The Aker and the Anunnaki

In (1) we could read and watch how the Nebu collapsed and how the Hive Queen lost control of ‘her’ Nebu Collective. In her 20th Contact video (2) Elena also told us about some ‘political’ issues related to the end phase of the Hive Queen (3) and she informed us about the fate of the Orion Zone after the demise of the Nebu Empire.

As has happened before, new developments open up new information, and this time it even led to the introduction of a complete new species, about whom Elena Danaan had never said anything before: the Aker. In the video excerpt below she explains some historical backgrounds of our Nataru (Milky Way) system and the role these Aker and the Anunnaki have played in the past. Let’s listen what she had to say on this fascinating topic:

Elena Danaan talks about the Aker and the Anunnaki

Before the introduction of these Aker, Elena talks about the history of the Anunnaki. I was surprised to hear that she said that the Anunnaki are originally from Bootes, just like Alex Collier has said. I can’t remember Elena talking about the Anunnaki and the Boötes star system before. We know Boötes from those beautiful species that live on a planet orbiting Arcturus (4). We have also mentioned the Korendi (5) in an earlier article as coming from the Bootes Constellation as well. Elena did a Q&A about species from Bootes in 2021 (6).

The Anunnaki are a complex bunch and perhaps there are all kinds of branches originating at various places in the galaxy, but I’m getting a bit confused here. First there is this link to their homeworld in Immaru, in a parallel dimension, as is described in A Gift from the Stars (7,8), with their home planet that was not named Nibiru, but Ashtari and Nibiru turned out to be the name of their spaceship (9).

On top of that link with that parallel world there is this link with Sirius (10), and that the Anunnaki are the hybrid off-spring of a Grey species (probably the Eban) and the T-Ashkeru (11,12) and that this probably happened in the Orion/Sirius Zone (since the Eban are from Orion’s Betelgeuse, and the T-Ashkeru are from Sirius B).

How does this match with this idea that the Anunnaki would come from a star in the Boötes Constellation? Perhaps note this question down for an upcoming webinar? Surely there will be some logical explanation, but I could use some clarification on this (13).

After this Elena goes on to say that the Anunnaki managed – at the height of their power – to create an empire so big that it encompassed our complete galaxy, except for one quadrant, that was occupied by this species called the Aker. In the first video in which Elena talked about her meeting with Enki (11) she talked about the origin of the Anunnaki and how they ruled in Sirius and in Orion. She didn’t say that the Anunnaki ruled in three quarters of the universe. That is something quite different, I would say. Perhaps she was only talking about the Anu/Enki/Enli-branch?

Nataru – Our Milky Way Galaxy

And one might ask when did they control 75% of our universe? Was it before the Orion Wars? (14) Was it before the Lyran Wars? And how did all the people like to be controlled by the Anunnaki? Were the Zenae (15), the people from Arcturus (4) controlled by the Anunnaki? The Ciakahrr? And what about all the human beings from Lyra, or the Reptilian and other Grey species in our galaxy? They were all controlled by the Anunnaki? How did they rule? Were they all ruled by Anu and his family? I haven’t heard anything about the Anunnaki having such a great empire spanning three quarters of the galaxy, before. Remarkable.

Then we get introduced to a species that is compared in vileness with the Negumak (16). They would have at that time controlled a particular quarter in the universe. I would like to find out which constellations were part of this Aker Empire and how things are nowadays. How come that we have never been told about such a powerful species before? Perhaps it was because they never interacted with humanity before, since this was a criterium for being added to A Gift from the Stars (7)? Elena wasn’t given much information about these species either, that might change in the future.

What is important in all this, is that the Anunnaki would have been the only species that had managed to make a treaty with these Aker species who have great war powers; this treaty of peace, non-aggression and non-intervention would apparently still hold and this would guarantee that the Aker would stay out of the Orion zone. This would only be a temporary solution, for eventually the Council of Five would take over the guardianship of the stars in the Orion zone. The Anunnaki would also protect our part of our galaxy.

My logical mind has some trouble dealing with the concepts presented in this excerpt. Like I said: how could the Anunnaki have ruled 3 quarters of the complete galaxy, apparently subdueing all humans, Reptilians and Grays everywhere? How does the supposed Bootes origin of the Anunnaki fit with the story about them being hybrids from an Orion Gray species (probably the Eban) and the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B?

If the Anunnaki were the only ones to keep the Aker out of three quarters of the galaxy, during the height of their rule, what is the current situation? It doesn’t seem that the Anunnaki are holding on to three quarters of the universe now, but it doesn’t look like the Aker have – with their extremely powerful war machinery – conquered all those constellations that were left behind by the Anunnaki.

I would appreciate it a lot if you can explain what this is all about. The whole story wouldn’t be so strange if all this was simply confined to the Orion zone. Please help me out on this one!

