A Temporary Moratorium on Intel by Elena Danaan because of Disinformers

On July 5, 2022 Elena Danaan put out the following message on her telegram-account:

“Regarding some systematic attacks to counter the knowledge and information I have brought out lately, I was advised by those who provide this information to me, to keep all new intel secure until it is published in my next book. It is not retaining information, because I will be able to speak about it for free once my book is published under copyright, but it is the only safe way to preserve this very information from mimics, disinformers, and Deep State engineered division putting the blame on me.

(image taken from Charming Chinni, 8)

You will not have to buy my book to access this information, as I will disclose it as well in several free Youtube videos; but this is the only way I can protect this information, by publishing it first under copyrighted material. I wouldn’t have been advised to do this if mimics, idiots and people in need of serious medical help hadn’t emerged lately like a shit storm in the fan of disclosure.”

She said that her book will be published sometime in 2022. I guess that in the meantime we can pay attention to the results of the James Webb Space Telescope and perhaps we can study all the material that already has been brought forward by her through her books and many youtube-video’s. I think it is sad that it had to come to this, but perhaps it will help her focus on her book more, without having to waste time on all the bullshit that pops up after each disclosure. Let’s see what the other sources come up with in the mean time. I hope she will make an occasional exception 🙂

For more on Psy-ops read the first seven links below. Elena wrote a list of psy-ops as well (9). Some more thoughts on this at Endnote 83. With the release of her book ‘The Seeders: return of the Gods‘ (10) the moratorium is officially over 🙂

Watch the complete video in which Elena Danaan introduces the release of her book ‘The Seeders’ (10,11)

(1) On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate Departure of M.R. from the Crew
(2) Bashar, the Far Sight Institute and the Essassani-Resistance Movement Psy-Op
(3) Emotional Blackmail of Mothers of Hybrid Children
(4) A Different shade of Hybrid Soul
(5) Some Myths about Alcyone in the Pleiades
(6) Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Ismael Perez
(7) The Taygeteans – See Endnote 21
(8) It’s worth sharing
(9) Debunk by Elena Danaan
(10) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders: return of the gods.
(11) THE SEEDERS ~ The Return Of The Gods (short presentation) (sept 21 2022)

4 thoughts on “A Temporary Moratorium on Intel by Elena Danaan because of Disinformers

  1. Have noticed that on some telegram channels they have guards who counter any attack or disinformation with excellent narrative or a warning or a time-out. A 15 minute wait between posting helps to keep the AI bot away. It helps greatly if the guards are intuitive and can locate the source. Then hand them up for right and proper ajudication.
    Certain blessings sent also.
    She could also post using a protective star name. The future holds GESARA and seems patent protection will be no longer am unclear about copyright.
    With love.


  2. Hi Karyolin,

    I don’t understand what you are saying here. Perhaps it helps if I explain the current problem. It doesn’t have anything to do with telegram, facebook or youtube. Elena Danaan uses various platforms to spread her information, and that is the goal: to reach out to people who are open to this topic. I don’t see what this has to do with any AI-bot. Why would she post using another name? What has Gesara got to do with patent protection?

    The problem now is that any information that she gives is taken up by all kinds of people who then twist the information to such a degree that it starts to confuse people. When there is a finished book, it is much clearer who is the original source and who are the disinformers, who are the ones that pick up the original information and make up a different tale.

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    • Very friendly Nikkoela, but this site is not run by Elena. She is aware of its existence, but she doesn’t actively contribute to it, This site was built to make her (and related) information easily available for those who are interested in this material.

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