Let’s Talk about Hermaphrodite Species from Outer Space

(In Portuguese: Vamos falar sobre espécies hermafroditas do espaço sideral)

In an earlier article I introduced Michel Desmarquet who wrote about his experiences with a tall species from a planet called Thiaoouba (1,2). At first he thought they were all women, but it turned out that they were all hermaphrodites! This made me wonder about other species that were androgynous or hermaphrodite and I will present a few of them below. Enjoy.

Dogon Hermaphrodite Statue (5)

When Michel Desmarquet was taken aboard a spaceship by the people from Thiaoouba he was welcomed by Thao, a female-looking being who was to be his guide. In the article on The Other Side of the Bermuda Triangle (2) he described Thao as an attractive tall woman. During his trip aboard he noticed that there were nothing but females on that ship. This looked as if this planet that they were from was inhabited solely by amazon-like women. When he asked Thao about this peculiarity she took him apart in a separate room and explained it to him:

Once settled comfortably in a kind of armchair with Thao facing me, I watched, as her face became serious again. She started to speak. ‘Michel, there are no women aboard this spacecraft…’If she had told me that I wasn’t on a spaceship but rather, in the Australian desert, I would have more readily believed her. Seeing the expression of disbelief on my face, she added, ‘neither are there any men.’ At this, my confusion was absolute. ‘But,’ I faltered, ‘you are – what? Just robots?’

‘No, I think you misunderstand. In a word, Michel, we are hermaphrodites. You know, of course, what an hermaphrodite is?’ I nodded, quite dumbfounded, and then asked, ‘Is your whole planet inhabited only by hermaphrodites?’ – Yes.’ – ‘And yet your face and mannerisms are more feminine than masculine.’ – ‘Indeed, it might appear so, but believe me when I tell you that we are not women, but hermaphrodites. Our race has always been this way.’ – ‘I must confess, this is all very confusing. I’m going to find it difficult to think of you as ‘he’ rather than the ‘she’ I have done since I’ve been among you.’

‘You have nothing to imagine, my dear. We are simply what we are: human beings from another planet living in a world different from yours. I can understand you would like to define us as one sex or the other, for you think as an Earthling and a Frenchman. Perhaps, for once, you could make use of the neuter gender of English and think of us as ‘it’. I smiled at this suggestion but continued to feel disoriented. Only moments ago, I had believed myself to be among Amazons.”” (1, p.27)

Illustration by Elena Danaan (3, p.110)

Elena Danaan has mentioned a number of species that are hermaphrodites or androgynous (3). One of them are the Nommo who are species from the Sirius C system, which is locally known as Emerya (4). They are said to be the beings that had contact with the Mali Dogon. They are amphibian and androgynous.

While I was looking for hermaphrodites I came across statues by the Dogon which really looked a lot like the way the Nommo are depicted by Elena Danaan (6).

In a wonderful video from July 2021 Elena Danaan expands on the mating rites of various species across the universe (7,8). In the video excerpt below you can hear her describe the way the Egaroth are hermaphrodites. The Egaroth are founding fathers of the Council of Five.

They were present during the ‘trial’ of Enlil (9) and they seem to play an important part in Body-Soul Compatibility (10). Annax is an Egaroth and a very valuable friend of Elena Danaan (11). She even paid a visit to Annax’ home world Alnilam as you can read in her book The Seeders (12). For those who are unable to understand the English in the video, or do not want to watch the video, I refer to (13) where I added a transcript.

About the hermaphrodite Egaroth
Illustation of the Alcobata by Elena Danaan (3, p.242)

The Alcobata species have a rather unique way of reproducing. Although there are males and females they can also be hermaphrodites in the sense that they can impregnate themselves. This only seems to go for the males amongst them. When the males reproduce they activate a certain hormone which allows them to produce offspring but only in the form of eggs. Most of these eggs produce males that are used in their armies since they are a quite aggressive race.

The funny thing is that they can also decide to be mammals. In that case they have sex the way we do resulting in the female that turns pregnant and thus carries a little alcobata baby in her womb. These children are often placed in societal and political roles since apparently they are not as aggressive as their oviparous born brothers.

The alcobata are mentioned in Elena Danaan’s A Gift from the Stars at pages 242-243 (3). On a Chinese site I saw a Chinese translation of the information from the book, accompanied by an image of a character from the Phantom Menace from Star Wars which looks a bit like these Alcobata (15).

