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As a student of the material presented by people like Elena Danaan we were treated with the utmost abundance: all her information could be accessed either through her free videos or by buying her books, but things changed when Elena started her webinar-phase. I will reflect upon certain aspects of this phase in this article.

Webinar (4)

Until January 28, 2023 Elena posted her new developments – at least the ones that she wanted to share at that time, some were disclosed at a later phase in her books – on her youtube channel. This has created a huge library of videos with an enormous amount of information, including dozens of Q&A’s on all kinds of topics. It was a paradise for anyone who wanted to study her material. In principle you could get to nearly all of her information for free through watching her videos; most of the books were written based on the events that had taken place before and were described in those videos. You could easily link to videos or use timestamps and it was possible to cut out certain relevant excerpts to discuss.

On January 28, 2023 Elena Danaan, however, gave her first webinar (1) and ever since that it seems that things have changed. During that webinar I asked her if the information would remain freely available, as she had described in her deal with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and she wholeheartidly confirmed that. There would be no pay-wall for any of her information. And that is still the case for most of the important information, but perhaps not for everything.

Let’s first read Elena’s introduction to the webinars (1):

Topics and updates mentioned in my webinars are also available for free on my YouTube channel. In my webinars, I develop these topics in deeper details and I answer your questions in a Q&A. You can even vote the questions, it’s fun. Crowdcast allows me to speak freely from YouTube censorship and offers an alternative payment option from Paypal, which also censors free speech by financial sanctions. If any registration issue, please contact Crowdcast support, or: gfwassistance@mail.com

Let’s first reflect upon this concept of ‘greater details in the webinars’, which in other words means that you can get access to greater details if you visit the webinar. In her March 1, 2023 (2) update we can hear her express this for the first time. I think it is safe to say that in the pre-webinar days we could get to all the details by listening to her videos on youtube or rumble. This introduces a difference between Primary Information that is freely available on Youtube and Secondary (less important) information that you can only access if you pay a modest amount for it.

Elena Danaan: “I’ve been speaking about this in great detail in my last webinar”

Before I continue I would like to point out that I’m fine with people making money with their work. I totally agree with Elena’s assessment in her article ‘Do you Work for Free’ (3). Before the webinar days I guess she paid her bills by the income of her youtube-videos, the selling of her books and her merchandize. You could also say that she doesn’t charge a huge sum of money for her webinars either. It is a conscious choice to earn some money by providing additional information to people who pay than to those who don’t pay for it. It is a method that is used by many, like Alex Collier, for he also needs to make a living. It is something new for Elena, which might also needs some getting used to.

One practical aspect of this new webinar format is that you need to have a credit card to be able to watch any of her webinars. This excludes all the people who simply don’t have a credit card. In many countries people use debit cards, and those cards are not accepted in the system that Elena uses. She used Paypal in her first webinar but she removed that option for reasons of censorship by Paypal. This leaves many people without the possibility to watch the webinars.

In the past Elena Danaan gave a lot of Q&A’s on her youtube channel. You could ask questions in the chat and she would pick out a number of relevant questions. This interactivity seems to have moved to the webinar format now, only accessible for people who pay. This makes it harder for other people to ask questions. The act of asking questions already was quite difficult due to very strict moderation by people in the (telegram) circles around Elena. This might create a situation in which a certain amount of secrecy might arise. It is also not possible to simply see the questions and answers for they are not all moved to the youtube videos. Many of them are bound to remain ‘hidden’ within the walls of the webinars.

Youtube remains a deep state asset and therefore you need to be careful with what you say. That is a thing that you need to take into account. Seen by the huge amount of videos that are posted on her channel, however, I would also dare to say that a lot can be said on the platform. if you were to really talk about certain ‘censored’ topics, it is always an option to post a video on other videoplatforms like rumble for instance. On the other hand a webinar could be a good place to talk privately with other persons.

Another element in all this, is that it complicates the ability to study and spread the information. If you need to go to webinars to find more details, backgrounds or explanations, it gets quite complicated to use that information, since it is behind a (secondary) paywall. If you would distribute that information it would feel as if you are ‘stealing’ that information, instead of assisting in disclosure, creating an awkward sphere of secrecy. Tony Rodrigues once said that it would be an oxymoron to hide disclosure information.

On March 7, 2023 Elena responded to this article. She insists that there is NO paywall to access her information and that her webinars only discuss in greater details what is already available publicly, and that this offers a Q&A that is free of censorship. She labeled my article as one filled with misinformation. After I refused to remove this article she drew her conclusions in a telegram post (5).

