The Council of Five

Logo of the Council of Five (taken from (8))

After launching the ‘Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center‘ (1), I would like to spend some time on the Council of Five. We have spoken about this council quite a few times before on this website. On this page you will get some background on this council, its members and what they have been doing lately.

The main reason for addressing the Council of Five now lies in the new role that the Council of Five (or Alnilam) (2) is taking up after the demise of the Nebu Empire (3). Alnilam is the central star in the ‘Belt’ of the Orion Constellation and (one of the homes) of the Egaroth, who are one of the five races that founded the Council of Five.

The Council of Five started off as the Council of Nine during the Orion Wars (4,5). Annax told us: “The former Council of Nine (26) from Uru an Na, that you call Orion, was formed a few hundred thousand of your linear years ago, in the purpose to protect the local cultures of the Orion zone against the growing power of the Nebu Empire.” (6, p.256). Both the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Andromedan Council (7) were created after these terrible Orion Wars (4).

It is interesting to note that the Council of Five is also mentioned in the KGB Alien Races Book (8). This book was mainly brought to the Soviet Union by Val Thor (9). Elena Danaan has of course expanded tremendously on this book, with drawings that are far more attractive than the ones you can find in that book, or in a video of the book (12). Together with all the new information it can hardly be compared to each other, although you can see many descriptions of the KGB Book also appear in the description of many species in Elena’s book. Personally I think that KGB-Book has got a slightly gloomy appearance, and Elena’s masterpiece reads more like a fascinating account into the multitude of races that have had interaction with us.

The Redan (13, p.240)

The Five remaining members of the Council of Five are the Redan, the Egaroth, the Emerther, the Orela and the Ginvo. I will describe them one by one.

Assamay system, Orion zone. Part of the Council of Five, they are an ancient species of tan skinned humanoids, whose origins are lost in the records. All we know is what they tell about themselves, that they came from somewhere else in the Bootes constellation. They work at protecting Terra, alongside with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, which they are part of as council members. Interdimensional ships, discoidal and translucent white.” (13, p.240)

Annax of course is the most well-known Egaroth. He is a friend of Elena and has joined Elena Danaan on several trips across the universe.

Annax, an Egaroth (15)

The central supergiant star in the Orion Belt: Alnilam (ε Orionis), 2000(T) light years away, is also named locally Zagara, around 2000 light-years from Terra. The Egaroth are a colony from the Meissa star system. Egaroth are a very ancient race and culture, which has nearly disappeared. They are part of the famous Council of Five. Archetypal Orion elders, the Egaroth are tall, pale skinned, with a large skull and appearance of serene wisdom.” (13, p. 238)

We have fairly recently talked about an extraordinary trait of the Egaroth, namely their ability to choose their gender at a later age (14). This wonderful image of Annax can be found on Elena’s website (15).

We have come across the Emether before on this website. It was in connection with those binary messages and some crop circles, in which they seemed to have warned us to be aware of bringers of false gifts (16). You can find a drawing of them at that page.

They come from Tau Ceti, double star system (yellow dwarf and mini red dwarf) in the constellation of Cetus, 11 Light-Years from Terra, with 5 planets, two only are inhabited, One by the Aramani and one, Tau Ceti e, a large planet with three moons, by the Emerther. Their world is a wonderful place of peace, civilization, spirituality and knowledge.

Part of the Council of Five, this very old race is distantly related to the Solipsi Rai. They are a single gender and reproduce by cloning. This is the product of an engineered evolution. They are not very tall, about a meter, have a pale grey skin and a large head, round shoulders and long thin arms, three fingers and higher knees.” (13, p.130)

The Orela (Illustration by Elena Danaan, 13, p. 216)

In ‘We Will Never Let You Down’ we get to meet a Ginvo officer connected to the Ganymede base. I already dedicated a page to them in december 2021. You can find all about them there (17)

“They originate from Ophiuchus constellation, and are part of the Council of Five. Tall Grey beings, very slim, Orelai have a high thin long neck, a triangular face with a slit for the mouth, barely visible nostrils, and slanted eyes with pupil. They are very old, very wise, an ambassadors for peace in the high council of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

They have two genders, but do not copulate for reproduction anymore, as this function became inefficient with their evolution. They now “fabricate” new organic individual bodies and imbue in it a soul from their matrix. They have round, flat ships, but rarely ever travel out of their world, as they perform instead interdimensional resonance.

As we can read in ‘A Gift from the Stars’, they have been involved in protecting Terra, way before the creation of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, which they joined later on as council representatives….The council of Five, at the moment run by the Egaroth (18), met Terran leaders at many occasions, trying to influence their decision with wisdom, which has always been quite a difficult task. The Council of Five do not have a rule of non-intervention, such as the Prime Directive (19) of the GFW, as they consider that sometimes, intervention is necessary in helping a species avoiding fatal mistakes leading to destructive pathways.

Besides these more diplomatic roles the Council of Five also plays a role in ‘preparing’ DNA for certain incoming souls (22)

Another role that they play is that they are part of what you might call a Galactic Alliance, which is an Alliance of benevolent organizations in Nataru, our Milky Way. Other members of this Galactic Alliance are the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Andromedan Council. It seems that they are present when important events occur in our galaxy. Representatives of the Council, for instance, were present during the ‘Trial of Enlil’ (23).

A lot more can be said about the Council of Five, but I think the above will suffice for a general understanding or introduction. This Council of Five (or Council of Alnilam (24)) would have been given the job to oversee the aftermath of the collapse of the Nebu in the Orion system. I remember that story about the Anunnaki who would have some role in protecting Orion from a mysterious group called the Akker (25). If the Council of Five would take full control of the Orion system, what about the Anunnaki and these Akker?

If you have any questions or thoughts drop them below in the comments or take them to the Research Center (1).

(1) The Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center
(2) Council of Alnilam. Elena Danaan mentioned them in her post-webinar 2 update in UPDATES – March 1 2023. In the excerpt below Elena seems to use Council of Alnilam almost synonymously with the Council of Five. I don’t know if that is a slip of the tongue, because I could imagine that the other four members have a different point of view, but then again, perhaps they don’t worry about any of these futilities.

Elena Danaan talks about the new role of the Council of Five in the Orion Zone

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“Elena: ‘So are you implying that you are the person at the origin of the information that was leaked in the KGB Book of Alien Races’ ?

Val Thor: ‘I am for the most of it. The American government was given the same data, as also other governments I visited such as France and Japan’ (10), p.66)” (I used this quote as well on the Rak and Aldi-Octopus page (11).

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On Jesus, Jehovah, the Hoova and Thiaoouba

( على يسوع ، ويهوه ، وهوفا ، وثياوبا)

On March 8, 2023, Miyoko Sano (1) posted another interview she did with Elena Danaan (2), and Elena revealed something interesting about the origin of Jesus. In an earlier article we had already paid attention to two theories surrounding the origin of the physical body of Jesus (3), but now the origin of his soul was revealed. This article tries to combine certain elements that relate to this new piece of information, which I find quite intriguing. Follow me, please 🙂

After Elena said that she didn’t know anything about he origin of the soul of Jesus’ mother Mary, Miyoko asked her if she did know the origin of the soul of Jesus, and Elena Danaan gave a positive answer to that. Listen to her talking about this:

Elena Danaan explains the Origin of the Soul of Jesus Christ/Yeshua (2)
Illustration of the Hoova by Elena Danaan (5, p.99)

The fact that she names the Hoova, or Hoovid, is interesting in various ways. In an earlier article (4) I reflected on the links between the Hoova as they are mentioned as an intergalactic Seeder Race in Elena’s third disclosure book (5) and the Hoova as they are described in ‘The Only Planet of Choice‘ by Phyllis Schlemmer (6). I also added the Hebrew people to this mix.

