On the Connection Between Thor Han and Elena Danaan

Thor Han Eredyon

( ソー・ハンとエレナ・ダナンの関係について )

During an interview with the Japanese Miyoko Sano, Elena Danaan gave a clear account of her connection with Thor Han (1). You can say they go back a long way, and across the galaxies. In the video excerpt below, she explains it all: how their souls once originated in the Altea star system (part of the Galaxy NGC 7331, which is behind the Pegasus constellation (2)).

She talks about their lives on a future Erra in the Pleiadean system (3) and their current incarnations at the this time in this galaxy, including the important moment when Thor Han rescued her as a 9-year-old. Talking about Twin Flames (8). There is a slight pause of a second or two in the excerpt below .because my cat decided to push the space bar 🙂

I recommend watching the interview (1): Miyoko Sano asks a number of good questions! If you know how to speak Japanese I advice you to pay a visit to the Japanese version of Galactic Anthropology and spread the information, since a lot of what is written in the book of the Seeders is dealt with on that site (6). Like the other versions in other languages (7) they grow organically depending on the amount of visitors and the links that are clicked upon.

Elena Danaan on her Connection with Thor Han

On March 8, 2023 Elena and Miyoko had another talk (9) with each other and this time it became clear that they were not alone. . There was a third party who was joining them, namely Thor Han. In the excerpt below you can clearly hear him answering ‘YES!’ when Miyoko asked Elena if Thor Han listens to music. This interview gave rise to (10) which deals with the question of the soul-origin of Jesus

We can hear Thor Han answering Miyoko’s question with a ‘Yes!’ (9)

(1) Interview ELENA DANAAN Jan30th、English (Future of the Earth, Thor Han, Arks and lots more)
(2) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders – Information on Altea was taken from page 92.
(3) Erra is a planet orbiting Taygeta, the home of the Ahel. You can get to know more about the Ahel at (4). There’s also a piece available on the way they tend to deal with emotions (5)
(4) Getting Acquainted with the Ahel
(5) To Process Emotions the Ahel-Way
(6) Galactic Anthropology in Japanese
(7) Galactic Anthropology in other Languages
(8) Star Seed Envoy Program – See the paragraphs on the bottom of that article for more on Star Seed Twin Flames.
(9) Q&A with Elena Danaan 2023. March
(10) On Jesus, Jehovah, the Hoova and Thiaoouba

7 thoughts on “On the Connection Between Thor Han and Elena Danaan

  1. Taygeta is called Ashaara by the Pleiadians. The Ahel originated as one of the four human races seeded in the Man star system, Kepler 62, what we Terrans call “Lyra”. The Ahel of Erra are called Errahil. There are many Pleiadian starseeds or envoys incarnated on Terra right now, just like Elena. From the future, we answered the Call of Gaia to save this world from the regressives. The Galactic Federation responded to the Andromedan Council when they informed them that in 350 years from now (many years ago) the 5th density worlds would be infected by a new threat that originated in the Sol System, on Terra, Luna, and Mars. This is why we came… back over 300 years, some of us more, and incarnated into the generations of Man on Terra.

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