Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Ismael Perez

The Mystic Warrior: Ismael Perez; Screenshot from (2)

— see update July 19, 2022 at bottom of article —

Ismael Perez is the author of a book called ‘Our Cosmic Origin’ (1). I happened upon his name a few times the last couple of weeks, so I decided to watch a one-hour interview with him that was done by Tyler Kiwala and Aaron Kuhn on July 1, 2022 (2) and compare it with the information that I have gathered at this site.

While listening to the interview his words raised my eyebrows more than once. I will try to describe a number of his ideas that I found remarkable.

Recently Elena Danaan has had her second meeting with Enki (3) and I have written a few articles on both Enki and Enlil lately (4-7). Ismael Perez has a surprising perspective on Enki. Here are a few quotes from the interview: “Enki was falsely painted as the good guy. This was done by Marduk….The entire Anunnaki story was switched around to make Enki look like the good guy, when in essence he has always been Lucifer.” According to Perez the Illuminati would worship Enki; one of the interviewers said that the Rothchilds would worship Enki too, just like the Vatican does.

So, Enki is the personification of evil in Perez’ perspective. But what about Enlil? Well, Enlil was Zeus and Enlil was Krishna. His genetics would go all the way back to Lyra. He (in the role of Zeus) was king of Lyra, King of Sirius and also the king of Alcyone and through that the king of the Pleiades. He would stem from Archangel Michael, and all the White Hats are descendants of the Enlil Faction. The operatives of Q are all genetically related to Enlil and they are all fighting to end the rule of Enki and his evil Cabal with their dark hats.

A Solar Flash? (11)

He says that our sun is an interdimensional portal to many galaxies and universes. The Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) of the sun are responsible for the activation of our dormant DNA. This will eventually lead to a mass ascension of the planet into the 5th dimension. Everyone younger than 20 years is already in the fourth dimension. He reassuringly says that no one has to be afraid of anything.

There will come a huge solar flash that will work as judgment day: “It will eliminate the wicked ones and exalt the righteous…If you are out there intentionally doing harm then I would say you are going …to be destroyed when the solar flash takes place” (laughs).

In the blink of an eye the major ultimate solar flash will transform the complete planet into a divine place. For those who haven’t attained the right level, there is a ‘recycle’-opportunity: they will be reborn on another 3D-Earth in another timeline and will have to go through the dark years again for some 10,000 years.

In Perez’ perspective Nibiru is a battle planet that was once used by the Sirians to protect them against the Orion and Draco groups. Now, the planet has been recuperated by the ‘forces of the light’ and it is being guided directly into our sun. Somehow Nibiru is also our second sun, since scientists would have discovered that our solar system is in fact a binary system. But the ultimate goal of this second sun Nibiru is to let it collapse straight into our Sun, thereby causing the final Solar Flash which leads to the purging of the Earth and its ascension, like I said above. We will then all be transformed into a new species instantly.

This needs to happen before 2030 otherwise we will all be connected to the Borg (8).

Radiant Guardian (12)

Since about october 2021 Ismael Perez has been getting the same kind of dreams in which he is part of a very special secret space program, which only consists of 100 members, and is a special division of the ‘Radiant Guardians’. He was chosen for this because his mother had really huge mitochondria (power houses) in her cells. He remembered fighting A.I.-species. He was like a super soldier. When asked for more details he said that he couldn’t say much more because the memories were only recently surfacing.

He also seemed to defend that sometimes it was necessary for some SSP-members to undergo torture and trauma-based training in order for them to be better able to defend our galaxy, and our solar system.

He disclosed that Stan Lee (from the Marvel Universe) and the writer of DC Comics were both secretly present in the meetings with the aliens in the 1950s. During these meetings they were inspired to create their superheroes as a kind of soft disclosure. Tyler, the interviewer says that he hadn’t heard of that, but Perez reassured him that he saw it through remote viewing.

Ismael Perez also has a twitter account with the following description: I’m the author of “Our Cosmic Origin,” and a Cosmic Ambassador to the Earth representing an intergalactic alliance known as the covenant of Palodor. He is also making references to the Emerald Order and the Guardian Races, obviously referring to the work of Ashayana Deane.

I will leave it to the discernment of the reader to decide what resonates or not. I would like to close off with a telling statement of his: “Mother Earth is the reincarnated Sophia” (37′ in the interview). For more see endnote 81.

UPDATE JULY 19, 2022
Ismael Perez decided to claim that Elena Danaan was murdered and was replaced by a droid….read more about this rather unfriendly approach at Endnote 105. You can get links there to his interview and a video by Elena Danaan in which she responds to his quite ludicrous claims. On August 5, 2022 I noticed that the video was removed altogether by their uploaders (Endnote 117). See Endnote 129 for another interview with Perez in which he said that he misspoke….Elena was not dead or murdered after all….

