Genetic Experiments and Cloning on Planet Serpo by the Peaceful Eben

EBE1 – An Eben – Screenshot from (6).

The book ‘Secret Journey to Planet Serpo‘ by Len Kasten describes how a team of 12 astronauts were brought to planet Serpo in an Eben spaceship in the Reticuli 1 zone, some 39 lightyears from Earth (1). The inhabitants of that planet are called ‘Eben’ and they are part of the ‘League of the Hairless’ (2) 🙂

Elena Danaan also mentioned them (3). There is much to be said about this secret mission, of which seven would have returned after 13 years in 1978 (4), but I would like to focus on the chapter that deals with the way the Eben were conducting genetic experiments.

I have placed three audio-fragments from the audiobook (1) on this page to give you a more lively experience. In order to better understand the fragments it is useful to first read the associated paragraph before listening.

Since the trip was to be kept extremely secret all kinds of measures were taken. Apparently their secrecy was quite succesful since I haven’t come across many people who know about this space adventure to Serpo and back, called ‘Crystal Knight‘.

One of the ways to preserve secrecy was to allot 3 digit-numbers to people instead of names. In the captain’s log these numbers were to be used. On the journey to Serpo, which lasted about 10 months, using all kinds of wormholes and portals (5), one of the crewmembers, 308, had died. The fragment is about the moment a specialized Eben doctor arrived and gave answers to the humans about what had happened to the remains of the crewmember, 308.

Fragment 1 – First Meeting with the Doctor – 1’14” (chapter 12, 1)

(listen to fragment 1)

The Ebens were utterly friendly during their 13-year-long stay on their planet. The Earth crew was allowed to go anywhere they wanted. The commander said that he had the impression that these Ebens were unable to lie. They must not be confused with the evil Grays of the Nebu with their nefarious acts (7).

After they were told that they had considered their dead team mate as a valuable prize they heard that his blood and all of his organs were somehow used to clone new bodies with. We have spoken about cloning before a couple of times. Just remember how Enki told Elena that they were able to live that long because they cloned their own bodies after a couple of thousand years and then they transferred their soul into that new body (8,9).

Fragment 2 – Genetic Experiments & Growing Clones (5 minutes)

In the second fragment they have arrived in a building that houses the experiments. Listen to their discussion on whose DNA they were using and what the results were (in the glass tubs). 700 and 754 were human doctors by the way. (listen to fragment 2).

In the final fragment we can hear about a discussion with 420 (a linguist) and EBE2 (the female Eben translator that accompanied them during their stay) about the technology used to create new beings. It turns out that it was hard to translate anything having to do with the technique.

Towards the end of the fragment they were shown a Human-Eben hybrid that was made with the blood (or DNA) of the dead crewmember (305).

Fragment 3 – The Human-Eben Hybrid – 3’25”

(listen to fragment 3)

The Eben acted matter-of-factly and simply shared what they considered normal practices. They had their own morals in regard to these experiments: it was fine to use live animals from other planets and worlds (non-intelligent beings as they called them) for their experiments. When beings were intelligent they only used dead people. They did not kill people or use living people for their genetic experiments.

The book (1) contains a lot of information on the Roswell incident and what happened before and afterwards. The beings from Roswell would have been Ebens, and like I said before, they were friendly people, not at all like the Grays. Elena described these beings in the same peaceful fashion. They would not even have genetics that matches the Grays (10).

I think it is very sad that these astronauts didn’t receive any public appreciation for their incredible journey, all because the leading Cabal weren’t willing to let humanity know that there not only is intelligent life out there, but that we have been in contact with them for decades. The last crew member would have died in 2002, without anyone knowing what he had experienced. Let’s hope the hidden files and a document of 3000 pages (together with all the tapes) will someday be released and these men will be restored as the heroes they were.

On November 15, 2022 I received a debriefing video for the astronauts that returned. You can see it below.