This was an interesting corroboration for the Hoovid being one of the Seeder races. And now we learn that according to Elena’s information the soul of Jesus originated in that star system, in that other galaxy, with that highly creative name ‘NGC 6702’.

The name Jehova is quite interesting in this regard too, for if we again look at the ‘Only Planet of Choice’ (6) we can read the following about the connection between the Hoovid and Jehova: “Jehovah is the head of the civilization Hoova.” (p.235 in the pdf).

So here we have Jehova as the leader of the Hoovid. To make things even more interesting I would like to call in the assistance of our great Dr. Plasma Field, Dan Winter, who makes another fascinating link based on the word ‘Jehova’ in a conversation with Elena in april 2022. I want to thank the Brazilian Team (7) for directing me to this excerpt, which you can watch below. Since it only lasts half a minute you are probably still able to understand and follow everything he says 🙂

Dan Winter talks about Jehova and Thioouba (8)

So, Dan Winter introduces the Thiaoouba from the French contactee Michel Desmarquet (9). We have written quite a few articles based on what Desmarquet learnt from these highly evolved beings (2, 10-13). Dan was talking about Draco’s and Thube in the Draco Constellation which doesn’t match within this context, but the fact that he talked about them being androgynous does match exactly with the way Desmarquet described the Thiaoouba (12). And also Elena mentions that the Hoovid have three polarities (5, p.98)

What is also quite interesting is that not only Dan Winter, but also the Thiaoouba seem to have a link to Jehova. Here’s a part from the book in which the editor concludes: “From the information contained in this book it is clear that God is God (The
Great Spirit) and Yehova = Thiaoouba.
” (9, pdf-page 139). If you pronouce Jehova and Thiaoouba a few times after each other, you might just understand that these words might have the same origin, indeed. And the Thiaoouba are described as humanoids, without any Reptilian or Draco trait.

Well, having said all this, we might listen to what the Thiaoouba have said about the soul of Jesus. They claimed that Jesus’ soul originated from their world, Thiaoouba, which might just be the same place as what Elena describes as the Hoova. What also adds credence to this link is that Michel Desmarquet talks about an ‘intergalactic base’ in his book: “The close-up view on the panel was replaced by a wide-angle shot, allowing us a general view of the command room of the intergalactic base, as we had seen
” (9, p.59), for as we have learnt the Hoova are not from this galaxy but from another galaxy.

A Human Embryo (14)

As far as the soul goes, the information of Elena Danaan and Thiaoouba seem to match almost seamlessly. There is however a difference as far as the origin of the body goes. Elena says that Jesus would have half-Anunnaki genes from the Anunnaki branch that belonged to Sirius B. The Thiaoouba have a different take on this: they say that Jesus’ embryo was a full-blood Thiaoouba (Hoovid?) embyro, which was placed in Mary’s womb, Mary being just a surrogate mother.

Although it was already far too late to start writing this article, I couldn’t stop my enthusiasm and I just had to finish this ride that provides fascinating links between the story of the Thiaoouba and that of Elena Danaan’s Seeders. If there is indeed a link between the Hoovid and the Thiaoouba what would this imply for the rest of the account of the Thiaoouba? The Thiaoouba as they are described by Desmarquet look different from the way they are described in the Seeders. Let’s just wait and see how this story develops. We might just have added a few interesting pieces to the puzzle.

Please share your thoughts below this article.

(1) We have come across Miyoko Sako before in an article on the soul-link between On the Connection between Thor Han and Elena Danaan. She also did an elaborate interview with Jean-Charles Moyen in which Jean-Charles talks about his recent Japanese discoveries:  Meeting the Goddess of Japan, New Ark in Hawaii. Jean-Charles Moyen#佐野美代子
(2) Q&A with Elena Danaan 2023. March 8, 2023
(3) Two Extraterrestrial Perspectives on Jesus Christ – Yeshua – In that article I wrote: “ In Thiaoouba’s account Jesus was able to do this because he was fully made by the Thiaoouba’s with all their qualities (except their hermaphrodite character). Both physically and with a Thiaoouba ‘soul’. We don’t get any specifics about the origin of the soul of Jesus in Elena’s account, at least not yet.” – well, this has changed from today 🙂
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The Taal-Shiar from Alcyone / Jayha

Taal-Shiar (Illustration by Elena Danaan, 4, p.251)

Now the Nebu Empire has collapsed (1) it might be interesting to see what other groups are left that have had a negative impact on humanity on our planet. In her latest update Elena mentioned new negotiations with the Taal Shiar from Alcyone (2,3). This page tells their story.

The Taal Shiar are descendants from the Taal people. Just like the Ahil (5) they used to live in the Lyra system, orbiting a planet around a star that they called ‘Man’ and we call Kepler-62 (see image below). The Lyran wars (6) forced all humans to evacuate their home planets and find refuge somewhere else in our galaxy. The Taal lived on the biggest planet, Omankhera, and from this planet they ruled the whole Man-system.

The royal family of the Taal managed to make some deal with the attackers, the Ciakahrr, and were partially escorted to eventually live on a planet around the star Mirza in the Orion zone (7). Most of the Taal, however, went to the Pleiades that had many planets that were completely uninhabited and there they opted for the star Taygeta, that they dubbed ‘Ashaara’ (8)

(image 1) – Kepler 62 – The star in the Lyra Zone that provided the homes for the Ahil and the Taal (7)

Not only the Taal ended up near Taygeta, but the Ahel and the Noor from the original Lyran Kepler 62-world each chose a planet for their people, and this created a conflict amongst the Taal.

As you can see in the second image the Taal were no longer on the biggest planet of the star system, as they were used to during the Lyran days. The Ahel had settled on Erra, which was the biggest planet. This didn’t sit well with the ego of a certain faction of the Taal.

Akvaruu (9), who is a Taal, said the following to Elena Danaan: “I don’t know how Ahil got Erra and Taali got T’mar, but they wanted Erra because Erra is a bigger planet and Taali people have a bigger ego. So there was a conflict but not only because of the bigger planet, there were more politics involved. The Ahil from Erra, called the Errahil, and the Taali from T’mar made an agreement together, but there was a faction of them who said, if we cannot rule upon the Ashaara system we are going to rule upon our own star system, because they wanted to do like in the Man system, be on the biggest planet and rule everyone.” (7)

(image 2) – Taygeta System (7)

And because their ego was too big to deal with this situation in the Taygeta star system, a faction of the Taal moved from T’Mar to another star and terraformed planets around the star Alcyone, that they called Jayha. Akvaruu said that you could consider all the people that live in the Taygeta system as Taygetans (including the Taal that moved to Alcyone, although they would be considered as ‘renegade Taygetans’ afterwards, 7)

The freshly established Taal colonies near Alcyone wanted to become members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but they were refused entry. This increased their bad feelings towards the Errahel (the Ahel on Erra), because the key positions in the Galactic Federation of Worlds were mainly held by the blonde Errahel from the Taygeta system. They started to hate the Galactic Federation and started to look for other allies. First they knocked on the door of the Nebu, but they answered that they considered them to be too small and initially were not interested in them.