Let me be clear on one thing: there has never been any paywall for any of the information that Elena has abundantly shared with us. And I’m quite positive that the important, primary topics will remain outside of any paywall, and I admire Elena for doing this ever since she started taking up this emissary work. Something did change however with the introduction of the webinars, namely the creation of a sphere of (secondary) information that is unknown to anyone who doesn’t pay for the webinar. At the moment of writing it is even impossible to enter the webinar without a credit card.

And it seems unlikely that the contents of these webinars don’t provide more insight into the material. What else would be the use of attending a webinar? And like I said in my introduction, perhaps we were all spoilt a bit too much by Elena who simply had no hidden areas for us, and do we simply need to adjust to this new reality.

I think it also is a daring task to combine these two elements: first the principle that all information relating to the Galactic Federation of Worlds should be brought to humanity for free, without any paywalls, and second the idea that you want a space to talk about certain elements deeper and introduce new topics without any censorship from youtube.

I personally think the webinars are a step back, but for others it might provide a step forward. But of course it is up to Elena to do whatever suits her best, and it is up to me to share my thoughts on that on my own platform. I don’t think I’m spreading misinformation by comparing the differences between the pre-webinar days and the webinar days.

What are your thoughts on these matters, please let me know (by either adding a comment below, sending a message or add something on my facebook group).

(1) Webinars
(2) UPDATES – March 1 2023
(3) Do you work for free?
(4) Live Style webinar is starting soon
(5) See Endnote 201

22 thoughts on “Go to the Webinar for all the Details

  1. GA – I concur with your discussion above. Not having a credit card usually isn’t an issue. Attempting to sign up for the last webinar, I couldn’t. What has happened to honest “disclosure”? I’m also beginning to get a clique vibe from the small group of authentic disclosure folks… I hope this phase will not last long. I feel left out in the cold by these latest developments. It seems with all the attacks going on, Elena and those around here are huddling for protection, but leaving a lot of people out of the circle… which is supposed to be inclusive, not exclusive.

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  2. Doesn’t feel right to me.

    On another note, I was going to go to the Orlando conferences until I saw the cost. I think it was two thousand dollars or more. Really??? See ya. Have a great time!

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    • Yes, when you look at it from a different perspective you could say this Galactic Spiritual Informers Conference is one big webinar, but only in a hotel. Even though it provides an opportunity to meet SSP people and contactees, they are still selling disclosure information, whereas it should be spread freely. Disclosure might not be a topic that one should profit from by keeping it secret. How to awaken the masses if you sell your information even 4 months after the conference for 34 dollar an hour?

      This information should not be for the lucky few
      There’s also something strange about letting people sit on their disclosure information for months, to hold on to their secrets, whereas it should be spread.


  3. I have not and will not pay for one of her webinars. Her more recent information is inconsistent st best. She preaches things such as unity, pushes division. There is quite a bit of ego floating around and this should be obvious to anyone capable of independent thought. When the ego is so engorged, the 3rd eye is blocked. Just some things to consider.


    • Hi ‘Just me’, I don’t agree with your assessment that her recent information is inconsistent. I would like to hear examples of that. You can also drop your comments and questions at my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1574808102943650). I think that it is impossible to not speak out against certain people or the thoughts that they represent. I wouldn’t call that pushing division. About the ego-thing, I think it is always something to be alert to, especially in a position where many people are inclined to adore her, but I don’t think her ego is engorged or that her 3rd eye is blocked. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  4. I am troubled by the fact that Elena is entirely unreachable. Also that her “bodyguards” make sure that no substantial questions get asked. But the most suspicious is that each of the Galactic Spiritual Informers admit that they have a private group where they “support” each other. Is this where they make sure their stories all match and weave together? Like all the new memories of meeting each other in childhood?


    • Hi Roxanne, I sure hope that your suspicion about the Informers group is just that. To get those suspicions and ideas of exclusiveness out of the way it would be wise to do a meeting with more critically minded people, but who are also constructive. The truth must be strong enough to withstand tougher questions, I would say.
      I think a friendly meeting at a bar would be the ideal place to deal with the tougher questions 🙂