Below you can hear Elena describe the hermaphrodite ways of the Alcobata in her own words:

Elena Danaan on the Alcobata

(1) Desmarquet, M. (1993) The Thiaoouba Prophecy. You can buy the paperback at amazon, or you can download the pdf. For the Chinese community I recommend the work of Samuel Chong
(2) On the Other Side of the Bermuda Triangle
(3) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift from the Stars
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(12) Alnilam is the middle star in the Orion Belt. In Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders you can read about her visit to the world of the Egaroth in the chapter from pages 260 to 273.
(13) Below is the transcript from the video-excerpt taken from (7):

Statue by the Dogon (6). They have remarkable similarities with the Nommo as they are drawn by Elena Danaan, especially the characteristic nose

“The Egaroth are hermaphrodites like the Negumak (14). They are a race with a human mammal genetics. They can reach until the ninth density in consciousness. They’re hermaphrodites. They have two genders: male and female. But they can choose when they
come to birth, they are born neutral, and then choose a gender. I don’t know why and how, what motivates their choice, but I know that they need to be male and female to reproduce.

Annax has a partner and two kids. So the family cell is not like on earth. They make kids but then the kids are raised by the community, everybody raised the kids together. When they decide to embody a gender, Annax decided to embody the male gender, they are going to make love like humans, like mammals. As they are very evolved beings, they are going to do this reaching higher states of consciousness in a very tantric and sensual way.

Many of you could witness the love Annax radiates from his heart, from his person, from his being. So imagine but that’s his way of being. It’s no normal state, it just radiates love, sometimes so much, that you can take it’s. It’s so radiating love. That’s his normal state. Imagine when they are with the partner, they are in love and they share this love and they make love and this all explodes! I mean from our perspective on earth, I think we couldn’t stand the frequency of it, of two Egaroth making love. It’s like atomic love reaction.

And they are one of these races like the Ahel where the conception of an outspring cannot happen without this cosmic orgasm. It needs to happen, because when you bring down an incarnation a soul to a species, that is super high, they can go until nine, you need to tap very high to open the channel super high to the soul matrix. That’s why they need to do it like this. And if they don’t reach out to these cosmic levels of orgasm they cannot create the channel to allow a soul to come and incarnate into the seed, into the belly of the female. The Ahel do the same. It has nothing to do with species. I’m fascinated by the Egaroth of course, because I know one very well. And knowing his vibrance his energy I mean that must be quite amazing.”

(14) The Negumak and the Galactic Federation of Worlds
(15) 英仙座-阿尔科巴塔人(Alcobata)

27 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Hermaphrodite Species from Outer Space

  1. I would guesstimate that the majority of (especially advanced) beings are most likely hermaphrodites. Our ancestors were most likely hermaphrodites. There is truth buried in the Bible. We just have to dig it out; and understand what was/is there and didn’t get altered/cut completely out. When the Bible says that “god” put “adam” to sleep and took “eve” out of “adam”, what do you think that really means???


    • One of the theories, on your question is symbolized that the human sexuality (female and male) is separated since then. we are polarized between electrical (masculine, yang)and magnetic (feminine, yin)in our physical body. Aren’t we polarized by those 22 genomes ?
      DNA is our genetic consciousness , a storage of everything in quantum resonance (god particle or source) , the reason why, the negative ETs and earth elites have targeted our DNA.


      • I will just describe with the simple words. The term of “great harvest” is originally from Ra material. There are two groups 1)negative polarized 2)positive polarized working together in order to induce the human evolution (and any species in any density). As we know, a good amount of purging events have occurred globally since 2012 especially after 2015, all are part of “great harvest” . So we have made it and passed the threshold, the density is jumped from the 3rd to the 4th density. These two groups respectively from the groupsouls incarnated to earth to execute the plan as their mission. The book of ” the only planet of Choice”, described about the meaning of “balance” in between positive and negative polarities. The harvest is continuous, well, didn’t they just announce another virus/vaccines in 2025 ? Ultimately, our exercise “FREE WILL” is essential.


      • OK. I wasn’t sure what your context was. So….is this “virus” tactic intended to kill us or wake us up? Probably both (some of each). I wonder how many sleepwalkers will wake up this time???


      • On a different note (since you seem to be so well informed), do you have any thoughts about the M42 nebular (in the sword under Orion’s belt)? I thought I heard or read something recently about an important stargate or something there? I cannot remember where I heard/read it now. But, last night I was looking up at the night sky and kept being attracted to what turned out to be the M42 nebula. I “knew” this is what it was going to be, and when I googled “M42”, there it was!


