has a very good understanding of what happens via earthly channels.

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  5. I appreciate your information about remote viewing, and I have a question: Does the Akashic Record include all world-lines? We know from the Montauk veterans that everything happens in the present, which is how time-travel works. We also know from Metallicman that Earth has a nearly infinite number of possible world-lines. A few people have said that the purpose of the experiments in changing history that the NSA did at Montauk, and the purpose of the collider at CERN, was to merge world-lines that gave the predators an advantage into what I suppose is the dominant world-line, the one in which we are having this conversation. – deleted info relating to MR –


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