The Negumak and the Galactic Federation of Worlds

(Coron from the Galactic Federation of Worlds – Image from Elena Danaan’s website (4))

While preparing an article on the 9th Density beings in our galaxy I bumped into Coron so to speak. Coron is one of the contacts of Elena Danaan and he is from a planet called Dakoorat that orbits Ashaara, a star that we call Taygeta in the Pleiadean star cluster (1,2). In 2021 there were a few Q&A’s in which he participated. In A Gift from the Stars we can read in the introduction to the 110 races something about Coron’s role:

“Coron was a light being assigned to oversee our work. The process was made official and suddenly, it became authorized disclosure. We were writing a real book!” (p.76)

Coron is a 9th Density being who can take on a more human appearance and according to Elena he looks like the man in the image.

In the interview of April 27, 2021 (3), one of the viewers, Caroline, asks an interesting question about the Negamuk. The Negamuk are far from a 9th dimensional species. They are not part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds either. They apparently look a lot like the aliens in the movie Independence Day, but I prefer the drawing that Elena Danaan made in her book. They are from the star system that we call Scorpio, and the star is called Antares.

Image from Independence Day – Negumak-look-a-likes (5)

In the book the Negumak are said to be the worst nightmare for the Ciakahrr (6). Lets read along: “They are terrible warriors and terrorize everyone, even Ciakahrr (that is to say) just by thinking about them. They are highly feared and not part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW). Negumak have the power to wipe out the Reptilian race off existence and we are still, to this day, trying to figure out how to win their alliance” (p.268)

To get back to Caroline and her question: she said that she had a dream in which there were hundreds of these Negamuk (or Gnomopo) getting out. Elena responded to this by revealing something new that was not mentioned in her books, namely that the GFW have been able to form some kind of alliance with this race, which are supposed to be one of the oldest known races in existence. They still are no part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, since they are far too agressive and indepedent in war conquest, but they agreed to help in getting rid of the Ciakahrr from our solar system.

When Elena Danaan spontaneously wondered what they would have had in return, Coron added something quite valuable. He said that they got peace in return; the GFW is now helping them secure their territory as a protection force. That’s what they got in return (link 3 leads directly to this excerpt).

In The Seeders (7) new information from october 2021 was added about the role of the Negamuk:

So the Gnomopo responded positively and decided to send an enforcement fleet. I heard that the compensation consisted in commercial advantages from the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the concession of some neutral zones adjacent to their territory. Well, things turned out pretty good when the war in this star system was finally won by the Earth Alliance. The Gnomopo made the journey to the edge of our solar system, but everyone was relieved that they didn’t need to intervene, in the end.” (7, p.63)

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