Akvaruu goes on and said: “After that, they asked for protection to a Reptilian Collective from Orion that works with the Ciakahrr Empire, who accepted in exchange that Alcyone Taali will give them a planet for a colony. So in the Alcyone system there’s not only Taali Taygetans renegade but there is also a colony of Orion reptilians. And from this time the Taali Taygetans renegade got involved in the Ciakahrr Empire agendas. These renegade Taygetans name their planet Taalihara which means Taal Main World, and they named themselves Taal-Shiar and that drives us straight away to Star Trek.“(10)

The Ooganga, allies of the Taal-Shiar Illustration by Elena Danaan (4, p. 223)

Eventually they forged alliances with the Ashtar Collective (12). More recently they worked with what Thor Han once called ‘The Dark Alliance of the Antarctica people: Earth Humans (Cabal), Reptilians, Nebu, Jada (Aldebaran (13)) and the Akhori from Altair (14). The last lines on the Taal-Shiar in Danaan (2020) says it all: “They are involved in the misdeeds of the Cabal on Terra, and a painful disgrace to the Man races.” (4, p.250).

The Taygetan Renegades Taal-Shiar have formed a council, in which not only Taal-Shiar take (or took) part, but also the Ooganga and the Maytrea, and they even had some connection with the Nebu after all, since the power of the Ciakahrr in our solar system was dwindling (7).

In order to get to know more about the Taal-Shiar I think it is useful to pay some attention to the habits of their fellow Taal who remained on their planet orbiting Taygeta. Although the Taali are close cousins to the Ahil, they have a different menu: they are omnivors, meaning that they eat flesh, which makes it more difficult for them to elevate their frequency into higher densities.They are therefore more vulnerable to lower frequency races such as reptilians and greys, this is why they only work in the background, in military operations on Terra.

Another difference is their spirituality, which isn’t based on sensitivity and sensuality like their cousins Ahil, but on ascetic methods, which gives off them an impression of coldness. The T-Mari are involved with the GFW. (4, p.258)

The Taal not only settled near Mirza, Taygeta and Alcyone, but also in the systems of Vega, Elfrak Daal (Lyra), Wolf 424, Katayy (Sirius A), Ashkeru (Sirius B), Araman (Tau Ceti), Zenae (4, p.186)

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(10) In the Series Star Trek there actually is a race called the Tal-Shiar, which have some similarities with the Vulcans, in the sense that they tend to see emotions as obstacles for their efficiency. This is about the opposite approach when compared to the Ahil (10).(11) To Process Emotions the Ahel-way
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A Short Introduction to the Modern Disclosure Movement

( Краткое введение в современное движение раскрытия информации )

This article is meant for people who are completely new to the idea that we are far from alone in the universe. The only requirement to understand this introduction is an openness to the possibility of there being many more intelligent species around who live on other planets in other star systems. There is no need to believe anything, just the willingness to imagine that there might be some truth to all this is enough. My information comes from people like Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, Alex Collier, Jean-Charles Moyen, Tony Rodrgues, Rebecca Rose, Chris O’Connor and Mark Domizio

The basic story starts off some 350 years into a possible future (1). A species from the Andromeda Constellation (2) noticed that things had really turned sour in our Milky Way Galaxy. Regressive forces (3,4,5) had somehow managed to take control over large swaths of our galaxy and it endangered it all. As avid time travelers they were able to pinpoint a crucial period and place in the history of our galaxy where things went wrong. This turned out to be in our solar system in our current time frame. It was then that these beings sent out a call throughout the galaxy (and perhaps beyond) to prevent this future from happening.

People from all kinds of star systems decided to join and a huge star seed envoy program was started (6) and according to some, many millions of people left their bodies behind in stasis pods to let their soul incarnate on our planet, all with the intention to create a better and far more positive timeline.

It turns out that there are all kinds of groups, collectives and organizations that work together with various intentions. Some organizations, like the Nebu work(ed) together to create a huge empire, others like the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) try to bolster the growth in awareness of species. This GFW is in essence a military Federation that has members from many star systems and they work with a simple but very effective set of rules, which they call the Prime Directive (7). One of the key elements of that Prime Directive is to respect free will and not to interfere with cultures that are in a lesser stage of development, like our civilization.

Other negative groups would have used a loophole (8) by tricking people in giving their consent to allow them to enter our planet. This allowed these alien groups, mostly Reptilians (3), Grays (4) and the negative side of the Anunnaki (5) to gain control behind the scenes. A complete structure would have been built that allowed these alien forces to remain in total control with human beings performing the practical matters.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds decided that people on Earth were unable to fairly use their free will when they were oppressed and manipulated by negative alien beings that had far greater powers than they did. This led to a huge intervention and war which eventually resulted in the complete removal of all these negative aliens, from Earth (the underground bases on Earth), from the Moon, Mars, Ceres etc. (9), leaving us with the remnants of this manipulative system, now only run by human beings, without their alien masters (10).

As all these negative alien groups have been defeated and cast out of our solar system, it is now up to us to use our free will to also cast out those small but mighty (Deep State/Cabal) groups that still want to hold on to their agenda of gaining control of the whole of of our planet (11). The final battle is ours and it appears to be only a matter of time before the Deep State structures collapse completely making way for an awakening of mankind and its realization that they are part of a universe that is teeming with life.

When we have cleaned up the mess on our planet, the benevolent members of other worlds will make contact with us, but always in a way that is respectful. They absolutely don’t want to be welcomed as gods, but they want te be regarded as equals, albeit with more advanced technology and often a higher level of consciousness. Then the time has come to enter into a kind of ‘star trek future’ where we can spread our wings and easily move to and colonize new worlds

Illustration by Elena Danaan, from Thor Han’s space ship Excelsior (14), p. 296.

Within this field of research Elena Danaan plays an important role. She has direct contact with a commander of a huge spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and he has given her information on at least 120 species that have had contact in any way with humanity. Many of the updates come via her and her youtube channel. She has already written three books on disclosure too.

But of course she is not the only one that backs up this grand tale that would be unspinning right before our eyes. Much corroboration comes from Alex Collier who has been in contact with people from the Andromeda Constellation for many decades. Also a number of people reported their experiences in what turns out to be a secret space program. They talk about meeting all kinds of species and they all report about humanity already having space-fairing capabilities since the 1940s, with a negative group associated with the Nazi’s (12) and positive groups who received assistance from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, who carries the name, the Earth Alliance (13).

Our reconnection with our ancestors from space implies the recovery of our shared history. Much of the disclosure is also about the retrieval of our past: where do we come from? What is our history and who has interacted with us in what ways. According to both Alex Collier and Elena Danaan we would have DNA of species not only from our own galaxy, but from other galaxies as well. JP is a man who is part of the military and a (condoned) whistleblower, frequently shares information with Dr. Michael Salla about secret missions and the discovery of ancient arks and halls of records belonging to alien races. This information is corroborated by people like Elena Danaan and Jean-Charles Moyen who even visited a number of these Arks.

This is the basic story. You can imagine that the information available is nearly infinite when you accept the possibility that we are part of this universe filled with worlds who have abilities and technologies that are often beyond our wildest dreams. This is what is being explored by people who tune into ‘Modern Disclosure’. I hope that I have been able to create a spark of curiosity to make you want to explore this fascinating territory as well.

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Japan and the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B (Thula)

( 日本とシリウス B の T-Ashkeru (Thula))

Once again it is Jean-Charles Moyen who is the inspiration for an article on this website. In a video that was published on February 12, 2023 (1) he talks to Elena Danaan on his personal links with Japan, where Elena adds the possible connection to the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B. This article unwraps this topic and connects it – as always – with previous related articles.