(1) Perez, I. (2021) Our Cosmic Origin: Knowledge in preparation for the ascension of planet Earth.
(2) Journey to Truth Podcast – Episode 196 (or this link)
(3) I met Enki – Elena Danaan, Earth Emissary – The Galactic Federation of Worlds shares her experience
(4) The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru
(5) Different Faces of Immortality
(6) Some Doubts about the Enlil-Yahweh Vibe
(7) I even bought ‘Forgotten Genesis’ by Radu Cinamar (2020) which also pays attention to the bloodlines of Enki and Enlil. At the moment of writing I haven’t read those parts yet.
(8) The Borg are a fictitious species from the science fiction series ‘Star Trek’, first introduced in Star Trek the Next Generation. The hive-mind of the Borg is used by Elena Danaan as a good comparison for the hive-mind of not only the Ciakahrr (9) but also of various Gray groups of the Nebu (10). Perez might have forgotten to say that it wasn’t the Borg but species that functioned like the Borg
(9) The Ciakahrr
(10) The Nebu
(11) Stillness in the Storm
(12) Radiant Guardians

15 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Ismael Perez

  1. Thank you for showing us your ” hand”. From my current experiences, whatever is happening locally and on the net are similar. It’s all part of the ascension process. So thanks again for showing both arguments so people can choose their timelines — ultimately it’s personal.

    Senior citizen.

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  2. I read somewhere here yesterday about the iron in our blood not being natural. Something like that. Anybody remember where this was? I had a thought this morning regarding Danielle 2:43 and the prophecy about the final kingdom having iron mingled with clay. Maybe something to think about?


    • Hi there Voice, I talked about the iron in our blood, as opposed to the magnesium-based (green) blood of Enki. You can find it at End Note 79. I do want to point out that Enki apparently was surprised (according to Dan Winter or his sources), but that doesn’t mean that it would be unnatural in any way, just different. I don’t see any link with that verse you mentioned. I have become a bit skeptical about links in verses in general, but that is a personal thing. Mendegy.


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  4. I listened to an Ismael Perez interview, dated 18th June 2022 on y/t, while having breakfast. It was pleasant probably because of the calming effect of Catherine Edwards and her cat. 2030 is the global government’s end game and afterwards we’ll have free energy? According to my calculations a 3D door closes in 2030.

    Stepping up, Senior Citizen


  5. Interesting connection to iron in the blood and clay. Dr. Robert O Young notes the iron added to many products (includes comments about vax) are used by nano particles to assemble in the blood and becomes magnetic and suggests that certain clay can clean this out.
    Note the assembled nano can be easily manipulated by frequencies.
    Have watched Ishmael and there appears to be a classic Trojan horse in play. If you see his level 9 aspect it is readable.
    Also should say my assignment here is Love codes came from Sirius C and beyond.
    Thank you greatly for this blog.


  6. I would give the credibility to Elena’s intel that is speaking of consistent, her experience and detail. Ishmael’s intel is from Urania and other books that usually a mix of inaccurate and some accurate data. The question comes his motivation behind, why is he all of suddenly promoting interviews and books against of Enki ? When Elena said Enki is back. Time will tell.

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  9. He keeps contacting me on IG and telling me I’m special and he has a message for me but he can only give it to me apparently if I give him a donation. Seems very scammy. Is he doing this to other people? I mean, I am pretty awesome but how does he know? 😉


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  12. From whence did Ismael Perez come? He suddenly “writes” a book and knows all of this galactic history, much of which is a mishmash of material garnered from other mainly “channeled” sources. Being a relatively handsome male, he appeals to the ladies. He shows up on a variety of different “truther” shows, but who is he? Does he have any collaborating sources? Or is he planned opposition, a Trojan horse designed to create division in the disclosure/truther community? When I watched one interview of his and then about 10 minutes of another one, I knew intuitively the guy was not legit… at least IMHO. You’re welcome to your own. What everyone on the planet is currently undergoing is lessons in discernment, taking back our individual power, aligning with Truth, and being humble. Perez acts too much like an “authority” to be believable. After the whole Covid scenario, Ukrainian War, etc., do we trust any “authorities” any more or have we not learned to TRUST OUR OWN INTUITION? Feel how you feel when you listen to IP or anyone else who pushed to the forefront of any movement AND is a perpetrator sowing division, doubt, and fear. ~Eliza

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  13. Joost, I was shocked when I heard Ismael‘s negative comments about Elena and Enki. My intuitive feeling is that he has some negative Programming (like Megan R.), and that he studies the real experiencers and steals their stuff.

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