A New Amendment to the Prime Directive

In the eighth episode of the Contact-series (1,2) Elena Danaan presented a great development, namely the addition of a new amendment to the Prime Directive. What is the Prime Directive? What is this new amendment all about and why was it added to the Prime Directive of the Galactic Federation of Worlds?

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The Prime Directive
In an earlier article I mentioned the Prime Directive in relationship to the finding of the various arks (3). In a september 2021 article by Dr. Michael Salla the rules of this Prime Directive can be found (4). There you can find this definition of the Prime Directive: “….the Galactic Federation of Worlds released its Prime Directive, which is described as a moral, ethical guide and legal template, applicable to all cultures in any world that have not yet achieved interstellar travel capacity and have not established an organized continuous relationship with an evolved external interstellar culture.

The Prime Directive is meant to protect civilizations that have not yet reached the interstellar stage in their development. The Galactic Federation distinguishes four stages which you can find at (3).

Why an Amendment?
The Prime Directive is observed by many peoples throughout our galaxy, even the Ciakahrr and Nebu adhere to it, but…they have used some kind of loophole in the directive which says that it is allowed to interfere in a level 2 civilization like Earth when people consent. This was done in the 1950s when the Nebu (mainly Grays) managed to get consent by the group called the Majestic 12 (5) to have interaction with humanity.

In the video by Elena Danaan (1) she talks about an agreement to ‘use’ 150 prisoners for genetic experimentation by the Grays in exchange for mainly technology. We have talked about deceit in regards to the sharing of this technology in an earlier article (6). The Grays exploited this agreement to abduct and do experiments upon millions of people on Earth, leading to many hybrids (7,8).

Well, as you may have hear, the Galactic Federation of Worlds, together with the Earth Alliance have fought a war to remove all the malevolent extraterrestrials from our solar system, including the Nebu, and they didn’t fight this war to let them sneak into this world again through a backdoor, namely by once again trying to manipulate people in giving their consent.

As Elena said the future of our planet is not one in which humanity is replaced by Gray-hybrids with hive-mind souls (1). The Galactic Federation of Worlds noticed that the Grays would have tried to use this loophole in the Prime Directive once again by manipulating and fooling people.

The Amendment
Below you can find the exact wording of the amendment in the Prime Directive which basically says that it is no longer legal and allowed to manipulate people in lower stages of development for the sole benefit of the race that is doing the manipulation. From now on the Galactic Federation of Worlds is allowed to act upon anyone who disregards this new amendment. Enough is enough.

(snapshot from video, 18 may 2022 (1))See (14) for a translated variant of amendended rule 9

Somehow I had missed the ones that were actually talking about hybrid grays wanting to ‘help us out’, but after reading through comments below the video (1) I found out who were the suspects, which prompted me to write another article immediately (10).

The new Prime Directive with the amended rule 9 used to be on Elena Danaan’s website, but due to website reorganization by Elena I can’t find it anymore (11). You can look them up in her book, The Seeders (13) at pages 242-243. A few days after this amendment Dani Henderson had a very enlightening conversation with both Elena Danaan and Laura Eisenhower, in which they also elaborated on this amendment (12).

See End Note 111 for a link with the Tengri-Tengri.

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“The free will of a species at Stage 1 or Stage 2 is recognized by the Greater Universal Law, if not influenced by an outside threatening source forcing and influencing free will to benefit their own agenda, at the detriment of the said species. The Universal Law of Evolution regards this case as interference.

A coerced decision, even if it appears as free will, is not. It only infringes the Universal LAw and the Prime Directive if the coercion comes from an outside, off-world invasive interference, working for their benefit, at the detriment of a lesser evolved Stage 1 or 2 culture.”

16 thoughts on “A New Amendment to the Prime Directive

  1. 1. Majestic 12 was a shadow government. Only the president can negotiate a treay, and only under certain conditions.
    2. ‘Greys” do not represent a country, according the treay clause of our Constitution.
    3. The agreements were made in secret and were published, debated or ratified by 2/3 of the Senate.
    4. The agreements violated human rights. This alone should have made them a violation of the Prime Directive.

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    • Hi there Diana,

      Yes, it really is ludicrous that only a handful of people in one country could have decided something as huge as this for the whole of humanity, and that this would be in accordance with the prime directive. Well, I am very glad with this amendment which would prevent anything like this ever happening again.

      I guess you missed a ‘not’ in the third point you raise. (were not published…)


      • Quite right: the agreements were not published, debated or ratified.
        Another thing that Elena Danaan got wrong was her claim that the members of Majestic—or any government employee or official—had the right to violate the human rights of United States citizens because they were prisoners. A citizen doesn’t lose his human rights when he goes to prison. I wish Elena would consult a lawyer and stop making things up.