  5. Dear GA, great decode/observation. Thank you. You obviously enjoy what you do/how you do it. I also CHOOSE for myself, my discernment is MY OWN, and my journey home is MY OWN. I do not need help. I pack my own parachute.
    “Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.” — Walt Whitman.
    I no longer listen to ED as I did occasionally before. I stepped back, of my own accord, months ago. I am on a deliberate boycott of the so-called truther movement vanity fair parade of whatchamacallits. As long as I am on this earth embodying, I CHOOSE energetically to be done with all pertaining to the nature of money, and the (insidious implications of the) Orion monetary system. However prettily or fancifully disguised, it still remains a decision devised exclusively by the Orion (d) elite [0.001%], a 3d energy, that grew into an all-pervading metastatic cancer, in our modern society. The Orion money system must crash, unless one chooses to stay on Earth planet a/b what I call the in-between, the limbo one, one foot in 5d the other in 3d, because one cannot truly let go, still covets money, and must partake. No other Orion invention has mired/enslaved the human race more than the system of money. It has pervaded every human thought/emotion so darkly and negatively that only the radical eradication of money as a concept, not only as a functional system of payment and exchange of goods, will allow for a true evolution of the new human race in the new 4D and 5D worlds in the Golden Galaxy. I never did religion, incarnated here innerstanding that trickery/deception all to clearly, but I use a biblical scenario now to illustrate what I mean – the (income) tax revenue system is the most effective modern system to enslave people by impoverishing them, so – picture this – the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and their wanderings in the desert for many years took place because they did not want to pay 10% taxes to the Pharaoh, and he made matters worse by criminalizing them with (the help of creating) constantly new, contradictory and completely obsolete laws making it impossible for even the most honest and sincere citizen not to transgress/make themselves guilty to the point of going to jail. Get it?
    We have forgotten that there were times in the late 19th and early 20th century, when there was a huge and very powerful intellectual movement of anarchists [I am one LOL] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchism) who produced some brilliant ideas as to why humanity does not need – various things – like a national state, capitalism, etc. The anarchists were the forerunners of the new enlightened humanity on all 4D worlds.
    “The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you”— David Foster Wallace.
    There is Truth, her truth (ED), your Truth (GA) and there is my Truth. We all go Home, eventually. The overwhelming majority of truthers/light workers do not innerstand nor appreciate the purity of human intellectuality as the driving force of evolution and ascension. I intuit many are falling from grace. I let them go with Love.


  6. I was wondering about this myself. I paid for the first webinar, but had to leave half-way through because it kept freezing, so I just gave up. I did not bother paying for this latest one because I thought it might happen again.

    I find it extremely difficult to sit in one spot for 2 to 3 hours, especially if the time difference doesn’t work. I know I will miss out on a lot of intel but, such is life! ________________________________


  7. As a side note, I just saw this on another website – Ancient Pages: Long Mysterious Tunnel Discovered Inside The Khufu Pyramid
    AncientPages.com | March 2, 2023 | Archaeology, News,/ The Egyptian archeologist Dr Hawass believes It may lead to the tomb of Khufu himself.
    (He may be in for a surprise.)


  8. People can change through experiences and tasks. That is normal. I like Elena Danaan, but honestly; I “miss” the “old” Elena Danaan. With their live chat youtube videos. The little “mishaps”, that “direct conversation” with the love crew. But I also miss Thor Han and Co who “regularly” (through Elena, of course) “spoke” to us. I’m naive and I hoped that when some of the dark forces disappeared, Thor Han and Co would also become “more active” in the videos, just to prepare for the contact. But I was wrong again.


      • I believe that more people have to be awaken in order to accelerate the process. Our ET friends could be more active in disclosure instead to be that hidden and secretive. Many still waiting for the main stream media to be informed and I don’t believe that they will be so scared, if the information is offered in a right way


  9. We have been living in a matrix for millennium. Some even say a (dark/inverted) matrix within a larger (light) matrix. Me thinks that we need to start looking (deep) inside of us for the way out.


  10. I think you’re being unnecessarily sceptical in this instance. Elena is no doubt ‘unreachable’ because she has been attacked from lots of different avenues. Anyone who speaks out on these subjects is subject to ridicule and worse. What is wrong with a group of people finding support from each other? I would suggest that it’s your ego that is out of balance as you seem annoyed that you’re not on the inside. Corroboration is not deception and people generally gravitate to other people with the same experiences. Galactic Anthropology you need to take a little bit of responsibility for what you have posted – you seem to be trying to provoke a negative response. Webinars are there to discuss more openly, you can choose to pay or not. They also take time to plan and put together, why shouldn’t the creators charge for their time? Would you in your day job do work without getting paid? Can we all please take a breath and focus on the bigger picture. This is exactly what the DS wants, division.


  11. $2000 more of less is a standard fee to attend in person for any 1-4 days of conference/workshop. They have to pay the organizer/planner, video system administrator, speakers’ airfare, meals, hotel, auditorium (or room)rental, etc. I0 years ago I attended one workshop, the fee was $1800 and it was only a one man show. The other conferences I attended was related to my work so I didn’t pay for it. Online workshop is charged for $100 more or less, more is common that is depending on how many speakers they brought in, type of material, and days of webinar. The cost could be $500s and up to1000s. Dr. Salla charged his 2 hours webinar for $47. I attended his webinar a couple of times. His presentation is professional. Education workshops have been a profitable business and even more so in the disclosure movement. Do you think $10 is a big deal ? There is no free lunch in this 3D world.


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