Like I said, Jean-Charles appears frequently on this website. A few weeks ago there was this article about Jean-Charles Moyen in his role as a kind of ‘Secret Space Program-Hub’ (2). A few weeks before that I wrote about his remarkable encounters with Rebecca Rose (3). In connection with Dakota Frandsen’s claim that he had worked with Thor Han, which would have been affirmed by Thor Han himself, I also added Jean-Charles’ meeting with Thor Han on the Excelsior (4) on the page on the Ahil (5).

Before Jean-Charles Moyen presented all his evidence related to his connection with Japan in the interview with Elena Danaan (1), he had already spoken a bit about his voyage to Mount Fuji after he had spent some time on the streets of Tokyo with Elena (6,7). It is not my intention to make a summary of the video (1); you’d better watch it yourself. My aim is to focus on this possible extraterrestrial link with a group of humanoids from the Sirius B system called the T-Ashkeru.

In the video Jean-Charles talks about his interest for Japan from early childhood. As a teenager he even tried to learn Japanese. His grand-father probably was Japanese and in the video he presents pictures of his children who also seem to have an Asian look to them, even though Jean-Charles and his wife Mélanie Charest (9) are Caucasian. He said that both his children had the so-called ‘Mongolian Spot’ (10)

At the age of 7 Jean-Charles Moyen wrote about a visit to Mt. Fuji and he drew things that look an awful lot like the images on the right-hand side from an account of 1803 about a woman called Utsuro bune (11,12)

In the excerpt below you can hear Jean-Charles talk about something extraordinary. He says that he went to Mount Fuji recently and that he met a beautiful woman and she looked familiar to him. She introduced herself as Utsu and she said that her name for Jean-Charles was ‘Hoshi’, which means ‘Star’. She told him that she was a guardian. It was only after having this interview with Miyoko Sono (7) that he decided to look for old diaries and in one of his diaries he found an entry in which he describes Utsu and a spaceship inside Mt. Fuji! See (12) to see what he wrote back then.

Jean-Charles talks about his meeting with Utsu and his retrieval of his diary notes from 44 years before

Triggered by the description of this Japanese woman in Mount Fuji, called Utsu, Elena Danaan had to think about the T-Ashkeru from the Sirius B (Thula) system. As you may have heard, these people were recently released from the hivemind-claws of the Nebu (13,14). The most famous T-Ashkeru must be Myrah, whose beauty you can admire at (15). Because of their triangular like face, their bigger slanted eyes and the possibility that they might have been able to use the Anunnaki-technology of extending their lives through using monoatomic gold (16), which made her shine just like Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies.

Edward Cullen starts to sparkle when he is confronted with day light (17)

In the video Elena Danaan brings up a story, of which she is not sure whether it is true or not, but it talks about a secret Apollo 20- mission to the Moon (18). During that mission a spaceship would have been found with a girl inside who was in stasis. They would have determined this woman to be 1,5 million old. If you look at that picture (18), she definitely has the Asian look. Could she have come from T-Ashkeru as well?

This incredible story by Jean-Charles and that possible link between the Japanese (and probably all Asians I would say) and the T-Ashkeru opens up all kinds of questions and possibilities.

A while ago I dedicated a few pages to the Thioouba Prophecy which was written by a fellow French man called Michel Desmarquet, who talks about his contactee-experiences on a spaceship and on a planet that is inhabited by the Thiaoouba. One of the things that he was told was that the Asians would have arrived on Earth from a planet called Bakaratini in the Centaur system some 1,3 million years ago (19). This is pretty close to the estimate of the Asian lady found on the Moon (20)

If the Asians would have arrived on our planet around 1,5 million years ago, this is something that is not told in Elena Danaan’s the Seeders, even though it would be quite something I would say. The Seeders only returned for the first time 439.000 years ago (22), and the Anunnaki only arrived some 67,000 years later. This would imply that at their arrival there would have already been a thriving society consisting of Asians. It would imply that the Asians originally didn’t have the 11-DNA-genomes of the Seeders either, or would the T-Ashkeru have performed the same trick that Enki did: activating the dormant DNA and add a bit of their own genetics to it? What could all this mean? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

The story continued as you can hear in the video-interview Jean-Charles Moyen had with Miyoko Sono on February 17, 2023 (23). On March 2, 2023 Dr. Michael Salla had another interview with Jean-Charles on these Japanese developments too (24).

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(9) While searching for the spelling of her name, I discovered that you can watch her talk about her own extraterrestrial experiences in a video with English subtitles: Connexion Alien Saison 2 (All In One) Season 2. A future version of Melánie was present during Jean-Charles’ first encounter with Thor Han (5). I sure need to watch that video!
(10) On Wikipedia you can read about this Mongolian spot (Slate Grey Nevus). It indeed seems to be quite prevalent in Asians in general (and thus in Japanese people too), but also in the Inuit from Greenland. Here’s a piece on the prevalance of the Mongolian Spot:

“They occur in around 80%[19] of Asians, and 80%[19] to 85% of Native American infants.[17] Approximately 90% of Polynesians and Micronesians are born with slate grey nevus, as are about 46% of children in Latin America,[20] where they are associated with non-European descent. These spots also appear on 5–10% of babies of full Caucasian descent; Coria del Río in Spain has a high incidence due to the presence of descendants of members of the delegation led by Hasekura Tsunenaga, the first Japanese official envoy to Spain in the early 17th century.[17][21][better source needed] African American babies have slate grey nevus at a frequencies of 90%[19] to 96%.[22]

(11) The story of Utsuro Bune can also easily be found on wikipedia. Here’s a relevant fragment from that site:

ink-painting of the Utsuro bune (from wikipedia)

Utsuro-bune (虚舟, ‘hollow ship’), also Utsuro-fune, and Urobune, was an unknown object that allegedly washed ashore in 1803 in Hitachi province on the eastern coast of Japan. When defining Utsuro-bune, the bune part means “boat” while Utsuro means empty, or hollow. Accounts of the tale appear in three texts: Toen shōsetsu (1825), Hyōryū kishū (1835) and Ume-no-chiri (1844).

According to legend, an attractive young woman aged 18-20 years old, arrived on a local beach aboard the “hollow ship” on February 22, 1803. Fishermen brought her inland to investigate further, but the woman was unable to communicate in Japanese. She was very different from anyone else there. The fishermen then returned her and her vessel to the sea, where it drifted away.” (wikipedia)

(12) Here’s the text that Jean-Charles wrote back on Wednesday april 7, 1976, when he was only 7 years old:

Image of Alien Woman retrieved in Apollo 20 -mission? (18)

“Last night I was in the mountains in Japan at Mount Fuji there was a lot of white light and there was a very kind Japanese lady who told me her name UTSU and she said hello HOSHI. But my name is Jean-Charles, why did she call me like that? I like Hoshi, it’s beautiful. We were in a big spaceship in the mountain, here is the drawing. Hoshi means Star in Japanese” (1)
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(20) In the Thiaoouba Prophecy it is however claimed that the Moon was not present at the time that the Asians (and the Blacks as well) arrived on Earth. So, that’s a bit odd: how could this woman have been on the moon for 1,5 million years, when the Moon wasn’t even around at that time. See (21) for more on the moon. Perhaps someone knows when Alex Collier dated the placing of our moon in our orbit?
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The Aker and the Anunnaki

In (1) we could read and watch how the Nebu collapsed and how the Hive Queen lost control of ‘her’ Nebu Collective. In her 20th Contact video (2) Elena also told us about some ‘political’ issues related to the end phase of the Hive Queen (3) and she informed us about the fate of the Orion Zone after the demise of the Nebu Empire.