      • Haha, well informed, right. Well, in the realms of the work of Elena Danaan you’re correct, I guess. I have written a piece about that M42 nebula a couple of times. Here are a few articles in which this heart of the Orion Queen is mentioned: https://galacticanthropology.org/2021/11/10/the-orion-nebula-and-the-hive-mind/ and it would have been the ‘prize’ of the Orion Wars – https://galacticanthropology.org/2022/09/13/the-orion-wars/ and it would have been the portal that was used by the Anunnaki to enter our dimension from theirs. Also the M42 Nebula featured in one of the binary messages from the Emerther, see https://galacticanthropology.org/2022/06/08/crop-circles-and-binary-messages/ (1350,3 ly)

        Boy, am I well-informed 🙂
        Cheers Mate,


      • Joost is a great record keeper, isn’t he ? I wonder if he were a galactic library keeper in the decent past. Is possible that you had a connection to some planets in Orion constellation in the decent past ? Nebula, a cosmic cloud is also a birth place of stars. The black hole, a gateway to a different universe, has attracted dark entities for wars activities.. I hope beings in other galaxies are more for the development/innovation not like the milky galaxy that occupied with the immature scary creatures based on the survival instinct.


      • I enjoyed that Hidden_Hand exchange. I believe it was from 2008 and the Great Harvest that he talked about would have been December 21, 2012. Obviously, that didn’t happen. So did something change from a much higher level than his 6th density soul group was privy to? Or did it actually occur and we are now starting the Great Cycle all over again? I sure hope that I’m not stuck here in 3rd density for another 2,000+ years! I would like to think that as crazy as the world is getting nowadays that we are approaching it not on the other side of it .


      • I am glad you like the hidden hand material. I think “great harvest” is not just taking and scheduled a short duration but it takes long years to cleanup/purge the negative polarities, so that we can be in the 4th density as of today. They measured from the energy/frequency level to counter each other to maintain “balance”. The harvest, big and small will be continuous until we are in the 5th density. After the hidden hand (illuminati)posted in 2008, well, exactly 10 years later, another person posted in 2018 , this poster is representing a positive group working on behalf for the humanity. I will post his Q/A material in the end. it takes time to filter through some meaningless threads but most data are valuable. https://alastair.games/eracidni.html


      • I only read a bit on Ra Material, It sounded like a transmission from AI. The ruling elites(dark and light patriarch) are on the “balance” and the laws they have to adhere. They take Ra material and principles seriously. You live in Netherland (?), not much directly affected by all of the turmoils that many countries are facing of death, and lost, disasters, political pressure and control…… Lucky you.


      • The universe is setup under a hierarchical management system. Just like there are different principle in spirituality, military, technology, science,…… on earth. My reply on the above, I think it is managed by the universal spiritual elder council.
        The negative polarized group (dark) is always providing the negative events, and induce fear. knowledge is power and the inner knowingness (meditation) are our best defensive weapon because truth (our inner truth)can set us free and become wiser today than yesterday. right ?


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  3. Voice of One,
    I stopped reading Ra material since found out, the channel message was from Marduk collectives. Plus, their concepts and words are too military/patriarchal for me. The word of “Harvest” is mentioned from the material I am currently reading. I would like to clarify the meaning of the exact words.
    “Harvest = the process whereby a soul and / or planet “Graduates” from one density to the next. Occurs naturally as a planetary system traverses through different areas of energy density in the galaxy, thus creating dimensional shifts. These shifts occur in precise, measurable cycles of time”


    • I think the big problem is that very few people realize that there are two entirely different “harvests”. There is the more commonly discussed “harvest” within the various densities of the Kenoma, and then there is the ultimate harvest from the Kenoma to the Pleroma.


      • I don’t know about Kenoma and Pleroma.
        Accordingly, two principles that the dark and light group agreed to operate from two options in order to align with earth shifting from the 3rd to the 4th density. Option (1) Light – positive, 51% needed to be service to others. Option (2)Dark – negative, 95% or more needed to be service to self.
        Currently, we as humanity has made it to the 4th density. For those who can’t make it, go to the the 3rd density planet where the global elite are continuous to rule there. Apparently, this agreement has allow global elites and other dark groups to do whatever they want with option (2).


      • I seem to be able to perceive both the 3rd and 4th densities. How does that work? I have a PDF that I downloaded in 2020 that explains the Pleroma and the Kenoma. I cannot find the website where I found it. It may have been taken down? Is there a place to upload it here?


      • In my awareness, the density level jump, is shifting the point of views and perceptions. The higher density beings’s thought pattern is more flexible and fluid even a steam like wave (contains all possibilities). Density shifting is like climbing a ladder, if each step were represented one density, when reached to the step above (the 4th density consciousness), the below step(the 3rd density consciousness) is still there. This is an integrated learning process. Another metaphor, when you reached to the top of mountain you can see everything clearly below, your self – realization is obtained. The internet via the network connecting globally, is speeding up human awakening and unity. There is neither distance nor border any longer.
        It is said that every incarnated soul is required to come to earth for their own experiences.


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