Elena on her Second Implant in her Shoulder

The Study of Elena Danaan’s work has many facets. Today I want take you back to her early days, to december 2020, only a few months after she had published her amazing first disclosure book (1). In a (digital) group meeting in Canada (2), Elena was a special guest, together with Elisa (Wright)-Herrera (3). I would say that this was the first time that Elena Danaan got to meet Stephen Chua (5), as he was a member of the audience.

In that video both Elena Danaan and Elisa Herrera introduce themselves and they speak about the way they worked together. Elisa was the Quantum Hypnotherapist who helped Elena in retrieving her memories (3). In that particular video that lasts more than two and a half hours, Elena also talks about her second implant. Most of you are familiar with her first implant, in her head, which she uses to communicate with her galactic contacts, mostly Thor Han (8), but not all of you might know about her second implant that was placed in her shoulder by Annax (9), fairly recently, while she was writing her first book in 2020.

Let’s listen to Elena in this excerpt below, at the times when you could still see a part of her room in the background.

Elena Danaan talks about her second implant (2)

She says that this implant or device was placed in her shoulder as an extra protection, because of the explosive nature of what she was writing about (16). She described how she was visited by Annax friend who asked her permission for putting this protective device in her shoulder. When she agreed, he put her to sleep and the next morning she had three dots, that formed a triangle, and a bruise in the middle, with a bit of blood.

Elena put a picture of this in her second book (10). “Because of the three dots he…could put something in another density. I don’t exactly know their technology. I mean, if you would slice me with a knife you would find nothing.

She can feel it when they are checking on her, it gives a bit of an itch. She would be checked out at least 10 times a day. It has become a kind of joke that whenever she feels them checking her, she says ‘Hi’ 🙂

This device is technology from the Council of Five (11). Recently we talked about all kinds of extraterrestrial technology, triggered by one JP’s missions (12).

(1) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift from the Stars
(2) CC Canada Interview and group QnA with Elena Danaan & Elisa Wright – I want to thank the people from the Elena Danaan Study Group (4) for directing me to this video.
(3) In the description of the Connecting Consciousness (14) meeting video (2) we can read the following on Elisa Wright

Elisa Herrera (at that time she still used the name Wright-Herrera) Snapshot from (2)

Elisa is an Engineer by profession with 25 years experience but never felt fulfilled in her job. She started her quantum hypnosis journey four years ago with QHHT. With over 120 sessions completed, she is currently working on her Level 3 certification. Not only is she certified in QHHT (13), she is also a certified Introspective Hypnosis hypnotist and a PSYCH-K facilitator, which sets her apart from other practitioners. In December 2019, through Elisa, Elena was able to find the truth about her abductions and heal the trauma. Through this hypnotherapy session, Elena’s implant was adjusted by one of her rescuers in such a way that she is now able to have direct communication with them (and many others that attune to the implant) ever since.

In the Acknowledgements section in Elena’s A Gift from the Stars she also mentions Elisa: “….enticing me to seek the help of a hypnotherapist. A week later, I met Elisa Wright, Quantum Hypnotherapist, who helped me retrieving the memory of my alien abductions, and heal my fears and traumas” (1, p.4)
(4) The Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center

(5) In June 2023 Elena Danaan has written a book on Stephen Chua called Area 51: Conversations with insider Stephen Chua. You can also find a post on this website, based on an interview Elena Danaan did with Stephen, see (6, 7)
(6) Stephen Chua, Area 51 and Three kinds of Grays

Elena Danaan and Stephen Chua (snapshot from 2)

(7) AREA 51 – Confessions of a soldier – Outstanding disclosure… (Interview Elena Danaan from February 26, 2021. He died in the week after that interview)
(8) On the Connection between Thor Han and Elena Danaan
(9) Annax, is an Egaroth from the star system Meissa in the Orion zone (see 1, p.238) and Interstellar Contacts on Elena’s website.
(10) Danaan, E. (2021) We Will Never Let You Down, see page 37.
(11) Council of Five (nearly Six)
(12) A Device to Record your Past Lives
(13) Dolores Cannon: The Seeding of Life on Planets appears to be the Standard Procedure
(14) For more on Connecting Consciousness see Connecting Consciousness for instance. The main person in the Connection Consciousness movement is Simon Parkes. We have met him once before in connection to his experiences with a Mantid being (15)
(15) The Off-World Mantids
(16) It reminds me of that Peeping CIA Tom that tried to see what she was writing about, while she was working on her third book. See: Meeting a Peeping Tom from the Past in a Vortex at Your Bedside

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