As has happened before, new developments open up new information, and this time it even led to the introduction of a complete new species, about whom Elena Danaan had never said anything before: the Aker. In the video excerpt below she explains some historical backgrounds of our Nataru (Milky Way) system and the role these Aker and the Anunnaki have played in the past. Let’s listen what she had to say on this fascinating topic:

Elena Danaan talks about the Aker and the Anunnaki

Before the introduction of these Aker, Elena talks about the history of the Anunnaki. I was surprised to hear that she said that the Anunnaki are originally from Bootes, just like Alex Collier has said. I can’t remember Elena talking about the Anunnaki and the Boötes star system before. We know Boötes from those beautiful species that live on a planet orbiting Arcturus (4). We have also mentioned the Korendi (5) in an earlier article as coming from the Bootes Constellation as well. Elena did a Q&A about species from Bootes in 2021 (6).

The Anunnaki are a complex bunch and perhaps there are all kinds of branches originating at various places in the galaxy, but I’m getting a bit confused here. First there is this link to their homeworld in Immaru, in a parallel dimension, as is described in A Gift from the Stars (7,8), with their home planet that was not named Nibiru, but Ashtari and Nibiru turned out to be the name of their spaceship (9).

On top of that link with that parallel world there is this link with Sirius (10), and that the Anunnaki are the hybrid off-spring of a Grey species (probably the Eban) and the T-Ashkeru (11,12) and that this probably happened in the Orion/Sirius Zone (since the Eban are from Orion’s Betelgeuse, and the T-Ashkeru are from Sirius B).

How does this match with this idea that the Anunnaki would come from a star in the Boötes Constellation? Perhaps note this question down for an upcoming webinar? Surely there will be some logical explanation, but I could use some clarification on this (13).

After this Elena goes on to say that the Anunnaki managed – at the height of their power – to create an empire so big that it encompassed our complete galaxy, except for one quadrant, that was occupied by this species called the Aker. In the first video in which Elena talked about her meeting with Enki (11) she talked about the origin of the Anunnaki and how they ruled in Sirius and in Orion. She didn’t say that the Anunnaki ruled in three quarters of the universe. That is something quite different, I would say. Perhaps she was only talking about the Anu/Enki/Enli-branch?

Nataru – Our Milky Way Galaxy

And one might ask when did they control 75% of our universe? Was it before the Orion Wars? (14) Was it before the Lyran Wars? And how did all the people like to be controlled by the Anunnaki? Were the Zenae (15), the people from Arcturus (4) controlled by the Anunnaki? The Ciakahrr? And what about all the human beings from Lyra, or the Reptilian and other Grey species in our galaxy? They were all controlled by the Anunnaki? How did they rule? Were they all ruled by Anu and his family? I haven’t heard anything about the Anunnaki having such a great empire spanning three quarters of the galaxy, before. Remarkable.

Then we get introduced to a species that is compared in vileness with the Negumak (16). They would have at that time controlled a particular quarter in the universe. I would like to find out which constellations were part of this Aker Empire and how things are nowadays. How come that we have never been told about such a powerful species before? Perhaps it was because they never interacted with humanity before, since this was a criterium for being added to A Gift from the Stars (7)? Elena wasn’t given much information about these species either, that might change in the future.

What is important in all this, is that the Anunnaki would have been the only species that had managed to make a treaty with these Aker species who have great war powers; this treaty of peace, non-aggression and non-intervention would apparently still hold and this would guarantee that the Aker would stay out of the Orion zone. This would only be a temporary solution, for eventually the Council of Five would take over the guardianship of the stars in the Orion zone. The Anunnaki would also protect our part of our galaxy.

My logical mind has some trouble dealing with the concepts presented in this excerpt. Like I said: how could the Anunnaki have ruled 3 quarters of the complete galaxy, apparently subdueing all humans, Reptilians and Grays everywhere? How does the supposed Bootes origin of the Anunnaki fit with the story about them being hybrids from an Orion Gray species (probably the Eban) and the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B?

If the Anunnaki were the only ones to keep the Aker out of three quarters of the galaxy, during the height of their rule, what is the current situation? It doesn’t seem that the Anunnaki are holding on to three quarters of the universe now, but it doesn’t look like the Aker have – with their extremely powerful war machinery – conquered all those constellations that were left behind by the Anunnaki.

I would appreciate it a lot if you can explain what this is all about. The whole story wouldn’t be so strange if all this was simply confined to the Orion zone. Please help me out on this one!

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(12) In ‘The Seeders‘ (2022) Elena Danaan writes: “While they have reptiloid genetics due to the fact that they are partially related to Tall Grays, the Anunnaki are not oviparous but mammalian. This is not a common thing among the various Gray species, but we can find this particularity in some Tall Gray species that are not bound by a Hive consciousness. Nonetheless, as I explained in my book ‘A Gift from the Stars‘ are hybrid Gray (probably Eban and T-Ashkeru (human from Sirius B).” (p.30)
(13) I would like to suggest a format in which there is a small group of well-informed people who get together occasionally and who deal with this kind of questions. They can sort them out, and pass on the popular questions, or the complicated questions to either Elena or Alex. This would give them the opportunity to study the question and to ask their ET-contacts what they think about it.

After all this, a new video or an article can be introduced to the world explaining the background of the question and the elaborate answer. At this moment there still is a tendency amongst certain groups to think that asking questions can be considered an act of aggression or disbelief, which should be avoided at all costs. I sure hope that Elena Danaan and Alex Collier will support a ‘think tank’ like that which can deal with any issue. This would involve more people in sound and constructive dialogues, without having any fear of being canceled out of the group.
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And the Lights went Out for the Nebu

( और नबू के लिये बत्ती बुझ गई )

During her first webinar on January 28, 2023 (1), Elena Danaan released exciting new information on the fate of the Nebu, and in that webinar she promised to release that information in another video, which she did a couple of days later (2). There is a lot of information in that video and she will probably write an article about it in the future, but at the time of writing it was not yet available (3).

The Nebu (6) have been a huge player in our galaxy, especially in the Orion zone. Although Alex Collier said that there were no real winners in the Orion Wars and that the parties just decided to call some undeclared truce because after 600,000 years they got tired of killing each other (7), it seems that the Nebu ended up controlling the important M42 Nebula (8,9). We have recently come to know about deals that were made between the Nebu and certain malevolent members of the Anunnaki family (10).

Key members of the Nebu are the Eban. It were the Eban that are said to be one of the two races that formed the Anunnaki, with the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B being the other (11). These Eban, not to be confused with the Eben (12), have also been important in that terrible deal with the MJ-12 in the United States. On top of all that they loved to abduct people and do experiments on them: they were eager to create hybrids with the intention to finally take over our planet (13,14).

Illustration by Elena Danaan (19, p.51)

As you may have heard the Galactic Federation of Worlds together with the Earth Alliance (15) have been fighting a harsh battle to liberate our solar system from all nefarious alien species. This was recently confirmed by John Peterson from the Arlington Institute (16). In her video from February 1, 2023 (2) Elena Danaan reminded us of the start of the downfall of these Gray-collectives that were all united into one huge hive-mind that was controlled by that hive queen from the Orion Nebula. It was in September 2021 that they had to escape from Dulce base, where they had worked with certain secret factions of the US Government since the 1950s.

