Dolores Cannon: The Seeding of Life on Planets appears to be the Standard Procedure

Dolores Cannon (1931-2014) was a renowned ‘past-life regressionist’ or hypnotherapist who has performed thousands of sessions. She was a prolific writer and has left behind 17 books. The current article is based on a recent (april 2022) short video by Dorothy Shelton that deals with the concept of ET’s having planted life not only on our planet but on every conceivable planet, for that appears to be the way things work (1).

Dolores Cannon (2)

The main reason for this article is to compare the findings of Dolores Cannon with the recent knowledge on alien groups and their interactions with our planet mainly presented by Elena Danaan/Dr. Michael Salla and various Secret Space Program contactees. What is corroboration and what is not? In the video Dr. Steven Greer also adds a few thoughts of his own.

The Concept of the Seeders that Bring Life to Planets
The idea that intelligent life is seeded by other beings from other worlds is in line with the paradigm that is studied on this website. We did not actually slowly evolve from apes, but we were genetically changed by otherwordly species. Cannon says that planets are first given plants, then animals and finally intelligent beings. This reminds me of how Elena Danaan describes how the people that were chased from the Man-system in Lyra (speed) terraformed the planets orbiting Taygeta (“Ashaara”) in the Pleiadean star cluster, in order to be able to move their own people there. In stead of seeding a new race, they only created the circumstances for their own race to inhabit those planets (3).

In October 2021 the Seeder Races would have returned to our solar system, thereby activating all kinds of arks that resonate with their ancient energy. Cannon talks about ‘the Custodians’ or ‘the Keepers of the Garden’, the Archaic or the Old Ones (1).

The Seeding of Animals
The holographically portrayed information in the projection room in the Romanian Bucegi Mountains would have presented the origins of various animals: from which planets do which animals originally come from (4). This seems to be in line with what Cannon is concluding. Hardly any evolution, but seeding by alien people.

To be Spoonfed with New Information
Here’s another important concept as far as I’m concerned: it is very important not to overwhelm people with new information. I hope I can contribute to this with this website by presenting short articles that are relatively easy to digest (although they are still probably far out for many people now).

These Dangerous People of Planet Earth
Cannon suggests that we would be considered as quite a ‘dangerous’ people, especially when our technological capabilities are growing faster than our spiritual ones. Dr. Steven Greer said that our ‘proclivity to turn everything into weapons’ is not very useful for our jump into a future in which we are a proud member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Stewart Swendlow also said that we would be regarded as rather backward in that regard (5). Fortunately the people from the Galactic Federation of Worlds have invested heavily in us by forecefully removing all the malevolent alien presences from our planet and the complete solar system. Now it is up to us to revolt against the remaining Cabal in order to kick them from their elitist, globalist thrones. They are watching and hoping for us to awaken, and as soon as possible!

Annax, from the benevolent Elgaroth Species from the star system Alnilam in Orion (7,8)

Dr. Steven Greer introduced the term ‘speciesm’ in the video as a kind of racism for the various categories of aliens. As if we are inclined to see the bad guys looking very differently from ours (like the Grays and Reptilians), whereas the good guys look as if they are from Norway (at about 13′ in the video). He comforts us by stating that no place would have been attacked by any of these beings.

Well, it appears that Dr. Greer is a bit naive here. It seems that the beings that have proven to be very malevolent like the Ciakarr (6) really are Reptilian, and many reptilian species seem to be inclined to a malevolent approach to humanity. Of course there are reptilian species that are less malevolent but as a rule of thumb it would be best to distrust these beings.

Many of the Gray-like species stem from the Orion system and they haven’t contributed much positivity to our world either. There are however grey-like species that really are very highly evolved spiritually, like the Egaroth from Alnilam (8).

The members of the benevolent Galactic Federation of Worlds can be reptilian, insectoid, looking like Grays and of course many are humanoid. And it seems that these humanoids tend to be very active in assisting us in our awakening process.

So, it seems that it is quite unwise to trust reptilians and greys. They are the main perpetrators on our planet, causing enormous amounts of harm to large groups of people through their abductions, genetic experiments and other nefarious acts.

(Also see Endnotes 22 and 23 (in the menu))

(1) This Video Will Give You Goosebumps – Dolores Cannon opens up about Aliens
(2) Dolores Cannon at Good Reads
(3) Getting acquainted with the Ahil
(4) From which Planets do our Animals Originate?
(5) Time Travel, Portals & the Montauk Project – Interview with Stewart Swerdlow
(6) The Ciakahrr
(7) The image of Annax is a snapshot from a video by Elena Danaan from Jan 25, 2022
(8) For more on the Elgaroth and the Council of Five read Elena Danaan’s A Gift from the Stars (2020), p. 238.

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