Debriefing for the 7 astronauts that returned from their mission to Serpo

(1) You can listen to an audiobook for free at Playlist Secret Journey to Planet Serpo. You can also order the book from 2013 at your local bookstore. If you would like a short review of the book, I found one at Project Serpo and the Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program
(2) The League of the Hairless – Grays and the like – Just to make sure: this league is something I made up in an attempt to create more structure in the enormous amounts of beings in our universe.
(3) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift From the Stars. p. 265 – Elena has a slightly different name for the planet, not Serpo, but Selpo. Perhaps there was a Chinese man involved in the translation 🙂 Since the book uses the term Serpo and this is the way it is used on the websites that I came across, I’ll stick to the name Serpo. The beings from Serpo don’t call themselves Eben, since this name was made up by humans as an acronym for ‘Extraterrestrial Biological Entity’
(4) Two would have decided to remain on the planet; One astronaut died on the way to the planet through some infectious disease. Two others died on the planet due to illnesses.
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(6) EBE 1 footage alien Zeta Reticuli survivor crash KGB
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(10) “Although they look like if they do, Ebeni do not belong to the Grey species and do not share genetics with the other species. They also do not have reptiloid DNA, as most of Grey races do.” (3, p.265)

Ending the War on Telepathy

Imagine that the movie projector providing us with a ‘false matrix’ for ages in order to keep us in a state of massive mind-control would have been taken away last year (1). This would give us the possibility to actually make profound changes without being ‘corrected’ by this ‘false matixprojector’. Perhaps the time has come to do something new with telepathy.

And why telepathy, you might ask. For that I want to introduce you to a book that was written by the remote-viewing pioneer Ingo Swann, called Penetration (2). Besides sharing his experiences with psi-research and his theories why there must be a cover-up on everything that defies the concept that the moon is nothing but a dead rock with nothing happening on it, he spends a part of his book on telepathy.

In the book he makes a distinction between ‘Earthside consciousness’ and ‘Spaceside consciousness’, the latter referring to extraterrestrial consciousness. It appears to be the case that nearly all spacefaring civilizations have mastered the technique of telepathy, this is sharing thoughts/ideas/feelings/information without the use of any of our five senses. We seem to be renowned for our inability to fend off our thoughts for others: we would be an open book; our telepathic skills are generally not well developed.

Ingo Swann talks about a ‘Telepathy War‘ that has been going on sinds the 1920s and the goal of this war was to prevent people from really finding out what telepathy is. The main reason for this war is the threat to secrecy:

“Telepathy is the most forbidden element of Earthside consciousness. Indeed, so forbidden that science would rather accept reincarnation, the existence of the soul and life after death – provided those situations DID NOT include any telepathic possibility” (2, p.113)

If people were to find out how telepathy would really work, they would be able to tune into people and there would be no way to prevent all secrets, including those related to the secret space programs and the interaction with alien races to become widely known.

Swann also named the spaceside or the extraterrestrial motive to keep humanity from become telepathic, and that motive was about the same: humanity at large was not supposed to know anything about the existence of extraterrestrials: they were meant to believe that anyone who would claim that extraterrestrials were real, was a nutcase. If true telepathy would be trained by people they would get caught together with all their evil plans.

Ingo Swann (1933-2013)

Swann suggests that science had introduced a definition of telepathy that would make sure that people would not find the ‘real telepathy’. The wrong concept would be that there is a sender and a receiver, who exchange thoughts, that telepathy is a mind-to-mind thing. Studies researching telepathy have on the whole found only minor proof for this ability.

He would prefer the use of the term ‘Information transference‘ which would include not only thoughts but much more than that, like participating in another’s feelings, or ideas and becoming infused with them.

He ends with the rather cryptical sentence that the trouble with the current telepathy-definition is that ‘the assumed logic of the telepathy model DOES NOT consider the ‘bottle’ that contains the wine (thoughts)’ (2, p.122).

Although I have to admit that I have probably been brainwashed with the current telepathy-definition, I think that now might be the time to try and develop our telepathic skills, whether in the Swannian sense or not, since we are apparently no longer blocked from doing this any longer. The extraterrestrials who wanted to prevent us from knowing about their existence would have been cast out of our solar system, the Cabal are rapidly losing their grip, and it seems that the secrecy surrounding the secret space program is slowly being removed to prepare us for a possible star-trek future. So let our telepathic journey begin as well!

(1) The Movie-projector is turned off – Are we going to play the same movie or not?
(2) Schwann, I. (1998) Penetration: The question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy. USA: Ingo Swann Books (In 2018 this book was reprinted)