These Eban officers tried to escape from this solar system by using the Jupiter portal. It probably was the same portal that was used by both Tony Rodrigues and recently for the first time by Elena Danaan (17,18). But the Galactic Federation managed to ‘lock’ the portals and those Eban were caught and put in pods. Elena writes about this catch in her book the Seeders (19). Here’s the relevant excerpt that describes this event:

“These are Eban, a rare and exceptional catch, Thor Han confirmed to me. It is extremely difficult to catch them as they play games with frequency shifts, interdimensional jumps and temporal ‘hide-and-seek’ games. And when we happen to catch one, it disembodies instantly. Either that they escape, or either that they are terminatede remotely by the Hive.

As you know, we recently found the frequency to lock all of the portals in thsi star system, so no one can escape. This is how we caught these ones; they were trying to escape via one of the Portals near Saturn. It is a great catch for the Galactic Federation because, for the first time, we are about to triangulate their brain frequency in an attempt to neutralize the frequency transmission from their Queen-Consciousness, and get to it.

As you know, the Nebu function as a Hive Consciousness, and for the first time in the history of this galaxy, we are going to crack the code. These ones won’t stay here on this ship; they are about to be transported to a safer place.” (19, The Seeders, p.50. Also see (20))

Meisha and Denethor (Illustration by Elena Danaan, 23, p. 201)

Elena goes on to say that it was Denethor who played a crucial role (21) in cracking the code that connected the Eban to the Hive Queen. Those who have read Elena’s second disclosure book might recognize him from the picture with his friend Meisha (22). Denethor, a Pleiadean officer in charge of the Secret Space Programs linked with the Excelsior (24) and the Science Medical Laboratory.

The cracking of this code on October 4, 2021 by Denethor turned out to have changed the course of our galaxy. In fact, it saved the galaxy from the enormous power of the collective of the Nebu, who had brought tyranny to various parts of the galaxy.

Elena points out that our tiny little planet proved to be crucial in the liberation of our galaxy, since it was by the escape and the following catch of the Eban that it was possible to track down the frequency code that was essential for their communication.

After the liberation of our solar system, the Galactic Federation didn’t stop. They continued to use this frequency to disconnect every gray species that were connected to the hive, which eventually led to the liberation of the Sirius B (Thula) system in October 2022 (26).

But it didn’t stop there either. The Galactic Federation of Worlds carefully watched how the Hive Queen lost control of all her Gray Species, who, left without a central leader, returned back to their old planetary matrices. The Federation deemed this a safe development. Because of all this the artificial consciousness of the hive queen withered and it would now be as good as destroyed, causing a galactic breath of fresh air for all species that were once caught under the tyranny of this Borg-like collective, we once knew as The Nebu.

There’s much more in the video, but I’ll leave that for some other time. Be sure to watch this wonderful video (2) yourself!

(1) Webinars – I was part of that first webinar and I asked her about the deal that she made with the Galactic Federation of World, I believe it was with Ardaana, that all her information would be available free of charge, through her videos. Of course people buy her books if they don’t have the time to watch the huge amount of videos, but the information was meant to be shared freely amongst the people of the world. She answered that she still adhered to that promise and that all the information from the webinar would be available in her video, and that is what she did in (2).

Webinar (5)

Personally I am not a huge fan of paid webinars, not because I don’t want to pay for information, but I want to be able to link to information that can be accessed by everybody, either in books or through Elena’s articles or in her videos. When information gets hidden behind pay-walls, that can no longer be done. It hampers the free study of her material. I totally back everything Elena has said in her article: “Do you work for free?

Another thing about webinars is the huge amount of people (there were about 700 participants), which is fine if you want to distribute information or want to answer questions that can be easily answered, but I don’t think it is a good environment to tackle more complicated matters: I think that Elena should not be overwhelmed with complicated anwers in front of a huge audience.

I think she deserves time to prepare this category of questions beforehand. In her videos she always is very careful in her wording and she prepares every topic thoroughly to make it as clear as possible. This might not be as easy in a webinar where everybody is continually commenting on the sidelines, creating a certain chaotic distracting background noise.

I would recommend an opportunity to ask her questions that only she can see, so there is no pressure at all to answer them rapidly. In a group of 700 anything that questions her work, could be seen as an attack or a sign of disbelief, which is detrimental for any sincere exploration of the information that Elena provides so eloquently and elaborately. Science means that you are allowed to question everything, but in a constructive way. For more on this see (4)
(2) CONTACT Ep. 20 ~ THE ORION AFTERMATH ~ Feb 01 2023
(3) She has written four articles on videos in her contact series. You can watch an overview of her articles and videos in that contact series: Elena Danaan Articles & Contactseries. An overview of her articles in general can be found on her own site at Articles.
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I dedicate this song to Disco Tina, a moderator of various galactic telegram groups.
Read more about her mode of moderating at End Note 200
Disco Duck From TOTP 1976

The Mu Mystery – Exploring Lemuria

( द म्यू मिस्ट्री – लेमुरिया की खोज )

On January 6, 2023, Dani Henderson and Elena Danaan did a video on Atlantis and Lemuria (and crystals) (1). We have already spoken elaborately on Atlantis in earlier articles (2). This page explores the continent of Mu or Lemuria, using both the information that Elena Danaan received and information from the French contactee Michel Desmarquet.

Lost Pacific Continent of Mu (19)

We haven’t spoken a lot about the continent of Lemuria. The main reason is that Elena Danaan hasn’t said a lot about it in her work. In her latest book she mentions it only briefly in Enki’s account of our history (3) and then mainly in the context of the refugees that had to flee Maldek and Mars around the cataclysm that took place around 72,000 B.C. (4).

She talks about Lemuria in the video. You can find a video excerpt below at (6), in which she mentions the Ant People (5) and the Sasquatch (4) and she describes Mu as a great and wide culture. In the Seeders (3) we can read:

71.900 BC – The geography of the planet was different in this period of time. A large piece of land existed in the south Pacific Ocean, remembered as “Lemuria”. These territories, who were already a compound of different colonies, received the Martian refugees from the Nebu war in the Sol System and the cataclysmic explosion of planet Maldek. The Lemurian civilization had a contemporary phase with the Atlantean civilization, when both coexisted and conducted commercial trade with one another” (3, p.501)

She talks about how Enlil had a bad eye on Lemuria and wanted to infiltrate it. Elena said that it didn’t really work because the Lemurian Civilization was very strong (1).

What is interesting is that Mu was apparently a compound of different colonies before the arrival of the refugees from Maldek and Mars. In the video Elena says that this meant that there were colonies from other parts of the world, but also colonies from other worlds, meaning from other planets. Although Elena Danaan elaborates on the extraterrestrial people that were present on Atlantis (7) she doesn’t say anything about the nature of the ET-races on Lemuria. Perhaps she will get back to that some time in the future?

The Romanian Radu Cinamar has written a book in which he describes the history of humanity on our planet, seen through some artefact that was given to him by the people from an subterranean civilization called Apellos (11,12). He was one of the sources that we discussed on the fall of Atlantis (13). I already mentioned that I thought it rather odd that he hailed the Anunnaki as very wise and spiritual people (14). What is also odd is that Cinamar doesn’t mention the continent of Mu at all in his book on the history of mankind.

Fortunately I have come across the book of the French contactee Michel Desmarquet (15) last month and in his book the continent of Mu plays an important role. His book was the inspiration for a few articles already (16-18). The story of Mu starts off after it emerged from underneath the oceans about one million years ago. This was the result of yet another cataclysmic event by a meteor which decimated the population of people who had arrived from the planet of Bakaratini only some 30,000 years earlier. (18). About 250,000 years ago visitors from yet another planet arrived from a planet called Arèmo X3.

