Ending the War on Telepathy

Imagine that the movie projector providing us with a ‘false matrix’ for ages in order to keep us in a state of massive mind-control would have been taken away last year (1). This would give us the possibility to actually make profound changes without being ‘corrected’ by this ‘false matixprojector’. Perhaps the time has come to do something new with telepathy.

And why telepathy, you might ask. For that I want to introduce you to a book that was written by the remote-viewing pioneer Ingo Swann, called Penetration (2). Besides sharing his experiences with psi-research and his theories why there must be a cover-up on everything that defies the concept that the moon is nothing but a dead rock with nothing happening on it, he spends a part of his book on telepathy.

In the book he makes a distinction between ‘Earthside consciousness’ and ‘Spaceside consciousness’, the latter referring to extraterrestrial consciousness. It appears to be the case that nearly all spacefaring civilizations have mastered the technique of telepathy, this is sharing thoughts/ideas/feelings/information without the use of any of our five senses. We seem to be renowned for our inability to fend off our thoughts for others: we would be an open book; our telepathic skills are generally not well developed.

Ingo Swann talks about a ‘Telepathy War‘ that has been going on sinds the 1920s and the goal of this war was to prevent people from really finding out what telepathy is. The main reason for this war is the threat to secrecy:

“Telepathy is the most forbidden element of Earthside consciousness. Indeed, so forbidden that science would rather accept reincarnation, the existence of the soul and life after death – provided those situations DID NOT include any telepathic possibility” (2, p.113)

If people were to find out how telepathy would really work, they would be able to tune into people and there would be no way to prevent all secrets, including those related to the secret space programs and the interaction with alien races to become widely known.

Swann also named the spaceside or the extraterrestrial motive to keep humanity from become telepathic, and that motive was about the same: humanity at large was not supposed to know anything about the existence of extraterrestrials: they were meant to believe that anyone who would claim that extraterrestrials were real, was a nutcase. If true telepathy would be trained by people they would get caught together with all their evil plans.

Ingo Swann (1933-2013)

Swann suggests that science had introduced a definition of telepathy that would make sure that people would not find the ‘real telepathy’. The wrong concept would be that there is a sender and a receiver, who exchange thoughts, that telepathy is a mind-to-mind thing. Studies researching telepathy have on the whole found only minor proof for this ability.

He would prefer the use of the term ‘Information transference‘ which would include not only thoughts but much more than that, like participating in another’s feelings, or ideas and becoming infused with them.

He ends with the rather cryptical sentence that the trouble with the current telepathy-definition is that ‘the assumed logic of the telepathy model DOES NOT consider the ‘bottle’ that contains the wine (thoughts)’ (2, p.122).

Although I have to admit that I have probably been brainwashed with the current telepathy-definition, I think that now might be the time to try and develop our telepathic skills, whether in the Swannian sense or not, since we are apparently no longer blocked from doing this any longer. The extraterrestrials who wanted to prevent us from knowing about their existence would have been cast out of our solar system, the Cabal are rapidly losing their grip, and it seems that the secrecy surrounding the secret space program is slowly being removed to prepare us for a possible star-trek future. So let our telepathic journey begin as well!

(1) The Movie-projector is turned off – Are we going to play the same movie or not?
(2) Schwann, I. (1998) Penetration: The question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy. USA: Ingo Swann Books (In 2018 this book was reprinted)

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