Emotional Blackmail of Mothers of Hybrid Children

After having written ‘A Different Shade of Hybrid Soul’ (1) I thought I had paid enough attention to this phenomenon of hybrid children and how the Greys are trying to squeeze them into our planet. Elena had been very clear on this topic in the video from June 17, 2022 (2). ‘Time to move on with the next topic’, I thought and continued in Rousseau’s book (3-6).

Women used as factory cows for the production of hybrid offspring

Right after where I had left of in his book, David writes about how he had an interview with a woman in Nantes, and guess what this interview was all about? This ‘synchronicity’ was too big to ignore, so here is a part of their talk:

She then told me her story. I listened carefully and took note as she went along. It was troubling how she remembered some of the details, especially the egg retrieval. But what struck me most in her story was when they -the Greys- (7) brought children to her, three of them.

“These are your children”; they told me.

“Wow, that’s unbelievable! How did you feel then? What did you feel?”

“I couldn’t explain it, but I did feel this connection to them. A mother-child bond. I was convinced that they were really my children. I felt it in my gut, in my heart. It was pounding in my chest. They are different from us. So very different. They told me that thanks to my eggs and all the extractions, they had managed to create hybrid beings, between us and them”.

“You say there were three children? Girls? Boys? I don’t know if you can put it that way…”

“There was a girl and two boys. But they use the terms ‘females and males’”.

“Do they? Very interesting. And did they say anything to you?”

“Yes! Yes! In my head… I heard my daughter’s voice… I heard her voice in my head… Her big dark eyes were staring at me and I felt tenderness. Then, she said to me, “Mother, we are so happy that we can see you at last”. And she took me in her arms. My God! I was holding her in my arms and the emotion rose, so strong and indescribable in human words and even in feelings, and I burst into tears”.

Tears were running down her cheeks. The emotion was great and still very much alive in her.” (3, pp. 205-206)

We have come across this phenomenon before of manipulating mothers into attaching to their hybrid offspring in order to force their ‘borg’-hybrids into our world. Beth Ann White has had this ‘look at your lovely hybrid children’-manipulation done to her on a spaceship (8). Normally I don’t repeat things, but I am going to make an exception by again quoting Elena’s advice for all these mothers:

How can you promote the agenda of people who have been abducting you, abusing you and using you as a factory cow and you know it….you need to cut the link. These children are like Borg; they are linked to a hive” (2)

For more on attempts to get these Grey Hybrids to be welcomed by us, check out the Essassani (9). An Italian woman says she even made a photograph off her assailant (10).

(1) A Different Shade of Hybrid Soul
(2) What’s Up Update – June 17, 2022
(3) Rousseau, D. (2019) Beyond our World, part I: Stellar Soul. E-book only (I have been waiting for months for a paperback version to be published, but this hasn’t happened, so I bought the E-book)
(4) French SSP Insiders Speak Out (video of the interview).
(5) David Rousseau Website 1
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(9) Bashar, the Far Sight Institute and the Essassani-Resistance Movement Psy-Op
(10) Check Endnotes 62-64

6 thoughts on “Emotional Blackmail of Mothers of Hybrid Children

  1. “Because the greys could not invade us by force—otherwise the Galactic Federation would have cut them—they cunningly bred themselves in. They tried; they prepared that. They are not among us yet. It’s all these hybrids. I actually don’t know where they are—probably in a parallel plane; I don’t know.” May 16, 2022 https://youtu.be/PU-myup7KCU

    “Kiily Tokurit don’t do hybridization programs.” (2020, The Book of Alien Races)

    “Why prisoners? Because the MJ-12, they are military people, they are governmental institution—with dark government but still government—and they have a sort of the ownership of prisoners. They have lawfully all rights over them, unfortunately.” (https://youtu.be/-aNN9Ybv-oU)
    L-A-W-F-U-L-L-Y What law is this?

    “Elena, did they shut down the reincarnation machine so we don’t have to loop anymore?”
    Elena Danaan: “They have; they have; they have. It was on the moon. The original one was on Saturn, and the moon was a relay for Earth.” May 16, 2022

    “Enki is a great guy.” May 16, 2022 https://youtu.be/PU-myup7KCU
    A great guy? Do you mean that he is charming and witty at parties? Does he help you out from time to time, lend you money?

    “The dark entity who took over [Megan Rose] in November 2021 and who is in contact with “her”, is not the real Val Nek. The rolling out of the agenda she carries has for aim to use the name of the extraterrestrial beings I am in contact with and pretend receiving messages from them, in order to spread confusion, discredit me and those I am working with on Earth and off-world. She may keep on lying by pretending to be in contact with Val Nek, the Galactic Federation of Worlds and even with Thor Han and Annax. Any narrative she will bring forward, through videos or new books, is 100% deception.” Elena Danaan https://www.elenadanaan.org/announcements

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  2. Hi 😊
    It will be the hardest thing in life for these women to separate from “their” children and I’m afraid “many” won’t make it. 😥
    Also, it’s a battle most will fight alone, because who can you talk to about a topic like this? Who knows the right words? The right consolation?
    These women usually need help.

    And I almost think that this “type” of “hybridization” is much older than around 50 years. Maybe not to this extent and maybe more “regional” (maybe more in China, then again in the Middle East…
    In Australia there are old drawings in stone and rock and the figures look suspiciously like “Greys”.
    Who knows…
    (Sorra for my English.)

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    • Well, Diana, I think she didn’t have a choice. Megan Rose opened the attack and although Elena tried to remain silent she had to say what really happened. And I’m glad she did. If you want to hold on to Megan Rose and her Val Nek, please do so, but like I have said before, please do not use this website for that. I think Elena Danaan’s story makes more sense than Megan Rose’s and that’s why I ignore the information from Rose since november 1, 2021. If you don’t agree with that position, fine, but don’t bother me with it, please. I like the way you study your material, your website, but as far as this topic is concerned we seem to have taken a different path. Please respect my choice.


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