(1) And the Lights went out for the Nebu
(2) CONTACT Ep. 20 ~ THE ORION AFTERMATH ~ Feb 01 2023
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(12) In ‘The Seeders‘ (2022) Elena Danaan writes: “While they have reptiloid genetics due to the fact that they are partially related to Tall Grays, the Anunnaki are not oviparous but mammalian. This is not a common thing among the various Gray species, but we can find this particularity in some Tall Gray species that are not bound by a Hive consciousness. Nonetheless, as I explained in my book ‘A Gift from the Stars‘ are hybrid Gray (probably Eban and T-Ashkeru (human from Sirius B).” (p.30)
(13) I would like to suggest a format in which there is a small group of well-informed people who get together occasionally and who deal with this kind of questions. They can sort them out, and pass on the popular questions, or the complicated questions to either Elena or Alex. This would give them the opportunity to study the question and to ask their ET-contacts what they think about it.

After all this, a new video or an article can be introduced to the world explaining the background of the question and the elaborate answer. At this moment there still is a tendency amongst certain groups to think that asking questions can be considered an act of aggression or disbelief, which should be avoided at all costs. I sure hope that Elena Danaan and Alex Collier will support a ‘think tank’ like that which can deal with any issue. This would involve more people in sound and constructive dialogues, without having any fear of being canceled out of the group.
(14) The Orion Wars
(15) The Zenae from the Andromeda Constellation
(16) The Negumak and the Galactic Federation of Worlds

8 thoughts on “The Aker and the Anunnaki

  1. Sometimes I have the idea (which of course is not true) that the Anunnaki were “artificially” created. Of some other race/species and their “research laboratories” have been on various planets in our galaxy and beyond…


    • Heard elsewhere,possibly from Gene Decode,that the Annunaki are part a.i. or controlled by a.i.He said to beware of them as only a few are trustworthy due to ascension process.I agree.Just look at their Long,space vandal history of Interference,degradation of humanity to basest levels-almost beast levels.Bully,is the term which is appropriate to use in describing a being which is far more advanced and Advantaged and should Be More Compassionate and Creator aligned,yet freely Chooses service to self path for How many aeons perpetrating various horrors and crimes?Do Not Trust Them or their Gifts.This video Reeks of a p.r. campaign to disarm any awake humans into accepting them,even being thankful for them much like an abuser convinces their traumatized victim that they deserve the treatment like it and would be treated worse by someone else.Shades of….”You will never leave me,You Know you could Never make it on your own.”Annunaki and Dracos were in league together,yes?Has this benefitted humans to be poisoned,controlled,degraded,enslaved,tortured,and eaten alive?adrenochrome,anyone?


    • I heard twice on the Triangulum constellation in the Northern hemisphere that contains stars of 1)Alpha Trianguli 2)Beta Trianguli 3)Gamma Trianguli.
      It is said, the first emperor of China , Hwang Di is from there.
      Another said Annunaki royal family is originated from Beta Trianguli named as Anu – god Almighty. Gamma Trianguli – Enlil , Elohim. Alpha Trianguli – Enki , Yahweh.
      The same guy have revealed and decoded many mysteries such as religion, cave paintings, and Peru hieroglyphics……all related to different star systems was disappeared since 2017.

      There are so much we don’t know about, each question leads to many more questions, and many level of different answers. It is like a matrix inside of matrix, a reality inside of reality. Perhaps, we as souls have experienced in the Lemuria, or/and Atlantis eras or even more ancient time, coming together once again in the network of sharing instead of crystals but quantum(internet) technology this time.


  2. GA: I have to agree with you about the mass confusion resulting from what has been shared thus far regards the Anunnaki. A little bit of information just seems to create more questions. Also, it would appear that the information detailed in Elena’s book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races, isn’t exactly correct. What is clear, the Anunnaki have very capable genetic scientists and tend to hybridize with other species/races. Are they human, reptiloids, Grays, insectoids, a hybrid race or races… or unique. I was surprised to learn of their origin in the Bootes Constellation, too. Does that make them related to the Ohorans and the other Arcturians? Questions, questions. I want to know more about their position in the Ashkera star system (Sirius) as well. Were they located in the Thula system (Sirius B) or Ashkera (Sirius A)? The Katayy of Kashta are descendants of the Taali from Lyra… what was their involvement if any in the former Anunnaki empire? And the T-Ashkeri, the Taal-Gray hybrid human race of Morga in the Thula star system. Oye… more questions, not less. Guess I’ll have to be more patient and focus on other things… EA

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    • My old notes on Voyagers material in the original Elohim Annunaki.
      “Annunaki, the avengers of Annu, the original fallen Lyran hybrid founders race from the D11 (dimension 11th), Lyra-Avyon. Annunaki lineage was created specifically as a vehicle through the D11 fallen Annu=Elohim could incarnate directly into dimension 1 – 9 in order to destroy Guardian Angelic Oraphim and Azurite Eieyani genetic lines to continue exploitation and domination of our time matrix. They are also known as Jehovah “bipedal dolphin people” Annunaki.”


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  4. For those who don’t know much about Annunaki but finding Voyagers book not an easy reading. Here is the website from Lisa Renee’s Annunaki. You will understand what happen after you read it. To real human, here is your answers. (
    Both of material from Ashayana Deane and Lisa Renee are similar. They don’t know each other. Deane’s material from Guardian Alliance group via data streaming while Renee’s material is from Lyran-Sirian high council. I have to get out from this subject.


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