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      • Hi there Diana. I like a critical mind, but it was not Elena Danaan who made this up. I don’t think she agreed to anything. But apparently the prime directive allowed for these strange loopholes. Neither do I think Elena supported the experiments on these prisoners. It was the deal the Majestic 12 made with the alien goofballs. I don’t see what Danaan has to do with their deal? Why would she be responsible?


  2. (https://youtu.be/-aNN9Ybv-oU)
    (3:40) “Why prisoners? Because the MJ-12, they are military people, they are governmental institution—with dark government but still government—and they have a sort of the ownership of prisoners. They have lawfully all rights over them, unfortunately.”

    Really? What law is that? Because if that’s the law of the GFW, then U.S. law (and French law) is better than GFW law.

    (12:30) “Evolution is free will of an individual or a culture. This must not be interfered with.”
    (13:38) “When a decision that appears like free will made by a stage-one or stage-two culture . . . ”

    Who in their right mind would see the Majestic deals as “a decision . . . made by a culure,” i.e., a collective decision made by the entire human race? The GFW cannot claim they didn’t have intelligence into our structures. They had Val Thor at the Pentagon for three years. They had millions of incarnated volunteers gathering information. Surely they must have been aware that the governments did not govern with the consent of the governed, that they had been taken over by the hybrids of the Ciakahrr—the Illuminati.

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    • You raise valid points, Diana.

      I think the GFW-law is the Prime Directive and I don’t think they really are into all the laws that we have made. The prime directive is a set of principles which apparently doesn’t (now, didn’t) take into account a world that has some 200 countries, in which every country has a different set of laws. You could wonder how the Prime Directive would have worked if the Soviet Union, India and China would have actively refused to cooperate with these malevolent alien groups? What if half the world is against and the other half welcomes them? I don’t think they expected situations like that when the Prime Directive was set up. It was probably based on the idea that all the people on a planet speak with one voice, or something like that. Well, although we had to suffer a lot because of these power-hungry Majestic 12 group, it would have led to this more sophisticated amendment.

      You don’t want a lawbook with 12,000 laws and subparagraphs. This amendment prevents situations like this to ever occur again, anywhere, without the GFW having to first ‘read themselves into’ every culture on every world before they can decide what to do.

      Even though they might have had more knowledge over our society, the Prime Directive didn’t provide enough ‘legal backing’ to intervene. The Grays (with their Ciakahrr overlords) apparently are masters in using the loopholes in the Prime Directive ‘legislature’.

      With this new amendment you could say that the free will of our cultures is not respected. What if we truly want these Grays or these hybrids to live on our planet? That opportunity is now taken away, and I’m glad for it. There is room and space for the benevolent guys and that’s more than enough. If we reach stage 3 we have regained our free will to even engage with malevolent groups.


      • The Galactic Federation of Worlds are supposed to be the more evolved ones: we are only a “stage-two culture.” It doesn’t matter how many countries there are—a human being cannot be deprived of his human rights. A government that violates human rights loses its legitimacy. You don’t need 12,000 laws to understand human rights, just the Neuremberg Code and the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (https://www.ohchr.org/en/human-rights/universal-declaration/translations/english).

        You defend the GFW saying that, “The Grays (with their Ciakahrr overlords) apparently are masters in using the loopholes in the Prime Directive legislature.”
        Are you saying that the grays are more intelligent than the GFW? That would explain how millions of humans ended up being tortured, mutilated and butcherd by grays, but it doesn’t make me trust the judgment of the GFW.

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      • regarding ‘Are you saying that the grays are more intelligent than the GFW?’ I would like to compare it to an evil lawyer who knows the rules so well, that he keeps the greatest criminals out of jail despite the moral injustice. It is not the task of the GFW to check if every living being on all planets in all the unverses act morally correct. It’s up to the people on each planet to make their own choices, that’s what free will is all about. Free will is not the same as “You must act morally correct”.

        This prime directive should not be big and complicated since there are supposedly thousands of worlds who adhere to it. You can’t make up rules for all the possible situations that may arise on these countless planets and worlds. You need to have some basic guidelines and now rule 9 has an amendment – agreed upon by some High Council who oversees the prime directive and they probably know if this addition will be approved by all the worlds who are part of the GFW.