Polynesians (22)

These people settled on the continent of Mu which had become a continent with a rich vegetation. Several millions of their people eventually were moved from their own overpopulated planet to Lemuria. Because it was a grand operation and they didn’t want to risk losing the lives of their people they first spent 50 years building lunar bases, from which they were able to safely explore Earth (20). The people looked a lot like the Polynesian people that we know of today.

In the book we can read about 19 cities that were built, with a capital that had the name Savanasa. After 50,000 years there would have lived some 80 million people on the continent of Mu (15, p.93). They brought with them new animals for Earth, like the dog, the armadillo and the pig (21).

They already built pyramids and had anti-gravitational techniques (23). They were able to telepathically communicate with other planets from within that pyramid. They would also have used the pyramid to create rain when they deemed that necessary.

They would have created colonies on New Guinea and in Latin America. They would have built a huge base near Thiacuano at the time when the Andes didn’t exist yet. There is a lot to be told about this culture and I would advise you to read it in the free pdf-book (15).

The people of Tiaoouba who were like people who guided people on various planets, with what appears to be about the same principles as the Galactic Federation of Worlds, like respecting the Prime Directive (24). These hermaphrodite beings would have been the ones that are depicted in the statues on Easter Island. Thao, Michel’s guide spent a few words on Atlantis, and I can’t help but giggle a bit at her description:

“These white people had actually arrived on Earth in very small numbers at a time between the arrival of the Bakaratinians (1,3 million years ago) and the people from Aremo X3 (250,000 years ago). They had settled on a continent known to you as Atlantis, but as much for material as spiritual reasons their civilization failed completely” (p.93)

Although the information from Elena Danaan on Lemuria is rather scarce so far, I was directed by Steffi to a passage in which Alex Collier does talk about Lemuria and the people who would have colonized this vast contintent. Here’s an excerpt from that interview from 2002:

71,933 BC: Lemuria is founded as a collective colony. Many of these races decided “Ok, let’s just pool our resources.” And they moved their Edens to a continent in the Pacific. Those star nations were: Lyrans, Sirius A, Pleiades: races from Taygeta and
Merope specifically
” (26)

The dating matches with that of Enki’s account and Alex names people from Lyra (who would that be, Vegans?) Sirius A (perhaps the Katayy?). We know of Taygetean planets like Erra which is inhabited by the Ahel (27). This is the first time I hear of people from the Pleiadeans star system Merope.

From the information obtained during his visit to planet Thiaoouba by Michel Desmarquet we can learn about the people who would have lived on Mu, and that they arrived from a planet called Aremo X3 some 250,000 years. They would have been the forefathers of the Polynesian people and they were a very advanced civilization, both technologically and spiritually. The million-dollar question is: how does this fit in with the story of the Anunnaki and Enki’s account of our history? There is no word of any people coming from Maldek or Mars whatsoever.

I think it is high time that Elena Danaan asks around a bit to get to know more about the people who lived on Mu. If you have any interesting thoughts to add, feel free to write a comment below this article.

(2) Enki’s Account on the Fall of Atlantis – In this article you can find other links to other sources who each have their own perspectives on the reasons for the final fall of the continent.
(3) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders
(4) The Exodus from Maldek – On that page you can find out more about the Sasquatch and the Sasquatch elders who have written about their history in which they actually talk about Maldek and the Ant People (and many other kind of people for that matter)
(5) The Ant People
(6) In the following excerpt from (1) Elena Danaan introduces Mu (or Lemuria which is synonymous):

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(15) Desmarquet, M. (1993) The Thiaoouba Prophecy. You can buy the paperback at amazon, or you can download the pdf. For the Chinese community I recommend the work of Samuel Chong. At the moment of writing this I still haven’t finished the book, since I keep on writing articles right after I have read interesting passages. Perhaps other parts of the book don’t resonate with me at all?

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On the Origin of the Asian People

Asian Peoples (4)

( Sur l’origine des Peuples Asiatiques )

While continuing my journey through the book ‘Thiaoouba‘ (1-3) I was triggered to consider the possibility that certain races neither originated on Earth, nor would have been genetically engineered by master geneticists, but would have simply moved to this planet themselves from other worlds.

And then I’m not talking about the 22 extraterrestrial races that were identified by Elena Danaan (5). How does this idea fit with that paradigm? How does this combine with information from other sources? Could the Asian people, or the ‘yellow race’ be one of those groups? Does it make sense? These are the topics that are touched upon in this article.

Just like Elena Danaan, Michel Desmarquet was physcially taken aboard a spaceship and was welcomed by friendly people from other worlds (2). These people however are not mentioned in the work of Danaan. They brought him to their world called Thiaoouba and he was told about important historical events that would have taken place on our planet.

Some 1,350,000 years ago people from another planet called Bakaratini (6) that is located in the Centaur Constellation (7) realized that their planet was cooling down, and that they had to search for another planet to live on. There were two different species, or races, living on that planet. During a period of 50 years they would have moved 3.6 million black people and 3.6 million yellow people to Earth which was uninhabited at the time. The black-skinned people colonized Australia (which was in that time still connected to the Asian continent) and the ‘yellow’/Asian people chose the territory of present day Myanmar (11). They established peaceful societies. To learn more about them I recommend reading chapter 3 of the book (1).

So, let’s see how this resonates with other sources. The first element I want to pay attention to is the timing of their arrival. In the historical account of Enki there is no mention of people living on Earth at around 1,35 million years ago (12). The Seeders would only return at around 439 thousand years ago (13), to do a few upgrades on their experiment (14), leading to what the Anunnaki called the black heads, the primate that they, the Anunnaki in their turn, used to upgrade to become human beings at about 370 thousand years ago. Well, you know the story. Ashayana Deane does mention the entry of a new root race on the planet 1,25 million years ago (15). There is no word about people from a planet in the Centaur constellation, however.

Various Ethnic Groups or Races – Image taken from Pinterest (20)

This idea that certain races would have been added to the surface of our planet is something that Patricia Cori also spoke of in her contacts from the Sirian High Council (16). In their account the black, red, yellow and white races would have been invited by the Sirian High Council to send their people from different planets, from various corners of the universe, to inhabit the Earth. The ultimate goal would have been to eventually create a unique stellar human being who would gradually and over time combine the characteristics of all these different kinds of people (and then came the Anunnaki who messed up this experiment).

Cori doesn’t mention people who came of their own accord, as it is described by Desmarquet.

One of the reasons why I seriously consider the validity of the Thiaoouba-material is that there is some logic to it, and it covers an area that is not yet satisfactorily covered within Enki’s account of our history, namely the differences between the races on Earth. If Enki made the Adam by combining the dormant genomes of the 11 seeder races (5,17) with his own Anunnaki genes, how does that explain the differences between the races? Would they have all changed so typically in 300,000 years? I haven’t come across anything about this aspect in Elena’s material.

So, there is some logic to the idea that people from other worlds with their own characteristics arrived on our planet. They colonized a part of the planet and established their societies. They mixed with the black people creating the Arab-looking people. All these Asian people might have had long-established civilizations at the time that the Anunnaki arrived and started doing their ‘thing’ in Sumeria. But what about the Seeders? They couldn’t have missed the Asians, could they?