        ‘A human being cannot be deprived of his human rights” you say. That would be great in an ideal world of course. But it seems unfair to me to blame the GFW for it. The GFW is not the policeman of the worlds for every act of wrongdoing. And I think it is a sign of strength and flexibility to take this step to – in a way – limit free will for our own protection. That is not something that should be thought of lightly. The GFW also learns and they need to find this balance between interfering/protecting and allowing the free will.


      • If the GFW were as evolved as Elena claims, no ammendment would be necessary.

        In A Gift from the Stars, she claims that these agreements between Majestic Twelve and the greys were treaties (p. 154). This is false. As I have shown: no treaty has ever been made between the U.S. government and aliens. She also claims that by law, the government can violate the human rights of prisoners. Again I ask, which law is this? It isn’t U.S. law and it isn’t allowed under the Universal Declaration of human rights. Is it in the eyes of the GFW that prisoners have no human rights? That is not what I would call “evolved.”

        Elena also says that the Ciakahrr have infiltrated many worlds using the strategy of illegitimate agreements and that it is “so well known.”

        “This joint method of maipulation using the Do-Hu for easy conqust is so well known; it has been used by the Ciakahrr Empire to infiltrate many worlds. Always, they are able to find naive indigenous allies to sell out their own people in exchange for false promises. Once treaties are signed, and the local leaders of the invaded planet agree on the ters the invaders have al rights regarding to the eyes of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. They systematically proceed like this, and it works wonders because they always anage to find that sparkle of greed ad personal profit in targeted indigenous leaders on the world to conquer.”
        “In 1954, the Do-Hu contacted Terran leaders to operate their age-old trick, so the Galactic Federation of Worlds decided to . . . warn the Terran leaders not to make the greatest mistake ever in thier history. Unfortunately, it occurred shortly after the Terran leaders signed an agreement with the Do-Hu.” (p. 153)

        The human race has been through a holocaust, and I find Elena’s presentation of their justification childish in the extreme. She adopts this superior tone of voice, as if to show that the GFW is much more evolved than Terrans, and then she gives this infantile explanation. “Millions suffered a horrible fate, but that wasn’t our fault: your leaders made treaties. Nevertheless, it won’t happen again because, although we have not made any mistakes, we are changing our rules of engagement.”

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      • Alright Diana, I get your point. Thanks for the quotes.

        I guess the GFW was there to uphold the prime directive as a military force, not as a legislative force, so to speak.

        I can’t add anything more than I have already said.


  3. My theory is that they are lying to Elena. Either she doesn’t know that they are lying or she is a willing accomplice to a deception. I don’t “buy” their story that it took them billions of years to catch on to the tricks of the Ciakahrr.


  4. Another source mentions the amendment to the Prime Directive: his name is Gene Decode. At 50 minutes he says the NSA used CERN to conduct a massive amount of tampering with this world-line and other Earth timelines, which had a ripple-effect on other universes, etc. Then at 56 minutes the host asks Gene to comment on historical tampering that makes it impossible to determine what really happened in the past (he pronounces “historical’ as “isto-rical”). It is in Gene’s answer, which starts at 57:50, that he mentions a new law that was negotiated at the Ganymede base that allows intervention to protect free will, since (obviously) abducting millions of beings and altering history in order to enslave an entire race violates the free will of the entire race. https://youtu.be/olrFztVeYXU

    No one speaking for the GFW should be allowed to make false statements like the ones made by Elena Danaan. The GFW has no right to claim that there were ever any treaties or that United States law allows the government to violate the human rights of prisoners. Our Constitution and our laws cannot be misrepresented just to make extraterrestrial groups look good.


    • Thanks, that CERN-project sure seems to have a bad rap. I have only listened to the part you mentioned and it’s good to hear his collaboration for the importance of the meetings that are taking place at Ganymede. What he says makes sense, but I still don’t get why you think there were given any false statements by Elena Danaan. We seem to be going in circles. You seem to think that ‘a legal agreement or treaty’ must be lawful in terms of the laws that are made in a country, with that 2/3th of the Senate etc. I’m afraid that that is not at all the case. A treaty apparently can be considered lawful in galactic terms when a group of power makes an agreement with these alien guys. There is NO CONNECTION with any human law or constitution present at the time. These are completely irrelevant.

      When the MJ-12 says that these prisoners can be used for genetic experimentation that goes against all human laws, but that is irrelevant in the light of these galactic agreements. You seem to think that the constitution means anything to these MJ-12 or those alien impostors. They simply do have the power to make sure these Grays got those prisoners to experiment upon. Not the legal power, but I’m sure they have the power to make that possible.

      Neither the GFW nor Elena Danaan are condoning anything like that, but apparently that is the way things worked. But fortunately not any longer.


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