It is tempting to just ignore everything that doesn’t resonate completely with the information from Elena Danaan, but that would mean that her material would become dogmatic, and that is of course the last thing that we would want. I don’t like to think of it as a belief system, but as a working hypothesis. I also want to keep an open mind to the experiences of other contactees, even when it doesn’t fit nicely into the current ‘paradigm’. I still believe that we will uncover the real truth someday. Perhaps an ark from the people of Bakaratini or the Thiaoouba might prove useful in this regard.

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(6) It made me think about Gabriela Sabatini, the Argentina tennis player from the 1980-1990s. I don’t think she is a descendant from the Bakaratini’s though. Image taken from Gaucho News

Juegos Olimpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires 2018 Tenis. Gabriela Sabatini. 14.10.2018 Foto Maxi Failla (6)

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(15) Below is the relevant quote from Deane, A. (2002) Voyagers II (pdf). I’m not sure what to think of her material. It is very complex and extremely detailed. I can’t help but thinking that there must be some truth in it, somehow. That’s why I am not inclined to discard her material. She uses her own terminology that is characteristic of these Emerald Covenant CDT-plate translations:

The Fourth Root Race and its Cloister entered next, the Breanoua Cloister, about three million years ago, followed by the
Alanian Root Race 4 at 2,500,000 years ago. The Alanians became known as the Atlanians. The Fifth Root Race Aeirans and their Cloister Hibiru then entered, the Hibiru 1,500,000 and the Ayrians 1,275,000 years ago. The time period beginning with the Second Seeding 3,700,000 years ago and extending through the Third Seeding into the present time represents the Fourth World
of Native American legend.
” (Voyager II, p.29)

(16) The Sirian High Council – The description of the seeding of these races can be found in her book: Cori, P. (2002): No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening. See chapter 2: The Seeding of the Homo Sapiens. This information was channeled. To see an interview between Patricia Cori and Dr. Michael Salla, go to (18). After this interview Elena responded, which led to an article on Channeling and Discernment by Elena (19)
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On Planets Shifting Orbits in our Solar System

Stewart Swerdlow has written quite an interesting account of the history of mankind in our solar system. I will go into his work and compare it with the information that was gathered on this website, mainly based on the material by Elena Danaan. Since I try not to cram articles with too much new information, I’ll present the information in chunks in several articles to come. This first article in this ‘Swerdlow’-series is about the idea of planets that would have changed orbit in the past. Not only Stewart Swerdlow mentioned this idea, but the Andromedans from Alex Collier did so as well. I cannot remember anything about changing orbits from the material by Elena Danaan.

David Icke and Stewart Swerdlow (1)

I was first introduced to Stewart Swerdlow by Dr. Michael Salla when he did an interview with him in april 2022 (2). I bought one of his books and I mentioned him in a few articles (3-6). Dr. Swerdlow has a youtube channel (7). He was part of the Montauk project from the age of 13. If you want to get to know more about him I advise watching the interview with Dr. Salla (2).

In 2002 Stewart Swerdlow wrote a book called ‘Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict and Creation – A Personal Story‘ (8). You can find relevant chapters of this book for free on a few websites (9,10).

In chapter four he writes about Reptilians who would have used one of their asteroids and shot it into our solar system. This would have happened when the Galactic Federation of Worlds was already in existence (11). According to Swerdlow nor the people from Maldek (12), nor from Mars were members, giving these Reptilians (probably the Ciakahrr) more freedom to interfere.

Although the timeline fits (11) it is not in line with Enki’s account of our history. In that account the Galactic Federation of Worlds and even the Intergalactic Confederation would have been part of the conflict on Maldek against the Nebu and Ciakahrr (12).

Let us continue with Swerdlow’s account anyway

“In this way, the reptilians hurled a huge ice comet aimed at Mars and Maldek.  However, they miscalculated the trajectory.  The gravitational field of the gigantic gas planet, Jupiter, pulled the comet off-course, and the ice comet then headed directly for Maldek.  The citizens of that planet asked the Martians for help.  Even though they were at odds with each other, the Martians allowed some of the Maldekians to move to the Martian underground (13).  The comet came so close to Maldek that the planet got caught up in the gravitational fields of Jupiter, Mars, and the comet.  This caused Maldek to explode, leaving an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The explosion pushed the ice comet close enough to Mars to rip the atmosphere off that planet, leaving only an extremely thin atmosphere.  The explosion also propelled Mars farther away from the sun.

The comet then continued on toward Earth.  The heat of the sun and the gravitational fields of the two bodies forced the watery atmosphere of the Earth to polarize.  This polarization pulled most of the ice from the comet to the polar regions of the Earth, which covered over most openings to Inner Earth, and at the same time exposed huge land masses for the first time.

The comet then switched places with Earth, taking up the second orbit from the sun and becoming the planet now known as Venus. . . . Earth was pushed out to the third orbit, occupying the position previously held by Mars.  Earth was now ready to be colonized.” (9)

According to this story Mars would have been in the orbit that the Earth is currently in. Earth would have changed from the position where Venus is in right now to its current position and Venus would be some kind of comet sent by the Reptilians that would have taken the position where Earth used to be in. All this would have happened after the formation of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

I might not have created this page because I would have thought it all to be a bit too outlandish, even for me, if it weren’t for information from Alex Collier, which he received from the Andromedans (14). They talk about planets that would have changed orbits as well.

What happened to Mars? Apparently 69.3 million years ago a very large planetary asteroid came through our solar system, and was also pulling with it a lot of debris. This asteroid, from what Vasais told me, was so magnetically powerful, that as it came through Mars and Saturn; what it did because of Mars size, it ripped Mars from its original orbit and pulled it out 19 million miles further within 24 hours.

As the asteroid was coming through, Mars was apparently moving this way, and it just pulled it out of its orbit 19 million miles. Which of course devastated anything that was on it. It’s atmosphere, the lifeforms etc. This cosmic war devastated Mars and the lifeforms that were in existence on it. It also caused Mars to pole shift three times in as many days”. (15, p. 23)

Mars and Earth (18)

It is interesting to note that Alex also talks about the destructive effect of some celestial body on Mars. He doesn’t even name Maldek here. What is also noteworthy is the timing, namely around the time of the destruction of the dinosaurs, and the time that the Seeders would have started their experiment on our planet, some 70 million years ago.

Earth would have also changed its orbit according to the information from Moraney (16), but not as extreme as in Swerdlow’s account. I would have only moved a bit further from the sun, which would have coincided with the great floods (17), resulting in a year that went from 360 days to our current 365,25 days.

As if all of this isn’t enough, the Andromedans told Alex that “the planets Mercury and Venus were originally “moons” from other planets. Venus was originally a moon of Saturn.” (15, p.199)

Although it is tempting to just pay attention to what Elena Danaan says and not consider any other sources in order to prevent any conflicting information to emerge, I think it is useful to compare the information with other sources and see how they all fit in. They might just contribute to the overall-picture. Last summer I said that I would start studying the material by Alex Collier more closely (19) and that it might lead to inconsistencies between what Elena Danaan says and what Alex Collier says.

Although they really are a great team, together with Dr. Michael Salla, it shouldn’t mean that we cannot compare their work and note the differences, like the difference on what happened 439 thousand years ago (20). I think there is still a slight taboo in the community to open up to this aspect of the disclosure movement.

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Now, what was the flood of Noah? We are told that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. According to Moraney, the flood of Noah was as a result of the movement of Earth from one orbit to another around the Sun. The Earth was apparently hit with a tractor beam and literally moved to an orbit further out from the Sun. This added five days to our rotational period around the Sun. The period of this 40 day rain was during the period when the magnetic poles of the Earth rotated 180 degrees.

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